Witt Lowry - HURT (feat. Deion Reverie)

Witt Lowry
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Song produced by Dan Haynes :
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Mixed & Mastered by John Will : @iamjohnwill
Directed by Drew Kirsch : @drewkirsch
It doesn't feel right with you gone
It hurts too much to be left alone
I know I was never in your plans
But it doesn't feel right in her bed
It hurts to know
If only I knew to love you, I would lose me
Would wake up just to go back to sleep
I hope you and him live happily
But the memories girl, you gonna have to keep
All the lies that you told me are on repeat
I don’t know what’s real, you lie through your teeth
If I could take the feelings that I had for you
Just like our pics, I’d press delete
I’ve been contemplating
100 times, about 100 facts, I found out were lies
I know you used me just to pass the time
But you can’t ever say I didn’t fucking try
What you meant to me is what I mean to art,
Was real with you from the fucking start
You played games with my fucking heart
And after you I fell a fucking part
I know we weren’t perfect,
I guess I thought we were worth it
I guess your love was uncertain
You’re busy at the club flirtin’
Friends just keep feeding you bourbon
Car smelling like his cologne and your weed
For months I would think, “Is he better than me?”
I know that he can’t love you better than me
I wonder was it your intention to cheat
Can’t believe I believed you,
Keep telling myself I don’t need you
When talking to her I just see you
Alone but surrounded by people
Maybe one day you’ll change, and he’ll reap the benefits
‘Cause all you left me were questions and pain
Don’t know why I care if you’re feeling the same
I need to just get you up out of my brain
I know I was never the plan
You’re not the you you would claim
You’re not the person I met,
Don’t know the you you became
Was addicted though to the pain
And the constant games that you play
Just being real when I say, that still
(It hurts to know)
And I tried to give you a chance
But things were never the same
I ended up all alone
You ended up with a lame
Was addicted though to the pain
And the constant games that you play
Just bein’ real when I say, that still
(It hurts to know)
Still, you’re who my family adores
Maybe that’s why it’s hard to ignore you
After all of the time we spent
Sad to think that I still didn’t know you
Woke up in a city that we never been to, I wish I could show you
Even my music I put it below you
Just know I would have done anything for you
Remember I told you, I felt inadequate
Because you came from a family with money
And me, I have nothing, I work as a waiter with visions of turnin’ myself into something
The music was buzzing but I couldn’t pay for a bill
Off of people just saying they love it
Had class in the morning, had work in the evening
Then write through the night with no food in my stomach
Just know that it’s hard, damn
Girl it’s so fucking hard
I keep telling myself that I need to move on
But it’s hard to get close when I have up a guard
I know everything change, the old me would prolly feel shame for the bottles I’ve bought on my card
You would go to the bar, while I was stuck working a double to pay for the tank in my car
And I guess, that it’s best I pretend like I don’t give a fuck
even though to be real, I’m a mess
I’ve been tryna find anything I can find just to fill in the hole in my chest
And it’s sad to believe that a picture with me, is a picture of you and an ex
You should know that it takes everything within me to delete when I’m sending a text
It doesn't feel right with you gone
It hurts too much to be left alone
I know I was never in your plans
I just can't get you out of my head
It hurts to know




14 янв 2019

Witt Lowry - HURTWitt LowryWittLowryHURTEmotionSadRealHip-hopRapMusicSingingArtDeionDeion ReverieDanDan HaynesWittyPassionFeatureCinematic




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Brandon Thacker
Brandon Thacker 9 часов назад
Witt lowry hey buddy can i ask u a question. In this video what were u doing with those girl i mean dont get me wrong good ass song u got here but it was confusing me with that girl part what where u doing with them.and also u are doing good buddy keep going with this kind of music it turning out really good i like these kinds of music because I'm always in a sad depressed mood and i listen to them and start thinking about things but very good music. thanks for the good music.!!!😊😁👌
Rick 16 часов назад
The concert in Amsterdam was absolutely amazing!! 👌
William Santos
William Santos 20 часов назад
@witt Lowery you speak the truth bro good shit..
