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We’re super proud to present to you Within Temptation's brand new song 'The Purge'. Listen to it on all streaming platforms: www.lnk.to/wttp
It's a heavy kick ass song with that old school Within Temptation vibe 😉. We're super excited and hope you are too. Enjoy!
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Got no scars cut on my skin,
only my truth is wearing thin
and it hollows me.
It hollows me.
I hate the darkness of my past.
The cold rebelling, it drives me mad
and it follows me.
It’s carving the heart out of me.
I’ve got to bleed it out.
All my thought intoxicated ‘cause the weight on me.
It buries me alive.
It pulls me down right into the darkness.
It pulls me down and I can’t resist.
Let me feel it ‘cause I don’t know, I can’t see.
All I feel is I'm breaking up.
Oh, can’t you see it’s taking over, over me.
Can’t you see?
Yeah, you want me to fight it and you want me to let go.
Yeah, you tell me to fight it and you damn me if I don’t.
So, let me bleed it out and purge me.
I can't see, no I can't see, no I can't see.
And I feel I'm breaking.
My defiance made me strong
but now I’m doubting what I have done
and it's killing me, it's killing me.
I hate to see what I’ve become.
I find no peace, no justice done,
This gravity, it's carving the heart out of me.
I’ve got to bleed it out.
All my thoughts intoxicated, 'cause the weight on me
It buries me alive.
It pulls me down right into the darkness.
It pulls me down and I can’t resist.
Let me feel it 'cause I don’t know, I can’t see.
All I feel is I'm breaking up.
Oh can’t you see it’s taking over, over me.
Can’t you see?
Yeah, you want me to fight it and you want me to let go.
Yeah, you tell me to fight it and you damn me if I don’t.
So, let me bleed it out and purge me,
I can't see, no I can't see, no I can't see.
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Nov 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Stacey Samson
Stacey Samson 20 days ago
Sharons voice never ceases to amaze me! cannot wait for a new album if it comes!! this song is amazing x
Alex Elka
Alex Elka 28 days ago
SatharUnknown Month ago
Намного лучше, чем клип версия, потому что здесь звук не порезан. Жаль, что теперь "доступ по ссылке" вместо свободного доступа.
NoMorePlease Month ago
ToXeN2007 Month ago
Please put this version back instead of the official music video (or fix that) because the sound quality of that is terrbile whilst this is fine.
Nicholas Fuhrmann
Been a fan for years, I think since The Heart of Everything album. Watching this band evolve is watching a baby turn into an adult, and I mean that in a good way....your music is such a great thing to listen to, ill be waiting for your next album, and im definitely sold no matter what. To you Sharon and the rest of the band, thank you for your music as always!
mete doğa
mete doğa Month ago
sonny_swasanayuda wahyu wijayanto
.. amazing.. 👏
uri black
uri black Month ago
Still better than Evanescence 😂🎵🎼
SNOYS Month ago
Beat name?
Rodrigo Alejandro Farías Cisternas
is a nice song... but what was that volume changing in bass line? the final result feels kinda dirty for that.
Amazing Chiang Mai
i love it
Алёна Крутько
It's so amazing andbeautiful song and voice
Chris Schilling
Chris Schilling Month ago
Awesome. Can't wait for the album.
junior healy
junior healy Month ago
This song is so amazing i love within temptation
EatSleepDie Month ago
Within Temptation and Amaranthe should make a song together. They are my faves for years.
Soner Gözüpek
Soner Gözüpek Month ago
I liked it this song tarja. You're voice is exactly wonderful.
Alex Lapshin
Alex Lapshin Month ago
How much I like instrumental performance, I enjoy this band
El Niño
El Niño Month ago
Hate me, but I still believe "Enter" is their best album. Now everything they write it too pop-ish to me, and they seem to write the same song over and over again.
n_vselm Month ago
The best in my opinion are The Silent Force, Heart of Everything and The Unforgiving. Altough I like this new sound, the symphonic metal of the older days is something what speaks most to me.
Seathe Linden
Seathe Linden Month ago
I liked Mother Earth and The Silent Force the most. I still enjoy their latest albums but I can't help but agree with you to some extent.
Augusto Cesar Amorim
I love your voice
Nathalie Peeters
Barbara Martin
Barbara Martin Month ago
This song just speaks volumes to the vocal range! The lyrics combined with the music... it takes you another world.
Bianca Porto
Bianca Porto Month ago
Amazing as always!
99 Blackbirds RumbleStilskin
" The purge" Movie Tron Legacy" ruvid.net/video/video-XEuLWKBSRqw.html
99 Blackbirds RumbleStilskin
how do you get your links to be certified?
