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Within Temptation
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About the song
"There’s always a group of people in society that doesn’t fit in and somehow we always have a need to emphasize that they do not fit in by singling them out, cornering them in all sorts of ways - think of viral videos, fights on the streets et cetera", Sharon den Adel says.
Sharon: "
These people didn’t ask to be different, they simply are just different. The beauty is that by being different, these people bring so much color to our society, since our society is so uniform! These people are not here for our entertainment, so we can feel good about ourselves. If you don’t realise that, it’s maybe time for bit more self reflection and wonder why you are participating in such behaviour".
Entertain You
Mixed by Zakk Cervini
Don't be mistaken
Your bloody time's up
This ain't no game no we're not here to entertain you.
You get your fix sitting on your throne.
You want it all and the price, it doesn’t matter.
The world is yours and you think you know it all, know it all.
I know that smile so I should have known.
You sold me out for a reckless bet you burnt me.
Of the ground, now won't back down anymore.
You think you own me but I wouldn't be so sure.
You want a battle but you’re gonna lose a war.
Go to hell I'm not here to entertain you.
Just walk away or face the showdown.
I won't bow I don't care about the bleeding.
cause our freedom's undefeated
My soul on fire, burning desire
make no mistake cause the stakes are getting higher.
Go to hell, I'm not here to entertain you.
I'm not here to entertain you.
Don't be mistaken.
Your bloody time's up.
This ain't no game, no we're not here to entertain you.
Pull your face like you didn't know.
Like you cared and we'd buy your sorry story.
Blame the sea, blame the moon for all
don't you see we're the ones with the redemption
The time keeps turning round, turning round
Now the time is gone you're going down
You think you own me but I wouldn't be so sure.
Go to hell I'm not here to entertain you.
Just walk away or face the showdown.
I won't bow, I don't care about the bleeding.
cause our freedom's undefeated.
My soul on fire, burning desire.
Make no mistake cause the stakes are getting higher.
Go to hell, I'm not here to entertain you
I'm not here to entertain you.
In your mind you deny all the suffering
You've take sides cause you lost it ain’t your fight now
You don't care anymore cause you lost the crown now
We're not here to entertain you.
Go to hell I'm not here to entertain you.
Just walk away or face the showdown.
I won't bow, I don't care about the bleeding.
cause our freedom's undefeated.
My soul on fire, burning desire.
Make no mistake cause the stakes are getting higher.
Go to hell, I'm not here to entertain you
I'm not here to entertain you.
Video produced by Welzen Studios


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May 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Within Temptation
Listen to our brand new song 'Entertain You' on your preferred music service: www.lnk.to/wtey
BiTheWay Yes
BiTheWay Yes 5 days ago
I'm liking it ...smiles
Agostinho Brito
Agostinho Brito 7 days ago
@BreakTheSilence I totally agree!
Роман Батов
She is just looking for herself. And what she finds does not spoil her, she is Sharon! New style, new design, new voice, it's always cool. Simply, if the listener knows her, then she will support her. Personally, my opinion is as a singer, as an actor in music videos and an orangery, and most importantly, everything was welcomed in her.
ekdikeo 9 days ago
... this isn't very entertaining :(
METAL CHURCH 23 days ago
@Lionard Kirsch Some changes are great for any band. But isn't the case here. Now WT sound bad for my tastes, and i know this band from the early years. Just my opinion
Black Wolf
Black Wolf Hour ago
Looove it
Raul Rödz
Raul Rödz 10 hours ago
What a voice Sharon!!!
Monica P
Monica P 11 hours ago
I think I need Sharon's jacket
ClassicJRPG 14 hours ago
They can do far better. Sometimes change for the sake of change just sucks.
Stellarheim 16 hours ago
I don't think I like it.
Noche de Terror / Microaudios
What the F**k is this Sh..t? Where was WT from before with its beautiful songs and its amazing riffs? You suck WT!
Tamara Lerner
Tamara Lerner 17 hours ago
this video and song are just FIRE. Loved it. Keep it coming!
Amel Biebs
Amel Biebs 18 hours ago
This song is rock 🖤🖤🖤
Aleksander Dziewoński
Teledysk nie odpowiada mi z racji "kakofonii" obrazów: żadne ujęcie nie trwa dłużej niż sekundę, nie ma możliwości przyjrzenia się postaciom i przemyślenia, co (skądinąd uwielbiana przeze mnie Sharon) chce nam przekazać tymi scenami. Sama piosenka czasem bardzo mi się podoba, czasem nie. Ale ogólnie, to (Y) (Y) (Y).
sapta villes
sapta villes Day ago
2020 is fucek year , but WT and Evanessence save my life
Yuri Cardoso
Yuri Cardoso Day ago
caraiooo ta muito bom
José Carlos Montaño
Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😀😀🥰🥰🥰
Судья Дред
Why am I fat?
L.C. Mucke
L.C. Mucke Day ago
I absolutely love this.
Orxan7 2 days ago
What happened to real Within Temptation?!(((((((
Валса Ли
Валса Ли 2 days ago
hm... definitely pop-metal, rap-metal or something else not metal, that is sad, already 10 years
Ashwini Rabidas
Ashwini Rabidas 2 days ago
O Sharon, look into my eyes😍😍
Евгений Евпалов
Always great! Russia loves you, guys!
Bagoes Pray
Bagoes Pray 2 days ago
Cover song.. "Lathi weird genius "
Giovanni Rivera
Giovanni Rivera 3 days ago
Esta p3rrona
freshsmilely 3 days ago
Shout out to Mike with the banging drums and having fun playing them
Chris Tucholske
Chris Tucholske 3 days ago
Been out of the loop & only heard about this a while ago. Great song & can't wait for the rest of the album.
