[World Record] Minecraft Beaten in 23:53 | Random Seed Glitchless Any% Speedrun

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This seed was a god seed, it could have been sub 20 or close. I'm so happy I have gotten WR but for real I definitely could have gotten an unbeatable time with this seed.
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
If I threw an eye in the tower hole (which is something I wanted to do in runs but for some reason decided against this run), it would have directed me below to the stronghold, and who knows what kind of time I could have gotten if I did that. To be honest if that happened I doubt anyone would believe this runs legitimacy, I'm still having a hard time believing I managed to get such a good seed. I can't complain though, I think I played well and also it is the first time I've gotten WR in this category. shoulda woulda coulda...
Version: 1.7.2
Difficulty: Hard
Seed: 1119419452125467294
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
Twitter: twitter.com/IlluminaHD
Discord Server: discord.gg/ZagSsq3


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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
ツstedr 57 minutes ago
Dave Rios
Dave Rios 19 hours ago
Didn't even know there was an end wth...
ToXiC 20 hours ago
I admit..he is good at speedrunning.. How about you check Dream? He tries to speedrun while he is being hunt down by his friends
Nico Urrutia
Nico Urrutia 20 hours ago
im sorry bro there is another guy beated you
He is very clever. I want to play speedrun too.
Asdf Gadsg
Asdf Gadsg Day ago
The fortress being under the tower is the biggest “bruh” moment over ever seen
definitely not isaiah
666Richie666 2 days ago
this is like the fastest version of Dream, but also the most boring
skyblaze eterno
skyblaze eterno 2 days ago
I havent read through the comments but whats the reasoning behind getting all the leaf blocks with the shears?...ah he uses them in the construction of the nether portal and for towers in the nether...Absolutely great video and well done for the achievement...it takes me 20 mintes to get iron sometimes....I think you are right and a sub 20 minute record is achievable
xGameHub 2 days ago
How do you put items on the crafting table without dragging them with your mouse
Alty Gaming
Alty Gaming 2 days ago
THE BRAIN THIS GUY HAS OML, he used the tower to make more enderman spawn big brainnnn
Savvy714 3 days ago
BOT Shoe
BOT Shoe 3 days ago
oops you forgot to turn on view bobbing
Kammy B.
Kammy B. 3 days ago
When you get 30 mins free trial
Fortress22 3 days ago
I can use thise video as tips to make minecraft easier for myself oh yes
ericsbuds 3 days ago
god dude just so fast
MR. E 4 days ago
meanwhile i barely got iron and took me 12 hours of play lol
Further Lisk
Further Lisk 4 days ago
And gta online still hasn’t loaded
JustAnotherPsyco 4 days ago
What was with the beds at the end, can someone explain that?
JustAnotherPsyco 2 days ago
@skyblaze eterno I'm guessing that also works in the nether then too?
skyblaze eterno
skyblaze eterno 2 days ago
if you try to place a bed in the end and try to sleep in it it, it explodes and causes damage to things nearby...its used to deal all the major damage to the dragon....a block is placed next to the bed to absorb damage so you dont get hurt much
Agustin Ariel
Agustin Ariel 4 days ago
Im new to minecraft. Coming from games like Doom and HL I got very disappointed after seeing all minecraft speedruns were played on peaceful, until I found this vid, finally a real run! Have my babies!!
Eric Lindros
Eric Lindros 5 days ago
Nothing quite like seeing someone I've never heard and will not remember beat a 10+ year old game designed for kids and then continuously say he's a legend. Classic lol.
GeoKingG_G 5 days ago
Me: Downloads minecraft demo edition Also me :
Minecraft Empire Challenge
"I'm a frickin legend"
Lee Meredith
Lee Meredith 6 days ago
The hell is that huge tower and dropping from it doing?
MasterCame360 6 days ago
The chances of having 5 eye of enders already in the end portal frame is 1 in 264!
