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Real fam, how would you feel if your significant other gave you a rental property as a gift?


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Feb 26, 2020




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kymerah hanson
kymerah hanson 4 days ago
Jeannie got it right🙌🏾
Gee rams
Gee rams 23 days ago
Does anyone know this chick or couple... I need to know whats happening with them now or where is she in life
Tashinga v
Tashinga v Month ago
If you're only dating, that really does sound like something you should talk to someone about, not just gift. I don't think he was prepared for that kind of commitment nor did he want it, everyone is different. That being said, his disappointment was another convo that should've been held in private. His ungrateful reaction in front of others and cameras was childish and unbecoming 🤷🏾‍♀️
A Rogers
A Rogers Month ago
I love how Tam tries to find the best in every situation!
Ajoh Wong
Ajoh Wong Month ago
I wanted a Rolex to go get other girls.
Victoria C
Victoria C 2 months ago
I guess no one paid attention to what Amanda said. I would not want a property that would be difficult to rent out, find reliable tenants, and get it cash flowing. Do I think he should have responded the way he did? Absolutely not. However, rehabbing a rental property is no joke 🤦🏾‍♀️ and if it’s in a bad area, it probably won’t be a good investment. It’s rare that you can beat a bad location when it comes to real estate investing. So if what Amanda said is accurate, I wouldn’t want the property either lol
Connie 2 months ago
BW need to follow Chrissie on RUvid. She is an actual BW that can give us great advice. Amanda was wrong and so were the other ladies.
Connie 2 months ago
BW just stop
Jaie Elizabeth
Jaie Elizabeth 2 months ago
The bad part of town is getting gentrified..... don’t be dim..........BUY THE HOOD... my ex has properties in Detroit. It’s not hard to find renters
Charlene Johnson
Charlene Johnson 2 months ago
Location, location, location
Roena Skates
Roena Skates 2 months ago
Adrienne why are you talking about this Black Man! Talk about you White Women when you turn against your Race of Men because you rather have a Black Man with a Big D.... than all his White Assets! Talk about that! You the one saying "I dont want" your Rolex, Clothes, or Jewelry!😣 You are no better than a Black Man!😣
La Reina
La Reina 2 months ago
The man is a scub Amanda stop caping lmao
Lalaforreal Forrealforreal
Nah she wants to move in with him and get married and he doesn't want to settle with her that's a hint for him. They probably both staying at mama's house.
c cc
c cc 2 months ago
Why are you buying a gift like that for a boyfriend in the first place? I mean they are not even engaged.
Neelam Waseem
Neelam Waseem 2 months ago
'yo im just tryna help him out' nah tam that was too funny lmao
Amber Worsham Orr
Amber Worsham Orr 2 months ago
Wrh jeenie got on
prissybell16 2 months ago
She’s a pick me. No way in hell would I gift any boyfriend anything over a couple hundred.
Regina 2 months ago
Honestly if someone bought me a fixer-upper property I wouldn't know what to do with it but I would gladly accept even if it was something I didn't want. I would then have to learn skills that I wouldn't have like building, marketing, maintenance, and what it takes to own rental property. The only issue is that they will have 6o invest more money in it and then hopefully they get that back and some.
Kiwi Jello
Kiwi Jello 2 months ago
It's a partnership. If he isn't willing to step up to her level, then she needs to get to stepping. Opportunity doesn't knock twice. Do something with it. I'll take the rental property.
I'mJess Sayin'
I'mJess Sayin' 2 months ago
Clearly they are in a different head space. A bando in Detroit can be fixed up and rented to people in the neighborhood who need it. If he’s not on that page, maybe she needs a man that is.
SupremeDreamss 2 months ago
She even said in the video “I told y’all he would say that”. Sis, if you KNEW he was gonna react that way you should’ve just saved your money. & get with someone who has the same vision and ambition as you 🤷🏽‍♀️
Nombulelo Mahlangu
Nombulelo Mahlangu 2 months ago
I agree with Jeannie .... Leave him
SouthernBelleBEE 2 months ago
That is not true about an abandon home. Smh.
starz isidore
starz isidore 2 months ago
why those girls been pushing loni t the side
GORGE GLAM & DAMN 2 months ago
That’s a dumb man, not a business man. She had high hopes for this one
Heyy ArRie
Heyy ArRie 2 months ago
She gave him a property on the east side !!!!!!!! 😂😂😂
Sonia x
Sonia x 2 months ago
If it was a in a good area then maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️ would be great for the perfect man. He wasn’t it. I don’t think people should ask for gifts, unless its something they NEED that will better themselves. Don’t ask for gucci. If someone gets u it good on them.
