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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on RUvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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May 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Galactic 13 minutes ago
Honestly if I owned Wish.com I’d pay Danny to use that commercial
Galactic 18 minutes ago
You’re acting like owning a Chicken Helmet™️ is a bad thing
Marlaina Warcup
Your Local Lesbian
Your Local Lesbian 2 hours ago
i don't know about you but i always start my day with a warm cup of men's tea and rubbing my beard oil on all members on my family INCLUDING MY BABIES! before taking my bird and hamster/chipmunk on a walk i cant forget my 8 pack cream! i always carry my birds with me and he doesn't like the bag so i use my bird holder off of wish. sadly my beard isn't growing fast enough and my cat has been looking at me to much so i need to put his blindfold on him. i always before i bring my hamster/chipmunk i put in my teeth and tounge i bought only for $5 that i might get a STD from but who knows. but that's just my everyday routine!
Halcyon Herascarter
a tumblr mutual of mine got a sword off wish to hang on his wall. i'd buy a sword from wish! i'd totally buy a sword from wish. but you couldnt pay me to put any kind of skin or hair product from wish on my body
Honk boy
Honk boy 6 hours ago
hey danny sorry i’m four months late but i bought the teeth 😎
CallMe Cowboy
CallMe Cowboy 9 hours ago
Straight up got a wish ad before this video started
Robi Don
Robi Don 10 hours ago
Everyone should get a shirt which says "if you read this your too close"😂😂🤣🤣
GKWXRLD 11 hours ago
𝙻𝚎𝚝𝚜 𝚝𝚘𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚐 𝚕𝚎𝚝𝚜 𝚝𝚘𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚐 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝙹𝚄𝚂𝚃 𝙵𝚄𝙲𝙺𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙲𝚄𝙼
Nini Sikhashvili
Nini Sikhashvili 11 hours ago
Im laughing my ass off while i was watching the video wish ad poped up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maitreyi Sayana
Maitreyi Sayana 16 hours ago
Me who is almost 11,000 km away from Danny, reading the print on his shirt : "okay, I guess 👁👄👁"
Sebastian Scharrighuisen
I actually got a wish add under the video
Pickle Nik
Pickle Nik Day ago
Okay, I’m the video; Drew talks about marketing your product by showing the downsides of this, and then jokingly referenced “Like what if a company like Windex did that?!” Butttt, Windex did, it was the whole add campaign with the two pigeons, were they talk about Windex working so good it’s causing pigeons to die. So bam, you played yo self
Belle Kelly
Belle Kelly Day ago
I would put the beard oil on my hair and my hair it would be long and luscious
LittleBell Day ago
It's China
{• Chloe The Kiribaku Lover•}
i bought my maki cosplay from wish-
S o U p EE
S o U p EE Day ago
A fkn wish add came up while I was watching this video Wtf-
Ace_ Jellyfish
I just want to put context for the teeth cause I was wondering why the fuck anyone would want *human teeth* But it is used for stuff like cosplay Like they glue the teeth on their face to make cool makeup lol
KinMan 2 days ago
wish is amazon.com but it is owned by a crack head that doesn't know about prices
sunset Blossom
sunset Blossom 2 days ago
Cake 2 days ago
We still haven’t found the kid
Isobel Celeste Ablang
When you wish on Wish. com you can buy, *HUMAN TEETH*
Hexakiro 2 days ago
Human Teeth
he 2 days ago
I got a Wish ad underneath this video...
Sadness 2 days ago
I think why maybe it thinks you might by a Tongue is the tour when you made fun of Justin chad and you had to Photoshop googled pictures together And wish thinks that means you wanna buy a tongue
Ish 2 days ago
Ummmm i got a wish ad in the middle of the tiny camera part, i think they’ve snuck one into my house. Help
Charity Taylor
Charity Taylor 2 days ago
My cousin actually uses those teeth and orders them online. just wanted to share :)
Davidal Mocanu
Davidal Mocanu 2 days ago
I got an ad for wish on this video
Roboticbrain Worm
0:13 the tooth fairy be like
Toad Bro
Toad Bro 3 days ago
had a wish ad on instagram trynna sell me weed, weed is illegal in my country💀
BudgieMations 3 days ago
I don’t know Danny, what DID you search?
Wooters 3 days ago
I love your shirt did u get it off wish.com 😳
Jesara Holt
Jesara Holt 3 days ago
The other day my wish ads were showing... Harry Styles. Just Harry Styles for a bargain of $20. And then on the same reel of ads as I was scrolling across, it showed me all of One Direction except for Zayn for $16
Wang Xing
Wang Xing 3 days ago
A trading platform must bear responsibility and must not promote dangerous or counterfeit products. No platform can completely prevent counterfeit or dangerous weapons. But Wish made this a business principle. Wish is damaging America's reputation around the world. This has to end!
