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This Tungsten Cube is pretty much the heaviest 4” cube you can get here on earth. It’s one of the densest elements which makes it insanely weighty for its size. You literally can’t make sense of it when you see it then try to pick it up haha. We’ve been wanting to KO stuff with it at our drop tower for ages so it was epic to finally get it done!
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia: gravitycentre.com.au/leaning-tower/
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Nov 20, 2020




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Comments 100
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous 2 months ago
200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯
Andrzej Goliat
Andrzej Goliat 6 days ago
Carl Davies
Carl Davies 7 days ago
Cameron Meloy
Cameron Meloy 10 days ago
Doyle Crosby
Doyle Crosby 23 days ago
ZitWitty000 23 days ago
The gravity research center should calculate earths spin into the equation of lengrh for the drop if you watch another video you could see the car slightly slide to the side in free fall when it was supposed to be exactly lined up with the gaint axe
R3Dash— Cloud91
R3Dash— Cloud91 4 hours ago
They need to drop a tungsten Thor hammer
UnitedPakistan Channel
Well that wasn't concrete upto the mark called concrete.
Leoranga5 12 hours ago
Preston Jones
Preston Jones 15 hours ago
I love the Tiger Woods cameo
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith 17 hours ago
I feel like these dude are just fucking around while on either Xanax or aderall or coke or Booz or any of the above. But they seem like they are on Xanax and just fucking shit up for fun.
Tabatha Dehaan
Tabatha Dehaan 20 hours ago
WhyIt 21 hour ago
357 USD
David Martin
David Martin 23 hours ago
The video thats make me love tungstene
Ela, ay dint knaow yoo boyss weh GRIK! Ela malakas!
ecurb yhprum
ecurb yhprum Day ago
Put the plates in buckets see if they explode up
ecurb yhprum
ecurb yhprum Day ago
You need to put a huge piece of art canvas underneath it then frame it and sell it
RDK SP33DY Day ago
2500 USD for that cube
Edmund Lewandowski
10:52 when you see your first trick shot video
Robert Hays
Robert Hays Day ago
Am I missing something? These guys drop stuff and get paid massive amounts of money??
Trae Barnett
Trae Barnett Day ago
Servavisti Day ago
The cube costed about $499, or at least midwest metals sells a 4-inch by 4-inch cube of tungsten for that much
NO-Covid19 Day ago
05:20 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ben Cowley
Ben Cowley 2 days ago
3,216.03 aussie dollars for the cube
Seth Bell
Seth Bell 2 days ago
This cube VS OOBLECK please
Umr Samuels
Umr Samuels 2 days ago
Since everybody just wants to f*cking comment it and not give the timestamp, it's 6:12 Worst online pet-peeve
Caveman No.12
Caveman No.12 24 minutes ago
It's not a big deal
smallies 4life
smallies 4life 3 days ago
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 3 days ago
A super hero whose power is a cube....throws it around and kills bad guys.
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 3 days ago
How about an ax edge up made of the same material si if it cuts the cube in half.
Daniel Kuehn
Daniel Kuehn 3 days ago
Rods of god
The Unofficial Hindu
5:13 I love the way the slabs explode and how it animates the dino, looks like a scene from Godzilla
American angler
American angler 3 days ago
StrandFisch 3 days ago
I think it was 169.00! Hope its true
[STaK] Joseph
[STaK] Joseph 4 days ago
Now drop it onto the 45m tower from a 90m tower...
Nothing\ 4 days ago
Tungsten has the symbol W on the periodic table because it's referred to as Wolfram in Germany, where it was a common contaminant in tin mining that caused problems. Also, some other explanations of Periodic Table headscratchers, for those interested: Sodium has the symbol Na, which is derived from the Latin word for natron, natrium. Natron is a chemical called sodium carbonate. Which I'm guessing is what it was originally isolated from. Potassium has the symbol K, which stands for Kalium (kay-lee-um). Which is the Latin word for potash. Which is a mixture of various salts containing potassium. Tin has the symbol Sn, which stands for stannum. Which is just the Latin word for tin. They even use the name stannum in the English names of compounds containing tin. Like stannous chloride. I think those are the main elements in the Periodic table with unsual symbols that don't make sense initially. But if I've missed any. Or there are any other chemical names that confuse you, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability.
