World Cup 2018 Commentary ● Peter Drury ● The Football Poet ● Wavin' Flag

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Dec 25, 2018




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jake sweeney
jake sweeney 9 months ago
8:08 "Russia will not retreat!' Eastern Europe: *sweats nervously*
Aadish Ray
Aadish Ray 25 days ago
jake sweeney 😂
Tube Gamer
Tube Gamer Month ago
I’m the 1k like☺️
Isai Aparicio
Isai Aparicio 2 months ago
kaushal yadav
kaushal yadav 5 months ago
Peter drury always comes up with such gems....2014 world cup final at final whistle he said this about germany “this irrepressible nation just wont die” something like that
Hasilla Abdi
Hasilla Abdi 6 months ago
hendrik Serrien not really they did defeat them in the winter cause they are trained in it but the nazi were gonna win if winter didn’t come
Jenish Gol
Jenish Gol 3 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-7OJBpqTZmhI.html subscribe to my channel for more football videos
Pak Knight
Pak Knight 10 hours ago
Romelu lukaku its two
Aky Atong
Aky Atong 2 days ago
The whole video I had goosebumps. ❤️ Nice video
Kanad 2 days ago
Best Commentator, Best Theme song, Best World Cup❤️
Aayush Shourya
Aayush Shourya 2 days ago
Quatar 2022 will the last world cup of the G.O.A.T 😭😭😭 hope he lifts the trophy 🏆❤️❤️⚽⚽
WTH• GAMING 2 days ago
ilove you fotball me : what is from indonesia (:
Guester2006 PlayzRoblox
I predict Germany will win world cup
jorge bombillar
jorge bombillar 5 days ago
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Teguh Febrianto
Teguh Febrianto 6 days ago
I crying watching this video. I cant wait for the next Fifa World Cup !!
Getasew Adane
Getasew Adane 7 days ago
Ohh how can I say how much I love you peter you are the king of football commentatery
LEVI I 7 days ago
How many of u have got goosebump
John Cannon
John Cannon 7 days ago
ZombaHenry garrotKomp
MD YEAKIN 8 days ago
"the boys a star" this got me
Shehzad Mukri
Shehzad Mukri 9 days ago
one of the best football videos ever..
Logan Milner
Logan Milner 9 days ago
this world cup was so dead compared to 2014 and 2010
Juana Trujillo
Juana Trujillo 9 days ago
Supun Anuradha
Supun Anuradha 10 days ago
"Englang priceless gem him and him again " woow commentrator derseve award
Ququhsue Shwbshshs
Ququhsue Shwbshshs 10 days ago
I need boy friend
BXkso NXn
BXkso NXn 10 days ago
Yang pilih allah like.
BXkso NXn
BXkso NXn 11 days ago
Gdygsgsysg Bxhsysgsyst
I need boy friend
Harsh Kaushik
Harsh Kaushik 13 days ago
1:21 when he missed penalty I came to know how much pressure his is upto
Some RaNdOM dude
Some RaNdOM dude 13 days ago
Messi come on we got last chance 2022
Mr 10zin
Mr 10zin 13 days ago
*watching 2018 wc but my heart is still in 2010*
Usbekndb Kwbdjowbe
Usbekndb Kwbdjowbe 13 days ago
Yang pilih allah like.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 14 days ago
Russia doing well in the World Cup Me: StErOiDs 😂😂😂😅😅
Minh Quan
Minh Quan 14 days ago
weird seeing D.Costa hugging Ramos =)))
manoj kumar Mishra
manoj kumar Mishra 15 days ago
Only coming for goat#cr7
Rinzin Wangchuk
Rinzin Wangchuk 15 days ago
Felt bad for Tunisia ngl but that's football,they were good
Parthip K
Parthip K 15 days ago
Where is brazil
zaheen Butt
zaheen Butt 16 days ago
That awkward moment when you're reading this comment, and can't stop reading because you are so intrigued by it, that you keep reading, and then you realize it says nothing important. You should give me a like for wasting your time
Reinhard Moyo
Reinhard Moyo 16 days ago
Drury is the Messi of commentators. PeriodT
Elvansyah D. N.
Elvansyah D. N. 16 days ago
Most underrated commentator of all time
First Last
First Last 16 days ago
2:23 Goosebumps. 🤩🤩🤩
Infernal Gamer
Infernal Gamer 17 days ago
Anyone who says UCL is better than the world cup doesn't know what they're talking about. Honestly, the emotions are something else.
Infernal Gamer
Infernal Gamer 17 days ago
Out of all the French starting players, only Pavard was from originally France.
8r04lif3 17 days ago
back when pickford wasn't a T-rex
benedictus nambahu
benedictus nambahu 18 days ago
This guy will make you feel something else about football
Emilio Flamenco
Emilio Flamenco 18 days ago
Griezman do be doing take the L
Gathan gacha
Gathan gacha 19 days ago
I’am Peter drury and alongside me Jim beglin.....hello peter 😀
Selvin Martin
Selvin Martin 19 days ago
world cup 2018 without spain v Portugal? unheardof
Hoangnguyen do
Hoangnguyen do 19 days ago
Đây là 2020
Jeremiah Peter-Nelson
"that is delirious" poet of football
Mridul Mondal
Mridul Mondal 20 days ago
And the dream lives on
Tony C
Tony C 20 days ago
What a commententor 😍🔥
Abhishek Kathait
Abhishek Kathait 21 day ago
pes axmed
pes axmed 21 day ago
That's qualth something denis cherychev
Anoniem Anoniem
Anoniem Anoniem 22 days ago
First African team to win a world cup!