Nosipho Hlikihla
Nosipho Hlikihla 2 months ago
Did Jeanie Mai do a lip thingy? What they call it Lip job?... She looks way different from 4 years ago
nmc nmc
nmc nmc 2 months ago
She what's a notebook story ,she wants him to fix it up ND maybe one day they can get married and live In it one day.🤰🤷‍♀️
dtownlinny 3 months ago
I love to hate Amanda. I was watching old episodes with Tamar earlier and she was so much more energetic and funny and Amanda is just a know it all and I hate that she thinks she's smarter or better than everyone on the panel and she always has to make everything about race. I'm surprised she didn't make this about race🙄💁🏻‍♀️
Andrew Pereira
Andrew Pereira 3 months ago
God, Adrienne needs to shut up sometimes and stop trying to finish people’s sentences and let them finish their own thoughts. So annoying!
Lulu Seatown Getdown
You DO NOT want to have the best house in the hood. Drives down the value of your home. In contrast, the best way to diversify your assets is to buy real estate.
Julie Brown
Julie Brown 3 months ago
what a BUM
Iris Melissa
Iris Melissa 3 months ago
I would of got him something he can use and need but I feel like she needs to be with someone else
Phoenix Rose AsheYah
Maybeeee...he has been mooching...maybeeee she about to cut him off...maybeee she gave him that gift so he has something to fall back on. I would step back and watch what he does with the gift. For me I would be like...I gotta go fix something up real quick.
Scott Casey
Scott Casey 3 months ago
The afro girls bush must be horrifying.
Naimah Altidore
Naimah Altidore 3 months ago
Maybe he doesn't have a job, really? Why does the black man always have to be labeled not having a job. Smh
Amber Latiolais
Amber Latiolais 3 months ago
My bf gave me a Polaroid key chain for Christmas. Because I had once said I would love a good camera so I could get back into photography... so he got me a key chain. That was my only gift. I didnt even bother get upset. He just doesn't get it so I dont expect nice things from him. As long as I don't expect it I'm fine with whatever silly gift he gets me from now on.
SimFlip 3 months ago
I actually agree with Amanda here, I think his response wasn't completely ungrateful, but just realistic. his comment about the Rolex and stuff, I took it as "wow I was expecting that but THIS, this is something else"
Bd from the 213
Bd from the 213 3 months ago
Ummm not for a boyfriend....
Sierra Asia
Sierra Asia 3 months ago
Okay why is no one talking about their LOOKS on this ep???? Jeanies outfit??? Amanda & Adrienne's MAKEUP. God. I love more natural looks on Adrienne.
Jessica Dennis
Jessica Dennis 3 months ago
Amanda!!!! That choker! YASSSSS HUNNAY!!!
Kyra Mannix
Kyra Mannix 3 months ago
Putting tamera and Adrienne next to eachother was a good idea
Zhane Armani
Zhane Armani 3 months ago
I completely agree with Amanda! Everyone is so quick to call him a bum but y’all gotta remember not everyone is wants to be a business owner and that is okay! It’s a lot of work and a risk that not everyone wants to deal with
Rolonda 3 months ago
And here is your own place 😂😂
VONiiE8 3 months ago
I mean, if you watch the whole video, after he reacted, she said “what did I tell you?” Or something along the lines of that, so she knew he didn’t want that or wasn’t gonna appreciate it. She set herself up. Don’t feel bad for her one bit 🤷🏽‍♀️
Sonji531 3 months ago
I only want to know what type of career she has. Obviously, she's paid because he said he would have preferred a Rolex. Rolex watches aren't cheap, neither are rental properties.
5th Best Carter
5th Best Carter 3 months ago
I ain't gifting the "boyfriend" equity.
Divine Rae
Divine Rae 3 months ago
This dude is a mess, rental property is residual income but hey good for her I wasn’t getting him neither.
Life as Kayy
Life as Kayy 3 months ago
“Yo I’m just trying to help him out” -Tamera 🤣🤣 I love her 😖
Rita Stevenson
Rita Stevenson 3 months ago
Amanda is the dusty savior. She thinks that she has the Black man's back, but she enables them. She will twist herself into a pretzel and sound ridiculous. Then here comes Lonnie to back her up and tells us that Amanda has Ph.D so, we will think she knows better.I bet you Tamera would not buy Adam some rental property and he would not expect her to.
