World of Tanks - I Was Expecting Someone Taller

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Jan 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Lina Hadad
Lina Hadad 9 days ago
Christian Luque
Christian Luque 2 months ago
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 4 months ago
The door stop.
CleanerBen 5 months ago
Wasn't the S tank good on attack too? It could turn and aim just as well as a turreted tank. The only issue is that it has to stop to fire.
Denson Smith
Denson Smith 6 months ago
I was thinking he was saving the kit for his tracks...until he didn't instantly hit it. Maybe it is a good idea to put it off in case of a retrack?
Andy Roberts
Andy Roberts 7 months ago
It’s not a bloody tank so stop calling it one
KIRA120X 7 months ago
just use HE
deathcorelover 7 months ago
Somehow 7:02 triggers my Google Assistant (as soon as he says "score hits")
Hairysteed 7 months ago
It was actually us Finns who did the most of the Fighting in Sweden's imperialistic wars (Google: "Hakkapeliitta")
kennysandhoj 7 months ago
Have they nerfed the speed of the S1 quite heavily since i played it the last time? Maybe a year or so ago.
Rob Gifford
Rob Gifford 7 months ago
Great vid, as always.
Kratatch 7 months ago
This was painful to watch.
Ben S
Ben S 7 months ago
Did anyone noticed the spot where the Panther was destroyed ? The famous "Destroyed Panther in front of the Cologne Cathedral". Coincidence ?
Gytis Pranskunas
Gytis Pranskunas 7 months ago
He didn't use repair kit, because hes a 48% winrate bot. That's all I can see here....
Dirty Jester
Dirty Jester 7 months ago
One lucky potato.
FTR 7 months ago
Jingles are you okay? You seem to have a cough.
Corazon Sierra
Corazon Sierra 7 months ago
So... Warthunder: Attention to detail... simulation standard. World of Tanks: very long guns on tanks. D(^-^)D
pcz1642raz 7 months ago
Doctrinally, the strv is a mbt. The swedish doctrine in the cold war revolved around the "Great Push to the Sea". Basically the idea was that the russians would be amphibiously landing, and they would land, so the only chance Sweden had was to rush down the landing zones and push the russians back into the sea. The strv was a offensive weapon.
Кельтуз & winiCAT
ITPalGame 7 months ago
apologizes for swede on swede action, talks about anal sex
NDK0 7 months ago
Holy cow he played poorly. Very lucky the other team was even worse
Jyuppiter 7 months ago
Holy shit those last moments... Am not sure if he didn't realize he had a repair kit or if his game bugged and he couldnt use it like sometimes happens to me. Also not backing his butt against a wall. Holy shit he would have lost that if it was anyone else on that Pantera. But to be honest, he would have lost it had it been anyone else on it, way sooner than he did.
Henry Herold
Henry Herold 7 months ago
Overmatching 30mm plate with only a 91mm gun? As a World of Warships player that sounds super weird. Are you sure they don't need 431mm AP for that?
CasulDUde 7 months ago
i can't believe people still play this game
SeriousSam 8 months ago
Complete bot wining a game in op swedish td... Only thing good in this replay is the comentator.
Effortless Insec
Effortless Insec 8 months ago
Stephan Riesener
Stephan Riesener 8 months ago
i think he was waiting with the rep kid cause of retracking. after it was clear that the Pantere has an emty mag he used it. Risky but understandeble
MrPijavica 8 months ago
Average replay...
buzbom1 8 months ago
"Tunnel Vision" it's a common disorder we all have been effected by. And still every once in a while it hits us after a dozen battles....and 3 strong rum n cokes.
Mark Slater
Mark Slater 8 months ago
I have found that, from time to time and on different laptops, that the ability for the game to recognise an F key being pressed goes away... You then have to use the cursor to click the relevant on screen icon, which can be a bit of an issue while attempting to drive your tank. The fact that he had (been) stopped when the repair was activated makes me consider he had had that issue.
Scarletsboy 8 months ago
Using the repair kit at the right time is the difference from a bad player to a good player Shrimpcraft has played enough games now to know this, he had luck on his side that is the only reason he won, it was not skill. Hope he get better at the game.
Rubashow 8 months ago
Actually Jingles the most likely tanks they would have encountered in the 50s -80s is the T55.
remco moerland
remco moerland 8 months ago
There currently is a bug in the game that comes from opening the menu, settings, whatever right now. I dont know the exact requirements. But after youve triggered it, you cant really use your repair kits and or med kits anymore. Unless, you press ctrl and click the modules and stuff itself. Which is terrible. I didnt figure that out either for like having this bug 10 games long. Btw, restarting the game fixes the problem! Dont be like me, dont play 10 games before you think: hmmm, maybe restarting the game will help?
Kim Thisdale
Kim Thisdale 8 months ago
That ending was so fucking painful to watch.
