WINNING IN SOLOS!! *New Skin + Solo Tournament* (Fortnite)

Typical Gamer
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New Fortnite Lovethorn skin and solo tournament gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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Feb 8, 2020




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Comments 80
Lenay Schade
Lenay Schade 11 days ago
You are a legend in fortnite😜
Shanae Smith
Shanae Smith 12 days ago
Shelly Thomas
Shelly Thomas 17 days ago
you should 1v1 bugha
Sam Sour
Sam Sour Month ago
Potato Muffin
Potato Muffin Month ago
Oof I have that skin!
DEO Plasma
DEO Plasma Month ago
gaming Boy 123 game all day
you can get the win you got this
gaming Boy 123 game all day
you got this
gaming Boy 123 game all day
you can win
lps kutsu
lps kutsu Month ago
I was watching the streem and i fall a sleep and woke up and it was going on
Nick Teaney
Nick Teaney Month ago
20:20 that dance is pretty weird
Revek K1N0
Revek K1N0 Month ago
2:30 :14 when you finally find the kid that took your juice box in 1st grade
Ayden Quintanilla
I bet charli demilio is gonna use the poki for tik tok
Ran'Darius Harris
Ran'Darius Harris 2 months ago
Andres Bendt Anderca
sandra hassenpflug
sandra hassenpflug 2 months ago
David Schnitzer
David Schnitzer 2 months ago
Kaleb Straughn
Kaleb Straughn 2 months ago
emil gralander
emil gralander 2 months ago
Jayden Ware
Jayden Ware 2 months ago
ENRAGED_ DYLAN 2 months ago
You are. Insain
Ace Wilson
Ace Wilson 2 months ago
i put on lazar beam and woke up to this im glad n
Biggest Fan 52
Biggest Fan 52 3 months ago
Rip loot
billy bob
billy bob 3 months ago
“it just..... it just be diffrent ya know? It just be diffrent between me and retail.” -Typical Gamer
Innocent Jacoby
Innocent Jacoby 3 months ago
Drop that looks cool
michael dedominicis
michael dedominicis 3 months ago
Sniper Godz
Sniper Godz 3 months ago
Amy Goff
Amy Goff 3 months ago
Yazmin R
Yazmin R 3 months ago
those frecken try hards
Working AliA
Working AliA 3 months ago
Can you put with me on fortnite
Adam Elz Art
Adam Elz Art 3 months ago
Did anyone see that green smg he got from the chest at slurpee swamp
BBK777 BBK777
BBK777 BBK777 3 months ago
Gavin Beard
Gavin Beard 3 months ago
u suck at fortnite.boooooot
Gavin Beard
Gavin Beard 3 months ago
Gavin Beard
Gavin Beard 3 months ago
u suck at fortnite . nooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbb
art's , Craft's and slime!!!
I am boy not a girl that just looks like that because that's my sister's
art's , Craft's and slime!!!
I am only level 98
art's , Craft's and slime!!!
Typical gamer you killed me
Myqwan Myers
Myqwan Myers 3 months ago
NICe stream
OnlyFelo 3 months ago
Og tg fans will know “leeeeerrroooy Jenkins”
rawvibes _
rawvibes _ 3 months ago
Emma Turner
Emma Turner 3 months ago
Iwont a skin please give t
Antler Squad
Antler Squad 3 months ago
Please do more ark I’m a boss now because I followed you in playing so I didn’t use tutorials
Giancarlos Consuegra
You look like Heath from David dobrik vlogs
Tommy Cee
Tommy Cee 3 months ago
Where is the Hype Night video he posted February 14th? I received a notification and now I can't seem to find the video.
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg 3 months ago
your videos are so cool 😎
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg 3 months ago
I’m gonna was your birthday
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg 3 months ago
Love you
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg
XxcHiLLeDxx GaMiNg 3 months ago
I’m gonna was your birthday
farbod fardshad
farbod fardshad 3 months ago
We Love you TG, i mean i'm 13 year old but your videos make me feel better and stronger. i really like your videos, your games, your playing, your cats and ... unfortunately I suffer from lung cancer but you give a power or better to say a feeling which I honestly forget about the disease i have, Thank you again and again, never stop streaming and i wish you the best luck.
Vikro Smoles
Vikro Smoles 3 months ago
Have you considered a keyboard cam? It's neat
ShottyBTW 3 months ago
LETS GOO TG! Great job and a massive improvement. Keep it up bro!
Ghost Kamren
Ghost Kamren 3 months ago
James Evans
James Evans 3 months ago
i like your channel
adriaan taylor
adriaan taylor 3 months ago
I love when he said at 45;55 "ever get the feeling that someone is looking at you" i thought there are thousands of people watching haha. but obviously he was talking about in the game xD
Glitch 3 months ago
I wish i had a good comp to run fortnite
Lamarcus wade
Lamarcus wade 3 months ago
SP0_0LY 3 months ago
1:46 :00 your so petty bro😭💯
Cham Fam TV
Cham Fam TV 3 months ago
And I quote I should be cracked off the shticks
DJMASTERTWINS 3 months ago
Elizabeth Zepeda
Elizabeth Zepeda 3 months ago
Typical gamer you're the best at fort night
Rushabh Patel
Rushabh Patel 3 months ago
I love competitive fortnite. Its so relaxing and fun to watch. My favorite thing to do.
Isaiah Davidson
Isaiah Davidson 2 months ago
For real
JustAPerson S
JustAPerson S 3 months ago
Rushabh Patel relaxing time watch yes
Esenwein .Joachim
Esenwein .Joachim 3 months ago
Fornite ? A game for retards!
Anthony Tanbini
Anthony Tanbini 3 months ago
Can you give me 1000 vbucks I am poor
Aleyanna Wright-Ross
I watched the whole thing this is my second time watching this
David Iglesias
David Iglesias 3 months ago
can you do tg after dark plz
Sebastian the assassin
What type of girl friend doesn't give you a good luck... O WAIT I KNOW WHICH ONE THE ONES WHO SUCH AT FORTNITE 🔥
Ashton Presha
Ashton Presha 3 months ago
can you play fortnite with me
KING GUNTER4L 3 months ago
Courtney Rickman
Courtney Rickman 3 months ago
Play more ark and jason
markj7000 3 months ago
Can you do more Ark Please
Zeon Prendergast
Zeon Prendergast 3 months ago
Caiden FenechThornton
A am jor big list fenn
Ryan Mullan
Ryan Mullan 3 months ago
Play call of duty pls🤔
Jayden 3 months ago
What the point of this tournament??
JustAPerson S
JustAPerson S 3 months ago
Jayden to win money stupid
Typical gamer 2
Typical gamer 2 3 months ago
Hey tg apex season 4 is out
Azzyswag 3 months ago
Away 3 months ago
Come on dude !? Videos of Apex Legends ??!
bacon Bros
bacon Bros 3 months ago
GG bro
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis 3 months ago
Tg could you continue with your San Andreas walkthrough
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