WORLD'S FIRST Stick Shift GM In The SEVENS! Leroy's Most INSANE Pass!

Cleetus McFarland
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Aug 21, 2018




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Comments 80
Cleetus McFarland
Skipped 7.90’s because mamma didn’t raise no bitch
1slow7 7 days ago
@Jeremy Dale pqpqesx GB p,,,,
Epling Garage 2
Epling Garage 2 2 months ago
We did the same with our hellcat cause who cares about 7.90’s #worldsfastesthellcat
Alex Duke
Alex Duke 2 months ago
Isn't that a double negative?
J 6 months ago
This video never gets old I know Leroy's got it in him it's time for 6's to piss off these tards with there electronic paddles and automatic transmission's. Humans are capable of precision, speed and 110% of bald eagles and lots of freedom.
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller Year ago
Been a great ride following you brotha
Roy Patterson
Roy Patterson 3 days ago
Of course you can make one pass without any water in it, you just can't keep it running for a long time, so from start to finish and then shut it down you should be fine. I know this comment is late, but I just wanted to comment.
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone 4 days ago
I’m here after Richards RUvidr Car Roast.
Charles Torruella
Hard to believe after all this time I feel the same way just like the first time I saw it hell ya Leroy
David Jones
David Jones 7 days ago
Worst R/T I've never seen it's like he just waited for the green light drinks a mountain shit then just gives it hell
Bergie 2k
Bergie 2k 7 days ago
Still brings me to tears anytime i need an emotional pickup this vid has got me covered Thank Goodness For America 🇺🇸
Dr_jackass_phd 8 days ago
Video still gives me the chills. Love you guys.
brent ez
brent ez 8 days ago
what would happen if you went with copper head gaskets solid coated ones so it dosent bond to aluminum
фейерверк нет преступлений
This video does not have enough likes
Matthew Coury
Matthew Coury 9 days ago
Corey is the type of dude that wore overalls in high school.
Matthew Coury
Matthew Coury 9 days ago
Leeeeeeeeeeerooooooooyyyy jeeeeeeeennnkkiiiiinssss
fordmanfinis 11 days ago
Watching your 7.82 reaction is similar to Jim Carreys reaction to the meteorite scene in Bruce Almighty
Brent Miller
Brent Miller 11 days ago
watching in May 2020 F A N T A S T I C
Leadathan 11 days ago
I die every time he reads the slip and he looks like he's just won the lottery
Nathan Gray
Nathan Gray 11 days ago
Still love this vid!! You show so much pride for everyone!! 2020 Australia
Andreas Berglund
Andreas Berglund 11 days ago
40:00 40:13
Haahi Junior Pawa
Haahi Junior Pawa 13 days ago
LS motors rule ,small block wise
justin white
justin white 14 days ago
What kinda car is this? Or is it just a frame y’all put together?😂
Chandler Powell
Chandler Powell 11 days ago
C5 corvette stripped down with a tubular frame, Texas speed lsx engine, and twin Garrett turbos.
david m
david m 14 days ago
When looking for directions. You put fun factory in your direction"s and it will find it. Lok
CRAWFORDx96 15 days ago
Yup, still get chills.
Jonathan Buehrer
Jonathan Buehrer 15 days ago
Still brings a tear to my eye
Mustang Life
Mustang Life 15 days ago
No you can’t do that it will never work
tiny 1
tiny 1 15 days ago
Bro what blows me away is just that how much god dam faster would you be if he had a body shit everyone thinks there fast they have areo your pushing a god dam brick threw the air so really everyone else is no where close to you course if you put a body on him like others all fiberglass you would be flying. So in my eyes brother you got them all best by a long shot and the little bit of waite you would gain you have power to push over that much respect my friend
Gage Fontenot
Gage Fontenot 16 days ago
This is the most american thing ever. I don't know a damn thing about cars but god damn this was so much freedom
Anakin VanDyke
Anakin VanDyke 16 days ago
I’ve watched this at least 5 times and still love watching it
Nathan Lodder
Nathan Lodder 16 days ago
Congrats Cleater......but James had a lot to do with it but no mention of him in celebration after the 7:8 0.. He's your boi bro... Here's to James, the most under rated player in your squad bud🤘
CinemaQuad 16 days ago
Make Leroy Great agin!!!
