World Pasta Eating Championship (World Record Broken)

Matt Stonie
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Full Contest footage of the 2015 World Pasta Eating Championship, held is Las Vegas, NV, Oct 17th 2015! An 8 minute contest, 1/2 pound bowls, and as much of Martorano's Signiture Pasta & Sauce as possilbe.
This contest was sponsored by Paris Casino & Hotel and Martorano's Las Vegas, and was officially sanctioned by Major League Eating.
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May 4, 2016




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Comments 18 189
Christianno Longkutoy
Aaron Hagstrom - Musician
bowls not pounds!!!!!
JosePG ElPr0
JosePG ElPr0 Day ago
Me imagino a los que deben limpiar los platos xd
Shy Fiyah
Shy Fiyah Day ago
Imagine going to an eating contast and having the food rigged
NLD0gx 2 days ago
When matt stone heads out ight imma head out
Devin Scranton
Devin Scranton 2 days ago
How tf is that even humanly possible..? Esp without chewing it up.
rajneesh singhwal
Imagine they give all this to starving children 🤔
PresidentFinn 3 days ago
The video was on rewind
Thomas Thuret
Thomas Thuret 4 days ago
Don't really get the point of setting up 4 plates for each contestant if they only ever go between 2 at a time...
Elaine Chow
Elaine Chow 4 days ago
Wow Miki was eating right next to Matt!!
Halo Noit
Halo Noit 4 days ago
*Matt Stonie walks in* The Buffet restaurant manager: oh shit! Here we go again
Ýazsouh 5 days ago
Oct 17th's my bday..
SUZ AN 5 days ago
Big Chungus Thanos
“Matt enters the contest” Contestants: why do I hear boss music?
FUCK BOY 5 days ago
새치미 5 days ago
이 아재는 찐이다 ㄷㄷㄷ 대단쓰👍👍👍
Boombox Playz
Boombox Playz 6 days ago
Omg the perfect number 3:47 look
Andew Walker
Andew Walker 6 days ago
That commentator is so annoying he talked about a dead grandmother...
delonzo83 6 days ago
You need go here. ruvid.net/video/video-WicC2PdsJ8o.html
Eliston van hlirn sin Par
I hate watching this because when thier done eating they give out more.
J Big
J Big 7 days ago
Only a dick heads enter something like this so stupid.
Bunsley T.
Bunsley T. 7 days ago
GetWellSoon G.W.S
**MATT IN HIS 1st DATE** GIRL:so what do you do for a living MATT:I eat...you? GIRL:LOL...you're funny. MATT:no... you're funny.
Hailey Smith
Hailey Smith 8 hours ago
I read that to fast and thought it said eat YOU......lol
GetWellSoon G.W.S
The pasta and the foodious
GetWellSoon G.W.S
You could tell who won from the beginning
Aedi Asmirul
Aedi Asmirul 7 days ago
Matt get paid for eating🤩
Raul Trillana
Raul Trillana 8 days ago
Karim Houzali
Karim Houzali 8 days ago
Is that like the good pasta type...tough life.
Sam Liu
Sam Liu 8 days ago
The goal is to just eat fast. Obviously. For those of you wondering why he doesn’t get full... it’s because he eats so fast his stomach doesn’t register all the food he’s eaten since his body has an even started to digest it. That’s why sometimes you feel like you can keep eating and eating and you don’t quite get full and then you have a food coma And I’m sure his mentality is different
RyanJay 707
RyanJay 707 8 days ago
Announcer needs to shut up
Hiền Nguyễn
Hiền Nguyễn 9 days ago
co ai viet nam xem cai nay
Ppp Ppp
Ppp Ppp 9 days ago
Kokgw nyasar
Rizki Alkaff
Rizki Alkaff 10 days ago
Udh keenal tamboy kun belun??? Indon like
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 10 days ago
Stuffing food in your mouth and more is falling out. Nasty ass fucking hell.
Christos316 10 days ago
The announcer is an idiot
sandy sayli
sandy sayli 10 days ago
He was practicing at home for so many years , At least he will win
Abdalla Majid
Abdalla Majid 10 days ago
يلعن عرضو ايش هاد
Nafisa Nawrin Labonno
Matt: *doing competitive food challenges* Comment section: *worrying about his toilet*
charles jay reblora
Everytime he shakes his body. the more the stomach expand.🤣🤣🤣
Kitty 11 days ago
Matt eats a lot and he’s skinny
Helvet Orlik
Helvet Orlik 11 days ago
that’s what i‘m thinking about when i hear ‚american culture‘
KatD56 11 days ago
I thought he said Brian Shaw lol I kept looking for Worlds Strongest Man at a pasta competition.
BenLaDinde TM
BenLaDinde TM 11 days ago
I think you loose in 1v1 versus my grandma
Tenzin Rabgye
Tenzin Rabgye 11 days ago
I bet he spends an hour or two in the toilet.
Simon-Patrick Johnson
My only want in life is to be the man who cooks the pasta
Deyan Gaming
Deyan Gaming 12 days ago
2020?? Still wathc??
Mike Coff
Mike Coff 12 days ago
are the waters on the right and left his? or did he just drink someone elses like a pro?
Trashawn Isaacs
Trashawn Isaacs 12 days ago
Eat god
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin 12 days ago
Announcer: who will win? Mike: damn, I already wrote “Matt Stonie” on the check.
Scareard 12 days ago
"LOOK AT BRYAN SHAW!" little did they know...
renee p
renee p 12 days ago
I’m pregnant and should join... I never get full.
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf 12 days ago
Who wonders why they eat so much but doesnt get fat🤔🤔
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf 12 days ago
I can only finish 1 plate
Syauqi Official
Syauqi Official 13 days ago
Cobak tanboy kun ikut
Shalu Sonker
Shalu Sonker 13 days ago
Keep it up bro
Mark Clark
Mark Clark 13 days ago
Who’s watching in 2024
Sanga Hazard
Sanga Hazard 13 days ago
That's a waste of money for the Organizer
초코송이 13 days ago
요기는 트로피까지 주네??
Nafis Iqbal
Nafis Iqbal 13 days ago
Bro do you still want more food mean howwwww
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