Winter Bear by V

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Winter Bear (2019)
Actor : V
Director : V
Production of Film : Contents Creative @Big Hit Ent.
*Original Track : Winter Bear - V
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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 100
ࢪهـفف بـاد قـيࢪلل 𓋜.
- احـبهه 💔،. -مي جيست مي-
Nivya 12 minutes ago
This song becomes my sleeping pill thank you Taehyung for this Masterpiece Winter Bear 50M : reached 100M : Soon Let's make it 💜
Noe Mojis
Noe Mojis 13 minutes ago
No puedo arrancar mi dia,sin primero pasar por aca,gracias V x este hermoso regalo
Iam mikay
Iam mikay 56 minutes ago
Been Listening to this V's masterpiece but I still can't move on how it touches my heart and soul. I won't mind if i play this all over again
Mon Asuncion
Mon Asuncion Hour ago
neii saii
neii saii Hour ago
Lets accept the fact that V's voice has really this called "Magic" ! Once you listen to his deep voice its like saying you "Breath ! Calm yoyrself ! rest for a while " its so Beautiful !❤ 😍
Bts ملوك
Bts ملوك Hour ago
Bts ملوك
Bts ملوك Hour ago
Radhika Jain
Radhika Jain Hour ago
This song is so underrated !!! 💜💜
Bts ملوك
Bts ملوك Hour ago
Bts ملوك
Bts ملوك Hour ago
Sartiswn Hour ago
My Baby Bear
Bts ملوك
Bts ملوك Hour ago
Stan CRACKtan SHOOKeondan
_Winter Bear~♡_
BTS ARMY 2 hours ago
من جاي من FILM OUT ارمي ستريم فايتينع
Sophie the queen
Sophie the queen 2 hours ago
I love you so much king pls be happy
Sophie the queen
Sophie the queen 2 hours ago
The fact that he puts so much effort writing songs in english even though its not his native language just so everyone can understand makes me so soft we really dont deserve him
kim lolh𖤍.
kim lolh𖤍. 2 hours ago
لقَد اشتاق اليكَ بشده !
kim lolh𖤍.
kim lolh𖤍. 2 hours ago
أحبكَ اليوم وغداً وإلى الأبد .
Raheela Bathool
Raheela Bathool 2 hours ago
Don't worry your not only one who watching this masterpiece in 2021🥰💜
Soni Lee-mbo
Soni Lee-mbo 2 hours ago
janka tata
janka tata 3 hours ago
Whenever people praise and compliment Taehyung’s voice or his artistry, I feel like a proud sister. His vocals are so mesmerizing and healing. You feel something when he sings, the range of emotions he has in his beautiful tone is insane. I’m so grateful, cant wait for KTH1 to listen to his new masterpieces
Joanna Yesil
Joanna Yesil 3 hours ago
I 💜 U BTS 🇦🇺🇰🇷
Shalu Pradhan
Shalu Pradhan 3 hours ago
Winter bear ♡
Theeertha pk
Theeertha pk 3 hours ago
Tae. 3 hours ago
tete te amo amo
BTS KINGS 4 hours ago
Yoongi is my Moonlight
R4.11 - Kim Taehyung, "Winter Bear"
Stan CRACKtan SHOOKeondan
Elmatiyana Paransi
Elmatiyana Paransi 4 hours ago
I love you v💜
miranda 4 hours ago
te amo.
Bella 4 hours ago
This song is so special. I always come back to it the nights that I can’t sleep 💜💜💜
Shaylyn Sandoval
Shaylyn Sandoval 5 hours ago
I love that in the distribution it’s all just says V I love him ✨✨💞💞
Sebina Yesmin
Sebina Yesmin 5 hours ago
This song never gets old 💜
Trang Quỳnh
Trang Quỳnh 5 hours ago
I love V
America Castillo
America Castillo 5 hours ago
La voz de taehyung es tan linda y hermosa que te hace sentir cómoda y relajada💜
Ngọc Lê
Ngọc Lê 6 hours ago
omg love V
An adrift youth JDope Pah pah pah
maisha rivas
maisha rivas 6 hours ago
Hagamos que esta canción tenga 100m
Estrella Mendez
Estrella Mendez 6 hours ago
Tae. 3 hours ago
me da gringe cuando dicen oppa
dani 4 hours ago
Taekunj bangtan7
Taekunj bangtan7 6 hours ago
Pov: you miss him...
bishnu chef
bishnu chef 7 hours ago
Our cutie 😘 taetae
Catalina Fuen
Catalina Fuen 7 hours ago
Siempre que busco una canción para sentirme tranquila termino llegando a winter bear :(
dani 4 hours ago
Y llorando :(
kyle minguito
kyle minguito 7 hours ago
Every army's favorite song
Gis C.G
Gis C.G 7 hours ago
I love this song.. I love to Kim Taehyung... I love this man... He's perfect... Thank you for existing ...
