World of Tanks - Funny Moments | RNG Overload! (WoT Epic Wins and Fails, June 2019)

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World of Tanks RNG moments of all shapes and sizes! Epic wins and fails, crazy shots, insanely lucky & unlucky encounters, funny moments and more from WoT. MEMBERSHIP PERKS ► ruvid.net/show-UC_Zff1C3Dz7jNJaSkqHRaMQjoin
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JustforlolzFYI here, passionate gamer, World of Tanks community contributor, Battlefield enthusiast and creator of a gazillion videos, mostly revolving around funny moments, gaming fails and crazy glitches. Multiple new videos every week covering funny moments compilations, epic wins and fails, RNG montages, epic gameplay, derp moments, insane artillery compilations, blind shots, physics fail, glitches, bugs and more!
Want to see yourself in one of the compilations? Send your awesome moments to the email address below. Your WoT replay files can also be uploaded directly to: justforlolzfyi.wot-record.com Enjoy the content!
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Jun 25, 2019




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Comments 591
JustforlolzFYI 3 months ago
RNG...rng never changes. ;) Thank you for all the awesome moments! Some of these almost made me choke on my coffee... :D ►MONTHLY GIVEAWAY: Full rules available in the video description. ►MERCH: teespring.com/stores/the-rng-store ►PATREON: www.patreon.com/justforlolzfyi1
Crasy LP
Crasy LP 3 months ago
Martin Hauer
Martin Hauer 3 months ago
Are you real maker of WOT Blitz
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 3 months ago
Name: Williambot EU Platform:pc
XZP IS-3 vs. IS-6
XZP IS-3 vs. IS-6 3 months ago
Ru550 Month ago
M1A5_Abrams server:NA PC that rng is too rare
mark restaino
mark restaino 3 months ago
Username: WeWurk Halftime Platform: xbox Region: na
kubo 1234
kubo 1234 3 months ago
Name: Slavomír_Tvrdy Eú Pc Please🥺🥺🥺🥺
_Egil_ Sergo
_Egil_ Sergo 3 months ago
Name: SianEvil Pc Eu A first Premium Tank would be pretty cool 😊
Sivert Midtbø
Sivert Midtbø 3 months ago
name:simi1704 EU PC gold
Saladdin Sate'
Saladdin Sate' 3 months ago
name: SaladdinSate Reg: EU Platform: PS4
EnBo 3 months ago
Grazie mille Italy bionicbeef xbox 360
mark flor
mark flor 3 months ago
ING: Anthonyflor Server: Asia PC 07 Tankers :)
Majln 3 months ago
Mister Polochon
Mister Polochon 3 months ago
Name in game : Fablapoignee EU , PC Lorr 40t gold
greg.b 3 months ago
xXgreg49Xx EU PC
Top Kakaomalac
Top Kakaomalac 3 months ago
Top_Kakaomalac EU Pc
MassNuke02 3 months ago
MassNuke02 WoT Blitz NA I have yet to win to contest like this.
Kacper kaźmierczyk
Kacper kaźmierczyk 3 months ago
Ign: Call_Me_Beauty Server EU PC Progetto
Péter Szarvas
Péter Szarvas 3 months ago
Sz4rv4s PC EU
Great Briton
Great Briton 3 months ago
07:00 he shoots his own Crom, no enemy in target, ricochets and gets the T67... deliberate?? or mad??