aaron 544
aaron 544 17 days ago
Physics: Leroy: fuck off physics
Quayle Man
Quayle Man 18 days ago
This is probably your best video pre FF
Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson 18 days ago
Coming back to watch this again, not because of all the bald eagles, but because of all the heart that went into make it happen. Such an amazing rollercoaster of emotions.
laststand 18 days ago
why do people allow their animals to walk on HOT pavement or HOT surfaces?
Chris Weaver
Chris Weaver 19 days ago
EDIT.@ 5:50 James: Turns over head with studs still in clink,clank,conk... Everyone: WTF??? Cleetus: Still runs 7's Dale: Hell Ya Brother!!!
sszztoetayoa 19 days ago
You need a box of tissues
Falcar Deckion
Falcar Deckion 20 days ago
5/16/2020 .. vid still gives me goosebumps and a Freedom Tear in my eye.
Cam 20 days ago
Let's appreciate the joke at 3:56 lol
Cam 20 days ago
Make Leroy great again
Junxxer Jenkins
Junxxer Jenkins 22 days ago
Phadic 22 days ago
No way its already been 3 years since he first got Leroy... WHAT???
creeper gaming
creeper gaming 23 days ago
brother, it's been almost two years
Dylan Burch
Dylan Burch 24 days ago
Anyone Re watching this to see what could help get ruby into the 7s. Less rpm on launch with a little more rpm at the end of 1st with more boost and rpm in 2nd 👌 Wonder what rpm it hit in 1st on the 7 second pass sounded like all of them 😍 #hellyeabrother #doitfordale #sevensecondrubycoming2020
DesignWorksDW 24 days ago
this video still gives me goosebumps
GHSTRDR 25 days ago
Best love story on youtube right there.
Lance Heckel
Lance Heckel 26 days ago
Watching for at least the 20th time lol. That reaction is priceless. So excited he didn't know what to do lol love it. Great job
That Guy
That Guy 27 days ago
his face when he hands him the slip tho
Jamie Nielson
Jamie Nielson 25 days ago
Thats the face of a man who just did it for Dale to the max
Dj Bazinet
Dj Bazinet 27 days ago
It’s crazy to see Cleetus so bummed the second time Leroy pushed the head gasket out. He’s never that bummed. It’s almost like seeing a different person.
killerkody gaming
killerkody gaming 28 days ago
I didn’t start watching until they bought ruby. I just had to watch the legendary moment.
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 28 days ago
Brad Leonard
Brad Leonard 28 days ago
May 2020 and this is still my favorite video of all time. No big budget films, no porn video, and no comedy shows can come close to competing. God damn this is so good.
MadMax Farms
MadMax Farms Month ago
Who else thought neighbor looked weird without his wrap and tubed back bumper
Turd Furgeson
Turd Furgeson Month ago
Quarantined and showing my 2 year old son...still tearing up.😭
Bryson Belliveau
Make that some bitch wheelie high brother
M D Month ago
I miss the shots of your helmcam which ever cam this was at the time, of you running Leroy down the track this hard. His engine in these videos sounded the best ive ever heard a street turned race car sound. I went to the last Cleetus and Cars in Baytown Tx. Hearing ol Leroy up close is of course no comparison but video wise.. These vids... Leroy sounded like an absolute beast. Cant wait to see more. Hell Yeah Brother! During this pandemic, it was good to watch an old vid from back before all this happened with all the social distancing and what not.. anyways.. always a pleasure to watch your videos, new or old! Keep up the amazing content! Quick question, i have been wanting to start making videos on my own channel. Any simple pointers on how to start as far as what not to do? You are a great editor from what ive seen and your videos always look so flawless and clean. Thats why im askin. Look forward to hearing from you soon. If you get this that is.. i know its an old vid and all
Davy Vs
Davy Vs Month ago
They spray Glue? :o
spaceduck413 Month ago
This is old, I know, but I just found this channel. My grandpa used to tell me how waaay back in the day, serious dragsters would actually try to get their hands on engine blocks that didn't have water galleys cast in, or they would fill them with something. They wouldn't run water, and the extra mass in the block would make the engine take just a little bit longer to heat up. Not by much, but when you only run your engine for 10 seconds at a time, it makes a difference.