SunJoy 7 hours ago
Can you be in love with a voice? You must be made of magic Taehyung ~☆♡💜♡☆~ Borahae
Jeon Mar
Jeon Mar 8 hours ago
Extraño mucho a Tete :(
Jeon Jin
Jeon Jin 8 hours ago
Selena Maholy Acosta Flores
Te amo bebé oso
SaAnThUs PuRpLe
SaAnThUs PuRpLe 8 hours ago
V : wheres my angel me : my angel is in front of me 😍
mbah google
mbah google 8 hours ago
2:27 - 2:40 looks like an anime boy
Raquel Gómez
Raquel Gómez 8 hours ago
Amenlo que se merece el cielo, tiene tanta luz y desprende tanto amor, ojalá nos dure mucho❤️
Eli LF
Eli LF 8 hours ago
mica c
mica c 9 hours ago
i love u taehyung
ᴀɢᴜsᴛ ᴅ tօռɢʊɛ tɛċɦռօʟօɢʏ
Winter Bear ~~ ♡*゜
Mon Asuncion
Mon Asuncion 9 hours ago
mariela hurtado
mariela hurtado 9 hours ago
Min Milu
Min Milu 10 hours ago
No se como explicarlo pero esta canción me reconforta mucho, es tan personal y cálida. Tae siempre hace un gran trabajo, estoy muy orgullosa de los siete...
kim lolh𖤍.
kim lolh𖤍. 10 hours ago
kim lolh𖤍.
kim lolh𖤍. 10 hours ago
Tran Han
Tran Han 10 hours ago
Replaying this song in 2021
Bang Tan
Bang Tan 10 hours ago
This song will forever be iconic!!
Sartiswn 10 hours ago
Ali Haider
Ali Haider 10 hours ago
Oky: I'm alright.. 68 million views With 4.7 likes..... It means world lacks V staners...!
Uyên Trần Tố
Uyên Trần Tố 10 hours ago
I love this song
Uyên Trần Tố
Uyên Trần Tố 10 hours ago
Winter Bear
Lune Star
Lune Star 10 hours ago
Lune Star
Lune Star 10 hours ago
A qualquer momento o V pode lançar sua mixtape e isso me deixa muito ansiosa kkkkkkk Só vem KTH1♡
Lune Star
Lune Star 10 hours ago
His voice is so comforting
tae ma
tae ma 11 hours ago
tae ma
tae ma 11 hours ago
i will cry your Voice
tae ma
tae ma 11 hours ago
you’re my angel
tae ma
tae ma 11 hours ago
so pretty angel
tae ma
tae ma 11 hours ago
i love you baby
kim lolh𖤍.
kim lolh𖤍. 11 hours ago
هل أخبرتك يوماً أن حياتي من دونك تنقصها حياة.
kim lolh𖤍.
kim lolh𖤍. 11 hours ago
أريد أن أخبرك بهذا الوقت إني أفكر بك.. أنتظرك.. أشتاق لك.. والأهم من ذلك أني أحبك جداً.
Ħæ __ lẩ 7
Ħæ __ lẩ 7 11 hours ago
ࢪ࣪ويٰٓ 𖤐.
المسافات كذبة ، انت في قلبي ،في عقلي ، في تفكيري ...بإختصار انت في داخلي~
ࢪ࣪ويٰٓ 𖤐.
الاغنية الاولى بقلبي
ࢪ࣪ويٰٓ 𖤐.
اريد ابوس خشم ڤي 😂🥺
اشتاقَ لـتاايِ .
أريد أن أخبرك بهذا الوقت إني أفكر بك.. أنتظرك.. أشتاق لك.. والأهم من ذلك أني أحبك جداً.
اشتاقَ لـتاايِ .
قد تكون بعيداً عن نظري لكنّك لست بعيداً عن فكريَ .
the truth Untold
the truth Untold 11 hours ago
Canciones que dan calidez al alma 💟
N.K. S
N.K. S 11 hours ago
Why am I crying?
Ann O'Herron
Ann O'Herron 11 hours ago
fatima Rios
fatima Rios 12 hours ago
bueno como ya sabemos que taehyung siempre hace arte mi osito de invierno
life is good
life is good 12 hours ago
Kim taehyung is love 4
Jin Cute
Jin Cute 12 hours ago
No te podes enamorar de una cancion, la cancion WINTER BEAR , SOS PRECIOSAAA
Vaishnavi Adsar
Vaishnavi Adsar 12 hours ago
2020 kids : I like it 2030 kids : we love it 2040 kids : masterpiece 2050 kids : wow 2060 kids : this song is best 2070 kids : no one can take place of this masterpiece beautiful song BTS is best 💜
Neira Yoselin Hernández
I love this song with all my life
Min Suga ‽
Min Suga ‽ 13 hours ago
Mi osito bonito ~
Base Line
Base Line 13 hours ago
Quería ver más comentarios en español bxshnnovd
Stuti Patel
Stuti Patel 13 hours ago
ARMY !!!!LET'S MAKE IT 100 M.💜✌
Naxii i
Naxii i 13 hours ago
Deiji 13 hours ago
I was on the verge of a panic attack and I knew Taehyung is the only person (obviously along with the rest on Bangtan) but they are the only people who can calm me down and as soon as I heard Tae's voice I calmed down. He's so so pure and helpful, to his future partner: Pls don't hurt our TaeTae :(
TOLEN KTH1 14 hours ago
my fav singer
TOLEN KTH1 14 hours ago
love you taehyung 😚
Sweta Paitandi
Sweta Paitandi 14 hours ago
This is an Addition..I wanna never get over it😌😌😌 It's my sleeping song💜 Thank you V💜😌
멜리사 14 hours ago
Andrea Ganoza
Andrea Ganoza 14 hours ago
I miss you
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