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From rolling on exercise balls to a freezing cold mile-long swim, this episode of Overtime has it all!
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Dec 3, 2018

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Comments 26 859
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 6 months ago
Wheel Unfortunate will be back in full force next episode. Ned went on a labor strike and demanded higher pay and that we recognize Arbor Day as a national holiday but he got it and everything is all good now
Rob Urso
Rob Urso 17 days ago
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Nima Fidow
Nima Fidow Month ago
Crazy California Fishingklj
The ultimate Gamer
ossie qio
ossie qio 2 months ago
Hi dp is awesome
Gabriel Conley
Gabriel Conley 37 minutes ago
why do i love the intro song so much.
2acrobo Hour ago
I can probably beat the world record if I had the *balls* I’ll go now
Icey 5 hours ago
Literally everyone : *rushes for red button* Magic Chessboard Company : Am I a joke to you?
Do Ty
Do Ty 7 hours ago
I mean cool
Do Ty
Do Ty 7 hours ago
I love cool not vool
Carissa Servel
Carissa Servel 8 hours ago
i want ty's item
Carissa Servel
Carissa Servel 8 hours ago
i doubt cody can do it!
xXBiscuit0213Xx 16 hours ago
Leave a like if spot 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Zhe Yang
Zhe Yang 18 hours ago
"I don't want you robbing any banks with my face on it.
Sam Plautz
Sam Plautz 19 hours ago
Wth how is that a mile? That seems like forever
JasonTheKillR 22 hours ago
I didn't know Garrett was bald
Justin Wang
Justin Wang 23 hours ago
2:43 Look at cody and tyler.
The Le Epic Destroyer
Replays being sold for a like 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 And a weird noice I mean noise replay 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 0:24 Also sold for a like
Supweme Gaming
Lieutenant sohl
That’s like swimming to the mile high city
Nikolai Cross
You know the drill: 1:Ty 2:Cody 3:Garret 4:Cory 5:Coby 6:Panda
Marley H
Marley H 5 hours ago
Nikolai Cross yea I accidentally typed a “d” instead of a “r”.
Nikolai Cross
Nikolai Cross 6 hours ago
Marley H u mean Cody
Marley H
Marley H 6 hours ago
Nikolai Cross j got Cory
Darren Hayes
Darren Hayes Day ago
whats cool not cool is it when you think it cool but it not
Darren Hayes
Darren Hayes Day ago
l love your trick shots can you do more
Bishop Sam
Bishop Sam Day ago
I love overtime Keep doing what you're doing
Benny Booster
0:14 is my fav bit!
hey im a big fan can i plz plz plz win something
Reilly Jones
Reilly Jones Day ago
You don’t know what dressing feels like untel you live in Minnesota
Kiran AZ
Kiran AZ 2 days ago
I saw this world record on the dp show
Robert Arbizu Jr
Robert Arbizu Jr 2 days ago
You are so cool.
huzaifa mehmood
huzaifa mehmood 2 days ago
Tyler do ful dance
Damage Girl
Damage Girl 2 days ago
Which one are you? 1: Tyler 2:Coby 3:Cory 4:Cody 5:Garret 6:Tyler 7:Coby 8:Cory 9:Cody 0:Garret
Lo L
Lo L 5 hours ago
Marley H
Marley H 6 hours ago
I got Tyler
Yuniet Diaz
Yuniet Diaz Day ago
2 7
Steven Marooki
I’m Tyler cause I disliked
Out of Nowhere
Out of Nowhere 2 days ago
Not the first time yellow Cody. Ty did it when Coby was in the portable sauna IDK how to spell sauna sry
Game on
Game on 3 days ago
Where’s Ty’s watch in 12:33 it is in 12:30
Swirvy 3 days ago
10:40 look at Cody’s hand
Fat Patrica
Fat Patrica 3 days ago
your comedy is terrible! but I subscribed.
Terran 02
Terran 02 3 days ago
6:29 no, episode 4
allen kendall
allen kendall 3 days ago
i belived in you coby
Cadogan Crete
Cadogan Crete 3 days ago
I feel like one day they are going to be the only ones in the record book
EasyLife Productions
Does it come to all tvs like dstv or only American tv
Vincent B.
Vincent B. 3 days ago
Thanks Michael !!!!
Michael Bingham
Michael Bingham 3 days ago
Who else realizes that they all have there hat backwards
Magics 67
Magics 67 3 days ago
You guys for the “Absurd Recurds” do the longest nut shot! The Nut shot is where you have a ball and either slingshots the ball or throw the ball at someone’s manhood
DSAScythe 3 days ago
Love taste test
Shawn Keating
Shawn Keating 3 days ago
I bet there are alligators in that river
yordy galicia
yordy galicia 3 days ago
My tooth fell off
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu 4 days ago
1:39 Thank me later.
looperdooper boi's
why not tim hortons?
Logan Tomasic
Logan Tomasic 4 days ago
I liked and subbed i shared the vid
Alex Esquivel
Alex Esquivel 4 days ago
Dude perfect give Cory the chance on wheel unfortunate
Yikthesis Boi
Yikthesis Boi 4 days ago
garret "Just keep your eyes on that next ball, yea, that's the next ball right there.
