World of Tanks Object 279 (e) - 9 Kills 11,9K Damage (1 VS 6)

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World of Tanks Object 279 (e) - 9 Kills 11,9K Damage (1 VS 6)
Medals received: Radley-Walters' Medal, Kolobanov's Medal, Spartan, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun
The Object 279 early is a Soviet tier 10 premium heavy tank.
An early variant of a blueprint project for a high crossing capacity heavy tank with a new configuration scheme. Developed in 1947-1948 by L. S. Troyanov. This vehicle was to feature a low four-track engine, mounted on longitudinal beams that also served as fuel tanks, considerably reducing the chance of fire. These solutions provided high crossing capacity and survivability: the tank could continue moving even with damaged tracks. The placement of the hull above the suspension allowed for a large fighting compartment, and as a result, increased ammunition and an improved autoloader mechanism for a high rate of fire. A functional prototype was manufactured in 1948.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks - Intro Login 2018
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Comments 32
Serhat Turan
Serhat Turan 2 days ago
Tank is too strong, its unbalanced.
Alexander Agustine
Alexander Agustine 14 days ago
I got this tank yesterday, so far I played 12 games and I have 32% win rate and 2700 avg dmg per game :(
잠수사랑 15 days ago
R POS 24 days ago
Hope wg will collapse soon, they are the shame of the human race
jiro sendai
jiro sendai 27 days ago
Dr_Prescription 28 days ago
That's way too lucky
Beni 29 days ago
Enemy is 2 bounced on his back
murat pakcan
murat pakcan Month ago
top tier.. only spam full heat.. lol
Maxxxed's Month ago
Wow 😦
Денис ДВ
Денис ДВ Month ago
Ис не пробил последний шот, а так хотелось бы...
veteranplr max
veteranplr max Month ago
Lord Johnny
Lord Johnny Month ago
Ray Yuen
Ray Yuen Month ago
full heat
HAYATO Month ago
they should all come in to take down this OP...not going to die like that ...just all in and flank track him with HE and spam gold like he did :P
S.W.A.T___ 312
S.W.A.T___ 312 Month ago
Хороший Бой 👍👍👍👍
Earl Carter
Earl Carter Month ago
Warrior 🗡️
Salta Foss
Salta Foss Month ago
With tanks broken.....
Vick Zhang
Vick Zhang Month ago
I was genuinely rooting for the enemy team, this tank needs to be nerfed
Ali emre Fıstıkçı
Ful gold ammo easy low player and mark
Misa Zeka
Misa Zeka Month ago
Is that camo in premium store?
Misa Zeka
Misa Zeka Month ago
@Márk Stark thanks of answer, it is really nice camo...
Márk Stark
Márk Stark Month ago
That's damascus steel style, it's related to CW, but only 10% of the best players by fame points get it
A.T. Month ago
This fckn tank is a fckn joke
Azer Hesimov
Azer Hesimov Month ago
Wow great performance 👍
Skiller04 [SG]
Skiller04 [SG] Month ago
He almost died to a stock tier 8 tank omg how fucking pathetic
_Mar God_
_Mar God_ Month ago
279 e is bullshit, WG fuck up of year..
pukalo Month ago
Object 279 (e) is OP.
Srđan Vasiljević
poor soul...keep sucking .!.
O K Month ago
This tanks turns even the shittiest of player into a god.
Carlo Dumas
Carlo Dumas 19 days ago
Tank is weak need buff
Weberling2 21 day ago
@Dr_Prescription but he is right...
Dr_Prescription 22 days ago
@ElJackale im going to ask you to shut the fuck up, i dont need a 12 year old telling a 9k PR 2.4k wn8 player how to play this game
ElJackale 27 days ago
@Dr_Prescription No, it is not because the weak spot on the upper plate needs to be shot by a grenade with penetration of 320 mm or more to be penetrated. Even some tier 10 tanks does not have prem-ammo with such penetration and if you position an Object 279 so that your opponent has to shoot from down at the upper plate, then its armor goes even up. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I met an Obj 279 with my Strv 103 B on Siegfrieds line, I killed it, but because it was frontally facing me, I had to load gold 350 mm-penetration-ammo to penetrate its frontal weakspot and the match shown in this video has 6 tier-8-tanks.
Dr_Prescription 28 days ago
Its really easy to kill, press 2 x2
Oz Shaw
Oz Shaw Month ago
that enemy IS-2-II at the end actually did a great job but unfortunately he was dealing with an obj 279(e)
Stanley Month ago
Wdf to get on this 3rd mark u have to do higher than 6k dmg wow
Stanley Month ago
@Rubentje i ve got it in my garage and to do something like 11k dmg is very hard. Everybody use gold or HE ammo but when mm give u in enemy team vegetables (like here in this video) u can do everything... When i watch replays like this i think my 279 is broken...
Rubentje Month ago
It is not hard in this tank with full heat and food
Nghĩa Lưu
Nghĩa Lưu Month ago
lol IS3 tank stock
Leandro Canto
Leandro Canto Month ago
I used mine like this for some time too, now I am collecting credits to get the ST2-II because it is already researched.
mladen ilioski
mladen ilioski Month ago
Child abuse 😂
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams Month ago
Thank you for loading full heat at least someone isn’t an idiot
Banned. 22 days ago
@Matthias Justand some t8 and t9 tanks are hard to pen (t28 and t95 for example) so it's great loading full gold as it's free for credits now, and if you're going to obliterate them all, then what's the point
Matthias Justand
Matthias Justand 25 days ago
I agree and at the same time i don t. I bet he was going for 100% on this tank, that s why he played full gold. But yea, i hate onlygold players too
Lineca21 Month ago
@Liam Jacquire With tier 8 of course ... it's sure RNG will make you don't pen tier 8
Liam Jacquire
Liam Jacquire Month ago
Imagine firing an inferior ammunition (AP) and leaving your penetration up to rng LUL,
Rubentje Month ago
nice sarcasm
RaridadeVape Month ago
OP vs tier 9 and 8 ...... EASY EASY ............
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