Will Things Get Messy On This Girls Trip to Costa Rica? | Basketball Wives

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As Jackie, OG and Cece make their way to a villa in Costa Rica, Feby, Evelyn, Malaysia, Shaunie and Kristen discuss ways to avoid drama on the trip.
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Will Things Get Messy On This Girls' Trip to Costa Rica? | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 80
makayla waters
makayla waters 6 hours ago
Feby’s jokes are never funny. 😞
Brandi Kullenberg-Hayden
Wonder how much they get paid for each fight?
MeMe J.
MeMe J. 8 days ago
Malaysia “loves” CeCe but never defends her
Foogly Becowsty
Foogly Becowsty 17 days ago
Janet Wagio
Janet Wagio 19 days ago
What was the point of this trip???so gutter..
Racheline Love
Racheline Love 23 days ago
This show needs to be thrown away completely I’m so sick of them all 🤦‍♀️
Lady Steitz
Lady Steitz 28 days ago
Malaysia turned on Jackie with the quickness just to be down with Evelyn & Shaunie, a season prior Jackie threw an event in memoriam of her little brother for her 🤦‍♀️ #SMH
Rosey Buddy
Rosey Buddy 28 days ago
Feby what’s wrong is ur hair
jodyjo jo
jodyjo jo 28 days ago
Not a fan of Feeby, but she REALLY messed up her teeth
Sel Bell
Sel Bell Month ago
Feby ain't a fighter she's all talk. She talks then hides behind the girls like somebody can't reach out and lift her 5 ft off the ground by the hair.
Abijah A
Abijah A Month ago
Feby sounds so ignorant when she speaks. Like, did you pass the 3rd grade?
Evelyn Colangelo
goood thing jackie and tami are leaving
Devon Blow
Devon Blow Month ago
Tami is the best and shaunie they the truth I just love me some TAMI SHE IS NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH!!‼️‼️‼️I like Jackie too
Chasing Carson
Chasing Carson Month ago
Febreeze did make the song about Tami tf
Lavish Misfit Tink
Lavish Misfit Tink 2 months ago
Feby so scary always talkin then backpeddle
sasha witwicky
sasha witwicky 2 months ago
Feby 😴😴😴
Kierra Symone
Kierra Symone 2 months ago
Feby is scary lol u mad cuz Jackie telling truth on what u say behind mfs bck lol I’m confused. Where this hypeness when they confront you. But u have balls for Jackie but not OG or Tami lol okayy girl
Fernando Mata
Fernando Mata 2 months ago
Febys hair looks mad dirty💀💀
ciciad2010 2 months ago
Can we talk about how good everyone looks? 😩😍 Especially Feby. Braids look bomb on her.
Chrissy Will
Chrissy Will 2 months ago
Nobody feeling Jackie ?
Derrick Hobbs
Derrick Hobbs 2 months ago
1:21 shaunie has never had issues with Jackie so why not be there for her and say don’t speak on my friend . That’s shady that’s why O.G. Shut her fraudulent ass down !
Marquise Scott
Marquise Scott 2 months ago
Malaysia would never say that to her face. Feby girl stfu & have several seats.
tori Tori
tori Tori 2 months ago
Febi is like a roach you just want to step on 😂✌🏻
J Viewzz
J Viewzz 2 months ago
I want my 2:04 minutes and seconds back. I stopped watching at 2:04 I can’t with these ladies their vibe sucks
Raxsan Miller
Raxsan Miller 2 months ago
All of them hates Jackie, OG and CeCe , I swear I can't stand shanice and Evelyn
Brittni Archie
Brittni Archie 3 months ago
I wanna fight Feby!!!!
Ms. Kiana
Ms. Kiana 2 months ago
Monique Walker
Monique Walker 3 months ago
Be grown up on this trip?!....yeah right I knew something was going to go down 😕😮😐
Vorya K.
Vorya K. 3 months ago
Feby made Newyork look so bad cause she's a bird 😭😭
Vicky Landing
Vicky Landing 3 months ago
Trill that's what you are 🤮🤮🤮🤮 yuk
Desia Jones
Desia Jones 3 months ago
Feby looks a lil bit like cardi b
Yandel Ward
Yandel Ward 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *Nice play🏀* 0:50 💞 👇💜
Myesha Gooden
Myesha Gooden 3 months ago
Febreeze needs to go on somewhere 😒😒😒
Elona Rogers
Elona Rogers 3 months ago
Malaysia you fake so why u nar tell jackie so to her face wen you and she bin friend bez u and she beefing u talking trash about her now I love jackie
Ms. Miller
Ms. Miller 4 months ago
Who tf is Feby?!