Gergo Andrasi
Gergo Andrasi 3 months ago
Ign: agergo07 Clan (just in case) TDLK2 Progetto or gold EU PC
arabella hickman
arabella hickman 3 months ago
EU: Alpacazeus: PS4
arabella hickman
arabella hickman 3 months ago
AlpacaZeus ps4
#leo 3 months ago
Name:leo99999999 Platform :PC Server :EU
Lorenz Thurnher
Lorenz Thurnher 3 months ago
WirsindBorg PC Europe
Under Grad
Under Grad 3 months ago
UnderGradEye75 NA Xbox I want to win this giveaway to get a better tank than a IV
Ricardo Morgado
Ricardo Morgado 3 months ago
racer_100power PC EU :)
村長 3 months ago
waynechen0520 ASIA PC Love the method you make the video
Lord_dragen 2
Lord_dragen 2 3 months ago
EU PC lord_dragen_2 Maybe I finally win something :P
The MTD 3 months ago
Thx for your content Steel_Beast_1 Eu
Jeremias Homenuc
Jeremias Homenuc 3 months ago
IGN: Quarternix SERVER: NA PC Love the comb. about good graphics, interesting physics and cinematic cam. Congrats for your work bro! :)
silver bullet
silver bullet 3 months ago
Crazy blind shots. silver_bullet EU PC
T0xicAura 3 months ago
trolfaca EU PC I really want my first giveaway win I really do! Can I be the lucky one you Rngesus
Luka Stankovic
Luka Stankovic 3 months ago
Progetto or gold pls Name: big_luka Server: EU Platform: PC
Petr Vrána
Petr Vrána 3 months ago
Name: PepinusCZE Platform: PC Server: EU
Kamiloo06 3 months ago
Nick: JeaBunnyxD Region: EU Platform: PC Progetto or gold please 😝
IronTiger XD
IronTiger XD 3 months ago
adikkCZE Eu Pc
rogz macaraeg
rogz macaraeg 3 months ago
IGN: xxxnytxxx Platform: PC Server: Asia Nice vids again. Keep it up.
Pipa117 CS
Pipa117 CS 3 months ago
SuggestedRuby04 XboxOne NA
Daniel Sevik
Daniel Sevik 3 months ago
Platform: WoT Blitz IGN: R_sevik21 Server: EU
Marfran Rodriguez
Marfran Rodriguez 3 months ago
Name:Private_Onion Platform:Blitz Platform:Asia I want 10,000 gold pls
markus fts
markus fts 3 months ago
Name:Techno_Dragon Server:EU Platform:PC can i have 10000 gold please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
GameGod311 3 months ago
Rastko22 EU PC I would like a premium tank :)
Szabó Bence
Szabó Bence 3 months ago
Name:bence_845 Platform:PC Region:EU
Jan Chládek
Jan Chládek 3 months ago
Name: SP1CY_SAUCE Platform: BLITZ Region: EU
Gwendal Le Gall
Gwendal Le Gall 3 months ago
guerre01 EU Blitz I know it has nothing to do with what I said just before but I want to tell you I like your videos, continue like that ^^
crobuzov 3 months ago
Buzov PC EU
Ks A
Ks A 3 months ago
I hope i have russian rng ...-ArmyVeith_ /PC/EU
Kaspars Maksims Vidiņš
When you stand 1v5 and you press that 2 key.... ___PowerSaw___ Platform:PC Server:EU Proggeto 46 ;)
Danh vn
Danh vn 3 months ago
Danhvn_1 Asia Blitz Thank you :D
HoneyBakedHam01 3 months ago
lego_26_steel PC NA
Curtis Herbert
Curtis Herbert 3 months ago
10000 gold Hazecurtis Na
Curtis Herbert
Curtis Herbert 3 months ago
Ch3ckm8r 3 months ago
Name: The_Seeker (with an underline at the start and end) Platform: PC Region: NA I love these videos showing all the ways RNG likes to troll us.
AncientKBird 3 months ago
AncientKbird EU PC If I got 1 gold for each time I get screwed by RNG I would have enough gold for a type 59G
AncientKBird 3 months ago
@noah Speed bump Russian Nonsense Generator. Or if you seriously don't know Random Number Generator
noah Speed bump
noah Speed bump 3 months ago
What is RNG
Kaspars Maksims Vidiņš
This is already next level comment :D love it
Spencer tate
Spencer tate 3 months ago
TooFreshtoArrest Blitz NA Would like a premium tank plz
cihan dur
cihan dur 3 months ago
Fun with funny moments cihandur/EU/PC
Miguel Román
Miguel Román 3 months ago
migueloangel1325//Blitz//NA And I need a premium tank :3
Hristo Kolev
Hristo Kolev 3 months ago
Let's the RNG be with you!!! prototip24 EU PC
OneRandomOsuPlayer 3 months ago
i want 10k gold ples gimme me is broke Bobi4426 EU PC
Firemajo_SVK [-K4W-]
Firemajo_SVK Eu blitz
Wallethey 3 months ago
ATXshadowq EU PC im stuck in tier 4 and cant get out please help with a new tank
Joerg2812 3 months ago
HelloKitten1969 Server EU PC
Riley Technielsen
Riley Technielsen 3 months ago
R2D2CAT NA Server PC
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