Lloyd Dragonforce
Kinda reminds me a lot of Gary Numan's work of about 15 years ago - until the vocals kick in. There's no better vocalist for this genre but where is the guitar work? I'm not going to say that I don't like it because it'll grow on me. However, not impressed initially.
Milvius Martyr
Milvius Martyr Month ago
Thats what I call within temptation
Fábio Mira
Fábio Mira Month ago
The main riff is exciting! I liked the lyric, the conceiving in general. Great arrangements. The vocals still amazing (Goddess Sharon!).
Ilya Pakhomov
Ilya Pakhomov Month ago
Not gonna lie, I was hesitant to listen to new song since I didn't like "Entertain You", but I glad that I gave it a try! This song is really great! Keep up the good work WT!
mónic A
mónic A Month ago
Martijn V
Martijn V Month ago
You are Fantastic You should be the main act at Castlefest in de Keukenhof. Jullie zijn geweldige Artiesten
Thomas Naumann
Thomas Naumann Month ago
Super Frau mit einer sehr schönen starken Stimme einfach nur klasse
Martin Malik
Martin Malik Month ago
Awesome. You are delivering great songs over decades now. Thanks for the passion and all the memories i associate with your music.
Stellarheim Month ago
This is better.
Bradley 1987
Bradley 1987 Month ago
cant stop listening to this, amazing.
CrazyIQ Month ago
I wandered of over the last years, but I like the slightly heavier sound in WT. This track gives me some Bring me the Horizon vibes too, which is not a bad thing for a change.
Kasia Ko
Kasia Ko Month ago
So powerful! I love it!
ivan Richards
ivan Richards Month ago
On the strength of this stunning new song, I'm looking forward to the album.
Christopher Pacitti
I love this old and new together I love with in temptation
Edens Viper
Edens Viper Month ago
Welcome Back To The Metal Path Guys ! ! It's A Damn Great Song ! !
Solidea75 Month ago
Are you turning more and more towards electronic music, aren't you? And that wall of chitarroni that makes all the songs more or less the same. I don't know, I'm perplexed.
Solidea75 Month ago
@Tommy Hahira You make me curious, I will listen to it
Tommy Hahira
Tommy Hahira Month ago
@Solidea75 i listen a lot of music Style. From Prog Metal to Fusion Jazz, Ambient, Movie‘s Soundtrack, Trance, New Age...! But the Album of the year 2020 was for me Conception - State Of Deception
Solidea75 Month ago
@Tommy Hahira Maybe I need to listen to it a couple more times ... But I wouldn't mind a few more guitar solos done as in the past, to break a little bit of that wall of distorted Linkin Park-style guitars that, in the long run, bore me a little.
Tommy Hahira
Tommy Hahira Month ago
I Love so much Electronic influence in Metal music. I want more music like O.S.I. I need Samples and Ambient / Trance Sound in Metal music. Listen the stratospheric Keyboardparts on Evergrey - In Search Of Truth! And i like so much this song from Within Temptation!
Alex JRDZ Month ago
I love this song, i love all songs, Within Temptation Forever !!
Jessica Moreira
Jessica Moreira Month ago
I love this band, this voice stronger than ever ... repeating, repeating, repeating
Ewerson Andrade
Ewerson Andrade Month ago
This song is Absolutely amazing, with no words to describe.. I love it \m/
Cuddle the Bears
The only problem with liking this once is that I can't do it again 😔❤
Edwin Serpa
Edwin Serpa Month ago
I can't believe how within temptation describes all the feelings that people can feel, and for example, during the las albums I have found a way to express myself and not break apart. Thank you so much for your great music, I'll love you guys and I hope to see you alive in Colombia
THE ONE WORD - this is TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gorson Month ago
Thank You Lord for Sharon and WT
Алексей Новиков
WT рулят безоговорочно!!! Шэрон - в президенты... Беларуси!)))
Ma-ma-ma Mary
Ma-ma-ma Mary Month ago
I love it! 🥰🥰
the life of binks
Petition to have within temptation do shows in New Zealand.
Cyril Reboursiere
And now, come the record ? Hurry please, i hear your song when i go to work or when i run ! It's like a river in my head. Great. And thank you us
Cassie Ash
Cassie Ash Month ago
You never disappoint
Wolfdks Gameplay
eu amo sharon den adel eu amo within temptation
Range Rover Rover
Just love it.....
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny Month ago
Nice song. Jak będziecie mogli znów koncertować to zapraszamy do Poznania. Ostatnio daliście tam zajebisty pokaz jak się gra. Wasz suport też dał niezły popis. Kocham Was z całego serca. Słucham Was każdego dnia. Macie moje serce . Dajecie mi kopa energii i siłę.
