William Osman Visits Japan

William Osman
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Special thanks to Japan for letting me into Japan
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Apr 17, 2019




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Comments 80
EbitZy 6 hours ago
It’s litteraly just like holding a pencil
EbitZy 6 hours ago
But I kind of understand why it’s hard for foreigners
ĜĭÏåđ ĞáɱłïęĪ
purest man on earth
Luke Nat
Luke Nat 11 hours ago
If you could design this I feel like you should be able to use chopsticks normally
Drake Thomas
Drake Thomas 16 hours ago
Just a suggestion, but why not make it button tap based? there's a sensor that you don't even need to press down on, but just rest your finger on, for it to pick up on you touching it.
Hey Reacts
Hey Reacts Day ago
Dat voice crack from Michael reeves tho 4:09
mikano zomaoa
8:21 yoo those vegetables are moving
Moe Foe
Moe Foe Day ago
Nobody: William: *getting hoes at the fish market*
pugs in a blanket
the lady just said woah woah woah woah 😨
Kazuto Lu
Kazuto Lu 2 days ago
This man is like the opposite of mykull
Jakob Leusch
Jakob Leusch 3 days ago
Could you like publish the files?
DisabledGamer (IWikzGB)
Is this the fork that he saved from his old house?
Crazy Guy
Crazy Guy 3 days ago
I like how this shows that it’s the only useful invention
Pan paweł
Pan paweł 3 days ago
Where can i get it haha
Nezka ID
Nezka ID 3 days ago
Or you can just learn how to use chopsticks in 5 minutes lol
Victor Zhang
Victor Zhang 3 days ago
1:39 big metal piston spike in the back.
Papphase 4 days ago
Your shirts are adorable
彡[NeØ]彡 4 days ago
i started using chopsticks since i was 6 yrs old i don't know why but 1st try and i master to use it we're not rich to go to japanese restaurant but i learned how to use chopsticks i just pick every food in the table with chopsticks
9001 cps
9001 cps 4 days ago
Russel Viray
Russel Viray 4 days ago
They just played you man
Samuel Schäder
Samuel Schäder 4 days ago
what is teh cat miauing song called?
Wooosh Baiter
Wooosh Baiter 4 days ago
O Mykull
Mr L0gical
Mr L0gical 5 days ago
Isnt panda express a chinese restaurant?
Jay Kay Inc.
Jay Kay Inc. 5 days ago
We have found it. The son of Michael Reeves who has a cat aswell
Superbug 3003
Superbug 3003 6 days ago
how much are the chopsticks
Ernest Alfonso
Ernest Alfonso 6 days ago
Dude I’m not even joking you should patent this!
Dante Milani :]
Dante Milani :] 6 days ago
"I guess every country is an island if you think about it" -William Osman Continents don't exist, they are all just country's. they lied to us
Xycrol 7 days ago
He should starts making prosthetic arms and legs
Claudette G
Claudette G 7 days ago
my favorite part is when he calls Panda Express a Japanese restaurant
ғᴀᴛ cj
ғᴀᴛ cj 8 days ago
like the water washing your butt aint washing all of it out like tf is it going up in your ass taking out the shit up in there
ただのonce 8 days ago
His T-shirt is cute!😍 small「ラーメン」lol I want it😆 2:37
pawat since 2009
pawat since 2009 8 days ago
John is calmer howtobasic
russki blyat
russki blyat 8 days ago
He needs more of those ideas
Eveu 9 days ago
i literally started clapping before you asked for an applause lol
Mr Mystery it's a Mystery
This is cool but i learnt to use chopsticks in the first day i was in Japan
Honey 9 days ago
Wait why don't you just learn how to use them I learned in less than a day
Kupper 04
Kupper 04 9 days ago
"a bidè Is a toilet that washes your but for you" Europeans:Wait WHAT!
Hyohyun 10 days ago
I dont know what triggers me more, the fact that learning how to use chopsticks is easier or that he called Panda express a "very authentic JAPANESE restaurant"
Mank Deems
Mank Deems 10 days ago
I just realized I have that same shirt
Dan Labs
Dan Labs 11 days ago
yes is hai he said some random bs
TWE Rayn
TWE Rayn 11 days ago
When it said clap i did.