Red Herring
Red Herring 8 months ago
That pantera was a muppet.
paspax 8 months ago
Red Dwarf reference.
MSGT Ammodude A
MSGT Ammodude A 8 months ago
Love your content Jingles. Wish we got more WOT from you.
David Zarecky
David Zarecky 8 months ago
My best guess to the irritating mystery of why the main actor in this drama did not use his repair kit on his damaged gun was that i) he probably had gunner trained with the armorer skill to 100%, which improves the accuracy of a damaged gun ii) considering that he was heavily outnumbered most of the game, he was probably saving up the repair kit for a potentially more catastrophic damage
kicks7587 8 months ago
There is something oddly satisfying about seeing a team abandon the objective and lose because of it.
Nick Young
Nick Young 8 months ago
Oh dear Jingles, it sounds like you've come down with a touch of the Russian fever 😷🤒🤕🤧...
Nathan DaMaren
Nathan DaMaren 7 months ago
Soviet fever is its proper term in that time period. Russian fever is the latest mutation of this bug since 1991.
MoonEyes2k 8 months ago
Let's see... No, the Strv 103 was never meant to be an answer to the T72. That's not to say it couldn't, but the proposal for the 103 came in the late 50s. The T72 entered production in 1971. It's hard to design something to counter what doesn't even exist yet. No, the S1 was not the prototype for the 103. The S1 in WoT is a complete fabrication. The S1 that was part of the Strv 103 project was a testing platform, a mock-up to try things like observation and gun-laying. There was also an S2 platform that tested the powertrain, and the amphibious equipment. Neither of these were completed vehicles, much less completed TANKS. There is, or was, no "world-famous Swedish S-tank". No more so than there is/was an A-tank, or a T-tank. There was, however, three PROPOSALS, named from the expected origin. The 'A' was for American, a heavy and less mobile tank, the expected being the M60 Patton, though the "Anglo" Chieftain would also fit. The 'T' was for Tysk, Swedish for German, and would be a less armored, but more nimble tank, this referring to the Leopard 1. And the 'S', of course, for Swedish, the idea that would result in the Strv 103. At no point did it ever have the name "S-tank". No. You can't drive and shoot from every position, and you can't drive backwards from the forward positions. The rear-facing driver drives the tank backwards, which is also why it can BE driven backwards at high speed, and he can (obviously) not fire. The commander and driver/gunner do have duplicate controls, however, for both driving and firing. Not only did the armor angle significantly, as Jingles note, but the tank also had the entire power-plant and drivetrain in front of the crew compartment, further enhancing survivability. Other fun things about the Strv 103, which Jingles did NOT mention, are that it was the first tank to use a turbine engine, something that other nations quickly followed up on, and that it still holds the record for fastest reloads, the auto-loader allowed for a rate of one round every three seconds. The name, as an aside, derives from the fact that it was the third tank in Swedish inventory to mount a 10.x centimeter gun, specifically a modified version of the British Royal Ordinance L7 with a 62 calibre length. The two previous tanks to mount such size gun, the 101 and 102, as well as the following 104, were up-gunned Centurions, modified from the original Strv 81.
MoonEyes2k 8 months ago
Ah, yes. "Swedish tanks have no turret, must be tank destroyer." And the M10 tank destroyer has a turret, so it's a tank then? Along with the M36, and...oh, dear. A tank is defined by how it is used, not whether it has a turret or not.
Rob Bleeker
Rob Bleeker 8 months ago
That's a nasty cough you got there, Jingles......
Origami Chik3n
Origami Chik3n 8 months ago
"They're Swedish, they're NOT European!" (c) Jingles 2020. Bollocks, and i thought that Scandinavian peninsula was part of European continent...
chris cw
chris cw 8 months ago
Jingles ...try switching to a vape mate ..that cough is getting out of hand
chris cw
chris cw 8 months ago
failure to use repair kit ...I got nothing
Hippis 8 months ago
And then they invented over penertrsion for big guns as usssr had them !
Connor Miller
Connor Miller 8 months ago
I loved watching this tank do exactly what it was designed to do, defend, really well. And they say WoT isn’t based on reality.
Connor Miller
Connor Miller 8 months ago
Also have you noticed in some of the replayed lately that incoming damage isn’t shown when you get hit? It’s a red or black streak, but no numbers.
Shepherd Kirk
Shepherd Kirk 8 months ago
A possible explanation for not wanting to use the repair kit, comes up pretty solidly at the end of the game. A damaged gun just means less accuracy. A damaged or destroyed engine, or tracks can mean a dead tank right quick. Because you're stuck and immobile. Especially in a turret-less td. I know I can pinpoint to a specific game as an example where I used my repair kit too soon, and it cost us the game. I wouldn't have just repaired the gun either.
river rat
river rat 8 months ago
sometimes you just forget about using repair kits if it's anything other than a blown track.
