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LIKE/COMMENT TO HELP FOR A POTENTIAL REBOOT!!! LETS GET WIZARDS BACK ON AIR! This week, HARPER FINKLE IS BACK! Jennifer Stone is back on the channel She KEPT all of her iconic Wizards Of Waverly Place outfits and brings them out for the first time since the show aired! We try and put the outfits back together...and if we are able to...Harper Finkle will come to life. Jennifer will, after over a decade, put on one of her most well-known Harper outfits once again!
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[Wizards Of Waverly Place Cast Back In Character! (w/Jennifer Stone) | Gregg and Cameron]
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Sep 5, 2020




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Comments 100
Gregg and Cameron
like and comment here for a Wizards Reboot!!!
•_Bubbles_• 6 days ago
Cristina Palmares
Cristina Palmares 12 days ago
who doesn't want a reboot???
Heather Cozzie
Heather Cozzie 14 days ago
Bring on the reboot!
Anna Swift
Anna Swift 17 days ago
Reboot please!! That'd be a dream come true!!!
MoeMoeisFab Month ago
Yes!!! That would be amazing!!!!!
Lisa Schönherr
Lisa Schönherr 9 hours ago
She is beautiful inside and out 😭😭😭😍
valeria jimenez beltran
waiting for Selena Gomez to be invited please😭😍
Josh Hustenberger
I swear Jennifer Stone seems so underrated in Wizards of Waverly Place, people must've forgot that she's part of the main cast aswell despite not being a Russo
alexis t
alexis t 2 days ago
Weirdosrule YASS
Weirdosrule YASS 2 days ago
Harper Finkle was the blueprint for modern lesbians
Jonah Cyrus
Jonah Cyrus 3 days ago
the fact that we all wanted the marker dress shows how interconnected the human species is
Arav Gulati
Arav Gulati 4 days ago
I want see selena gomez in a video.
serena gilbert
serena gilbert 5 days ago
Please don’t stop making these omg
serena gilbert
serena gilbert 5 days ago
Love this WOWP content 🥺✨
Bren’Davia Metoyer
Jesse Huber
Jesse Huber 8 days ago
I would love a wizard's reboot
Ronni Birnbaum
Ronni Birnbaum 8 days ago
the rubber ducky dress was in the fashion episode and the marker dress was from the episode where Justin turns in Juliet to the monster hunters
kristen wilkins
kristen wilkins 10 days ago
omg I wanna see the marker dress that's my favorite
KAYLA WALL-GREEN 12 days ago
i cant believe yall passed on the chance to see the MARKER DRESS in person???? whatttt
EFFYZE Music 12 days ago
She barely even aged
EFFYZE Music 12 days ago
More wizards contenttttt
K Smith
K Smith 13 days ago
I want Jennifer Stone to narrate my life!! Raspy voices are everything!!
Cerys Davis
Cerys Davis 13 days ago
Do a wizard of Waverley with Selena
GG Ryan
GG Ryan 15 days ago
Harper may not have been a wizard, but she had the most MAGICAL outfits.
akeem smith
akeem smith 16 days ago
where’s selena
marblefanboy 16 days ago
this makes me die even more for a wizards reboot
Harper Hendrix
Harper Hendrix 17 days ago
The marker dress was when Justin accidentally reported Juliette to the monster hunters I luv this show I was watching it since I was 4 and now I’m 9 I can even name all the characters in the show Parents:jerry and Theresa Kids:Justin max and Alex There boyfriend/girlfriend:julliette,mason,tallia,nacey,other people I can’t remember cause they dated so many people
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 18 days ago
I want to see her wear all of them!!!
Milena Kufa
Milena Kufa 20 days ago
I just finished rewatching all of wizards and was sad, so this brought me great joy
Yari Moran
Yari Moran 21 day ago
Yess the nostalgia
Kelly McKinnon
Kelly McKinnon 23 days ago
Awww so cute
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 24 days ago
6:15 Jennifer’s hilarious and stunning like always♥️👏🏼
ERISxMELODY 26 days ago
Harper Finkle is the OG fashion icon
Lesart 27 days ago
I miss Harper and the whole cast, please a new season
Hannah-Rayne Plummer
LOVE this!!! Iconic!
Pug Beast
Pug Beast 29 days ago
More wizards, more wizards, MORE WIZARDS
Yan Arie
Yan Arie 29 days ago
if anyone know where to download wizards of the waverly place, please tell me
Katara 29 days ago
The whole cast must make an appearance 🤞
Victoria Contreras
Victoria Contreras 29 days ago
Waiting for Selena Gomez to appear so Harper and Alex can do the hat song
Anika arie
Anika arie Month ago
Tell Jennifer Stone I'll see her in PE
The Fun Cousins
The Fun Cousins Month ago
We need to get most of the cast to recreate scenes in wizards!!!!!!’
Superstar Realness
We need a part 2 with the marker dress
Superstar Realness
I really want a reunion
Katherine Wang
Katherine Wang Month ago
Waiting for Selena to be in the videos.
WhiteRunner44 .
WhiteRunner44 . Month ago
Gregg/mason my mom thinks you dont look good when your hair is not done lol😄
gen no
gen no Month ago
Everyone brings up the marker dress, that was a total lewk!
Jordan Ordus
Jordan Ordus Month ago
Talk about Avalon High!