Montgomery Hawkins
It’s $2,000
Ty Katsarelis
Ty Katsarelis 4 days ago
I bet y’all have had some wacky dreams about that tower
John Bremner
John Bremner 4 days ago
It’s not the heaviest. Gold, Plutonium and Neptunium are all heavier than tungsten. But they’d all be a lot more expensive!
Paper AirMachine
Paper AirMachine 4 days ago
This is a bush land adventure
gixxerman 11
gixxerman 11 4 days ago
3,254.33 AUD is without shipping
Juste un gars avec un nom français
"That's one of the densest things in the world" second only to my magnum shits
cdcollura 5 days ago
That cube is like $2,500 on Amazon :)
Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging
The girl ahahahaha :D
Devant Pavlos
Devant Pavlos 5 days ago
You can easily and vastly improve the accuracy, by using a sabot.
RUSHIL JOHAR 5 days ago
No girls!! 😧
Ronan O'Shea
Ronan O'Shea 5 days ago
Oddly satisfying 👍
John Beeck
John Beeck 6 days ago
And this is why the military uses tungsten projectiles... punching power...
Possum Central
Possum Central 6 days ago
Cube cost $2499
Carl Davies
Carl Davies 7 days ago
klashnacovak47 7 days ago
Cube v Cube. Cube cost £300 off dodgy Dave.
Braden Gover
Braden Gover 7 days ago
The cube weighs about 41.6 pounds
Grant Trandum
Grant Trandum 7 days ago
mcog 2006
mcog 2006 7 days ago
That cube is from Chuck Norris' collection.
Hikaru Kwando
Hikaru Kwando 8 days ago
The cube cost 3499 dollar
MyLifeInVideos 8 days ago
if you don't care for all the mumbo jumbo these cringe guys Are talking and just want to see when they start dropping shit skip to 3:25
Choco_Krispies 8 days ago
5:10 music?
TiHeich 8 days ago
Considering the price of tungsten, the volume of the cube and the manufacturing price, I'd say about $2,5k
Parker Lane
Parker Lane 9 days ago
11:37 look at the bug
Hikaru Kwando
Hikaru Kwando 9 days ago
$865 is the cost of the cube
Ben Cleaver
Ben Cleaver 9 days ago
$1895.00 Additionally, any possibility of tracking and displaying the speed of the objects you drop?
Flex 4218
Flex 4218 10 days ago
$2,500 us
Vincent 10 days ago
Okay Stanford and his daughter are adorable. Shes so bright for her age! You can tell he makes learning fun for her.
ragnaroverby 10 days ago
$2499 american dollars
Hikaru Kwando
Hikaru Kwando 10 days ago
Word of “well that’s not in one piece anymore” are at the bowling ball vs trampoline video when the bowling ball is broken
Cameron Meloy
Cameron Meloy 10 days ago
980 dollaridoos
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 10 days ago
Hits the powder auhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh
LH PLAYS 10 days ago
W for wolfram
Hikaru Kwando
Hikaru Kwando 11 days ago
The cube cost $2000!
Asto H Rahadian
Asto H Rahadian 11 days ago
sultan amerika kalo gabut
Mike Wazowsky
Mike Wazowsky 12 days ago
Stop talking and get dropping.
Wyatt Welland
Wyatt Welland 12 days ago
The cube cost 500$
Zach McClain
Zach McClain 12 days ago
BlueSquirrel 12 days ago
I watch this content for the destruction, not for their personality, because it's so bland it makes a blank sheet of paper intriguing.
James Rich
James Rich 12 days ago
Drop 100 plates from the tower. not at the same time. See if you can hit a target. drop 1 - then drop 2 - then drop 3, see how they act.
