WORLD'S FIRST Stick Shift GM In The SEVENS! Leroy's Most INSANE Pass!

Cleetus McFarland
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Aug 21, 2018




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Comments 100
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland 2 years ago
Skipped 7.90’s because mamma didn’t raise no bitch
Kenneth Atchley
Kenneth Atchley 2 months ago
I've been Cleetus McFarland bengein tonight 9/13/2020
Daniel Hookway
Daniel Hookway 3 months ago
Just came from your video of ruby running an 8.0. No matter how quick she runs leroy has the best story of all
Jack 5 months ago
Eric Burton
Eric Burton 5 months ago
Hell yea brother
V3 Cj
V3 Cj 5 months ago
True legend right here.
J Keid
J Keid 5 days ago
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 5 days ago
Okay, ill join the club. Who's here just because its an amazing watch? Rewatched this probably 5 times now.
Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders 13 days ago
I truly admire your focus and dedication to fulfill this record.....great team behind you....good job kid........yes your words at the start that this could change your life......well it probably has....!!!.....also it good to see your buddies branching out also.......
Star Power
Star Power 15 days ago
What is leroy
william zapata
william zapata 19 days ago
You should name that car balls. Big balls because you need them to drive it
Connor Krukowski
Connor Krukowski 21 day ago
I love coming back and seeing just how hard yall have tried to get leroy into the 7's. Yall give me motivation boys keep it up!
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 21 day ago
I just came back here again to watch this glory moment! This is Gold!
Jake K
Jake K 26 days ago
Vvvv. .vccc.cccccc.c.ccç.c c. C.cc. c. C c. C c c ç. . v, v v. . . . . , .
30minutesoritsfree Ralliart
Hyped for leroys journey to 6’s
Curtis Jackson
Curtis Jackson 29 days ago
Damn cleet! I'm glad you weren't hurt! Let get that 7!!💪🏽
Turd Furgeson
Turd Furgeson Month ago
Gotta be my 50th time watching this and I still have tears n my eyes
Infinity 222
Infinity 222 Month ago
i came back to this after ruby’s 7
nate colby
nate colby Month ago
This is still my favorite video....just a rollercoaster of emotions.
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams Month ago
How was this 2 years ago😳😯😳
Spencer Media
Spencer Media Month ago
seeing this in 2020 is refreshing
Whenever I am depressed I just watch his reaction when he reads the slip
Andrew Reeves
Andrew Reeves Month ago
I was there right on the starting line for the 8.90. So much fun to watch in person. StreetSpeed717's Octoberfest. Wish SS would do this again.
Nick Scassera
Nick Scassera Month ago
James just had a baby, no burn marks are the "best news I've heard all day" xp
Kris Mcnugget
Kris Mcnugget Month ago
Rich white ppl problems...poor guy
Justin V
Justin V Month ago
I cant believe that this is 2 years old. Wow where has the time gone.
Julio Derivet
Julio Derivet Month ago
Ima tell you it's 2 years later and I got some bad news today and this video popped up let me tell you how much you guys bring me up ty for everything you do you guys are automotive superheros thank you for bringing me back and helping me not give up
Trev Leisner
Trev Leisner Month ago
Having watched this channel for a long time it’s so awesome seeing how far Leroy and Ruby and everything else for that matter has came. But Leroy the savage will always be my favorite the damn thing screams America.
Robert Kotevski
Robert Kotevski Month ago
you can drive brother, that was epic congratulations to you and your team
Coffee Rebel
Coffee Rebel Month ago
Watching this after Ruby runs a 7. I'm bursting with pride.
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Month ago
That was wild and fast. I love it.
Luke Rutledge
Luke Rutledge Month ago
Did anyone else see the almost 400 degrees of engine temp at the end of the last pass? That full meltdown mode!
Matt G
Matt G Month ago
Love this
Jesus Munoz
Jesus Munoz Month ago
i always come and watcb this vid it gives me the chills
Rich Wells
Rich Wells Month ago
I’ve watched this about 15 times in the last two years. This is the best video RUvid has on it. These guys bust their ass to make the best cars and content. They deserve everything
christopher h
christopher h Month ago
This is like the 15th time ive watches this. Tou hes my heart and puts a smile on my face everytime.
Moto Zenqa
Moto Zenqa Month ago
Good job man just full send
HeadPopBodyDrop Month ago
3rd time watching this lol had to come back, such a heart warming video!!
