Wolverine Fight Scenes And All Best Scenes.

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Nov 11, 2017




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Comments 80
Maximus BoomBoom
Maximus BoomBoom 2 hours ago
I miss his mental screams
kunal ganotra
kunal ganotra 3 hours ago
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine RDJ as Iron Man/Tony Stark Chris Evans as Captain America Johnny depp as Captain Jack Sparrow Sylvester Stallone as Rambo Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt Sean Connery as James Bond Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator Tom Hiddleston as Loki Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne All of them just irreplaceable Legends
Dylan Hall
Dylan Hall 3 hours ago
When I was younger I always used to put knives where wolverine has his and say I’m wolverine. Who else cried when he died in the last film I can’t remember what it’s called
Greg Elliott
Greg Elliott 22 hours ago
The guy that played Victor in X-Men origins played in Scream
Ian Daniels
Ian Daniels Day ago
The only gambit I’ll accept
Ian Daniels
Ian Daniels Day ago
Fun fact it is impossible to hide from wolverine
Ian Daniels
Ian Daniels Day ago
Grow those back
Ian Daniels
Ian Daniels Day ago
I’ll be honest I get hard for wolverine lol
Do you think Green Goblincan defeat Wolverine?
Ian Malone
Ian Malone 3 days ago
What marvel could do is jump instead of forward jump backwards a few years to wear his younger and then boom we have at least 1 to 2 more movies
K2 Mally
K2 Mally 3 days ago
One of those all time best comic book movie castings J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier Any others that you like?
Mr. Rooster
Mr. Rooster 2 days ago
I like James
Sandeep Joshua
Sandeep Joshua 4 days ago
Nobody can replace Hugh Jackman.
Jose 84
Jose 84 5 days ago
Hugh was good in the first X-Men movie, but he really started to own the role in X-Men 2. In the first movie you see an actor playing Wolverine pretty well, in X-Men 2 (and beyond) you just see the freaking Wolverine.
Kenpaul Pitre
Kenpaul Pitre 5 days ago
Hugh Jackman is the best Wolverine actor in the world.
fips assmussen
fips assmussen 6 days ago
watch the perfect moment at 0:56 how this work without cut the guys arm not off ?? and watch 1:00 hand complett free and than 3 sec later at 1:03 watch the hand jacket full over his hand turned lol
fips assmussen
fips assmussen 6 days ago
complet bullshit watch how the guy hold the weapon with 2 hand and how wolverine turns and use left hand at this he must cut the arm of the guy . guy have left hand on front of rifle and wolverine turn left and use left hand for cut rifle in the middle . never work
Ashley 6 days ago
I wish wolverine was in the walking dead series he could kill everyone and walkers
Rogue Agent
Rogue Agent 6 days ago
0:42 I hate that his skin is cracking
The Man!!
The Man!! 6 days ago
Oh yeah that's gross...
Karl Humphreys
Karl Humphreys 7 days ago
12:10 so many tren veins popping
Jeff Fuchsional
Jeff Fuchsional 10 days ago
i still think they should have made a movie of wolverine when in between when he got his powers and wolverine x-men origins
barrington 11 days ago
Man this reminds me how bad the Wolverine movies were (except Logan). Sad cuz he was a good wolverine. He deserved better
who do you like xmen or THE AVENGERS????
Qmran Khan
Qmran Khan 12 days ago
Waiting for his other movies but he been absent from the scene
Makee Jo
Makee Jo 12 days ago
I don't want any super hero to compete Wolverine. Even Thanos. Wolverine character is gold. After Logan is gone X men is dead.
Lonewolf Vicious
Lonewolf Vicious 12 days ago
Ireland Hamato
Ireland Hamato 12 days ago
Short tempered + gorgeously handsome = one incredible and super Wolverine.
ASockOrSomething 15 days ago
Damn the first 2 movies were good. All that the next ones had was Fassbender.
David Gaudette
David Gaudette 16 days ago
can he bend his wrist when the claws are out?
Shavan 17 days ago
6:17 Nintendo Wii Wolverine 7:23 Power Ranger Wolverine 10:21 Polite Wolverine
SynthWaveCyber 17 days ago
Wasnt xmen origins meant to be a line of movies based on different xmen? Like “X-men origins - Cyclops”
vWolfee 17 days ago
Did anyone else used to put rulers between their fingers in Primary School and pretend they were Wolverine?
Luke Fujioka-Silva
Luke Fujioka-Silva 15 days ago
I still do
Dakotaraptor_ BR
Dakotaraptor_ BR 18 days ago
press F to pay respect
Majid Mahmood
Majid Mahmood 18 days ago
13:52 what movie is it from I forgot lol
Argus Marena
Argus Marena 18 days ago
we gotta say this,daniel..harry potter was better
FANTI 2005
FANTI 2005 19 days ago
Is so satisface
Albanais Kosova
Albanais Kosova 19 days ago
The name of film in 3:26 please
Dave Rios
Dave Rios 19 days ago
I went from Mightyracoon to this...