quawo nown
quawo nown 21 час назад
I read it all gd jj ain't going no where gd
quawo nown
quawo nown 21 час назад
Babyface s invisible
Alex Mute
Alex Mute 23 часа назад
Man this hit me hard 👌
The Messenger
The Messenger День назад
Have this on replay everyday
caps105 День назад
1:10 remind of the jubilee speed dating videos on youtube lol
recatogaming День назад
f u ck this is deep
Dulla Bills
Dulla Bills День назад
this the type brudda that makes u like a song/video before u watch or listen
TiGER [OGW] День назад
Wit and NF I wish they collabed
luistorres925 2 дня назад
Good job. Witt this song fire🔥. Keep the grin going I hope to hear some more fire music🔥
styk mayne
styk mayne 2 дня назад
Dude this fuckin song right now damn
Garth Cannon
Garth Cannon 2 дня назад
No matter how many times I listen to this song it always fucked me up. Keep it up witt your one of the realest dudes out there right now and your killing it. Hope to see one of your shows one day.
G0blin 2 дня назад
witt you rap with emotion in your voice and that's something many rappers don't have. many props to you for being an absolute legend
Aaron Vasquez
Aaron Vasquez 3 дня назад
Your music is an inspiration to what I write for my music. This song hit me hard being a divorced dad is hard but your music honestly truly keeps me and what I write with my pin keeps me alive and going . 💯 your lyrics mean the world to me . I know you will keep it up brotha.
ShadowLD 3 дня назад
matthew huxley
matthew huxley 3 дня назад
I listen to your songs every day you are so talented team witt for life
TheWAZZUP360 3 дня назад
It’s a weird coincidence that when he goes on dates, if he has a red sweatshirt on, he has a red drink... a white sweatshirt, a white drink... oof
Chris Delso
Chris Delso 4 дня назад
Swipe right tho for me Witt?
maya s
maya s 4 дня назад
Can't find it IG music search :(
Tim Blackburn
Tim Blackburn 4 дня назад
This dude is so slept on. Witt lowry is taking over. Good music dude keep it up
Cas Keen
Cas Keen 4 дня назад
Damn, gives me chills on how close to home this hit. Felt this on every level I didn't know existed
Cursed Khien
Cursed Khien 4 дня назад
Witt is my favorite rapper. He speaks from his soul.
Thijmen Berg, van den
Thijmen Berg, van den 4 дня назад
00:00​ ●━━━━━━─────── 4:20 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
XGN FallenOne44
XGN FallenOne44 5 дней назад
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 5 дней назад
There is no better thing in this world when you can relate and scream a song and let your emotions out
Kaitlyn Stoutner
Kaitlyn Stoutner 5 дней назад
I really wish you could contact me mark.
Ersel Uysal
Ersel Uysal 5 дней назад
Ich küss deine augen
Limitedtrout617 5 дней назад
The red and white is the angel and devil
Patriot_boy116 6 дней назад
His music is great but god dam he really misses this bitch 😂
dodgi mr
dodgi mr 6 дней назад
Booj vhleeshde psdachin
Intel Gaming
Intel Gaming 6 дней назад
I’ve Been Listening To This Man Since 2015! (Dreaming With Your Eyes Open)
Anshul Singh
Anshul Singh 6 дней назад
Witt lorry mixed drugs in this song I'm getting eddected with this song 😣😻😻
Enter Preflex
Enter Preflex 6 дней назад
There was this girl I talked to and she really fucked me up. This was a couple years ago and when I heard this song it really hit me hard asf...
Emperor Constantine
Emperor Constantine 6 дней назад
Revolution Official Music
Revolution Official Music 6 дней назад
Listening to this on Valentine's day cause I'm now single and broken hearted.