Hate Google
Hate Google Month ago
I thought Jonathan Atkins Chevrolet Camaro is a faster sick shift h pattern then leroy
Griffon 327
Griffon 327 Month ago
just got done watching Emelia Hartford video were the dumb asses put twin turbos on a C8 vette without having the ability ti tune the ECM ?? next video said she blew it up ? Duh saw that coming a mile away that whole crew over the years dont know shit from shineola and the littlest issues leave them scratching their heads and multiple times I told them what was wrong months later and they still didnt figure it out and it only took 2 minutes to solve and I didnt even have all the info to go on lol .. refreshing to see a video from racers who know what the fuck they are doing. Cool car but ooks like the aerodynamics of a turd in a punch bowl. shoulda called it turdzilla
Adria n
Adria n Month ago
Pulls same mph as ruby, which has a full body
Erik Renner
Erik Renner Month ago
I want to build a drag "car" out of my dad's 2001 Pontiac Aztek. He passed away in March 2020. He used to build cars, and drag race a lot, in his teens. He went to Milan Dragway...Milan, Michigan...a lot back then. He even helped me rebuild an engine when I was 16. I blew it up street drag racing my 1978 Camaro Z28. I have no idea where to begin...or how.
Dylan Foreman
Dylan Foreman Month ago
Second time watching such a good video
C S Month ago
Let's goooo
Gerhard Wasserman
Had to rewatch this after Ruby made her 7sec pass
PascalesPop Month ago
That’s going hard in the paint. Good job!!
Darrin Steven
Darrin Steven Month ago
Hit to pass
Trencher Month ago
Had to come back and watch after ruby ran a 7
Karl Mawby
Karl Mawby Month ago
How bought New videos, old outdated
Who is here after seeing ruby run a 7 second pass
The Angry Gamer
The Angry Gamer Month ago
The Angry Gamer
The Angry Gamer Month ago
SirEuchre 3 days ago
The moment at 40:14 is the best moment in any Cleetus video yet, and probably will be forever.
2 Kool Chris
2 Kool Chris 24 days ago
I did
John Clark
John Clark Month ago
Right now yep good on em.
h20 delirious fan
Watching this again after rocky mountain race week 2.0 10/11/20
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Had to come back after he went 7.74 in ruby
Keith Bittle
Keith Bittle Month ago
So cool. Kind of like Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy.
Keith Bittle
Keith Bittle Month ago
Come on I’m on the edge of my fucking seat. I’m about to piss all over myself you’ve got to get this seven
Stu B
Stu B Month ago
It's funny to hear you guys walk on the sticky track...lol
Isaac Jarrett
Isaac Jarrett Month ago
Ruby done beat up big brother today....
Derek K
Derek K Month ago
Watching this for the 10th time and still gives me chills
parkerbethke Month ago
I’m back 2 years later, remembering watching this at the release like it was yesterday.
Jesse Wallin
Jesse Wallin Month ago
By far my most favourite video. And to think he is still giving you the grief. I believe in you and Leroy. And time to get the record in him one more time.
Jett Westfall
Jett Westfall Month ago
The fact that a 7.82 surpasses becoming a RUvid icon and building an empire shows you are truly a racer at heart!🤘🏼. Racers are the only ones who understand the feelings. Congrats man! I miss racing
Jocelyn Brisebois
Kudos to Team Cleetus and Leroy and his dad, their family are expecting their husband and when he comes home he is exhausted * but tonight they will see a winner's face enter the house and forget not to bring him a rose per day, and a good restaurant once a weekend, to remind you that they do everything in the house and to share the winning face *. Cordially
Jocelyn Brisebois
Congratulation for Cleetus team and Leroy and his father, their family which are waiting for their husband and when he enter home he is pumps-out* but to night they will see a face of winner and don't forget to bring her one rose by day, to remind you that they do everything in the house*
Jocelyn Brisebois
and i saw 180mph for a flash time
Crypto Info
Crypto Info Month ago
2 years later and still get the chills!
vation sims
vation sims Month ago
Now it's time to put Leroy's in the 6:
TheRzMike Month ago
I think this is the second time i rewatch. So good :D
Brian Sorenson
Brian Sorenson Month ago
1:24 am I’m gonna watch cleetus go sevens again #doitfordale
Raúl Month ago
watching this again now in 2020, your shifting here was sooo much quicker than nowadays cleet. seems my man needs so more mountain dew in his system before he runs lol
Gilbert Falling
Gilbert Falling Month ago
Sorry brother but if Walmart cut hair,well...you do the math. GO YANKEES!
