Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone? | Episode 8 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

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While visiting Jordan’s family for Hanukkah, Tana examines what family means to her and struggles to decide who she’ll spend Christmas with… if anyone.
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Dec 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Evie Gallagher
I’m watching this in quarantine and I feel so bad for Jordan’s family 😂
chanel croley
chanel croley 4 days ago
I completely understand what she means when she says her family never did family outings so it’s uncomfortable for her. I feel super uncomfortable with other families outings
Lilly Sing
Lilly Sing 5 days ago
No wonder tanna sometimes acts childish she looked after her self an depended on her self for years now she has people too depend on she is going to maybe try an let that inner child out x
Lilly Sing
Lilly Sing 5 days ago
plot twist tanna an Jordan end up marrying each other
Noelle Juda
Noelle Juda 13 days ago
wait i thought jordan got his own office
upintheclouds 14 days ago
bruh.. that’s so embarrassing she’s literally screaming.. i have to laugh
Lii De
Lii De 15 days ago
Jordan's mom...like her face said it all.
Alex 16 days ago
Gianna Strasser
Gianna Strasser 16 days ago
I love tana but screaming at ice skating hurt me for Jordan’s family 😂
John Melhem
John Melhem 19 days ago
are we not going to talk about how jordans sister is GORGEOUS
Zoeyslife 20 days ago
dudeeee I live 10 mins from albany
Randi RedRubberDuck
The wedding was for clout, totally fake. They never filled out marriage paperwork so the marriage is not legally recognized anywhere.
lucy adams
lucy adams 22 days ago
the way she said i dont wanna be disrespectful "fish out of water" whatever then why the hell did u insert urself into the situation like jordan literally didnt want her there
Katie Hall
Katie Hall 24 days ago
Jordan and his dad look so alike
bridget ritchie
bridget ritchie 24 days ago
yes she acted childish but when Jordan’s dad said “Tana this is easier then ice staking”😂💀 obviously they weren’t holding a grudge about it so why do you all needa get so butt hurt about it. you weren’t there
Vannah_ bby
Vannah_ bby 25 days ago
i can relate to tana so much. like my mom really does suck ass. and my dad tries his hardest but it’s always something.
Natalie Atkins
Natalie Atkins 26 days ago
Meadow Steele
Meadow Steele 26 days ago
You could tell his family was upset with Tana screaming and yelling about ice skating...
Megan Nguyen
Megan Nguyen 27 days ago
Jordan should of flat out said “ No Tana, I’m on vacation.” -___-
MANGLA989 27 days ago
The way she’s eating the banana is making me kill myself
A bored Vlogger
A bored Vlogger 29 days ago
i dont know y tana is getting so much hate for her saying things 24/7 about her child hood like everyones child hood effects the person differently and it must hurt her to see a happy family gathered around happy and loving eachothers company like leave her alone and jordan is like really hot
lauraluvsyouu Month ago
omg Jordan and his dad look identical (except years apart obviously lol, like Jordan knows exactly what he'll look like when hes older.)
alyssa mae
alyssa mae Month ago
this was so uncomfortable to watch 😬 bless jordan’s family for being so kind omg
Sydney Lewis
Sydney Lewis Month ago
I get she doesn’t haven’t a family so she had to teach herself a lot of things but your bestfriend who is your family invited you & instead you go with your manager? So unprofessional & kinda rude to Imari & Jordan
Jacqueline Se
Jacqueline Se Month ago
Take off your effing sunglasses! Like wtf
Emma Shuffle
Emma Shuffle Month ago
🤦🏻‍♀️ I have easier conversations with my 2 year old than Jordan with Tana at the skate rink. I think Tana is very entertaining and I enjoy so much of her older stuff. But she’s got a lot of maturing to do .
Dean Kaylani
Dean Kaylani Month ago
I’ve never heard my name before... “adeana” hahaha so weird hearing someone else called that
Lauren Xox
Lauren Xox Month ago
I ship them
eliyah vasquez
eliyah vasquez Month ago
Awwww Jordan looks like his dads twin
liana luna
liana luna Month ago
in another life jordan and tana were married.
OGTrinn Month ago
how is she gonna invite herself to celebrate a holiday she knows nothing about and completely act a fool the whole time? if she didn't want to skate, JUST WATCH! she's 21 and rich??? the things people support oml.