Lajos Cseri
Lajos Cseri 22 days ago
Good old days...
pritish kartikeya
pritish kartikeya 23 days ago
Peter drury says 'since pele himself' Goosebumps
Nana Kwimanika
Nana Kwimanika 23 days ago
No invite to subscribe. No interruptions. Just pure excellence. Mighty proud of your work uploader. You took your time on this and even non-football fans will agree it's a masterpiece.
Liiban Manlii
Liiban Manlii 23 days ago
Hat off to the creator of this! Good job!
Sachidanand Prajapati
I just want India to play in this competition. Imagine the scenes 😭
ajay krishna
ajay krishna 9 days ago
Every indian dream🥺🥺😭
FD VII 25 days ago
FIFA world cup 2018 was awesome and Peter Drury’s commentary took it to the next level.
Gurranplayzz 25 days ago
i think its the good quality of video that is destroying the nostalgia. i mean just watch 2010 and then come back and say its not better...
empty lite
empty lite 25 days ago
newplayzRB 26 days ago
8:53 that cross from vrsaljko is just one of the best wow
Jo Gamer
Jo Gamer 26 days ago
One of the best commentator ever.
Timothy 26 days ago
The chills caused by the song and the goat of commentators 👌🏽
eleven twelve
eleven twelve 27 days ago
8:27 O my Lord 😭
Tickle Mypickel
Tickle Mypickel 27 days ago
Every match in a World Cup is special. No matter if it’s a big team or small team. Everyone on the pitch plays their heart out and sweats every drop for their nation. The beautiful game.
CoolCorie9 28 days ago
Cr7 Messi but no Neymar WHY
Bicho A. K
Bicho A. K 28 days ago
Just cant wont stop watching this video
London West
London West 29 days ago
This is why peter is by miles my fav commentator
upeslur 29 days ago
What a goal from Didier Drogba
Tyga mcprince
Tyga mcprince 29 days ago
Peter drury the best commentator ever💯🔥
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera 29 days ago
Who's watching this in 2020.
boss Malik_23
boss Malik_23 Month ago
Abdullahi Funny
Abdullahi Funny Month ago
Best highlights brother keep going
Dj Digriyow
Dj Digriyow Month ago
Legendery year 🔥🔥wat a year it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯😪
Ashley Beard
Ashley Beard Month ago
This is probably the 50th time I'm watching this, maybe more 😅 I'm still so annoyed about that semi final, I was going to watch the game, and I was thinking the first 10 minutes of the game was going to be boring. Then I heard that Kieran Trippier had scored a free kick... I regret missing that moment...
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Month ago
I want India to send a good team in world cup 2022😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Saksham Rai
Saksham Rai Month ago
“He is a sensation” Goosebumps 😍
Jibrael Nadela
Jibrael Nadela Month ago
I think Peter Drury has a crush on Kane XD
Dj Digriyow
Dj Digriyow Month ago
And thats wat is there for 😂🔥🙏✊✊Which player is that ??
Tolulope Adegoke
I've watched this video a million times 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm crying tears of joy FYI
AakashWizzy Month ago
Big respect for cheryshev man he was a youngster better than mbappe, haaland and others but now he's just a normal player
victoria helburn
Riccardo Carrone
Sandro piccinini in this mondial was better
Gopal Poudel
Gopal Poudel Month ago
Goosebumps. Cant wait for 2022 world cup.
Suraj Bhatta
Suraj Bhatta Month ago
Where is hat trick of cris?
El chamo futbolero
0:34, ey miren nuestra bandera :v Algún día clasificaremos a nuestro primer mundial u.u #NotRacism
Kibriya Manzoor
Kibriya Manzoor Month ago
Lionel messi!!!Lionel messi is denied from the spot....!
ASH Ketchum
ASH Ketchum Month ago
Wavin flag best ever world cup song!! No other theme song cant beat it
Dr. Death
Dr. Death Month ago
Free Goosebumps ..🥳🥳🥳
Sujan Oli
Sujan Oli Month ago
Messi is denied 🤣 that commentary hits all his fans so hard
Ayelene Biju
Ayelene Biju Month ago
" Here's Mbappe....Oh my word... The first teenage world cup goal since Pele himself" with slow music and Peter Dury gave me goosebumps...❤️❤️❤️ 11:00
Chetan Anand
Chetan Anand Month ago
Tyler is getting old 😭😭
M-A _
M-A _ Month ago
Peter Drury could make geography seem interesting with his passion
Moha Cali
Moha Cali Month ago
I love playing pess of mobile because of him😁🖐
ViraL 24/7
ViraL 24/7 Month ago
Wavin' Flag is most underrated song ever. Thanks for adding this here.
my favourite commentator in football
MOO BABA Month ago
Goosebumps all over me!!!!!
abhishek ranabhat
Who is here after pes 20💜💜
Fahim Mahmood Khan
The way Russia's Coach celebrates against Spain is like he was just born to win. So calm and cool!!!!
tengku tengku
tengku tengku Month ago
Peter Drury's voice can give you goosebumps
x Julianos x
x Julianos x Month ago
I love how Peter screams even if his country loses
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