LVBBoi 4 days ago
"1 dollar, for 30 feral cats" *D E A L*
Al 'n' Rob
Al 'n' Rob 4 days ago
I find it funny that wish paid to advertise on this video
Wezy MH
Wezy MH 4 days ago
"Tongue for sale"
yaicob.com 4 days ago
I should not have tried to eat while watching this video
CrimSlime King
CrimSlime King 4 days ago
I once saw a wish ad for weed and cocaine. It was on Instagram.
adeline wurzer
adeline wurzer 4 days ago
the only things i buy from wish is sunglasses lol
Zach Lutz
Zach Lutz 4 days ago
0:05 your a good singer if only he made music
Zach Lutz
Zach Lutz 4 days ago
Before you reply with vulgar comments saying he makes music I know he makes music that the joke
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings 4 days ago
7:20 No, I think they mean that it gives your abdomine... a FACE.
Charmantha Adji
Charmantha Adji 4 days ago
When you wish on wish dot com~
clara 4 days ago
sunflower_xox 4 days ago
woah there danny, save some wackiness for the second channel
yanq hh
yanq hh 4 days ago
I literally got a Wish ad-
Caveman Gaming
Caveman Gaming 4 days ago
Why is the entire cast of camp rock for sale the first ad i got after this video?
I Don't Know Her
I Don't Know Her 5 days ago
ngl i kinda want that "i have no tit" top👀
evil art fox
evil art fox 5 days ago
I got an ad for dinosaur on hot wheels fighting, Only if i had the money i would by that. And yes it was a sculpture
Cosette Menard
Cosette Menard 5 days ago
All drug commercials: 8:48
Bluethumbbutton Eek
May not be wrong about it being a company that steals things and then sells them for cheap I can believe that lol
King potato
King potato 5 days ago
Ford Lockyer
Ford Lockyer 5 days ago
Just nose laughed and blew the Parmesan off my pasta all over the floor 😑
bona thu
bona thu 5 days ago
중국 사기꾼들이 득실거리는 wish.com은 절대 이용하지 마세요 / usb 2T, microSD 512G 등이 매우 저렴하길래 구매했더니 용량을 변조한 제품을 보냈네요 / 이런 제품이 넘쳐나는 곳이 wish.com입니다.
Chaos Squad
Chaos Squad 5 days ago
It was raining when I watched this video, and when you said H U M A N T E E T H there was a thunderstrike now im scared.
Alison 5 days ago
*H U M A N T E E T H*
Miguel Espinosa
Miguel Espinosa 6 days ago
Who the heck is Greg
Depo 6 days ago
Bro I want some men tea
Sophie Le Beau
Sophie Le Beau 6 days ago
the chickens without helmets:
The Tickler 85
The Tickler 85 6 days ago
3:41 I know who would by those teeth...PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE TEETH AND NEED SOME 🤣
Fat Pigeon
Fat Pigeon 6 days ago
Literally just got a Wish ad before this video lol
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet 6 days ago
Bought stuff from Wish once, 3 squishies 1 a cupcake 1 the other a rainbow panda head and a bread loaf that was suppose to smell like a bakery. They were all squishies when they got here and the loaf definitely smelled but not like a bakery, the cupcake one was fine, and the panda head was not rainbow. The loaf and panda disappeared a few days later so I guess I only borrowed them for like 3 days.
Annika Oehlenschlæger
15:45 I think that picture is meant to say like put the gps tracker in your grandpa's pocket in case he gets lost because he has dementia or something
bumblebee560 6 days ago
Wish is primarily based out of China. My assumption is that prices are so low because so are their ethics and quality. Human rights? Fair wages? The environment? Nevermind that, here's a popcorn boat for $5.
Sunken 7 days ago
julian no last name
Got a wish add on the video
i got a wish ad to buy air? _wait_ *Omg o' hares air*
Dawid Krzyczkowski
I got an add for wish for some cat ear pen stencil thing
Judy Sakr
Judy Sakr 7 days ago
Did anyone else think that the baby with the beard oil is what baby Danny would probably look like
Just some random person on the internet S
8:08 he mixed eight creme with beard growth oil There is no other explanation
Ximdac 7 days ago
when you wish on Wish.com, you can buy... *H U M A N T E E T H*
Anna 8 days ago
Dannys search history: human tongue to buy pls, lf buy tongue of human, real human tongue sale ........., helmet chickns
Pumpkin Bristle
Pumpkin Bristle 8 days ago
Love the intro song
The Finch Bird
The Finch Bird 8 days ago
Danny I can read your shirt and I'm in a different state, how far do you want me to go?!?
Rainbow the wind sage
3:38 Based on the picture, those look like the teeth they put in dentures so they might not be actual human teeth, unless there's a label saying that is that I'm missing. Still a really specific thing they would be selling, since they'd be pretty useless for actual dentures because teeth in those are modeled to your mouth.