Grass Man
Grass Man 19 days ago
7:24 Cool guys walk away from explosions
AestheticNIro 19 days ago
Lucifer Morningstar
It's crazy that he played that role longer than i live. Mad respect to this legend!
Lan Jack
Lan Jack 22 days ago
2:48 that was priceless
Dane Lovell
Dane Lovell 23 days ago
Smeet Kamble
Smeet Kamble 23 days ago
There was a huge issue in casting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Because in comics Wolverine is only 5ft 1 inch tall where as Hugh Jackman is above 6 ft. But in the end, it didn't matter as he nailed the role.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 25 days ago
1:36 yaaa
Electronic Raisin
Electronic Raisin 25 days ago
I just realized wolverine is a murdering psychopath and stabbing multiple people doesnt affect him at all
Andy DeLeon
Andy DeLeon 23 days ago
Happens when you’re tortured into a killing machine that’s supposed to have no emotions
Elpat0 Bv
Elpat0 Bv 25 days ago
10:17 In which movie does that scene appear? someone tell me please
lemonade davinci
lemonade davinci 24 days ago
X men first class
Central Intelligence Agency
Nobody talks about how Logan shouldn’t even be able to bend his wrist when the claws are sheathed. Think about it. The claws have to go somewhere. They’re in his arm. But they’re a lot longer than just his knuckles to his wrist, their length suggest they go at least 2/3 of the way up his forearm. You can even see that in the scene right after he first gets his adamantium. The x-ray shows they go way past his wrist
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 23 days ago
They go all the way to his forearm and with the help of comic pixie dust he can bend his wrists.
miløww 27 days ago
what is the name of the movie at 3:05
Solaiman Sohan
Solaiman Sohan 26 days ago
NoP PapaAryano
NoP PapaAryano 28 days ago
13:44 what film is that?
NoP PapaAryano
NoP PapaAryano 26 days ago
Solaiman Sohan ah ok cool, thx
Solaiman Sohan
Solaiman Sohan 26 days ago
W O L V E R İ N E 29 days ago
Maxxramus 29 days ago
pg13 to R to super gory
Cuddly Bears
Cuddly Bears Month ago
I love Wolverine
Michael Lisowski
"grow those back" 😂😂😂
Debanjan Ghosh
Debanjan Ghosh Month ago
Huge Jackman is Best for this role
Ace Lian
Ace Lian Month ago
4:13 How Real Man Fight.
Tairo MD
Tairo MD Month ago
ajay peter
ajay peter Month ago
I need wolverine back 🥺🥺he is my only one hero .. No one replace the wolverine character and captain jacksparrow character!! It's an worldwide truth
Byoo Byoo
Byoo Byoo Month ago
Wheres that scene he is drunk and some gang is trying to rob his limousine’s wheels, then he kicks their asses?
My penis is small, but
Linnamonroll Month ago
Every time he goes AHHHHHHHHHHH I just can’t help but laugh
Ysonej Month ago
x-men was the avengers
Lil Lil
Lil Lil Month ago
Rest easy childhood wolverine.... rest easy..
Funky Skitzo
Funky Skitzo Month ago
Am i the only one that loved The Wolverine i love that movie.
Gael Ramírez
Gael Ramírez Month ago
Deni Garat
Deni Garat Month ago
no blood - dislake
ReaperGhost Month ago
Do you realize how easy it would have been to beat thanos if they had wolverine on their team?
Google Sucks
Google Sucks Month ago
Anyone every realize every since wolverine stopped appearing in X-men movies they’ve gone down?
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf Month ago
To know who he is in real life vs how he acts as Logan is just immeasurable. What an actor.
Maxime Month ago
Did anything good come out of those movies, except Hugh Jackman?
WellITried Month ago
IDC what you say wolverine is more powerful than all the others like jesus he fucks up anything in his path, I wonder how it would work if he was a bad guy vs avengers, I think it would end badly, for advengers man
Kreepo Res
Kreepo Res Month ago
For me the G.O.A.T. of all the MCU film actor.
lux Month ago
wolvie has so much prsd ;~; poor dude
Red Bowl
Red Bowl Month ago
Imagine all the blood he would be spilling.
Ahmed Laiq
Ahmed Laiq Month ago
When his claws come out right?
Quang _ Năng _ Ruby
Chán quá ai có linh phim người sói không mình xin với ạ
The Nut Button
The Nut Button Month ago
No one: Not even the Avengers: Wolverine: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Howard Ostrander
I love it
Daniel Blair
Daniel Blair Month ago
8:23 He flipped him off
Full movie upload please...
Roberto Alvarez
Roberto Alvarez Month ago
2:27 :v
Christian Pope
Christian Pope Month ago
I’m crying right now I remember the first time I watched a movie of wolverine I was like 7 or 6
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