Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase: ruvid.net/group/PL0PtUxA4JeEJUsdeMKOjnhfSEj8BNlu8-
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Tiffany Reese

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Oct 23, 2016




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Comments 80
Emma D
Emma D 9 hours ago
Jen: Wears overalls Me: Screams in lesbian
Gacha toph
Gacha toph 16 hours ago
We love Saf and tyler tho. Glad she works for herself now😉 WE LOVE YA SAF
Marlin - [Brawl Stars]
I know this is an old vid, but let me tell you. I feel Freddie on a spiritual level, I cannot deal with low waisted pants. High waisted squad!
Piper Mclean
Piper Mclean 3 days ago
My fashion fear is wearing a dress in public
Jennifer Abele
Jennifer Abele 3 days ago
I’m afraid of bodycons too because it’s hard while being curvy.
Star_ Scoot
Star_ Scoot 4 days ago
I can relate to most of these..
Random Human
Random Human 4 days ago
Lol is it j me that thinks saf looks and sounds like Gabbie Hanna
Vicky step chicken
the low rise jeans hit hard
Add Y
Add Y 6 days ago
When the girl said how could you were pants the people behind her just like looks scary
Jesse Eastwood
Jesse Eastwood 6 days ago
My fashion feat is letting my massive dong be exposed
Halfpack vlogs
Halfpack vlogs 6 days ago
I just got this in my recommended because saf is in it 0-0
Julianne Robinson
Kristin! Looking hella cute in those pants!
John Farina
John Farina 6 days ago
Is it just me or did those nuns just disappear in the background at 4:35 ?
Lisa Bowie
Lisa Bowie 6 days ago
7:08 Is that a fetus Devin??
cookietuber 7 days ago
honestly. the things Chantel wore i see all the time in London and she looks great btw in everything that she wore that week!
Lucia Welch
Lucia Welch 7 days ago
*is it weird i find food babies a lil cute?* well, maybe not food babies, but like a lil bit of stomach. idk
Emma List
Emma List 7 days ago
i love how kristens fear is oants and my fear is dresses
William Reilly
William Reilly 7 days ago
jessica Wozniak
jessica Wozniak 7 days ago
Who else thinks it’s wierd seeing saf even thought she is successful on her own
Cathy Silverberg
Cathy Silverberg 8 days ago
I hate to shop for clothing and although I have a nice shape it took me years before I would wear tight jeans. This video was hilarious and I could relate to so many of the comments you all were making. Thank you for making it. I will add a link to one of my posts back to you.
Inzhu Bis
Inzhu Bis 8 days ago
My fashion fears : -leggings -dresses -skirts -skinny jeans -shorts
Maisie Homewood
Maisie Homewood 9 days ago
I think that Kristen looked quite good in the first pants
Lea Shimanek
Lea Shimanek 9 days ago
I want that green dress SO BAD!!!
LeiLani Avritt
LeiLani Avritt 9 days ago
My fashion fear is wearing color I only wear black
Liliana 9 days ago
I watched the video from Ladylike where they bought formal wear from amazon, Jen bought a one piece jumpsuit ‘-‘. Not trying to be mean if that’s what your getting from this whoever is reading this, I’m just a little confused
Emilia Tinglöf
Emilia Tinglöf 10 days ago
What if someones fashion fear is high Rise jeans, they would have a nice week
Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith 10 days ago
Saf: "you havent been staring at my booty? Ty: "well I always do that"
Trinity Crosby
Trinity Crosby 10 days ago
I think it the first time I've seen mick in a t shirt
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates 11 days ago
Its so weird how much power we give to clothes? As women we should be getting stronger.
R Ner
R Ner 11 days ago
"you haven't been staring at my butt??" "well i always do that" lmao
Taltzi 12 days ago
lets be honest, no one clicked for buzzfeed. we clicked for saf and we also have no idea why this was in my recommended
Mia McGregor
Mia McGregor 10 days ago
Lyndsey Williams
Lyndsey Williams 12 days ago
10-15 seconds??? Jen??? Are you okay???
Belladonna Fugatte
Belladonna Fugatte 12 days ago
Chantel: "I have names for my cleavage" *laughs* Chantel: "they're called the Marshas" People named Marsha watching this: O.o
Stitch Stark
Stitch Stark 13 days ago
HeY BoOdY!!!
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 13 days ago
Honestly, all of them look so good! Respect to them for trying to face their body insecurities or trying to experiment.
Delaney Palmer
Delaney Palmer 13 days ago
Who else just loves Tyler? He’s just so perfect for Saf so happy that they’re married.