Cody Usner
Cody Usner 6 дней назад
Witty back with a banger ,you inspire me too write
PAL HD 7 дней назад
Seeing you tomorrow I’m London and I can’t wait 🙌🏽
madison belrose
madison belrose 7 дней назад
Most amazing heart feeling lyrics ❤ such an amazing artist all of his music so deep and that's what makes it amazing
im okay
im okay 7 дней назад
I miss my ex girlfriend. I been having seizures lately. If I die soon. This is the song I want to die to.
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin 7 дней назад
I saw Witt in concert yesterday. He started it with this song. Honestly one of the best nights of my life. #teamwitt
Blake Michon
Blake Michon 8 дней назад
The look of surprise when he saw Ashley was real and seeing her in that light made him think and reflect about his priorities and what he cares about. He even said it .." I even put my music below you". The struggle after a break up to put all your aspirations back above the one you love is hard. The loading at the end symbolizes that sometimes in life you have to "go back" or "refresh" the page, which both cause the new page to reload. Genius. If im close lol
CallemGORDO 8 дней назад
sycotic gamer
sycotic gamer 8 дней назад
Mama_Got _Soul
Mama_Got _Soul 8 дней назад
Schmeckle 9 дней назад
This song keeps flitting between 2 of my exes - different lines and verses for each of them - *to the fucking letter*
Joah Foster
Joah Foster 9 дней назад
That was so good
Joah Foster
Joah Foster 9 дней назад
Just wow
Joah Foster
Joah Foster 9 дней назад
Joah Foster
Joah Foster 9 дней назад
Madarcher_x _
Madarcher_x _ 9 дней назад
Wow wow wow.. this song is amazing! It’s on repeat 24/7😍
Clayton skyy
Clayton skyy 9 дней назад
You saved my life witt..seriously thank you
Ƥ4Ƭяι0т 9 дней назад
#TEAMWITT I love your work so much. I could not plan this and HURT are the best 💙 2:33 - 3:31 Best Part 😭💙🙏
Da life of a Freak
Da life of a Freak 9 дней назад
Love you! Your the best I honestly dunno how I could cope without your music... the emotion and the feelings in your raps/songs make them so relatable and it feels like you talking to us. Your life story is amazing and you have been so strong Ilysm 💕😭
Anar_ Daddy
Anar_ Daddy 9 дней назад
witt you have impacted my life so much your music has touched and help me in so many ways when I was in my darkest times of full suicidal thoughts I listen to ur music and its truly the only thing that brang me comfort an the pain was unbearable at some times but this song speaks to me on so many level I love you and your music keep it coming brother much appreciated
Alex  Longerbeam
Alex Longerbeam 9 дней назад
Please explain the story...
The SPYRO Flipper
The SPYRO Flipper 10 дней назад
The greatest artist I've ever heard..
Christopher Abernathy
Christopher Abernathy 10 дней назад
I love how the tinderesque symbolism plays the main role in this video. I was in the exact situation when I found the girl I used to love on tinder. I didn’t swipe for 3 days bc I was trying to decide what to do.
Xiiiaya 10 дней назад
I love you 😭 thank you for helping me with my depression!
SyRn 11 дней назад
Hey would you guys mind checking my music out? It would mean a lot to a guy trying to start his career. A majority of my music is emotional like witts.
3upa 11 дней назад
What is the font used for the text at the end..?
Ashley Harper
Ashley Harper 11 дней назад
Can I just say you're my inspiration as a rapper. I didn't think I'd fit in the genre, but I found you. Keep at it!! 💜💜
Dan M
Dan M 11 дней назад
Deion sounds just as good as the industry's favorites. Hes competition. Their hate cant last forever. About time he got views. Witt ur solid as well homie
James Michael
James Michael 11 дней назад
ruvid.net/video/видео-BVt1Rjqbtss.html This song could change your life. Give it a listen.