Klip One
Klip One Month ago
@ 3:35 Cleetus, ya made Leroy pee himself. I won't ever forget it.
dylan c
dylan c Month ago
Miss spaghetti
zychrias 2 months ago
October 2020 - Just had to watch this again! Freedom!!!
Chickens Float
Chickens Float 2 months ago
Damn... 2 years already???
Chris Harch
Chris Harch 2 months ago
This is now a 2 year old video and it still makes me so happy... HELL YEAH BROTHER!!! From Australia
Corey Stanley
Corey Stanley 2 months ago
Just came back and watched this after not seeing this for 2 years. I just felt like I watched my kids grow up #rightinthefeels
Jeff Short
Jeff Short 2 months ago
Random look back
Romie Tyler
Romie Tyler 2 months ago
Congratulations Fellas
SPEAR PATROL 2 months ago
Your reaction is epic!
asb2106 2 months ago
What an amazing rewatch. Hows this only have 3.9 million views with how many times we have all watched it? still get a little worked up watching him read that slip.
p4tmchef 2 months ago
I watch this like once a month.
Quran Eater
Quran Eater 2 months ago
This is like a movie
Nate P
Nate P 2 months ago
Add a 4wd mod, no stick could touch you..
sheldon rice
sheldon rice 2 months ago
I wish i was rich :(
Will Hudson
Will Hudson 2 months ago
Just saw u break the 7 sec time. Don't know u but feel real proud of u mate!
what 2 months ago
How in hell did i not see this before wtf
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams 2 months ago
Omg coming back after race week 2.0. The intro🤧
Steven Brabant
Steven Brabant 2 months ago
I just watched this episode for the 5th time. Start to finish. Best overall video on RUvid hands down. Still gives me the chills.
Az Hectic
Az Hectic 2 months ago
Still brings a few tears to my eyes, love this video
CrispyRice 2 months ago
Welcome back to another episode of Leroy fucking explodes
YouTube Watcher
YouTube Watcher 2 months ago
"I see the Freedom Factory... Right thru dem trees."
Nate G
Nate G 2 months ago
Better than most movies I've watched 🤘
AlienVibes 2 months ago
Every so often, I just have to keep coming back and watching this. I'll never forget the emotions I had the first time I watched it.
FBI 2 months ago
Had to come back to this after Leroy won the stick shift class at drag week 2.0 2020 with a final run of 8.01 for the third time in a row
rjjii1980 2 months ago
"This'll be the second head you'll have to pull this week." - this had me...........
Greg Forssman
Greg Forssman 2 months ago
Optimal Freedom! I Love this channel - You guys are awesome! Big ups from South Africa!
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 2 months ago
Impressive car, but calling it a Corvette is a real stretch.
MC Viegas
MC Viegas 2 months ago
that's amazing! killing it! 🏎 Congratulations@4:16 your buddy had a 10lb 2ouncer What's his Sons name? Our second son was 10lb 2 oz. Aug. 10, 2001 Ricky Solomon. OMG @36:26 7.82 seconds Leroy got Coronavirus & made the greatest kill ever. You had to not over thinking it just drive it & you did it! c'mon go out there & do it one more time right now!
DesertFernweh 2 months ago
37:13 Dick Move, but I would of done the same shit!! Great job guys!
Mike Sansone
Mike Sansone 2 months ago
Hell yeah yall love this video every time I watch it
Daniel Snelling
Daniel Snelling 2 months ago
Crazy to think just down from the track is the freedom factory this is arguably the pass that put this channel on track to buying it
Luis Ro
Luis Ro 2 months ago
That was a hell of a pass congrats
Brayden Olsen
Brayden Olsen 2 months ago
I was there to witness his first 8 second
ALEX 2 months ago
It's crazy to go back and watch these older videos. You had 300 passes on a pretty much " stock block " with toy head studs 300 passes.... I've since watched you scatter 3? 4? Bigger better not stock blocks with man sized head studs and still not run this fast if I recall.
Gabrial Short
Gabrial Short 2 months ago
Dude you did it first Floridian in history ever do anything like that 782 Rutherford that is f****** unbelievable
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