Meghan 14 days ago
6:05 Damnn
Sarrinah Safaa
Sarrinah Safaa 14 days ago
Jen is so adorable
Lauren Thorley
Lauren Thorley 14 days ago
Back when Saf didn’t have a channel and the *super* long jeans and jean shirts and plastic knee jeans and jean shirt never existed😂😂😂
weird_haired_ kid
weird_haired_ kid 16 days ago
I- I have returned to my BuzzFeed addiction of seventh grade
Anromedae 16 days ago
I love how jen , she is that one best friend you want at a boring party. Because she always does something to make someone laugh
Sophia Judd
Sophia Judd 17 days ago
Does anyone else see the nuns 4:36
Sophia Judd
Sophia Judd 17 days ago
thatgirlaj 17 days ago
Why is Kristen scared of wearing pants? She looked BOMB
Natalie Lily
Natalie Lily 17 days ago
I think they all looked beautiful even in the clothes that they don't like xx
Elina Jørgensen
Elina Jørgensen 18 days ago
Kristin looks so good in pants
Myro 18 days ago
I think it is unfortunate that that one girl's dislike of showing cleavage was called a "fashion insecurity"... i'm pretty sure it's just modest to not show your junk to people??? And she clearly wasn't overcoming a fear, she just had to do something she didn't want to do for a week.
E vensburg
E vensburg 18 days ago
Nicole Claudio
Nicole Claudio 19 days ago
y'all r all beautiful and funny lol love the vid , keep them coming lol
Sama Dadash
Sama Dadash 19 days ago
It felt so weird seeing Jen in something similar to a dress.
Alessia.Phillips 2026
I really like saf. she has nice energy and a great sense of style.
chelsea dittmer
chelsea dittmer 20 days ago
I LOVE Kristen’s last outfit! She looks so good!
Molly Dee
Molly Dee 20 days ago
Anette Grønhøj
Anette Grønhøj 21 day ago
I WANT Jen's first outfit!!! 😍😍😍😍
Hannah J
Hannah J 21 day ago
fashion is such a WEIRD thing
Jazz Xx
Jazz Xx 22 days ago
Kristen looks so good in all of these outfitsss
Gon’sDad 22 days ago
You can disagree but Buzzfeed isn’t the same without Ladylike😔
Keira Roberts
Keira Roberts 22 days ago
Kristin, Saf and Jen looked great! So did Chantel but if she was still that uncomfortable after trying it out, it’s not worth it. And I 100% agree with Freddie, low rise jeans are just the worst and so are belly buttons. 😂
Cassandra Buscaglia
c r a z y• v i o l e t
My fashion fears: •Low waist jeans •long tight dresses •belts I hate those things ;-;
Sydney Butscher
Sydney Butscher 23 days ago
I’ve never ever seen Jen in a dress 5:05
Mollie Svenson
Mollie Svenson 23 days ago
I wanna see Freddie get her belly button pierced....
Carly Fraser
Carly Fraser 25 days ago
Tyler was just copying saf
Scarlet Augustine
Scarlet Augustine 26 days ago
Ty: umm it has a little red on it Saf: it’s tight
ItsYourGirlWes 26 days ago
why is nobody talking about the cute Devin and saf moment?
Lily Price
Lily Price 26 days ago
I love of saf asks Tyler if he notices anything different and he says the dress has a bit of red.
Bowwow1238 26 days ago
Did anyone notice the nuns around 4:33 behind Kristen? It found it hilarious to be talking about not wanting to wear pants for comfort with them strolling by in the background
Rebecca Cai
Rebecca Cai 26 days ago
I honestly think they all rocked their fashion fears, no idea why they hate them. They are each so beautiful and perfect in their own ways, and I don't think people should be judged by their appearance.
Bella Mary
Bella Mary 26 days ago
So weird seeing saf here
Alanah Washington
Alanah Washington 27 days ago
No one freddie:hey booty
Lena Franklin
Lena Franklin 27 days ago
Safyia is ultra annoying
idk 10 days ago
So are you :)
Ayushi Raj
Ayushi Raj 28 days ago
I am not comfortable wearing sth showing my midriff...but I am already working on it... I am doing it for myself bcz I always liked crop top
Rafeef Almutairi
Rafeef Almutairi 28 days ago
I am sorry but saf’ first dress looks like from the sims 😂😂😂
Taylah Trengrove
Taylah Trengrove 29 days ago
I'm watching this in 2020 and totally forgot that saf was a part of lady like 😂
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan 29 days ago
Kristen looks so good in everything
Chourtnii Cummings
Chourtnii Cummings 29 days ago
If you notice the two disappearing nuns at 4:32 to 4:35, give this a thumbs up
ᴛʀɪɴɪᴛʏ ɢᴀʀʀᴇᴛ
Freddie’s or freddys idk how to spell her name but, her fashion fear is my fashion fear too, I don’t look bad in low rise jeans but I’m scared my buttcrack will pop out of them lol.
Vanessa Funes
Vanessa Funes Month ago
I'm all here for Jen's outfits! Anyone know where I can get them?
Joy Martin
Joy Martin Month ago
shrtlink.ca/onlylol1iernik3234 ආ! උණුසුම් උණුසුම්!
Gioia DellaVecchia
im scared
Elle Stirling
Elle Stirling Month ago
Bold bright colors are so not me.
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