Woman killed in China escalator accident

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CCTV from shopping mall in Jingzhou, Hubei province shows how escalator death could have been prevented.

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Jul 29, 2015




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Comments 112
Glen Peel
Glen Peel Month ago
Sander en Mariska Pronk
deletedauto 2 months ago
I was told in China the people don’t have much emotion
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh 2 months ago
What was the fault of that women that died😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And that poor child😭😭 And father of that child is now alone😭😭
Miss Dolo
Miss Dolo 4 months ago
I never saw the full story in till now. They should have turned the escalator off and put caution tape up
David Perry
David Perry 4 months ago
This is very sad 😢. I hope an incident like this does not happen in the USA.
•GãchaWølfie 707•
Thank god its not happining in my country
Yolo Fun
Yolo Fun 6 months ago
Those 2 workers are dumb asf. They should have stopped the woman from crossing knowing that there’s a problem. Tbh I would fire those guys for not doing their job properly
Cheems Boiger ye
Cheems Boiger ye 6 months ago
saba1978 7 months ago
no emergency button wtf
TTV StreamerBtw YT
TTV StreamerBtw YT 8 months ago
The Raging Kid
The Raging Kid 8 months ago
That's sooo painful....respect this woman...she Was tortured more then Jesus....😵
The Raging Kid
The Raging Kid 8 months ago
@Ezekiel Colcord what do you mean No?
Ezekiel Colcord
Ezekiel Colcord 8 months ago
Declan Corey
Declan Corey 8 months ago
It's a sick world we all live in...
Commentator541 10 months ago
OMG this is horrific!
dasha romanovna
dasha romanovna 11 months ago
when i was small my parents told me about the time an elevator broke down and sawed hundreds of people because of the mechanics, i think they were exaggerating it, though im still terrified
Tom De Temmerman
hahahahahaha,sneaky bithes!!!love it
Zachery Coltrane-Woodard
@Minky Slinky - peter mon fux me right
Minky Slinky - peter mon fux me
What the fuck??
hOurworld11 Year ago
Useless people. Just like police, wait till after the shots happened before doing anything
Les Grossman
Les Grossman Year ago
Why didn’t they report this to surveillance?
Deva7 Year ago
Mall ladies be like: "Maybe she make it! Good luck!"...
West Coast
West Coast Year ago
The girls are dummies not the mom but the girls at the top of the escalator because they have no warning that there is a broken platform
LazyRaccoon Year ago
Must of been painful to drop in that engine and get shattered in pieces :(
Esteben Rios
Esteben Rios Year ago
Fuck those employees for not warming the mum
Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x
Esteben Rios they did.
Lupine Dream
Lupine Dream Year ago
The Final Destination IRL mall scene movie reinactm- wait. ...:(
Billy Sniper
Billy Sniper Year ago
I blame the 2 Chinese cunts for not Warning people
Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x
Billy Sniper they did
JCB Year ago
Crazy watching this lady walking up to the place of her death... as unaware as any of us are
BMW R1200 RT
BMW R1200 RT Year ago
Made in China
TIYAF Second
TIYAF Second 2 years ago
Ok the reason why the women die 1 . The creator of that escalator didn’t even screwed the 2nd panel. 2. The employee didn’t even stop the escalator or even go down the escalator and warn the people that the escalator is dengerous. 3. While the Mother carry the toddler. She could have step on the 1st panel then jump over the 2nd panel which is the loss panel then step the 3rd panel
Dzelion Gurung
What are you trying to say?
Amal John
Amal John 2 years ago
There is an emergency off button on top of every escalator i guess.
Ade Syaputra
Ade Syaputra 2 years ago
omg ..
MoDZUnLEAsHed 2 years ago
This is what happens when you forget to feed your escalator...poor thing hadn't eaten in ages.
17 2 years ago
what 😛
Afril Sangster
Afril Sangster 2 years ago
why not those workers that fall!!! it makes me so mad n sad!!!! :((!