Jdouble T
Jdouble T Month ago
oh crap, another song to get stuck in my head. Time to go buy another album!
Love this sound. Cannot go wrong with this band.
Nahir Kairuz
Nahir Kairuz Month ago
I miss them!!! Please come to Argentina When the pandemia leave us
Naomi Sage
Naomi Sage Month ago
CG5: releases an awesome kickass song Within Temptation: releases an awesome kickass song the exact same day *Everyone liked that*
Shamus52637 Month ago
Found you through the Heavy Queens playlist on Spotify. Love this song so much!!
Futur Tech
Futur Tech Month ago
Stupenda ❤️
Fast Forward Charts
This is wannabe track to newest Fast Forward Charts - polish rock-alternative charts played at Radio Aktywne. You can vote at it on www.fastforwardcharts.com once a day. New chart will be played and published at Sunday 18:00 CEST
Вячеслав Николаев
My defiance made me strong, but now I’m doubting what I’ve done And it’s killing me, it’s killing me I hate to see what I’ve become, I find no peace, no justice done
pancerz78 Month ago
I love You. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤😊
Alice Heartfillia
So good 😍😍
John Senth bot
John Senth bot Month ago
This looks just like the JOJO vampire masks.
I guess this is the best song I've heard from WT, after my three favorite albums of the band (The Silent Force, The Heart of Everything and The Unforgiving).
Laurine Month ago
It's wonderful thank you !!
Kai'S Game and Tech edits
I love it
Miss Queen
Miss Queen Month ago
perfect as usual!! never lose your line 💜
Valy Mar
Valy Mar Month ago
I could recognize Sharon's voice over thousands of other voices
Carlos The Villan
It's good I really like it, so refreshing to have some hard rock still around
Gekon Lover
Gekon Lover Month ago
Fuckin' masterpiece
Mike Fischi
Mike Fischi Month ago
Eurovision Song NR.1 2020😁🤘 great job🔥❤️👏👏👏
Carolina Livotto
Oh my God! It's amazing! Congrats guys!
Alex Urbaneja
Alex Urbaneja Month ago
holy mother of god
Eka Saputra
Eka Saputra Month ago
I love it 🤘🤘🤘
Patrick Lafrance
Wow j'adore 😍
THUNDERCAT2782 Month ago
THUNDERCAT2782 Month ago
Thanks for the thumbs up
Paulo Castro
Paulo Castro Month ago
OMG i love this Song!
Sammi Snook
Sammi Snook Month ago
this is amazing LOVE IT!!!!!!! think this will be repeated a few time. cant wait for more
бофа бофович
Grzegorz Bestia / Kozik
Good job, and that voice .. I like very much :)
enge death
enge death Month ago
I am disgusted I was happy to see you at the Rockhal in Luxembourg but unfortunately with what is happening everything has been canceled
Shir S
Shir S Month ago
No I can't see! 😍🙈 Amazing song! Love it!
Kevin Dowson
Kevin Dowson Month ago
Wow!!! Blown away by this song!!
Djan Maury YouTube Channel
🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 From Brazil Spectacular song !! Sonido increible !! Incroyable rhythm !! Música espetacular !!
Steve Broughton
Steve Broughton Month ago
Can't wait for a video, eh Sharon ? 😉 xxxxx
Simon P-M
Simon P-M Month ago
You are always here at the good moment thanks you within temptation i star to listen your musics at the age of 12 now i'm 29 . Yousave me so many times and heal me too many time too . Masterpiece
M1keSpb Month ago
Great song!
Fayzer Raf
Fayzer Raf Month ago
So relatable! It's so beautiful and amazing!!!!
Christos Kourtis
ΓΑ-ΜΗ-ΣΕ απλά! ! ! Greetings from Greece!
ichbinsdoch Month ago
Awesome, great! Many thanks for upload!
raymiebarnes71 Month ago
Definitely one of the super band... Just stunning. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎸
Иванов Игорь
Эх, где мои 17 лет... Вот тогда это зашло бы на ура. Наверное. А сейчас я слишком разборчив, чтобы мог существовать хоть один шанс зацепить меня чем-то подобным. Ни внятных рифов, ни мелодичности. Никаких особых затей, просто безликая песенка, подходящая для звучания фоном по радио.
Rolandas Ragenas
I love them !!!
Lilith Ely
Lilith Ely Month ago
Mark Lawless
Mark Lawless Month ago
amazing. Sharon you're a goddess.
eorenn Month ago
Epic! Everything is perfect about it!
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