Dylan Nix
Dylan Nix 8 months ago
Actually annoying voice that tries to correct our mighty overlord time and time again, Stridsvagns are in fact Main Battle Tanks ;)
Karolina G
Karolina G 8 months ago
Теперь прем-танки стоят от 139руб! Только тут: wotsndk.ru/?r=xXGYZhG6s1 А еще там раздают технику за бонусы ;)
lmaniac58 8 months ago
Hm you ok there Jingles? Coughing an awful lot, ;3
wtf mrb
wtf mrb 8 months ago
The Strv is a tank not a td k . Thought you would know
Tim Bru
Tim Bru 8 months ago
what da faq are you shit uploading? Like a fck kiddy bot
un13 8 months ago
Still vastly prefer Armored Warfare's armor and penetration mechanics. I wish that game had been more successful. I can understand why he doesn't use the repair kit. Expensive little things. The better you do, the more credits you lose. Not like this game used to be where you could just roll out in a TOG and crawl back to the garage with 350,000 credits.
Janusha 8 months ago
This Swedish tank is an IKEA flat pack.
Siddich 8 months ago
the reason why this ... did not use his repairkit? he is a td player...thats almost as bad as arty player...
Mishtakashi 8 months ago
Where's the cough syrup when you need it??
Christopher Buzzell
Christopher Buzzell 8 months ago
Jackie Gleason RIP. One of many classic scenes from Smokey and the Bandit, Sheriff Buford T Justice.
Mr Bear
Mr Bear 8 months ago
Those Russian winter's do dry the throat.
Joshua Keller
Joshua Keller 8 months ago
The Swedish TD is completely locked in place when tracked. It has no gun arc, no turrent, so it is completely helpless if tracked. They may have wanted to save the kit for getting tracked, but they really should have taken the risk when charging the gap, in my opinion.
Bxlfast 8 months ago
Jesus jingles. You catch a cold? XD
Unit 8 months ago
to be fair he should have lost on that second hit he took since he didn't reverse turn. But the game decided he was going to win this one and no matter where the other guy hit it would likely have bounced
Áron Szabó
Áron Szabó 8 months ago
"In the mid 1950's the Swedes were expecting to fight a defensive war, if any, so they designed a gun to take out T-72s." I sure love me good ol' Jingles. What!? Allright, allright, I'm screwing back off to the Mighty Salt Mines!
Rubie-Ann gmelin
Rubie-Ann gmelin 8 months ago
Can everyone just bomb china already.
andrew lee
andrew lee 8 months ago
4:31 Actually Jingles, you are utterly, and completely *WRONG* about that part. Do you even know why the Swedes called the S-Tank, a tank in the first place, rather than just a tank destroyer??? It's, because the S-Tank was designed to be as good as a turreted tank.....on the OFFENSIVE (when required). *[Yeah, I know the S-Tank is meant to be a defensive tank, but I am sorta sure any other (turreted) NATO tank would be operating on the defensive (to some extent), due to Soviet, numerical superiority]* According to OFFICIAL reports, the S-Tank was compared to various MBTs of its era (the Leopard 1, Chieftain, and M60). During these trials, the testers found it extremely hard to find any difference in performance between the S-Tank, and turreted MBTs......in terms of "firing on the move" (Even the Chieftain. Nicholas Moran says this.....and he's QUITE knowledgeable about tanks). *[To be fair, no tanks back then couldn't rly fire on the move. They had stabilizers that would allow them to fire somewhat accurately, while on the move.....but they had to reduce speed, and it only worked on certain circumstances. Usually when tanks were "firing on the move" during that time, they had to move, then stop, then fire, and the cycle repeats]* HOWEVER, the S-Tank lost the capability to be as flexible (when "firing on the move") as a turreted MBT when better stabilizers were developed for turreted MBTs. But, we're talking about the time that it was developed for. For that time, it was JUST AS CAPABLE as a turreted MBT when going on the offensive (due to its impressive "fire on the move" capability) Just a little food for thought. ruvid.net/video/video-yF4xxYXwLok.html (Time stamp 38:03-39:55)
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 8 months ago
0:32 I thought at first he said the WoWs ccs got Swedish TDs for some reason
NegativeZero 8 months ago
A friend of mine I met a few years back happened to play WOT same as me at the time but noticed his consumables where in awkward positions so just casually mentioned that repair on 5 and medkit on 4 is easier for track repair and driver heal. Cue him being confused how that could be easier, then when I said this way you could press 5 twice for quick track repair. Him then saying surprised: You have to press them to activate them? He does tend to catch on quick once you start to explain stuff luckily Keep in mind we both are in jingles age range, but I have been gaming my whole life he hasn't but yes, there are people that don't use it because they don't know you have to press them. So next time when jingles wonders why they have no fire extinguisher, maybe he has a thousand or more in his hangar, because he bought all consumables religiously after each match, but doesn't know you have to press a button to activate it :)
CIS Tyler
CIS Tyler 8 months ago
I expected someone a lot taller on the radio
Christian Krakhofer
Christian Krakhofer 8 months ago
wow, 2 base camping td´s are the last ones alive and clean up the rest, what a big surprise... what a borefest
WinterMute 8 months ago
Jingles.. you sounds wayyy too sick, all those caughs, maybe take a little rest or something.. that might help
Ben Laskowski
Ben Laskowski 8 months ago
Get that cough looked at, Jingles: it sounds contagious.
