Wind Waker HD: Flashback Fever - PART 69 - Game Grumps

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Hey, I remember this!
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Jun 5, 2014




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Comments 100
andy miranda
andy miranda Month ago
Daddy Raisin
Daddy Raisin Month ago
Abbie Normals
Abbie Normals 2 months ago
One of the first instances I remember of someone being referred to as a 'douche bag' was from the first Revenge of the Nerds, which was from 1984.
Quenna Stewart
Quenna Stewart 2 months ago
he says douche.... definitely.
Luka Bruhl
Luka Bruhl 2 months ago
i know im a solid 6 years late but he DEFINITELY says douche
Water TIGER 2 months ago
those are the lyrics to blinded by the light- im pretty sure deuce means a car in that context
Reis Woodard
Reis Woodard 2 months ago
They played the whole game without figuring out that they can slice the bridges and make them fall all they down
Houston Hill
Houston Hill 2 months ago
Mary 1025
Mary 1025 2 months ago
I would just like to say its 2020 and I've never watched the full wind waker series. Also I use to think Ladygaga's poker face song was booger face 😐
甘い悲劇 2 months ago
God this gives me such memories of watching my aunts play this part of the game and I was so interested.
Justin Tallman
Justin Tallman 3 months ago
Why is Dan so much better at video games then Arin lol
yay yay
yay yay 3 months ago
Sometimes I think Arin is gay
The Pale King
The Pale King 3 months ago
Hinky Blerf
Hinky Blerf 4 months ago
Johanna Dracona
Johanna Dracona 5 months ago
Kyle the Lucario
Kyle the Lucario 6 months ago
You know there is only 5% are going to remix that and only 1% are good at it
PopbeadGal 6 months ago
I believe 'material girl' is LITERALLY urban slang for "shallow b!tc4''
Caleb Jacobi
Caleb Jacobi 6 months ago
I thought I was watching game grumps not the grumps
Vulturous Moon
Vulturous Moon 7 months ago
Does Bruno Mars is dumb shit?
Julian Seidman
Julian Seidman 7 months ago
Jason Gildersleeve
Jason Gildersleeve 8 months ago
He says "Revved up like a *douche*, another *RUNNER* in the night"
Kyle the Lucario
Kyle the Lucario 9 months ago
Shut the hell up >:(
ungawa555tookie2 10 months ago
Does he say "Deuce"? Yes. Do I want him to have said "Douche", and turned that into my own head canon? Yes.
Nick Tiano
Nick Tiano 11 months ago
Aaron you dumb shit Dan was explicitly saying to you you had to throw him into the wall and then you forgot you had to slice them with your sword and thought light would kill them it's not a hard thing to remember mate lol.
Tomz_ _
Tomz_ _ 11 months ago
Lol 69
DrChuckNarnix Year ago
I’m still shocked that Max Headroom was Taggart from ‘Eureka’, and Moloch from ‘Watchmen’.
Zeldalink1515 Year ago
This episode predicted the new channel at the end.
A Prete
A Prete Year ago
??? Year ago
Guess Arin was right it did said deuce in the lyrics
HeadPhonePoe Year ago
no, he definitely says deuce in the song, but it sounds so much like douche. XDD
Aloyus Knight
Aloyus Knight Year ago
These two are so dumb because they're straight blazin' 24/7. So yeah, don't do weed kids.
HeroesToKings Year ago
“Liltommyj” The guy who did the Somebody to Love one I agree, he is the fucking man
Convair B-36
Convair B-36 Year ago
9:32 the roller coaster of emotions they both went through right there was hilarious.
Smokey Beaure
Smokey Beaure Year ago
You got me to look up max headroom and got creeped out because the Max Headroom incident appeared first
iSmileUSmile Forever
Me and my whole family have heard "revved up like a douche" I have never felt so validated before in my life!
James Flower
James Flower Year ago
1:17 the mention of Eminem by Dan from game grumps
Joey Boshaw
Joey Boshaw Year ago
Revved up like a duce, another roamer in the night
HylianSpirit Year ago
But... the soup... Poor Grandma.
Mr. Needlemouse
9:38 Arin used all of his good luck there 😭
25100donovan Year ago
Heh Nice
iitsyagirlmegs XD
He says deuce but because his accent makes it sound like douche
Choleric Charmander
Episode 69, people! We made it!
Sam Supreme
Sam Supreme Year ago
RealmRabbit Year ago
RealmRabbit Year ago
Episode 69... *Wink*
Morgan Marie
Morgan Marie Year ago
I always heard it as "revved up like a douche, another boner in the night"
Nick Hunt
Nick Hunt Year ago
Yea he 100% duche
crazy_ant 007
crazy_ant 007 Year ago
Ah... episode 69
RJ60123 Year ago
Anyone in 2018
After watching this series, idk if you suck at video games, but you may need some glasses.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Year ago
It’s deuche
I’ve been saying that for years and no one believed me.
Zealep Year ago
He definitely says Douche
Katelynn J
Katelynn J Year ago
yup he totally says douche.
