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Halloween is here! And for today’s video, I wanted to create the scariest, creepiest Halloween look EVER… a look inspired by 2020! HAHA! Grab the paint and brushes, and let’s get spooky! HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng: instagram.com/studiobengbeng/
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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Oct 21, 2020




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Comments 100
NikkieTutorials Month ago
Anairis Soto
Anairis Soto 20 days ago
I play among us
Shaikha Saleha
Shaikha Saleha 25 days ago
I play among us
Julie Van Steenberghe
Super cool😍 kan je nog halloween looks doen? Ik zou graag wat ideetjes opdoen🥰 IG: julievsteenberghe Love your work!!❤️
Megs Liv
Megs Liv Month ago
HMU anytime Nikkie! I'd love to play Among Us with you and other Glow Babies 🥰 I'm an absolute duivel as an Imposter 😉 IG: @megsliv_
pusheen cat
pusheen cat Month ago
I also play among us!
jessica silva BAEA
I love this make up hoooo @je.duart 👹💄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
andrea araujo
andrea araujo 3 days ago
How do u have all those backgrounds 🤨😊
Funlffy 19
Funlffy 19 3 days ago
@funlffy21 duivel
Emma Moore
Emma Moore 4 days ago
ok I play among us
Amia Graham
Amia Graham 4 days ago
@amialexus on instagram ! And yes an among us will be wonderful
Nylah world
Nylah world 4 days ago
Well I would not say scariest but it’s a great makeup look for Halloween 🎃😁
Christina Nielsen
Wow just watched this one ! The red actually made your blue eyes POP niki !!
Gianna Durnin
Gianna Durnin 5 days ago
OMG I am such a big fan
Sofia Tikotska
Sofia Tikotska 5 days ago
Omg just the thought of playing among us with Nikkie is already too much🥰❤️😂 Love you queennnnn💖✨🌟
Merel Koning
Merel Koning 6 days ago
VlogsBy BAREERAH 6 days ago
I must say "EXTREMELY TALENTED" An "ARTIST" you are‼️🧿
Mery Gomez Burgos
Everything you do is ART 🌈🌈🌈
Tanna Yates
Tanna Yates 7 days ago
I play among us, love it but never have anyone that I know to play with:( I need an "among us buddy"😇
Gretchen Weiners
Gretchen Weiners 7 days ago
Only you could make this look work haha I love ya girl! Thanks for making great content.
Robin Maida
Robin Maida 7 days ago
I am not coping
Robin Maida
Robin Maida 7 days ago
I just want it to be over
Ivan Benitez
Ivan Benitez 8 days ago
You look so duivel Instagram ivan_17558
Relaxing Music Garden
Who would think to paint their face red. Amazing skill 👏
Vencel Bézi
Vencel Bézi 8 days ago
that looks like it will be on your face for at least 3 days😭 You are so stunning! since you came out i am so confident and you help me so much! can i still enter? lmao duivel, Ig: bezivenc( Bézi Vencel )
Lord Naz
Lord Naz 8 days ago
Selam ben Türküm
u w u
u w u 8 days ago
does the 2020 *duivel* have daddy issues too? ig: trinitymerrifield
n e s r i n m o h a m e d
omg yes please go livestream ur among us games cuz like I play and I would love to watch you play among us
Kira Higgins
Kira Higgins 9 days ago
My Instagram name is Kira Higgins. # Duivel
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose 9 days ago
BRIGHT ♥️♥️♥️
Pri Ya
Pri Ya 10 days ago
Please do “Blend at the End” Challenge. Apply everything on the face and blend at the end..