The Fandalorian
The Fandalorian 8 days ago
When you wish on wish.com, you can buy H̵̨̳͉̼̣̥̞͈̹͓̖̙̥̯͍͈̹͙̯̹͓͇̤͈͛̀̐̈͒͐͗͗͋̉͊͜͝͝͝ͅư̵̧̨̢̹̦͙͚̫̺̻̝̯̠̭͉͔̹̻͕͕̥̦͍̳̼̖̖͓̼̯̗̣̈́̃́́̀̀̏̅̂̂͌͆̂͒̍̽͑̎̂̀̏̋́̈́̃̍̀̑͂͗̊̿͌̋͛̕͘͜͜͠͝͝m̷̨̨͔̟̼̞̫̥̘͈̤̼̖̯̠̺͙̟̭͖͇̱̏̉̈͋́̊̎̔͒͑̐͘ͅa̶̧̢̡̝͓̭̘̩̳̣̥̪̬̤̞̹͍̙̣͇͕̼̜̝̖͚͓̣͔̲̟̲̪̽̓̐̄́́͂̂̐̓̈̍̄͐̽͒̅̃̓͐̀̍̾̒̿̈́̇͛̌̋̄̊̄̆̆́̃͗̉̊͂͆͋̀̾͘͝͝͝ͅͅń̷̨̧̛̫̭̤͎̩͇̤̗͚͕̲̰̐̍̊̀̇̀̎͂̽̇̈̓̓́̾̿̈́̓͊͛̂͗̌͊͂̈́̈̒̽̄͘̚̕͝͝͠͝ ̴̹͈̩̘͓̬͎̰͔̠̗̰̠̰̟͚͇̊̄͋͊͗͗͋̓͊̈̉͐̇̓̀́͛̐̿̄̏̓̅̈́̓̅̇̋̀͗̋̾́̐̃̃̓̌̂̕͘͘͠͠͝͠T̸̢̡̧̢͖̳̲̦͖̻͇̤̘̟̰͔̬͍̤̮͈͚̼̜̮̥̬̦̰̥̦̪̥̱̠̑͗̽̑͐͊̎͑̀̂̽̄͗̄́̅́̊̽̏́́̀̊͒́͂̒̀̃́͌̆͊̽̚̚̚͘͜͝͝͠͝ͅę̶̢̧̢̨̮̠̫̞͍̤̣̗̹̳̮͈̰͉͍̤͔̗̭̼̦̗̖͈͕̼̙͈̲͓̱̺̭̄͊̍͐̃͗̑̀̆͜͠͝ͅͅͅe̸̛͔͌̔̏̋̀̔͗̌͊̈́͑̈́̚͘t̶̢̧͉͔̜͚͓̲̭͔͖̼̞̤̣̫̮͔̝͙̲͇̯́̿h̷͚͇̹͉̥͔̼̅̉̅͛̓͒̀͌͗͑̊̈́͗̈̂̉̐̒̓̈͋̕͘͠ ^
Amelia Summers
Amelia Summers 8 days ago
I lave you
Reissha Beloso
Reissha Beloso 8 days ago
I think u can use the human teeth for sculptures or maybe as halloween decors
Preeti Prasath
Preeti Prasath 8 days ago
oh my god you are my favorite RUvidr
Вита Котoва
I actually need some stray cats
ZxXFuji Sato
ZxXFuji Sato 9 days ago
Everyone else talking about Danny while I’m trying to figure out how to read the shirt
LVBBoi 9 days ago
sophia morrison
sophia morrison 9 days ago
this is my favorite thing
Timmy Forde
Timmy Forde 9 days ago
I got a wish ad before the video started
Leonie W
Leonie W 9 days ago
wish dot caam
Elzabeth flmer
Elzabeth flmer 9 days ago
nice shirt
Elzabeth flmer
Elzabeth flmer 2 hours ago
@Doctor Meepz memento mori
Doctor Meepz
Doctor Meepz 7 days ago
ah.. a human of CULTure.. memento mori also i like to think that amy watched this video and was like "ah yes, human teeth. this would make a great video"
NotUrFriend 9 days ago
2:32 hit hard in 2020
Reese Baxter
Reese Baxter 9 days ago
Yo that metabolic rate would literally make somebody start boiling 5:50
maynard masters-taylor
I wish it was just a 20 min ad for wish
Coleslaw 10 days ago
Ok but my sister actually has a hamster leash for her rats
ratos e pratos
ratos e pratos 10 days ago
the best part is that this video has a wish ad
Partially Panduh
Partially Panduh 10 days ago
"Wish.com "we don't know either" Lmaooo
soft bb
soft bb 10 days ago
I ordered some earrings from wish and they came like six months later
Shelby S
Shelby S 11 days ago
Wearing the 8 pack cream on your face makes you look like squidward when spongebob smashed his face in the door..
Shelby S
Shelby S 11 days ago
“ cHiCkEn HELMETS” 😂😂😂
Help, I'm in too many fandoms
omg theres a wish ad below this video 💀
Amanda Woodring
Amanda Woodring 11 days ago
I got a time turner from wish
existing person
existing person 11 days ago
Ah yes, exactly what I've been looking for, HUMAN TEETH.
Chilly Girl 664
Chilly Girl 664 11 days ago
“ when you wish upon a wish.com u can buy hUmaN teeTh
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