Jasmine Nys
Jasmine Nys 2 years ago
it's deuce sorry Danny
Grant Dollars
Grant Dollars 2 years ago
i found this amazing thing that was uploaded 8 days after you uploaded this video ruvid.net/video/video-olTVByaEe-0.html it's the remix you asked for
The Main
The Main 2 years ago
Haha nice
Spiderkhaos89 2 years ago
max headroom, i remember him. i am so old, lol
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson 2 years ago
Nick Crowe
Nick Crowe 2 years ago
He definitely says "douche" in the song. XD
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez 2 years ago
"In fact...launching yourself into that lava might have been the healthiest thing you've ever did" 😂
Blue Plague
Blue Plague 2 years ago
Anf this is how I find and subscribe to Atpunk lol
Benjy Mcdougall
Benjy Mcdougall 2 years ago
This is the first time I related to someone thinking Madonna said Cheerio world and Cheerio girl. Thanks Dan. Needed this validation 20 years later 😂😂
Gamer Time34
Gamer Time34 2 years ago
Ah ah is 69
Malkhodr khady
Malkhodr khady 2 years ago
Does anyone else REALLY love the sand worms theme (I forgot its name)
JucieSourGrape 2 years ago
MrFraknak 2 years ago
How, HOW?? Do you forget how to fight a boss that you've already beaten. My brain hurts.
robzilla 2 years ago
1000% says duece
Dustin Newman
Dustin Newman 2 years ago
Joseph Mellado
Joseph Mellado 2 years ago
"oh, I pick him up!" yes arin, did the text with the big A button next to it give it away? x]
Izumi's Apprentice
Izumi's Apprentice 2 years ago
Had to pull that song up. It's deuce. Very distinctly NO 'h' sound what so ever, Dan.
Drilis 2 years ago
"Revved up like a douche with a boner in the night."
Bob Brick
Bob Brick 2 years ago
He says reved up douche.
a generic human
a generic human 2 years ago
I always thought it was douche......
Fidel Catto
Fidel Catto 2 years ago
Come on guys the line is revved up like a deuce another runner in the night
Big McLargehuge
Big McLargehuge 2 years ago
I always thought he said "wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night".
Chelsea Drouin
Chelsea Drouin 2 years ago
I hear douche then bonner in tge night.
Gurgadurgen 2 years ago
He totally said douche.
Gurgadurgen 2 years ago
Watching Arin ignore on-screen cues telling you TO PRESS A BUTTON makes my eye twitch...
K0UL 2 years ago
How does the only french words i ever heard arin say is "i need toilet paper"
Brendan Risney
Brendan Risney 2 years ago
"Now you gotta kill the little ones." "Man, I don't care about the little ones." Arin, just... fuck off. It's like you're actively trying to slow your own progress.
shiggy 2 years ago
So apparently Arin needs toilet paper...
ultimate gamer 3000
oh. i thought dingle was tingle.
endangeredpanda 9
endangeredpanda 9 2 years ago
69! 69!!!! 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FriendBrady Official
Dingle derp
Nater K
Nater K 2 years ago
"Oh look, a giant sandworm with its mouth wide open. Let me run right up to its mouth."
Connor Griffin
Connor Griffin 2 years ago
Blaise Lochner
Blaise Lochner 2 years ago
its duece
Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo 2 years ago
How is that guy so dumb.!!!???
Really late comment, but it is douche From my understanding (my grandfather) it was a type of sporty car
Doki Doki Hamburger Club
CosmicBrambleclawV2 well, you're horribly horribly wrong about the first part of your comment. How you could somehow say the wrong word and still give the right explanation is beyond me though. A DEUCE was a type of car that was popular at the time the song was written. So your second sentence is absolutely right. But why the hell you still said the word in the song is a feminine hygiene product is beyond me.
E̛mPL̶oYEe͟ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢
1:56 ruvid.net/video/video-UAUOkHnbpbk.html
ValensBellator 2 years ago
We actually had the same argument about that "revved up like a deuce" line... growing up I was 100% certain that, for whatever reason, he said "washed up like a douche". I'm still sad many years later that he didn't actually say that.
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Hall 2 years ago
"Blinded by the light, woke up to take a deuce in the middle of the night" from eating too much Taco Bell 😂
Capt. Spaz
Capt. Spaz 2 years ago
It totally says Duce
theqwertyup7 2 years ago
"We're gonna beat a flower boss" Battle Kid says otherwise, Arin.
thegreatWIIMO 2 years ago
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this lol!! But deuce is a car....at least that's what's my mommy said
bond77581 2 years ago
Tingle's dingle
Julian Barber
Julian Barber 3 years ago
its deuce. its a motorcycle
Doki Doki Hamburger Club
Julian Barber it is deuce. It is NOT a motorcycle. It is a sports car. Trust me. Countless car songs from the same time period talked about deuce coupes, and Bruce Springsteen confirmed that was the intention.
The real Sans
The real Sans 3 years ago
It sounds like douche but it says duce
Blue Skylark
Blue Skylark 3 years ago
He says Deuce. Or at least that was intended by the original artist... Believe me, this one of my favorite songs. It's Deuce.
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