Alexandrea N
Alexandrea N 3 months ago
So many ppl on here are calling this man a bum and a dusty because he didn’t want the property....but have y’all thought how much money it will cost to fix that place up? It looked like it was falling apart. Business is not everyone’s ministry! If my man got me that I would be confused as to why, unless he planned on financing or helping me find ways to come up with the money. I’m not business savvy. And I would need a lot of help! Maybe he’s not either. Y’all need to stop fronting acting like if you did that for your man he would know what do with it or how to flip it. Or that even you yourself would know. Ugh black men have it so hard sometimes.
Annakay Whitfield
Annakay Whitfield 3 months ago
You can’t buy what YOU think someone wants and get MAD when they don’t react the way you want them to 🙄 as Amanda says know your partner and their goddamn love language 🙄 everything isn’t for show either. Do things privately damn
Melanie Quintal
Melanie Quintal 3 months ago
Actually liking Jeannie's blue feathers with the cool lip. She makes it work here. Applause.
Shasta Velasquez
Shasta Velasquez 3 months ago
Not really feel Jeannie's outfit today...
britt b
britt b 3 months ago
His reacting was embarrassing!!!! But at the same time if that’s not something he wanted then you can’t blame him for being a bit upset.... he should have not reacted like that at the time he should have waited till after the party when they are alone to talk about it
Madam Blade
Madam Blade 3 months ago
But do we know if it was a fixer upper or a home in a bad part of town? AND do we know if he said what he wanted prior? 🤷🏽‍♀️
JINANMOSS 3 months ago
Tamera is hilllll ariousssss
Rosh Talla
Rosh Talla 3 months ago
She said "leave him boo" cmon that a little too extreme. This is something that can be talked out. For all we know, WE DON'T KNOW ANY CONTEXT. just saying
ms Kemp
ms Kemp 3 months ago
He could buy the Rolex after rent comes through. And many more
Stephanie Ramos
Stephanie Ramos 3 months ago
I’m that friend that buys you what you need. 😂😂😂😂
Bailey 3 months ago
I really like Amanda's make up today
catonne73 3 months ago
He could have turned it down OFF camera!!!! It was the thought that count and if this brotha was a real man... he would have embraced and thanked her for what she did!!! He gets donkey of the day!!!👏🏿👏🏿
Rielle Koy
Rielle Koy 3 months ago
You don't gift a bum a property. Let a man build and show proof of concept, only then invest in him after years of watching him proove concept. This is sad.
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton 3 months ago
There's more to this story. Trust me it's a good reason why she gifted him that property.
sonnet Morrison
sonnet Morrison 3 months ago
How does Amanda know where the house was
Alexandria Michelle
Alexandria Michelle 3 months ago
😒 I hope hes building up her $$ also
Alexandria Michelle
Alexandria Michelle 3 months ago
Wow i spoke to soon, he is lame
Shay Bae
Shay Bae 3 months ago
I'm pretty in pink
I'm pretty in pink 3 months ago
He's not the man for her ...
koreee_ alexx
koreee_ alexx 3 months ago
I’m finally starting to like Amanda y’all she’s finally not being so stand-offish anymore
Noelle Johnson
Noelle Johnson 3 months ago
Where are Tamera’s earrings from?? ❤️
fair is fair
fair is fair 3 months ago
Yes tamera lol
Ily 2
Ily 2 3 months ago
I’m here for Jeanine shirt.
Istvan Cregui
Istvan Cregui 3 months ago
Is Amanda for real? The woman should've learned everything she needed to know about him from the moment. Keep the fixer-upper for yourself and slip him that bottle of cologne he wanted AND NOTHING ELSE. Love language my ass! And absolutely DO NOT marry him or get pregnant. Period. In fact, phase him out in order to make room for a like-minded PARTNER (notice I didn't say husband, but...) who would see the possibilities of owning LAND.
Sarah 3 months ago
She should have gotten him a job.
Komplex Kontent
Komplex Kontent 3 months ago
she tried to, the rental investment is more than a job.. he wasn't smart or patient enough to see the future benefits of having one.
Siempre Ambie TV
Siempre Ambie TV 3 months ago
Embarrassing af 💀 He is supposed to be the one doing that for her... Not the other way around 🤦🏾‍♀️ smdh
Soliana Asefaw
Soliana Asefaw 3 months ago
Jeannie have the best explanation all the time.
free netflix
free netflix 3 months ago
She tried to hard to look like the perfect partner. I mean the idea was there but u agreee he word rental property makes you feel like it’s something Luxurious.
Nickie Jones
Nickie Jones 3 months ago
Bruh with all the gentrification this dumb ass ungrateful bastard gets something that could be an investment 😒🙄🙄
Nickie Jones
Nickie Jones 3 months ago
Bruh with all the gentrification this dumb ass ungrateful bastard gets something that could be an investment 😒🙄🙄
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