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey 4 months ago
Its sad how beautiful black females have to fight each other while white people who own the networks get paid
Shi'Neeka Vaughan
Shi'Neeka Vaughan 5 months ago
Feby looks like a fool with them worms in her head 🙄she messed up the entire hair style with her small ahh head😭😂
Saniece Robinson
Saniece Robinson 5 months ago
Carolyn Nelson
Carolyn Nelson 5 months ago
I like feby 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️
Kris B
Kris B 5 months ago
Wait why is Febe mad at cece 🤔
Ren Sational
Ren Sational 5 months ago
Uhhhhh ... I CANT STAND SHAUNIE!!!!!!
Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith 5 months ago
Febe was in everybody business. She need to be worrying about how to talk correctly, with that "Refabricated Mouth,"As Tammi Roman stated to Duffy!!😂😂
Shakz1up 5 months ago
Hail Satan
Shakz1up 5 months ago
Kendrah Porter
Kendrah Porter 6 months ago
Feby needs too learn how to talk properly before trying too talk hard..
Jani Christopher
Jani Christopher 6 months ago
why malaysia talk like she slow
Erin Stojkov
Erin Stojkov 6 months ago
I know Feby isn’t a fan favorite but I love her NY accent LOL
onyxell 7 months ago
Feby wanna be Cardi so bad😂
SuperTroll 7 months ago
if febreeze don’t shut up!! she’s annoying and uninteresting.
no weapon formed
no weapon formed 8 months ago
This season really makes me not like Malaysia! She turned into a real flip flop!
Jay D
Jay D 8 months ago
Feby, you are so immature as hell. OG, would kick that skinny ass. That pink hair got to go you are nobody Nikki M. OK Heifer 💯✌🏽
Shadae Pares
Shadae Pares 8 months ago
Feby will never happen she is cancelled
Kaylee young
Kaylee young 8 months ago
Ferby, Kristen, & Evelyn need to be replaced. Im tired of them.
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff 8 months ago
I swear these women can’t go anywhere without drama.
Charisma Mitchell
Charisma Mitchell 9 months ago
Any know the name of the resort they stayed in @ costa Rica? It looks really nice.
ThisIsPuff :-D
ThisIsPuff :-D 9 months ago
Feby or however you spell her name so damn fake & scary. She need to go. ASAP
ronnell booker
ronnell booker 9 months ago
Feby looks like cardi
Nanette Rushing
Nanette Rushing 9 months ago
Why do these girls think they are everything? I don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Princess Nikki
Princess Nikki 9 months ago
Girls cruise could never period !!
Czarina Czar
Czarina Czar 9 months ago
All those shady women who have Nostrils as their ring -leader should be put on notice and know that 99.9 % of us are with Og, Jackie and CeCe! And calling Jackie old, while you are all 40+ is a joke! Whatever your exact age, it´s clear as the day that none of you are spring chickens. 😂😂
J B 9 months ago
Remodel, Resale, Find Something Better... That horse needs a tummy tuck.
Ocean _glo
Ocean _glo 9 months ago
Tami was highkey the only reason I watched this show tbh🤷🏾‍♀️
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 9 months ago
Feby looks like bum,honest to God.
Shayla Brown
Shayla Brown 9 months ago
Feby had me crying... Jerry Attrick Jackie, stone cold Steve Austin Jr....lololololol
Chesherl Fears
Chesherl Fears 9 months ago
I think that a real woman will call ameeting all talk it out but you ladies are back bitting you guys act like crips and bloods 😭
Ritter Curtis09arqq
Ritter Curtis09arqq 9 months ago
OG you're the show love you !
Ritter Curtis09arqq
Ritter Curtis09arqq 9 months ago
Malaysia remembers Shaunie O'neal said you had no substance. Why are you with them ?
J P 9 months ago
Hmmm, no demons allowed... 🤔
Marcellejo Gaudinn
Marcellejo Gaudinn 9 months ago
Truly enjoyed this. :D
naturalpn7 9 months ago
What Malaysia said was foul...growing old is a gift a blessing....they jealous
Lil Alec
Lil Alec 9 months ago
Who's the one with the "trill" chain ?
Nanaaa Pooh
Nanaaa Pooh 9 months ago
Idc idc Febe is fine asf without makeup 😩😍😍 I love da girl
Phenomenal Black Woman
Evelyn is messy ghetto and need to go
Courtni Jones
Courtni Jones 9 months ago
Feby need to sit her little ass down they need not bring her back..... who's friend is she again who brought her😎
cr2nr 9 months ago
Go CostaRica! Puravida!
Jayoncé Vanity
Jayoncé Vanity 9 months ago
Shaunie get rid of Evelyn n feby
Cupcakes_01 9 months ago
I dont like fur ball...
Cupcakes_01 9 months ago
Tami knew what she was doing when she left. They just full of drama!!
June Haynes
June Haynes 9 months ago
They shouldn’t bring feby or Evelyn back feby sound like a chipmunk her voice is irritating
June Haynes
June Haynes 9 months ago
Malaysia feby and Evelyn are more demons than the other ladies and they need to stop calling Jackie and the rest old you’ll are going to get old one day
tyleron11 9 months ago
Shirley K
Shirley K 9 months ago
That's funny no demon they so sickening.
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