Raul Victor
Raul Victor 3 days ago
Não supero esse clipe ♥️
becksterch86 nope
Sounds familiar🤔 .... I guess I'll die another day (Another day) I guess I'll die another day .... Sigmund Freud Analyze this 😉
Guido Dedeus
Guido Dedeus 3 days ago
Da hatte Within Temptation aber schon bessere Lieder.
Sylwia Bart
Sylwia Bart 3 days ago
Jestem mega zaskoczona słuchałam jej muzykę z 10lat temu i tak zajrzałam żeby zobaczyć nowości a tu szok zupełnie inny styl... Ale też dobry...
Alexander Bibb
Alexander Bibb 3 days ago
If I was in the WWE I’ll probably have this as my entrance music
LUNF 4 days ago
Anybody else feel like this music goes perfectly with a WWE Wrestler/Pay-Per-View...almost too perfectly in fact?
SuperSaltMine 4 days ago
Kefka called,
Saulo Magalhães
Saulo Magalhães 4 days ago
Over 20 years, they are fresh like they've just started! That keeps me always interested in what they're doing... Amazing
Anamaria Rodriguez
Desde el comienzo me encanta esta canción.
Tornamixz 4 days ago
Finally a worthy ad!
Spirit Sanctuary
Spirit Sanctuary 5 days ago
This band is forever evolving their sound and changing their music. Powerful versatile band! Love them since silent force as a teen!
Жуль Верн
Alexander S.
Alexander S. 5 days ago
Feels like watching The Hardkiss from 2012-2013. Hot bad, but not WT. :)
EPICA 1985
EPICA 1985 5 days ago
No "Joker" could ever look more beautiful :) :) :)
Jullio Rafn
Jullio Rafn 5 days ago
Eu sempre vou amar a dancinha dela 🥰💓😍
Nick Di Santo
Nick Di Santo 5 days ago
love it
Billy Boodle
Billy Boodle 5 days ago
Havent loved a Within Temptation song this much since Empty Eyes.
Iván Mengual Álvarez
Third time I listen to this song today
ᛖᛊᚳ 5 days ago
more muscles but less soul.
Lunae Iraes
Lunae Iraes 6 days ago
I'm totally loving this style!
Chris Lauderdale
Chris Lauderdale 6 days ago
The thumbnails freaks the HELL out of me.
nothingtocome 6 days ago
my girl never stops amazing me
David T.
David T. 6 days ago
Plz combine with The Hu... after this, this would be awesome!!!
Shield999 6 days ago
interesting song and video..
Isaac Montoya
Isaac Montoya 6 days ago
Who is that other singer? Is that the Imagine Dragons dude?
Franck Lafarge
Franck Lafarge 7 days ago
J'ai les poils qui poussent
Igor Magalhães Arruda Xavier
WTF?!!! Its soooooooo goood music...I am crying its now...I miss u sharon....
Agostinho Brito
Agostinho Brito 7 days ago
They are here to entertain the people who like them and the joker are the haters!
Agostinho Brito
Agostinho Brito 7 days ago
Wow!! Amazing!!!!!! Great song!
Eugene 7 days ago
Мне кажется, или там девушка в меховой шапке с советской кокардой?) Забавно так. А песня топ)
Анатолий Анатолий
Cool music turned out, minus not usually cool in this song
HECTOR GARCIA 8 days ago
HECTOR GARCIA 8 days ago
HECTOR GARCIA 8 days ago
Veronica DaVanzo
Veronica DaVanzo 8 days ago
I get this song.
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 8 days ago
When a rock singer acts a much better joker than all the other jokers combined
Иван Гасов
кстати, в шапке на гитаре не леха белов рубит????????
Иван Гасов
Шерон красотуля!)) классный клип!
Frozenaaa 8 days ago
I don't like them anymore. They are not as they use to be. Not even close
kingie66 8 days ago
Sound production is very poor. I can see this was attempt to create "wall of sound" effect combined with hard style, but with multiple distortions, this is just wall of mess. Should have choose on or another, not both together.
NFected/NFaction 8 days ago
This song legendary
Sherridan Jones
Sherridan Jones 9 days ago
Sharon is my goddess!
Galaxy Eyes Duelist
I'm a huge fan of Within Temptation and I love this song. Within Temptation is awesome and they rock.
Raul Victor
Raul Victor 9 days ago
Nihil Existence
Nihil Existence 9 days ago
A música não é ruim, mas não faz meu estilo, prefiro a primeira fase da banda.
Daniel Hollis
Daniel Hollis 9 days ago
I purchased this track. Because its fucking banging tune and an ANTHEM. Thank you WT
Chris Valenski
Chris Valenski 9 days ago
porno ^^ mit anderen worten alles richtig gemacht ;-)
Rose Wolf
Rose Wolf 9 days ago
I'm glad I found them awesome band and Sharon is very on point
Kerran Thano
Kerran Thano 9 days ago
awesome video....subtle yet steady evolution of their sound and style. good metal pop.
Majestic Minivan
Majestic Minivan 9 days ago
Very good
Vampire RebelBM9
Vampire RebelBM9 10 days ago
Good to stay metal but can tell Metal is changing every year 😭😭 sometimes for better but sometimes for worst...I really loved the older WT songs but still like the rhythm of the newer songs now...Stay strong and stay great!!! Love you WT ❤️
darkrift1111 10 days ago
Covid 19 is the biggest hoax in the history of humanity. Cashless society shall fail.
Valerie Amrine
Valerie Amrine 10 days ago
Well I love sharon outfits they are awesome Because of the Whole Gothic outfits I love that 16 century period.
Roberto Lava
Roberto Lava 10 days ago
En que mierda se transformó este grupo?
Sara Lopes
Sara Lopes 10 days ago
New Metal?
Vlad van der vart
Vlad van der vart 10 days ago
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