Notodden Cross Gutta
Notodden Cross Gutta 11 дней назад
Rap Sucks
Thandanani zulu
Thandanani zulu 11 дней назад
FamiliaFun 12 дней назад
Up there with Eminem. Unreal soul and passion
Kita Botha
Kita Botha 12 дней назад
"my family adores you maybe that's why it's hard to ignore you, after all this time we spent, sad to think I still don't know you".... My ex in a verse.
derek bowles
derek bowles 12 дней назад
Wasn’t sure how I felt about the beat at first but Witt killed this digging it now.
m d
m d 12 дней назад
your my go to Witt at 3am. your doing such a great job!
gmore10 12 дней назад
witts music just speaks to your soul he puts the words in your mouth for you he tells all of our broken stories in a beautiful way
TrisskyTV 12 дней назад
Chloe Cox
Chloe Cox 12 дней назад
this is s powerful
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 12 дней назад
1 million. beautiful.
J whit
J whit 13 дней назад
What mic and preamp do u use?
Carla Evans
Carla Evans 13 дней назад
I like your style
chappyfx 13 дней назад
Witt Lowry - HURT (feat. Deion Reverie) 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:20 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Young Coffey
Young Coffey 13 дней назад
I felt this in my soul Witt
Kamatoochi PUBG
Kamatoochi PUBG 13 дней назад
Deion did hella great in this song man
alan Shepherd
alan Shepherd 13 дней назад
Loser 13 дней назад
so proud of him
Rose Cali
Rose Cali 14 дней назад
Scrolling through these comments looking at people whos gone through heart breaks just breaks my heart too. Awesome song by the way
CaptainFireLord 14 дней назад
Im addicted to this song .... Maybe bacause I am in a similar situation.
Matthew Labush
Matthew Labush 14 дней назад
If you are depressed or having a bad day or just need someone to talk to I am here for you, you are not alone. Don't give up because life gets better, there is always the next day with new opportunities and better things to come. Message me if you want to talk, my snapchat is mattlabush16
green _caffeine
green _caffeine 14 дней назад
this song fucking killed me today. powerful.
Crystal R
Crystal R 14 дней назад
Witt Lowry #underated loved your music since jump 👌 love this 1
vex6h 14 дней назад
seeing your music and career progression has been a beautiful journey. Team Witt 4 Life
Brandon Sherwood
Brandon Sherwood 14 дней назад
Wont be long till he's main stream. Cant wait to hear some real shit on the radio for once.
Slaw 14 дней назад
Honestly...this is the best song ever, in my opinion. You really inspire me to keep working and to motivate me to do anything that I want to do. You are one of the fastest growing musicians in the music industry right now. You are my favorite artist ever and I never want you to stop making music for me and your audience. You have led me a long way through your music and also helped me through the toughest of times. Thank You, Witt. -Slaw
AliceLovesEatingMacaroons 14 дней назад
Barely found him and I'm going through his songs and I just love his voice, he sings with such emotion that it sounds like he's truly in pain and I feel like I can almost feel it....like its tangible. Amazing singer.
Prince Echo
Prince Echo 14 дней назад
I wonder why all of the women are wearing white and he's wearing black. I know that there is some symbolism there as to why that is but I just don't know why.
Bennestar 14 дней назад
Made My Year ! :D
Seaboyer 09
Seaboyer 09 14 дней назад
"I never thought we where perfect, I guess I just thaught we where worth it" easily my favorite line
Dragoș Micu
Dragoș Micu 15 дней назад
Oh my God...... I found another angel.
Asho Gaming
Asho Gaming 15 дней назад
Beautiful song 😍
Brianne Sturgis
Brianne Sturgis 15 дней назад
I’ve listened to this song prolly 100x tonite! Amazing
Fidonym 15 дней назад
Dude, why did I never heard of you before? this is awesome
Azriel Taylor
Azriel Taylor 15 дней назад
Paarth Vader
Paarth Vader 15 дней назад
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