Cassidy LAM
Cassidy LAM 12 days ago
bro its illegal to bring a camera into the bathroom
lollipip boi
lollipip boi 12 days ago
If some1 mass made these I'd buy them
Diegis Fundirburko
Diegis Fundirburko 12 days ago
I actually clapped 7:59
JustMiniBanana 12 days ago
That's just a fork but with extra steps.
Michael Pérez
Michael Pérez 12 days ago
Can I do it with an ultrasonic sensor ?
drsonicwho 13 days ago
breaks the already together chopsticks
QuackAMac 13 days ago
I want to know how to build this
Core 13 days ago
Dude this doesn’t matter if you’re asian
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 13 days ago
My hands know how to handle chopsticks... and they are beautiful....:)
Andrew White
Andrew White 13 days ago
The last time an american vlogger was in japan it didnt end will, but glad this was funny as heck
JBO _87
JBO _87 13 days ago
Are camera man Jon and how to basic related
John 3:33
John 3:33 14 days ago
sounds like a you problem but the true problem is if anyone doesn't know how to understand to read or speak a language that you didn't learn
Soviet Snake
Soviet Snake 15 days ago
4:43 oh god, oh god no not that music * howtobasic flashbacks *
Reality Chaos
Reality Chaos 15 days ago
Michael would've put a tazer somewhere on the chopstick
Lirybeth Herrera
Lirybeth Herrera 15 days ago
William and his “slaves” might could be the first people to create robots
Lirybeth Herrera
Lirybeth Herrera 15 days ago
Lirybeth Herrera
Lirybeth Herrera 15 days ago
create robots
the lion wooosher
the lion wooosher 15 days ago
bruh your so stupid just use a fork
the lion wooosher
the lion wooosher 15 days ago
read my name jackass
Crackeroyster 15 days ago
forks are banned in japan dumbass
knightblazeru 16 days ago
At first watching this I was like, Hmm seems like Reeve's type of conte............... Oh, there he is, they know each other. lol
ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀɪ ᴛᴇɴᴅᴏᴜ ハイキュ
*Arigato ArIgato Konnichiwa* The Japanese People: *hi no problem? wtf*
Lucy Young
Lucy Young 16 days ago
I'd buy it. I think 20-50 would be a fair price
what is the song name at 2:01
Michael Stone
Michael Stone 17 days ago
why is every country an island?
エイドリアン 17 days ago
Not Impressed. This Dude should have just learned how to use ChopSticks instead of making a dumb chopstick auto shit
peanut soup in a can
me thats chinese and can use chopsticks: i feel so superior
SeoulKarma 17 days ago
In Korea children who could not hold chopsticks had their chopsticks held together with a rubber band. Same thing as your idea just less time consuming and cheaper
Daniel Baranowski
Daniel Baranowski 17 days ago
You're a moron
Blue Eyes Loli Dragon
It's cool but you can't eat *RICE* with that automatic chopsticks
Meep King
Meep King 18 days ago
6:12 eat weed???
salty squid
salty squid 18 days ago
only video in the play list very cool
Westifer CatMeow
Westifer CatMeow 18 days ago
When he asked for us to clap I slightly clapped my hands for a second
「HartBeet」 19 days ago
tfw will has a million dollar idea while memeing
fejoalb 1342
fejoalb 1342 20 days ago
How do you not know how to use chopsticks. It's so easy.
JhongVlogs 20 days ago
Sell this now god damn it
The MGV 20 days ago
This cameraman seizure movement show is just cringe.
SkyLimited 20 days ago
Guys when he was in sushi Kuni the music from HowToBasic’s How to cook ramen music was on there
cuhleef 20 days ago
Made me cringe when William said konnichiwa at night.
YOZ3N GAMIN6 21 day ago
Is John how to basic?
Desmond Dubre
Desmond Dubre 21 day ago
or a better rescript if only he knew what miss fortunes await the near future 😷
Desmond Dubre
Desmond Dubre 21 day ago
timeline 6:10 (rescript) i believe this is when William Osman realized he had caught the coronavirus 😧😩 😂😂😂
TF 24
TF 24 21 day ago
Or ya can ya know try to learn chopsticks.....
richardred15 21 day ago
I hope you can feel my clapping across space and time.
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