Weepotato Wrld
Weepotato Wrld 10 days ago
That makeuuupp!guuurl! How you do dat
Zyx Frankenstein
Zyx Frankenstein 10 days ago
This is awesome! 🤣🤣
Erisdoes Gacha
Erisdoes Gacha 10 days ago
wait im a glow bebe :()
Hailey Rhea
Hailey Rhea 11 days ago
I play among us
Amy Norris
Amy Norris 11 days ago
I love among us play it all the time
Mia Smith
Mia Smith 11 days ago
2020 is the Duivel @mia.smith06
molly Whittingham
molly Whittingham 11 days ago
i feel okay but i live in the uk and we just went into a national lockdown for a 3rd time. 💖
Auntora Auntu
Auntora Auntu 12 days ago
Dutch word of the day : "duivel" IG :auntoraaa__
Fiona Kilpatrick
Fiona Kilpatrick 12 days ago
It’s l8ke the duivel wears Prada but it’s an actual devil and yeah
MrSync2000 12 days ago
Hoi nikki ik fint dat jij mooi kan makup
Suzie Bois
Suzie Bois 12 days ago
This is such an amazing duivel look! It's one of my favorite, you look amazing just as usual! ^^ ig : @suziebois
Maggie C
Maggie C 13 days ago
Love it💟
Shelley 13 days ago
Not Halloween but this video game but it’s almost Thanksgiving.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💘
Shelley 13 days ago
I’ll play among us.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💝
Shelley 13 days ago
Love oh I am G honey girl but I love find game instead of fortnight because I love this game.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💕💓💗💖💘💝
Shelley 13 days ago
And by the way today is just extra days till thanksgiving sopillion.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖💘💝
Shelley 13 days ago
I will probably go to the mall.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
Shelley 13 days ago
Yes all of us are literally getting sick but we have to stay at our house. Or else if you want to get food that order if you want to go if you need to go to work yeah and then some other stuff I don’t.🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙🤍🤎
Shelley 13 days ago
Are you a Christian.🧝🏿‍♀️🖤💜🤍🤎
Shelley 13 days ago
Not October but it’s because the videos on a different day it’s November though.✅😍🥰😘😍🥰😘💄💋🗣👰🏿‍♂️🤶🏿🧑🏿‍🎄🤴🏿👸🏿
Toca Boca
Toca Boca 13 days ago
I don’t really like Halloween but I LOVEEEEEE this make look
Zynx Maku
Zynx Maku 13 days ago
I want to visit my sisters.
Виктория Толоконникова
watching this video on friday 13. lol
Vivien Linden
Vivien Linden 13 days ago
I would really love to play Among Us with THE NIKKIETUTORIALS 🤩🤩🤩. That would honestly make my day, just playing a game with one of my favourite RUvidrs
Ganga Murmu
Ganga Murmu 13 days ago
It's a true version of 2020
Nikita Plays Games
Nikita Plays Games 13 days ago
I play among us Love you Nikkie And our name matches cause my name is Nikita
Leslie Pavon
Leslie Pavon 14 days ago
I play Among Us 🥰👌
New York Girl
New York Girl 14 days ago
Her face was killing my eyes
madehdeh 14 days ago
*me saying "spooky ooky what the fuck?lol" while clicking the like button*
foxloerminecatf moon
my birthday on Oet 13 ten
katelyn cole
katelyn cole 14 days ago
netflix thats how ive got through 2020 netflix haha
acidmudusa 13
acidmudusa 13 14 days ago
Let’s go with the among us 😝😝😝
Gianna 15 days ago
The Dutch Word of the day is “Duivel”! IG: iammaisy22 🌸💕🍓🌈☔️✨!!!
suffolkguy 15 days ago
I saw Dylan! Coming home from work! ( whish he was walking into my home!)
Giulia Bernardini
Giulia Bernardini 15 days ago
I would love to get one of the palettes🥺love from Italy Dutch word of the day: Duivel♥️ @bernardini.giulia
HappyAzzy 15 days ago
I would go to fall creek 🙁. It’s a chruch camp and I love it so much . I had a taste of it for a day and oh how I love it
Hades 15 days ago
Staring at your face so long and then looking at other stuff, my eyes were all bright and made it hard to see lmaooo
Heny Pratiwi
Heny Pratiwi 15 days ago
I wanna palet please
Isabella Arndt
Isabella Arndt 16 days ago
she looks like "HIM" from Powerpuff girls. I mean take out the x's on the eyes and you have a great tutorial to match his face.