Alexis Month ago
But the marker dress
Jessie Howley
Jessie Howley Month ago
I CANNOT believe why she didn't do the markers one that one is INSANE
jessica nicole
jessica nicole Month ago
eli selasnog
eli selasnog Month ago
Valerie’ s
Valerie’ s Month ago
I’ve been waiting for a reboot for years 😪
Bella beautiful
Bella beautiful Month ago
I need Selena on this now and a wizard of Waverly Place reboot
Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything.
Does Cameron have a girlfriend?
Sarah Reyes
Sarah Reyes Month ago
I love wizards content. That was my child hood
Holly Pendred
Holly Pendred Month ago
Jennifer looks a lot like Danneel Ackles now and it’s trippy af they even have the same hair colour
Samridhi Saini
Samridhi Saini Month ago
pls do a reboot!!! I loved this show as a kid
Angelique Heaton
You’re the best duck wearer I think I’ve ever seen
Toki Fijabi
Toki Fijabi Month ago
When you can tell the iconic Harper outfit by the blurred out image
More wizards content please! My childhood!
Calliope !
Calliope ! Month ago
BRO. The marker dress will always be my fave Harper outfit!!! Need that one tried on omg😻
Allison Czar
Allison Czar Month ago
I feel like I could pull off rubber ducky as well but make it grunge
MC Hammer
MC Hammer Month ago
u really chose the rubber ducky outfit over the market dress????
Daniela Ayala
Daniela Ayala Month ago
Hey everyone I posted a new video in RUvid. GO check it out and let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks 😊🥰.
Lexie May
Lexie May Month ago
I miss Wizards of Waverley place sm
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett Month ago
Wait the Wolf boy is gay 😳😳😳😳 WHAT
Avery Michaels
Avery Michaels Month ago
I wanted the iconic marker dress but maybe if there’s a reboot we could see it again
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Month ago
Ok but like where's the fruit rollup dress
Sierra Mitchell
Sierra Mitchell Month ago
What that, a hat, crazy, funky, junky hat, over slept, hair unslighty, trying to look like kiarra knightly, we been there, we done that, we see right through your funky hat!
Cheyanne Aller
Cheyanne Aller Month ago
Can you do the marker dress next for her to wear please???????????
Jazzy Shafer
Jazzy Shafer Month ago
the marker dress was when Justin reported Juliet and her parents to the monster counsel and switched clothes with Juliet. the duck dress was during the fashion episode
Gucci Taehyungshi
lucia zugel
lucia zugel Month ago
Waiting for the pll video
Ronni Danielle
Ronni Danielle Month ago
Ydie Fuentes
Ydie Fuentes Month ago
Who wants to see selena and jen together again
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly Month ago
Harper was my favorite character of the entire show.
Savannah Riel
Savannah Riel Month ago
the rubber ducky was definitely in the "bebe rockford" fashion week episode lol
Raluca 255
Raluca 255 Month ago
So much memories...💓
Judy Bordeos
Judy Bordeos Month ago
Harper, Zeke, Jerry, and Theresa Russo please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
yesenia Hernandez
marker one my favvv
Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie Month ago
we always need more wowp content 🥺 & a sel collab pls ❣️
memento morton
memento morton Month ago
Guys, do you even ask if we want more of Wizards content? OF COURSE!!! I watched that show so much as a kid/teen and just finished rewatching it the other day and I am in my twenties now.
Sacaymus Mendez
Sacaymus Mendez Month ago
this was hillarious
Tealie Animations
The marker dress is unironically really cool. It was always my favourite Harper outfit
bolu Month ago
He’s really milking this Wizards of Waverly Place stuff for views LOOOOL
Cinthya Esquivel
I can't believe she has all of those outfits, would love to see her wear every harper outfit that she owns.
Liz Biz
Liz Biz Month ago
Some where in this video I thought Greg said Jen...and it made me think of Avalon High
Arayviya Knight
Arayviya Knight Month ago
I came here to say: make another season of Marvel Runaways pls if not I’ll cry thanks
Miah Harvey
Miah Harvey Month ago
Plz make a reboot and get Selena on the channel
Ahmed Javed
Ahmed Javed Month ago
The best line of harper is ... "see ya in PE".
Vivian Dudar
Vivian Dudar Month ago
there was gonna be a fifth season but not enough ppl said yes I think
Cj Kirk
Cj Kirk Month ago
Vivian Dudar
Vivian Dudar Month ago
hannah whitson
hannah whitson Month ago
The marker dress was literally the most iconic dress to me growing up and will always stay with me. I really hope that one will be put on again sometime!
SeokChanSide Month ago
She always be my childhood crush :(
Bri G
Bri G Month ago
We love to see the lesbian icon Harper Finkle!!
Nasir Strickland
It’s Selena’s time to pop out next
Sabrina Mepham
Sabrina Mepham Month ago
I want to see a new Wizards of waverly place season/ series. Obviously with the original cast
Andy Flames
Andy Flames Month ago
I want the whole cast in one room,even max
Kenzie McLain
Kenzie McLain Month ago
Honestly, the marker dress, the photo dress, all of the food clothes (especiallythe pretzel one that Jerry ate), and the rubber ducky dress are probably my favorite harper outfits
I'm Benits Studio
paula maya
paula maya Month ago
I want to see the marker costume!!!!!!! Please
Anna Hogan
Anna Hogan Month ago
The rubber duck dress was the fashion show episode and the marker on was when the master hunters were after Juliet so Harper and Juliet switched clothes
Luna Luna
Luna Luna Month ago
omg really is such a blast to the past in the rubber duck dress!!! the lil kid in me was so happy
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