tuckerklj 8 months ago
Losers Go Valley.
tom black
tom black 8 months ago
‪All war is the genocide of the working class for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬
Skreezilla 8 months ago
got to stop smoking you have a bad cough! ;)
Ivan Dimitrov
Ivan Dimitrov 8 months ago
He wanted to save the credits. That's why he didn't repair - simple.
Purge Blade #231
Purge Blade #231 8 months ago
Losing the match would have cost him more than it would have to replace the kit did.
David Cockerill
David Cockerill 8 months ago
I play on console so we have your old consumables mechanic. Once you use it. It's gone. So I carry a small and large repair kit and only use them when I'm tracked or if an arty damages more than 3 modules. Otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where your tracked and have no repairs left. Feeling like an at7 being circled by a scout...
General Griffin
General Griffin 8 months ago
0:40 *AKCHUALY* Jingles, it is a Main Battle Tank!
Robbie Dunst
Robbie Dunst 8 months ago
The refusal to repair something damaged brings me back: for context it was the final match before 3 marking my Fury, and the last member alive had a dead ammo rack, I asked him if he could repair it, his reply "No, the ammo is fine". I lost a lot of faith in the world that day hahah. Somehow, we won, as the last two enemy players were worse than our ammo racked heavy who refused to repair.
Alan .P
Alan .P 8 months ago
He was just a really bad player who got lucky and did well. No reason not to repair, he should have backed up to the wall at the end rather than let the p44 circle him. He went wide to look for arty even when he was capping. He basically just camped for an age, then moved when he had no choice. Not great to be fair.
chemislife 8 months ago
My guess is he somehow never noticed he had a repair kit.
rawhide 37
rawhide 37 8 months ago
I see ian from forgotten weapons has finally let you out of his baguette dungeon.
Andreas Sjöberg
Andreas Sjöberg 8 months ago
This tank explained: (just first few seconds) ruvid.net/video/video-69iB-xy0u4A.html
Rebs RedOne
Rebs RedOne 8 months ago
So the Swedish decided in the mid-fifties to develop a tank that could counter the T-72. How remarkably foresighted of them... And even more remarkably is the fact that a lot of people on this channel still think Jingles is a well of wisdom in regard to military history and technology.
TheKazragore 8 months ago
Bolivian armed maneuvers in the south Pacific? What is this, Red Dwarf?
Bumblebee Bob
Bumblebee Bob 8 months ago
If you can't take a joke, you probably shouldn't be playing WOT. Cause RNG will troll you when you least expect, or need, it.
Nick Itoh
Nick Itoh 8 months ago
Lol typical Jingles video. A not so good player against an army of Muppets... Nothing spectacular there except the stupidity of the p44 player and his team mates, going to the slaughter, one after the other like classic lemming wot players...
Tsuari Rindoku
Tsuari Rindoku 8 months ago
In Warthunder these S tanks are quite OP...
MWSin1 8 months ago
The only downside of the S tank is that it always arrives missing a few critical bolts.
DaDonkee 8 months ago
Thanks for the Red Dwarf quote @ 1:03
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson 8 months ago
Jingles for reference to why not to use the repair kit, the guns are fixed and if the tracks are blown off then the gun also can't elevate and the hull fixes to level position so having the repair kit is also useful for being flanked or even if being shot at and get tracked driving backwards
Matt Dumbrill
Matt Dumbrill 8 months ago
It's basically French caus it's like a wedge of cheese.
social3ngin33rin 8 months ago
@Jingles My blood pressure and voice!!!!!
Shane Durgee
Shane Durgee 8 months ago
Someone get him a lozenge.
Superstitious Agnostic
First off back in the day Swedish conquests were done by Hakkapelitas who were Finnish. Secondarily I don't see the point for the Swedes to design a tank to take down Soviet tanks because in order to get to Sweden they'd have to go through FInland which hasn't worked out before when they've tried. Maybe they were planning on borrowing those to us Finnish if need be.
DaMotoBro 8 months ago
Man jingles has a bad cough
Cliff 8 months ago
Swede on Swede action … Skanda Candy
Gaz Ard
Gaz Ard 8 months ago
Omg is that bloody racing game again
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