World’s largest waterslide (Gone Wrong)

Kaz Sawyer
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May 11, 2021




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Danika jones
Danika jones 3 hours ago
Me Wobbling in the air ends up bellyfloping in the water. I never thought I would say wobbling in the air before 👁👄👁
I wanna fly wee
Vivid Day ago
I would go with my gf
jojordan Day ago
Okay but where did it go wrong
Sherlene Duarte
Sherlene Duarte 3 days ago
Yessir Mexico is so fun.Where all my Mexicans at🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Triable Paige シ
Triable Tristan
Alexander Ramos
Alexander Ramos 3 days ago
With myself
Paulina Reyez
Paulina Reyez 3 days ago
With my hole friend group
Fatin Alieya
Fatin Alieya 3 days ago
R.C playz 1234
R.C playz 1234 3 days ago
I have tried this bro it was super fun when I jump I was like spider man 2nd try I tried skydiving style
Bored R e e e e
Bored R e e e e 3 days ago
Where did this go wrong?
TurningSony 2.0
TurningSony 2.0 3 days ago
I cant swim so im not gonna go and that looks deep
Simonghost Riley
Simonghost Riley 3 days ago
Me thinking y nobody did a leap of faith
Natacha Mota
Natacha Mota 4 days ago
How deep is it?
Natacha Mota
Natacha Mota 4 days ago
How deep is it?
Kendall_playz 4 days ago
My bff Brielle
Trevor Hull
Trevor Hull 4 days ago
Why does he put gone wrong In every video Other than for clickbait
Agent Z
Agent Z 4 days ago
I would go there with my best friend. We would just do random stupid shit
Lesley Ann
Lesley Ann 4 days ago
People say that's illogall because people die😱
Kaylene nila
Kaylene nila 4 days ago
I’d go with either My cousin, uncle, and brothers Or My 2 best friends
Estrella Perez
Estrella Perez 5 days ago
I love el vergel its clise to my hoise
Alfredo Guzmán
Alfredo Guzmán 5 days ago
I would go there with my family bc they are Mexican and my friends 😂😜
CommenterBruh 5 days ago
Tell me what comes next
CommenterBruh 5 days ago
My crush that likes me and I like her
Bro I be walkin' in there with my Todoroki plush and cutout 😔✋
jasmine landeros
jasmine landeros 6 days ago
Plz tell what that place is called so I can go plzzzzz
dangerous cat
dangerous cat 7 days ago
Can't go here I can't swim
Alicia Mercado
Alicia Mercado 7 days ago
The fat guy meme
John Kirton
John Kirton 7 days ago
Title (gone wrong) literally nothing went wrong
David Smith
David Smith 7 days ago
Me and my idiot bestie
Hariharan B
Hariharan B 8 days ago
Mad respect for the jiggly dude who flew first.
George Casson
George Casson 8 days ago
I'd go with ambulance and medical trained person
Jacob Carrasco
Jacob Carrasco 8 days ago
Enjoy active Diarrhoea
What song?
I would go with my dad
rainbow hi
rainbow hi 9 days ago
I'm actually from Mexico and I got to go to Mexico tomorrow morning
Solar Cat
Solar Cat 10 days ago
I feel like with the perfect setup you could launch yourself farther then your supposed to
Ken Harty
Ken Harty 10 days ago
Oliver the shiny psychic lycanroc
My parents
maddie life
maddie life 10 days ago
"Who would you go here with?" Me: My bestie duh
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera 11 days ago
Fuck it I’ll ask!! So where is this??
18010007 Frecarlo Fredico Setiawan
what has gone wrong?
K-fam gaming
K-fam gaming 11 days ago
Dr. Korona
Dr. Korona 11 days ago
Where's the parachute?!???
Savannah Romero
Savannah Romero 11 days ago
my brothers friends parents own the place
Izaiah James
Izaiah James 11 days ago
be my fidget
be my fidget 11 days ago
My mom because when she was little she went to Mexico every year so that why my mom
madisyn white-bellard
And here I was thinking back flopping into a regular pool hurt I can't imagine the pain this causes
Roberts Paukste
Roberts Paukste 11 days ago
Nobody cuz I can’t swim 😂🥲
Pinky Chan
Pinky Chan 12 days ago
my family?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 12 days ago
My crush 🥺 but no parents hehehe
Riley Schwyhart
Riley Schwyhart 12 days ago
I would go here with my boyfriend
Lito Carlito
Lito Carlito 12 days ago
Gone wrong....?