Aleisha Collier
Aleisha Collier 4 days ago
Cory was only picked on four episodes of wheel unfortunate because their was no wheel unfortunate this episode
Owen Everett
Owen Everett 4 days ago
I am on team Tyler
The EMpEror Mansa Mosa
These guys are the luckiest I've ever seen !! LOL they're achieved all there games easily
Talip Baş
Talip Baş 4 days ago
Benim adım efe
Hugo Is the best
Hugo Is the best 4 days ago
Make a Video with that‘s Amazing
nick gerr
nick gerr 4 days ago
i was looking through stuff and found a not really pumped up workout ball, i cut the outside money sign cloth and take out the workout ball, right now it needs to be blown up and my grandpa has one so i think i might get a (about) $50 workout ball for the price of (i think) $5 :)
linopus 4 days ago
How come I don’t see dp in Guinness world records book? Like if u agree
Football Gamer and Highlights
They we're in the world record book a couple of years ago but idk why not this year
• Violett •
• Violett • 3 days ago
I know right shouldn’t they be there?
The Flying Pig
The Flying Pig 4 days ago
You that phone attachment has been used to steal pin codes watch mark rober’s video
Landon Kramme
Landon Kramme 4 days ago
what is a dvr
Trane 5 days ago
Pourquoi il y a pas de sous titre français
The Bonomos
The Bonomos 5 days ago
Alli Robertson
Alli Robertson 5 days ago
Cody had his watch on while he was swimming!!
Jayden Cruz
Jayden Cruz 5 days ago
Anyone realize Cody is the only one not wearing a hat?
nika erzikiani
nika erzikiani 5 days ago
What if Ty Will spin wheel unfortunate
CannonBallBob 5 days ago
How is swimming a mile a betcha??? I swam a mile when I was 7, we didn't have time to swim more 😂😂😂
Cat gameuse /fimoteuse
« What is this sorcery?! » Coby 2018
BeastMac 5 days ago
2:20 that's what she said!!!
Kakorate Miz
Kakorate Miz 5 days ago
#misspinkiepie 07
Ever heard about it’s badluck to wear hats inside?????😅😂😂✌️❤️❤️
Xtraz :D
Xtraz :D 5 days ago
All you gotta do is get to that NEEEeeext ball - DP 2018
Mark Gomez
Mark Gomez 6 days ago
Did anyone else notice that after the Betcha segment, Ty’s watch magically just disappeared?
Sarah Essenberg
Sarah Essenberg 6 days ago
who thinks that swimming in December is a little cold?????????????????
DuoLingo 6 days ago
I just realized theres no wheel unfortunate...
Abu Shain
Abu Shain 6 days ago
Please make flip edition 3
Rolando Munoz
Rolando Munoz 7 days ago
Funny part was 9:30
Christine Duffin
Christine Duffin 7 days ago
When Cody said Thanks Mike it sounded like thanks mate
Cameron Mclimans
Cameron Mclimans 7 days ago
1:04 Absurd Recurds 3:30 Cool, Not Cool 9:39 Betcha 12:39 Taste Test
Tichard Lenehan
Tichard Lenehan 34 minutes ago
Cameron Mclimans thanx
Nicelashes Nicelashes
Luis Carlos Delgado
i love your videos
Kailash Oza
Kailash Oza 8 days ago
JACOB LIN 8 days ago
I read all Harry Potter Books and I really wanted one of those magic chess boards
Allen Zhang
Allen Zhang 8 days ago
Hmmmmmm........... Ned Sounds like Tyler, I wonder why............
D.S Black
D.S Black 9 days ago
Ty still holds the the world record
Whit Sieben
Whit Sieben 9 days ago
nice camo crocs ty i have camo crocs to and i am wearing them right now
Jennifer Orlikowski
Nice swim cody
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 9 days ago
My favourite show is Wheel Unfortunate
Carrie ryner
Carrie ryner 9 days ago
Lets be honest here everybody only watches for Ned and Michael
Mary Robertson
Mary Robertson 9 days ago
Who noticed at 10:40 Cody hit coby
Aga Permana
Aga Permana 9 days ago
I like the chess magic😘😘
Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell 10 days ago
Mythic Shadow
Mythic Shadow 10 days ago
I believed you could
Kermit Adventures
Kermit Adventures 10 days ago
I beloved Cody or who ever swam a mile
Radicalmonkey 4thewin
My dad has one of those thermal cameras
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner 10 days ago
they have one of those water bikes at the grand canyon in chiang mai
Hamza Playz119
Hamza Playz119 11 days ago
In overtime 4 coby did cool and not cool as well
Blanca Soto
Blanca Soto 11 days ago
I love dude perfect. It is the best👍👍👍👍👍!!!!!
Radhika Sodhi
Radhika Sodhi 11 days ago
I shared veid .I subscribe
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 11 days ago
The Taste Test was so entertaining I watched it over again... we need more of that.
BOS slouter
BOS slouter 11 days ago
Yang dari indonesia like
rafif gaming
rafif gaming 12 days ago
Tier100Master 12 days ago
Hi dude perfect
mzngarpit 12 days ago
garret is so rude towards Coby's cool not cool item I don't like this
Negriis Ramirez
Negriis Ramirez 12 days ago
I love your friends and you all
RyanGxVGAME 12 days ago
10:40 Did anyone notice Cody hitting Coby?! 🤣👌
m7md 999
m7md 999 12 days ago
Shreyan's Corner
Shreyan's Corner 13 days ago
Sub to my channel I’m gifting subscribers❤️❤️❤️
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