Iron Shadow
Iron Shadow 6 days ago
ILLuminaHD:walks past coal ore Also ILLuminaHD:turns back to mine iron ore
Mohamed Osama
Mohamed Osama 6 days ago
I'm an arabian and don't play on Arabic
Jaxson Fox
Jaxson Fox 6 days ago
tell me how the hell at 19:50 somebody in chat told him to go get netherite tools...
RichConnerGMN 6 days ago
by typing
mokka herrman
mokka herrman 7 days ago
Everwide 10:45 ""Dudes watchin this on youtube, envy me because i was here" Lol
Zulithern 7 days ago
30 Minutes Tackle4826 still loving in dirt house
Adriana 7 days ago
6:25 this should be illegal
Lord _ Scrubington
wait, u still use 1.8 for the run? Interesting.
KingOryun 8 days ago
am i the only one who think he sound like mr beast??
arthurneddysmith 8 days ago
17:56 - 20:48 . ALL of this time, almost THREE minutes, could have been shaved off of the record if only you'd thrown an eye of ender sooner! Edit: You are a legend!
YaniSpecial 8 days ago
Български ayyyyyyy
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis 8 days ago
Damon Seas
Damon Seas 8 days ago
if the runner doesn’t say “ this is such a bad run “ or “ I’m never gonna get WR “ during the run, is it even WR?
Qydaplays 8 days ago
How to treat a wooden pickaxe: 1. Mine 3 blocks 2. Replace 3. Incinerate in furnace 👍
homie Lucido
homie Lucido 8 days ago
“Play with yer mates”
Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer 8 days ago
So what was the reason of building such a big tower? Wouldn't something like 15 be enough?
Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer 8 days ago
@RichConnerGMN thanks, I didn't realize that was the point. Makes sense now that I think of it though.
RichConnerGMN 8 days ago
no because then it wouldn't be far enough to despawn mobs
MCPE GAMERS TR 9 days ago
Hello, I'm shooting minecraft videos too, I would appreciate it if you support
Jake Trimble
Jake Trimble 9 days ago
He beat it in less than 2 minecraft days lmao
herogibson 9 days ago
zuya 97
zuya 97 9 days ago
Did u sold your soul bro.
Nelvin Payes
Nelvin Payes 9 days ago
hmmmmm... random seed eh.
RichConnerGMN 9 days ago
is it not random seed?
Explore by Nethuwa
Firstt can anyone tell me why the nether was used ..I didnt see him taking anything from there and please explain why he built the gravel wall multiple times only to destroy them.and the laast thing why the bed with the dragon..Please help
TheCaptainn 6 days ago
Gravel used for flint to make arrows Bed used to kill the enderdragon quicker than just hitting it with a sword
Pepto Bismol
Pepto Bismol 9 days ago
Idk about the other things, but the gravel is for flint, in order to make flint and steel.
I want die
I want die 9 days ago
Your a God it's been like 100 Minecraft days and still no stronghold in my world maybe I should quit
Jaa 10 days ago
Aiden Lynn
Aiden Lynn 10 days ago
Why does he sound like mr.beast
Said houacine
Said houacine 10 days ago
I love you
Продам Плацкарт
When in the chat write ПИЗДЕЦ
Gangster Swagger
Gangster Swagger 10 days ago
1:56 dude crafts a shit ton of things while a creeper is behind him
David Benedict
David Benedict 10 days ago
Possible new glitch at 16:21 allowing blocks to be mined with the wrong tool ruvid.net/video/video-d_VsR-WIBPg.html edit: Yes I know this is a glitchless run
Joe momma
Joe momma 11 days ago
That’s the fastest tool crafter I’ve ever seen.
Flames Tornado
Flames Tornado 11 days ago
His reaction is priceless
Wolfvero 11 days ago
Wow using a wood picaxe for fuel... thats smart
Wolfvero 11 days ago
You can put empty shulkers in shulker boxes
Talking Ben the Dog / / SwimmyYT
You made this look easy
Luc Magoarou
Luc Magoarou 11 days ago
Why so many mobs?
