Witt Lowry - HURT (feat. Deion Reverie) (Official Music Video)

Witt Lowry
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Witt Lowry :
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Deion Reverie:
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Song produced by Dan Haynes :
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INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/danhaynesprod
Mixed & Mastered by John Will : @iamjohnwill
Directed by Drew Kirsch : @drewkirsch
It doesn't feel right with you gone
It hurts too much to be left alone
I know I was never in your plans
But it doesn't feel right in her bed
It hurts to know
If only I knew to love you, I would lose me
Would wake up just to go back to sleep
I hope you and him live happily
But the memories girl, you gonna have to keep
All the lies that you told me are on repeat
I don’t know what’s real, you lie through your teeth
If I could take the feelings that I had for you
Just like our pics, I’d press delete
I’ve been contemplating
100 times, about 100 facts, I found out were lies
I know you used me just to pass the time
But you can’t ever say I didn’t fucking try
What you meant to me is what I mean to art,
Was real with you from the fucking start
You played games with my fucking heart
And after you I fell a fucking part
I know we weren’t perfect,
I guess I thought we were worth it
I guess your love was uncertain
You’re busy at the club flirtin’
Friends just keep feeding you bourbon
Car smelling like his cologne and your weed
For months I would think, “Is he better than me?”
I know that he can’t love you better than me
I wonder was it your intention to cheat
Can’t believe I believed you,
Keep telling myself I don’t need you
When talking to her I just see you
Alone but surrounded by people
Maybe one day you’ll change, and he’ll reap the benefits
‘Cause all you left me were questions and pain
Don’t know why I care if you’re feeling the same
I need to just get you up out of my brain
I know I was never the plan
You’re not the you you would claim
You’re not the person I met,
Don’t know the you you became
Was addicted though to the pain
And the constant games that you play
Just being real when I say, that still
(It hurts to know)
And I tried to give you a chance
But things were never the same
I ended up all alone
You ended up with a lame
Was addicted though to the pain
And the constant games that you play
Just bein’ real when I say, that still
(It hurts to know)
Still, you’re who my family adores
Maybe that’s why it’s hard to ignore you
After all of the time we spent
Sad to think that I still didn’t know you
Woke up in a city that we never been to, I wish I could show you
Even my music I put it below you
Just know I would have done anything for you
Remember I told you, I felt inadequate
Because you came from a family with money
And me, I have nothing, I work as a waiter with visions of turnin’ myself into something
The music was buzzing but I couldn’t pay for a bill
Off of people just saying they love it
Had class in the morning, had work in the evening
Then write through the night with no food in my stomach
Just know that it’s hard, damn
Girl it’s so fucking hard
I keep telling myself that I need to move on
But it’s hard to get close when I have up a guard
I know everything change, the old me would prolly feel shame for the bottles I’ve bought on my card
You would go to the bar, while I was stuck working a double to pay for the tank in my car
And I guess, that it’s best I pretend like I don’t give a fuck
even though to be real, I’m a mess
I’ve been tryna find anything I can find just to fill in the hole in my chest
And it’s sad to believe that a picture with me, is a picture of you and an ex
You should know that it takes everything within me to delete when I’m sending a text
It doesn't feel right with you gone
It hurts too much to be left alone
I know I was never in your plans
I just can't get you out of my head
It hurts to know