CarrotKing 16 days ago
My name is Roxy and I cannot tell you how confused I was to randomly space out and then hear out of no where “oh my GOD r o x y”
Andra Dinu
Andra Dinu 16 days ago
duch word of the day: "duivel" ig: amandoua_1718 I love you queen:)))
SamiatheDbah 16 days ago
She looks like nyma yang in this video.. Not because of the look. Don't get it wronf
Hashim Hafeez
Hashim Hafeez 16 days ago
Kayame Shiro
Kayame Shiro 16 days ago
i started the new school year with a break up. Am loaded with deadlines, also the exams i need to study so me doing fine
Lauren Gallagher
Lauren Gallagher 16 days ago
Lauren Gallagher
Lauren Gallagher 16 days ago
2020 has been the worst year for many reasons. Firstly, my emergency surgery for Endometriosis got cancelled due to the first lockdown in the UK. Then, when I eventually had the surgery, it didn't work. So now I'm having to wait AGAIN for more surgery which is delayed due to needing 2 surgeons. I had to go private and pay for it to be brought forward and I'm so skint, but I'm in excruciating pain every day. So yeah...not the best year.
Lam Ya
Lam Ya 16 days ago
After watching this video I'm going to be recreating this look
Chloe Kabat
Chloe Kabat 16 days ago
Duivel 😈 @moonflower.mumbler 💗💗💗
Waddle the Duck
Waddle the Duck 16 days ago
Hey Nikki I’d love to play amping us!! My insta is wadedaneoffcial
Honey BB
Honey BB 16 days ago
Hell yeah I'd play with ya. I am pretty good at imposter!
Leslie Martin
Leslie Martin 16 days ago
@jstarnes97 duivel babyyyyy!
Josie Freeman
Josie Freeman 16 days ago
Okay but the red makes her teeth POP 😍😍
ghost v3
ghost v3 16 days ago
There's literally nothing "scary" about this. Your title is 100 percent untrue.
kittydollz 16 days ago
Emzky 17 days ago
I play among us
Maria S
Maria S 17 days ago
2020 is really nightmare before Christmas 🎄🤣🤣🤣🤣
ireneirenae 17 days ago
Duivel 👹👹👹👹 ig: irenearribas Love you Nikki!!!
Kaylynn Martin
Kaylynn Martin 17 days ago
This reminds me of this one video of a guy who stuck his head in an exhaust pipe and got the black stuff all over his and all you could see was his teeth and his eyes because they were so white😂😂😂😂
Lily Cahill
Lily Cahill 17 days ago
I actually loved quarantine it was the reason I found the love for makeup and I’ve only started 6 months ago but I’m truly in love 😍
OhNoItsNoe 17 days ago
OhNoItsNoe 17 days ago
Amang is😂
Ally Aeschliman
Ally Aeschliman 17 days ago
I am a video game streamer and I would DIEEEE for the honor to play among us with you!!! Makeup and video games are my passions.
Layne Banayne
Layne Banayne 17 days ago
Nikki... i love you... and this may be because im partially colorblind... but your orange to me... ya look like a tangerine...
Kuralay 1602
Kuralay 1602 17 days ago
"Duivel" honestly new favourite dutch word 💚 ig: kuralay1602
naya dreiling
naya dreiling 17 days ago
Duivel don’t play honey. I love this look! You did amazing!! @naya.0310 ❤️❤️
Tasnima Mohoshin
Tasnima Mohoshin 17 days ago
why does she look cute to me- xD
maddie garfinkel
maddie garfinkel 17 days ago
this “duivel” look is EVERYTHING ❤️ my insta is @maddiegarfinkel :)
adiris arteaga
adiris arteaga 17 days ago
I Just love the fact that you just were playing around with the makeup and THAT it's the result! 💖 I'm in love 🖤duivel🖤 @adirarte
Paige Gibson
Paige Gibson 17 days ago
I play Amoug us
Brianna Lynch
Brianna Lynch 17 days ago
im OBSESSED with this duivel look!!! @brilynch6
The Mal & Mar show
The Mal & Mar show 17 days ago
I si
The Mal & Mar show
The Mal & Mar show 17 days ago
I do
Valéria Almeida
Valéria Almeida 17 days ago
Trump got kicked out and Brazil's duivel is next in line to get his ass kicked @valeria___freire Love you, Nikkie 😙
Danielle B
Danielle B 17 days ago
Dutch word of the day is duivel My IG is danyell0712 I love watching u!
ShylaTheCat 17 days ago
The fact that I'm already getting Christmas ads now💀
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