World of Tanks Char Futur 4 - 7 Kills 9,3K Damage

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World of Tanks Char Futur 4 - 7 Kills 9,3K Damage
Medals received: Crucial Contribution, Confederate, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Top Gun
The Char Futur 4 is a French tier 9 premium medium tank.
In 1977, in France, several designs were considered as part of the development of a new tank, including the Projet 4. No metal prototype was produced. However, its further development led to creation of the French main battle tank Leclerc.
The Char Futur 4 can be obtained using expedition tokens earned from Frontline and Steel Hunter 2020.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks - Intro Login 2018
Mod: wgmods.net/21/details




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Comments 13
Mark sigasig
Mark sigasig 16 days ago
im quit playing these game it because so expensive game and WG is nothing can do fix the unfair match making and cridet on game soon wot is nothing conpair the game in mobile legends i spent 100 pesos in phillippine money in a hole weak
Дмитрий Отекин
слабая тактика, плохое маневрирование. так себе игрок
Beceлый Хлорпикрин
Как топовый СТ не сделал ничего, только под конец боя насосал шотников по засвету тяжа. ФУ...
gamersCnC Month ago
Corto Maltese
Corto Maltese Month ago
36 secs to full reload, and then 12 secs to unload. Thats 48 i.e. 12 seconds per shot (and 36 seconds playing dead in the corner, unable to do shit). Absolute piece of crap of a tank, wouldn't take it if they paid me to.
Peter Dedes
Peter Dedes Month ago
It has great silver penetration, decent accuracy, good camo and is mobile. It isn't a brawler but a finesse tank, like a bourrasque or batchat
Knight Month ago
as a kv2 R main (20 secs reload and getting nothing but tier 8s matches) this tank is the best and i love it
Jakub Horák
Jakub Horák Month ago
But his alpha is higher than tier X clip tanks TVP and Progetto so i think Char is balanced.
RA Melloh
RA Melloh Month ago
Unscathed, well played.
Xavier Chamberlain
What camo/skin is that?
Magnus Likes Tanks
I think it's Sense Of Direction mk. 1
Tanguy Coumailleau
full life at the end of the battle ^^
kagaroo Month ago
r u being sarcastic or do you mean it?
Oleg Prosin
Oleg Prosin Month ago
Игра супер повезло без арты и колесника но игру сыграл слов нет красава
KPAHTbl Month ago
Спс бро
Muhammad Faris Ali
Good replay lol
Назымбек Калиев
Крутая битва. Особенно концовка.
FanHY ĐMH Month ago
SU-130 PM for Frances??????
CHICKEN MAster Month ago
This is a rewards tank right?
leo pard
leo pard 18 days ago
Yeah! 🤪
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres Month ago
Schadt Milán
Schadt Milán Month ago
Schadt Milán
Schadt Milán Month ago
@Tanguy Coumailleau yeah
Tanguy Coumailleau
@Emre Açıkyol for ego
Schadt Milán
Schadt Milán Month ago
Emre Açıkyol
Emre Açıkyol Month ago
I don’t understand why people think it is important to comment first.... Btw well played
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