Ken chi
Ken chi 2 years ago
stupid mother fuckers those three girls.
Joshua Madoc
Joshua Madoc 2 years ago
"China is the best country, why can't other countries be like China?" ~ The Great Wall
Ieazaniaz 21 day ago
just imagine the great wall collapse Ye china is the "best" country for sure
Ray Esposito
Ray Esposito 2 years ago
the escalator was traveling up, the bottom could have had a barrier placed there, it could have bn switched OFF, for jobs like this you need time served apprentices, even so it. is a gross slice of negligence on the part of the buildings work ethics.. some heads should have rolled for this poor set of negative actions..
epsleon 3 years ago
How to warn people of a death trap; Wait at the entrance. How not to warn people of a death trap; Wait at the exit.
Cooper of Navarone
Cooper of Navarone 9 months ago
@Please don't mind my really long name, thank you. Why not take the stairs while one waits at top? The only she fell in is cause she threw the baby over. Sad the child had to witness that.
Please don't mind my really long name, thank you.
They were probably too scared to go back down the other side, I would be too
Rama 3 years ago
Stupid bitches should have turned off the escalator, or at least warned people not to use it, instead of staying on top telling people it was broken when they were already on it. Fucking retards
MrBrett566 3 years ago
so like... the video quality just so happened to suck right as she was "falling"
Matthew Tarr
Matthew Tarr 3 years ago
Next week stairs. Good exercise or a horrible death shown by horrible deaths recently from walking up and down stairs. The report at 10
courtney8789 3 years ago
Sure, they "tried" to warn her. There was a 5 minute gap between them discovering that the floor was unsafe and the mother and child coming up. There are emergency buttons to turn off escalators. So, why didn't they just do that instead of just standing there.. Poor dad at the bottom just watches his wife get sucked in.. That's awful..
Miso_Soup!Go 3 years ago
They yelled at her not to come up but she did anyways. So they stood there to help her over it but sadly it didn't work :(
Sara TM
Sara TM 3 years ago
That escalated quickly.
Bobby Mushinsky
Bobby Mushinsky 4 years ago
who the hell would give this a thumbs up? That's sick, the poor lady
Dangis Khan
Dangis Khan 3 years ago
+Bobby Mushinsky People that think footage of a person's death shouldn't live on RUvid for eternity.
herogibson 4 years ago
moral of the story.. absolutely under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you EVER ride and escalator or elevator in China.
YingyYango 2 months ago
Speakable_Playz take the stairs lmao
Speakable_Playz 4 months ago
Especially CHINA
herogibson 4 years ago
moral of the story.. absolutely under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you EVER ride and escalator or elevator in China.
Suzette Castro
Suzette Castro 4 years ago
bruh that is disturbing like just her whole body just smashed in the escalator ugghhhh just imagine that 😨😵😳
Ezekiel Colcord
Ezekiel Colcord 8 months ago
Blood and bones cracked and smudged in the gears very disturbing, I hope that child has a good life
souja unlimited
souja unlimited 3 years ago
Valdas Vaigauskas
Valdas Vaigauskas 4 years ago
Anni W
Anni W 4 years ago
This is so sad - they shouldn't even allow ppl to use the escalator afterwards! Poor health and safety knowledge / training (if any at all)
Ryankookie 4 years ago
They boy will be missing her mommy
Buu Bhuj
Buu Bhuj 4 years ago
This ahit fkin hilarious
Minky Slinky - peter mon fux me
Someone died in a gruesome way, you're fucked in the head for finding some sort of humour in this
bliglum 4 years ago
What a shit copy of this vid!! It freezes
Asj Baaaf
Asj Baaaf 4 years ago
"Minutes later, Xiang and her toddler appear at the bottom of the escalator, which the workers never thought to halt. The Los Angeles Times reports by way of local media that a worker told Xiang to "jump over" the faulty panel; Xiang picks up the child and steps over the first panel but onto the loose one-the second one-and falls into the machinery." Makes me fucking sick. They told this woman to JUMP OVER the pit of death. that's it. JUMP OVER it. Let's not turn off the machine and get you to walk back to the bottom. No way. Pick up your child and jump over it. ???????????????????????