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Jan 14, 2019




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Comments 7 295
luyandö Day ago
Jubilee did a video like this
Luke Wheeler
Luke Wheeler 2 days ago
I listen to this song everyday multiple times and still love it
jessica bammann
jessica bammann 7 days ago
Swear he made this song for my life right now... thank you Witt for always touching my soul in the right places.
Joe Green
Joe Green 7 days ago
Prolly my fav Witt song because I relate so damn much... I can feel the pain in his voice as if it was my own
Shubham Kumar Singh
2019 Dec!! one of the best songggggg
Daniel Muro
Daniel Muro 9 days ago
Adam Bender
Adam Bender 9 days ago
Damn Witt on fire! Can't turn it up loud enough!
bear bear
bear bear 10 days ago
The clapping ruins the song, it was great till I started hearing it
TheSaipher 13 days ago
great song but im crying :(
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson 14 days ago
Some people sing some rap, he is trying to rap while crying😭
Laura Johnston
Laura Johnston 18 days ago
Anyone else listening to this and comparing it to a person you never thought you’d be comparing this song to? Same.
Nuel Constantine
Nuel Constantine 20 days ago
Awesome Remix By TrapCity
Davey Hendricks
Davey Hendricks 20 days ago
I heard this song just before march before my breakup. And now every fucking time I hear this song I feel like I'm dying inside. I like the song but it's so difficult to listen to ;-;
Titanic Kat
Titanic Kat 23 days ago
Love hurts then anything we can ever feel it’s beautiful but yet painful because we take our time for that one person but they don’t put that time back to you when you need it the most
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! 24 days ago
I just now realized this was filmed in Batman's garage/cave from The Dark Knight. 🔥🔥
TheProdicalSonnn 05
Dude, I can relate so hard, I have a girl ashley rn that's messin w my feelings too man😭
Amanda VanLue
Amanda VanLue 26 days ago
Love the deep shit! Now thats whats real
Ryan Wooods
Ryan Wooods 26 days ago
You may not see this but you have helped me though a lot with your music it's like you speak everything I have been though your amazing please keep doing what your doing your so amazing
ISAAX ZUMKOU 26 days ago
This mans turned down tht red head black girl witt u tripping lolol. #team Witt
Corny Mendez
Corny Mendez 29 days ago
This guy needs to be heard more
Raggedy Man
Raggedy Man Month ago
I really love pain what i can hear you words and voice... Gosh your awesome, and i have past 15 years listen only heavy metal till your song hit me so hard... Whole Dreaming with your eyes Open has been playing repeat past 14 days, maybe i move now at I could not plan this cd... But hell yeah... You got everything to be biggest and trust me, you will be... :)
marsha Duernberger
Nf is not a rapper and Witt lowry is a rapper
marsha Duernberger
Awesome raper's nf and Witt lowry
Superior Singer
Superior Singer Month ago
Hits home
Dominik Burgeson
Travis Robinson
Travis Robinson Month ago
Man your songs amazing. My older brother went to your concert and you signed his hat. He showed me your songs and I'm listening to them alot
RioT Month ago
I felt everything in this 🤕
Daniel Zac
Daniel Zac Month ago
Goosebumps for sure should ever Witt, NF & Ivan B collab. Shit'll blow the roof off!!
Browser 123
Browser 123 Month ago
Amazing song
Cohenreacts12 113
#tamwitteverthing Nf am you need to make song Nf is my favourite artist
Carina Uher
Carina Uher Month ago
like damn who broke your heart?
Chase MacPherson
Ive always wondered what tinder in real life would look like but I guess now I know
NF Whooo
NF Whooo Month ago
U can feel the pain in Ur voice💯 thats pasion🔥💯🖤
Yo-yo Rapper
Yo-yo Rapper Month ago
I bet no girl can write this all to her ex bf
Tafadzwa Gotora
Tafadzwa Gotora Month ago
the flow, the energy, the lines.....Awesome.........like it
Dan Wallace
Dan Wallace Month ago
Wish Deion was in the vid! That’s my dude.
camarors8992 2 months ago
Dope song and video. I noticed this video was shot in the same building as the video for Half-Alive - still feel. ruvid.net/video/video-KOOhPfMbuIQ.html I found that to be pretty cool!
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 2 months ago
Made a fan out of me when I went with my girl, hope you get far witt fuck all these mumble rap bastards keep being you. Love you music
Freake Hoax
Freake Hoax 2 months ago
This and time by NF hit different rn🙃😢
Amber Rector
Amber Rector 2 months ago
Please come to St. Louis!! ❤
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