Matt Dale
Matt Dale Month ago
Watchn this during covid lock down still brings a tear to my eyes when he gets the 7
Art Mchugh
Art Mchugh Month ago
Just wondering, how did you tell James about the 7 ???? 😎😎😎😎😎😎😄😄😄😄 wish there was film of that !!!!
Jason Maxwell
Jason Maxwell Month ago
Rock on.......hell yeah brother. Well done......
Phil Barbera
Phil Barbera Month ago
40:15 ..still hilarious!
darrel nutz
darrel nutz Month ago
Quarantine 2020 rewatch lmao
fire surfer
fire surfer Month ago
Money shot at 36:26 .
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Month ago
Good job for driving and knowing when to let out. Could have been your life, but a real man to let out.. good job . Not only do you have yourself on the track your car but you also have spectators there are usually very close to the k rails, spectators could have been involved in let me tell you I've seen it does not end good for them either. Great job brother.
xXitsmarlock X
xXitsmarlock X Month ago
I watched the fastes GM stick car make passes and win some last year at street car takeover in charlotte... I feel so lost with you saying this is the first to run this fast 😂
Tom Wecheck
Tom Wecheck Month ago
Favorite part was when they hand you the ticket and seeing the reaction on your face......good for you guys!
Mathias Poulsen
Mathias Poulsen Month ago
#PassionX10000000! This is fire content, with no stubid adds and im freaking f**king LOOOOOVE it!! Good job guys
Loganhero03 Month ago
13:28 holy shit im new here and I just heard this rip and omg im on the edge of tears that's the most amazing engine ive ever heard
Matthew Britton
Matthew Britton Month ago
Might take some time but I highly recommend watching the whole Leeroy Series! Totally worth it as it's in the top 3 things I've seen on RUvid and wasn't even a drag racing fan until I found it! Enjoy
1FaStFox90LX Month ago
Just finished watching ruby attempt a 7. Was disappointed so I came to this video to see old Leroy ripppppp. Man I miss Leroy
MyWasteOfTime Month ago
When ever I have a bad day, I come back and watch this video. Makes me feel like I was there with you. Thank you!
Jake Watts
Jake Watts Month ago
Good video and all but shitt, I just came to see a 7 sec pass not 48 min of bs. Straight clickbait hate RUvid for people like this
Why do I have 6 neutrals
“Send it”
sandyvallyboy Month ago
Still my favorite video ever
Jimmy J
Jimmy J Month ago
Cleetus McFarland said in the first comment "Skipped 7.90's because mamma didn't raise no bitch" hmm? 🤔🤔 so who was he raised by??
No Prep Stretch
No Prep Stretch Month ago
Demonology Who?😂🤣😂🤣
Jimmy J
Jimmy J Month ago
Yo, that engine sounds soooooo sick!!! I freakin love it it sounds like a BEAST. Well it is a beast!!!!
AssistanttoRM Month ago
I think this just says tons about your shifting, that's crazy fast
Me You
Me You Month ago
I have watched this video about 6 times since it come out and everyday time I tear up that is soo bad ass
Dave Month ago
It's hard to watch the whole thing without an ice cold can of mountain dew.
knightrider1545 Month ago
Is it big tire time?
icykickflip Month ago
40:15 All day
Davy Pig
Davy Pig Month ago
All. Hail Leroy!!!
Christopher Weakley
My 3rd X watching Leroy's World record 1/4 mile 7.86 Happy trails FF Rocks! :-)
Shay Blair
Shay Blair Month ago
Next videos