Andrew Gee
Andrew Gee 3 years ago
+Asj Baaaf Did you ever consider that they could not have?
SpicyHam 4 years ago
+Asj Baaaf yeah it is so messed up, me contacted with those goofy occasions a lot of t!mes. 'inn0c3nt' d3aths cau3rs
Wesley Eletron
Wesley Eletron 4 years ago
joan del villar almanzar
i think than the two employees dont die because they make a balance in the plataform, and the poor mother die cuz she was one only weigh. sorry my bad english
Doc Thor
Doc Thor 4 years ago
When the problem was known, the two employees should have told the operators to stop the escalator. This could have been prevented easily.
s g
s g 2 months ago
They could've literally pressed ONE button on the escalator itself to stop it 🤦🏻🤦🏻 they were probably just curious to see what would happen
souja unlimited
souja unlimited 3 years ago
+княуѕαlιѕ emergency stop button
княуѕαlιѕ 4 years ago
They contacted maintenance apparently but they never stopped the escalator.
BackFireZz 4 years ago
fuck chinese people are stupid
Lance Gococo _marmer_
BackFireZz Dont generalize bitch
frbe0101 4 years ago
Mall employees look on gawking and yelling the Chinese equivalent of "She Dead!" Yeah they need to be put up again the wall, so to the maintenance crew that forgot to screw the panel back in, as well as the manufacture, a lot of heads need to roll frankly, thankfully this is china: heads will actually roll for this.
Andrew Gee
Andrew Gee 3 years ago
+frbe0101 You have no fucking clue what was happening here, stop being so smug.
Nereus 4 years ago
how da faq can an escalator pannel fall inside the fucing thing... it should be only lift to be removed... fucking sick country
Suzette Castro
Suzette Castro 4 years ago
+BrokenGlasses 😂😂 lmfao
BrokenGlasses 4 years ago
@Nereus almost everything made in china broke easily lmao
Luzival Nabuco
Luzival Nabuco 4 years ago
For those employees not down to prevent people should go up? They had four minutes for that!
Miso_Soup!Go 3 years ago
@Alison Lekarev​ yea i thought they all did but i dont see a panel for one but it isnt a good graphics video. yea that's the other issue. There should of been one down at the bottom and one at the top. To be like..please don't go up there. The mother should of also been like no...I'm not going up there when they tell me no. Like I feel soooo bad for her because the way they describe her death and her child was right there to see it. man..I had someone die in front of me but they went peacefully. Just imagine how he is going feel
Alison Lekarev
Alison Lekarev 3 years ago
I thought they all had them? Anyway, a horrible and preventable accident, nonetheless. :( Yes, they should have roped it off or just stopped it altogether. No point in relying on people to hear them. I mean what if they were deaf?
Miso_Soup!Go 3 years ago
@Alison Lekarev That's why she picked her toddler up a bit because they told her it was broken up here. Idk if they have those buttons in China :/ I wish they would of rope it off so NO ONE would have went up there
Alison Lekarev
Alison Lekarev 3 years ago
They could have hit the button to turn it off! She was concentrating on her toddler. Probably didn't hear them.
Miso_Soup!Go 3 years ago
They yelled at her not to come up and told her the escalator was in need of maintenance but she still came up. They were standing there to grab her or help her over the panel
konprb 4 years ago
It might actually be that the warning that they gave contributed to the accident. The additional weight from carrying her son slowed her down and made the plates open easier.
s g
s g 2 months ago
@Chris Hong who cares who said it first. The important thing is- the accident was preventable on so many levels yet a woman lost her life and a kid left orphaned
Chris Hong
Chris Hong 4 years ago
@konprb lol Cheryl Sng said this about 4 hours before you made this comment, but its true
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