Sariah Loyer McElmon
My best friend alyssa
Ebrahim Lashkari
Ebrahim Lashkari 12 days ago
Ashiloberoblox1 12 days ago
I'm jelly lol-
bread sticks
bread sticks 13 days ago
Belly flop
cocabeer 13 days ago
It looks amazingly quiet too. Is this always the case?
hira 013 cifci
hira 013 cifci 13 days ago
ill go here with my family bc family all was comes first
akshaykumar T V
akshaykumar T V 13 days ago
with S.K.W.A.D 👽
Zully Oliver
Zully Oliver 14 days ago
Me not being able to swim: I AM NOT GOING AHHHHH
YTCharm3330ll 14 days ago
I would go with my bffbfbfbfbvffbbfbffb cup XP rip she’s dead jk
callsign sealt
callsign sealt 14 days ago
Sick, that looks fun af
lilbabygraceluvsya 14 days ago
Nobody's talking about how the title says "(GONE WRONG)" but it was just talking about how great the place was-
Randomkid 14 days ago
My mom my sister my friends I pay for it to
Milan Kumar
Milan Kumar 14 days ago
Most liked and most visited videos but unfortunate not in india
Dark Space
Dark Space 14 days ago
I'd never go there
Junior Malesela
Junior Malesela 14 days ago
My mother and father and sister and my friends
Alex123 15 days ago
0:26 lol🤣🤣🤣
Lucas H
Lucas H 15 days ago
And you made a parachute.
Jermyrei Willis
Jermyrei Willis 16 days ago
My fam
T C 16 days ago
What movie is that? It's a F ing water park......smfh
Dank Dank
Dank Dank 17 days ago
do you need a passport to go there or can just go in and hang out then go back?
Chipp MC
Chipp MC 17 days ago
RIP for the 2nd guy that went
Anon for life
Anon for life 17 days ago
He got a belly flop
Heather Florence Abordo
ME and my family and cosins
BackToBallad 18 days ago
Gone wrong
The Man of Sticks
The Man of Sticks 18 days ago
Arleen Rosalito
Arleen Rosalito 18 days ago
TFIL will coming back here soon and rent it for overnight
Kevin Butler
Kevin Butler 18 days ago
What was wrong about it. Looks like fun
Kates cookie and adventures ; P
I would DEFINITELY bring my 2 best friends Lizzy and well best friend/ crush😊 his name is Julian
ClaraBear 18 days ago
K but how is this “gone wrong”
Edna Jean Amos
Edna Jean Amos 18 days ago
It looks like a lot of fun
kaitlin carr
kaitlin carr 19 days ago
I would go there with you
Murph2020 19 days ago
What do you mean GONE WRONG!!!!
Lilly Gee
Lilly Gee 19 days ago
I would go here...maybe with my grave??
Princess_denise 19 days ago
Lainah & jr
Lainah & jr 19 days ago
The fact that they all were face flat except all of them didn’t on the last try when they all went together
The Gaming Cousins
The Gaming Cousins 20 days ago
My 3 friends 1 to make sure I don't for some reason miss the water and so I don't die, 1 because they aren't scared of literally anything. 1 because they're just my best friend.
TexasJohnny 21 day ago
The one in Texas is just as fun.
No name BG .
No name BG . 21 day ago
Numb 3. Lollll
Cordela Cordelia
Cordela Cordelia 22 days ago
Lil kitten Girl
Lil kitten Girl 22 days ago
My fam
Davi Sant' Ana Gibaile Soares
I would go wif my best friend bro
Andrea Zeigler
Andrea Zeigler 22 days ago
Me myself and i🤭
Hafidz Adil
Hafidz Adil 22 days ago
Human cannon
Courtlyn Roberts
Courtlyn Roberts 23 days ago
I would go with my 7 best friends and my boyfriend and his friends.
Xenomop 23 days ago
My mom
Sebongile Ndleleni
Sebongile Ndleleni 23 days ago
Locket -
Locket - 23 days ago
I hate heights but holy shit this looks fun
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