KevGaming 12 days ago
Why did he build a bed so high? At 12:26
VIP_DEF 12 days ago
i think youre the god and not the seed lol thats so cool
Austin Sargeant
Austin Sargeant 12 days ago
Holy fuck
Tohst 12 days ago
If you put an enderchest in an enderchest it would theoretically be infinitely heavy
Garrett 12 days ago
24:18 Trans Rights
wKey_350 13 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed that when he entered the stronghold he didn’t get an achievement?
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 11 days ago
cause he already got the achievement a million times?
Lil Asy Music
Lil Asy Music 13 days ago
My emotions were 😱👍🏽😯😲
Essence PINK Queen
Essence PINK Queen 13 days ago
Um 74
Márk Szigeti
Márk Szigeti 13 days ago
22:09 look at the chat
Алексей 13 days ago
"No glitches" *Using glitches* Wat am i just watched, how to mine ender pearls by using spawn glitch or a speedrun with no glitches at all, anybody?
RichConnerGMN 11 days ago
@Алексей we have explained multiple times
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 12 days ago
Алексей 12 days ago
Why no one can explain, but saying i'm wrong, its annoying
RichConnerGMN 12 days ago
​@Алексей that's called using the despawning mechanics in a clever way.
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 13 days ago
Алексей its an intended game mechanic which means its glitchless. Just look at the speedrun site and illuminas wr is there
Portal Gelap
Portal Gelap 13 days ago
World's record? I think no
RichConnerGMN 12 days ago
@Portal Gelap speedrun.com/mc
Portal Gelap
Portal Gelap 13 days ago
@Bob Joe Nope, there's more better than that somewhere
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 13 days ago
Portal Gelap so are you saying the run that is less than 20 minutes is the wr?
Portal Gelap
Portal Gelap 13 days ago
@Bob Joe you're right. There's some video that beat minecraft under 20 mins with random seed.
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 13 days ago
Portal Gelap there are different world records. this is still a world record
Håkon Sørlie
Håkon Sørlie 13 days ago
Anyone here knows why no one does 1.15.2 speedruns? There is one 2 hour one but i did it at like 1, rsg
CS 6 days ago
Speedrunning a 7 year old version of the game does get kinda uninteresting.
RichConnerGMN 13 days ago
villagers restock trades differently and the dragon fight is a bit slower. there's also some other thing that i forget
Ryan Mahony
Ryan Mahony 13 days ago
Why did he put leaves next to his bed while fighting the dragon?
Ananimoselty 11 days ago
To lessen the damage he takes from the explosion
Taven Anderson
Taven Anderson 13 days ago
Justin Tavares
Justin Tavares 14 days ago
Aarya Pramod
Aarya Pramod 14 days ago
"I am a legend" Yes you are YES. YOU. ARE
Off Onel
Off Onel 14 days ago
Bro this nigga knows how to fucking play survival
GARCIAC 14 days ago
Good video
X C 14 days ago
im noob so why was he killing himself over and over in that tower? and why is he using leaves with the bed to make it explode against the dragon
grumpychris 14 days ago
1. If you get far away enough from mobs, they despawn. This allows a new set of mobs to spawn in. He created a respawn point at the top of a tall tower and killed himself with lava in order to quickly despawn mobs so a new set of mobs could spawn in. He did this to farm Endermen for ender pearls. 2. Beds explode when you try to use them in the End. It's a weird but intentional design decision. In any case, the bed does a lot of damage when it explodes. If you place a single block in between yourself and an explosion, it'll drastically reduce the amount of damage you take, even if it's just a single leaf block.
NukularBunny 14 days ago
What streaking site did he use?
66 Litczu
66 Litczu 14 days ago
Try it in 10m
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