Tristan Toole
Tristan Toole 13 days ago
Tungsten rods from orbit? A non-nuclear option to destroy entire cities? O.D.I.N.? ...yup.
simonrmerton 13 days ago
It’s not the heaviest possible 4” cube because it’s not made of osmium, but that would be prohibitively expensive.
Elijah Todt
Elijah Todt 13 days ago
Arc Random
Arc Random 13 days ago
I feel bad for the red dye bucket
Daoud Georgis
Daoud Georgis 14 days ago
$2500.00 for the cube
Magic Emperor
Magic Emperor 14 days ago
14:23 please close your eyes.
B Y L L I 14 days ago
5:00 name song?
Not FederalBureauofInvestigation
Let's be honest im here for their voices XD
sylhet bari
sylhet bari 15 days ago
Next time put ur hand there let's see what happen
Stijn M.
Stijn M. 15 days ago
u could literally jump on those slabs and break all lol
Joey Wood
Joey Wood 15 days ago
A tungsten cube of that size would cost 5000$
Backcapt studios
Backcapt studios 15 days ago
Come on morty we gotta get me CCUUUUUBBBBBBBEEEEE
Tom Gimon
Tom Gimon 15 days ago
I once bought a 30 lb block of tungsten. The seller shipped it in a USPS flat rate box. Flat rate means you pay a fixed price no matter what the package weighs. “If it fits, it ships.” That had to be the best shipping deal ever. So when it arrived, the box looked heavily worn and crumpled, especially around the edges and corners. The first time I picked up the box I gave it a little shake and the block of tungsten tore through the bottom of the box and hit the floor. Just barely missed my feet.
st1300 15 days ago
When the earth gets in the way...
jdubbfam37 15 days ago
Ide realy like to see the outcome if it was let fall in a flat side Manor? No edge or points to account for just brutal punch
Svein Einar Hagen
Svein Einar Hagen 15 days ago
would love to see that on a car from 45 m
Caleb Darnell
Caleb Darnell 15 days ago
Imagine destroying a city dropping like hundreds of these
James Perkins
James Perkins 15 days ago
@Caleb Darnell Holy crap is right. The conservative estimates were that the projectiles could be traveling in excess of 10x the speed of sound when they made landfall. That’s going to ruin someone’s day.
Caleb Darnell
Caleb Darnell 15 days ago
@James Perkins HOLY CRAP
James Perkins
James Perkins 15 days ago
You’re basically describing the Rod from God/Fist of Stalin project. Imagine a telephone pole sized piece of tungsten, dropped from low-Earth-orbit. The cataclysm would be somewhere on the order of a nuclear warhead’s.
YoungTFT 16 days ago
labibbidabibbadum 16 days ago
Drop it on the republican party.
Emils G
Emils G 16 days ago
I love how they still haven't pinned someone for the comtest
Soren Larsen
Soren Larsen 16 days ago
Next do a depleted uranium tank sabot round
Alex Nielsen
Alex Nielsen 16 days ago
I guess the cube cost about $300
Isaac - Lizard king
That would be a 4”x4”x4” cube
Isaac - Lizard king
But also your accents make the video
Isaac - Lizard king
Also “w” means tungsten
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 16 days ago
It looks like a palm tree
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 16 days ago
It costed 1,421!
Ryan Welter
Ryan Welter 17 days ago
The cube costs $5,600
Carrie Ferguson
Carrie Ferguson 17 days ago
EricH_1983 17 days ago
Now make it into a fin stabilised pointy rod and fire it out of a rifled barrel at 1,600 feet per second like the challenger II does..
Wjeulf ?
Wjeulf ? 17 days ago
The cube costs 2000 dollars?
Tyler Wickwire
Tyler Wickwire 17 days ago
$2,499.00 but order soon there's only 10 left in stock on Amazon
Phant0mHiv3d 17 days ago
Tungsten cube vs. Tramp
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