Jessica Whelan
Jessica Whelan Month ago
I low key ship her and jordan
shukezi Month ago
why tf is she so against ice skating? like she is being super rude to everyone wtf. like ok she may have childhood trauma sure but like don’t ruin it for everyone and act like a toddler.
britneysglory Month ago
13:29 "I know... it's probably a trauma fear." LMAO Jordan knew Tana was going to pull the trauma card, which goes to show how often she uses it.
Lilly Clark
Lilly Clark Month ago
Can we talk about how GORGEOUS Adeena is 😍😍😍
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall Month ago
the look on Jordan's parents faces.. hate everything about the ice skating scene
YONCE 8701
YONCE 8701 Month ago
9:26 Jordan's dad is the real MVP!! Taking Tana to Ur Jewish family for Hanukkah🤦🏽‍♀️ (Lord please make her be somewhat close to respectful). 😩
Isabelle Aff
Isabelle Aff Month ago
Trevor clapping his hooves was the only thing I enjoyed about this episode
Jonathan B Vlogs
The whole ice skating scene, I can’t breathe. Omfg this is too much.
Kiana Rayne
Kiana Rayne Month ago
#tanamongeau @tanamongeau I get the family/holiday struggle so bad, I DREAD that time of year, definately make your own traditions and find a way to enjoy it, it's so fucking hard & will take time but it will be worth 👌👌😊😊🙃❤ #bakedrant
theluschmaster Month ago
jordan's dad is so adorable and kind .. I love how accommodating and understanding he is .. so sweet
theluschmaster Month ago
09:00 .. 😂😂😂😂😅😂🙌🏼
Sammy Black
Sammy Black Month ago
I literally have second hand embarrassment PLEASE
Tea Spilled
Tea Spilled Month ago
I just got second hand embarrassment from this whole video especially 13:18
M K Month ago
Tana hates how embarrassing her dad was and now shes the most embarrassing human alive
Brittney Cabral
Brittney Cabral Month ago
Poor Jordan... and he didn’t even want her to go
Abigail Ginter
Abigail Ginter Month ago
Jordan's family is so incredibly gracious and kind!
kayltara Month ago
i literally cannot watch this without getting second hand embarrassed omg
Saadia Morli
Saadia Morli Month ago
where’s episode 7?
Kabrea69 Month ago
tana is such a baby
Jacquelyn Hahn
Jacquelyn Hahn Month ago
12:21 why is she screaming like she’s getting fucked lmfao such a drama queen for no reason. Only doing it for the camera that’s obvious. Jordan’s parents face says it all😂
Jacquelyn Hahn
Jacquelyn Hahn Month ago
Omg what is tana on meeting Jordan’s parents ? She’s wearing sunglasses and a hoodie inside the house ? It’s really cringy and so embarrassing
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark Month ago
Sandra Mellado
Sandra Mellado Month ago
It’s sad that tana talks so bad about her parents. Like geesh based on past videos it looks like her parents have changed and actually love her. Just like she’s have had tough time so did her parents
Shannon McCarthy
Jordan and his dad are fucking twins
Thomas Bontempo
Thomas Bontempo Month ago
God can she please just marry Jordan already
Jess De Silva
Jess De Silva Month ago
15:17 she says she will 'never ever ever' have a perfect family but she literally can with her husband and her kids so dramatic
Andrea Tells The Truth
That house looks like Betty and Don Draper’s
Purple Haz3
Purple Haz3 Month ago
Tanas scream makes me wanna put scissors in my ears, she’s so annoying
Nessa Phillips
Nessa Phillips Month ago
You can have your own happy family :P You have lots of time to make happy Christmas memories.
Christina hale
Christina hale Month ago
“Your dad is so much smarter than you” It’s not that difficult to look up the meaning behind Hanukkah I learned about world religions in AP world history maybe she would’ve known that if she didn’t drop out
LittleBody BigHeart
Ice skating is not as easy as his family makes it sound...i understood her fear but the screaming was unusual
Mzcrazy Q
Mzcrazy Q Month ago
I'd watch this.
Desiree Stewart
Desiree Stewart Month ago
“She was at least pretending to be respectful and caring” that is pretty sad 😕
Lizzygirl404 Month ago
I’m crying at this fucking episode 😭😭😭 nobody: Tana: AhhHhahhhhhHhhHh!!!!!
Rose Carter
Rose Carter Month ago
I honestly can’t stand her anymore
Chloe Robins
Chloe Robins 2 months ago
What a brat ......
Karen Gonzalez
Karen Gonzalez 2 months ago
Bru okey imma call it they’re gonna end up together
RileySmileyRiley 2 months ago
A wholesome ending?? Must be a holiday special.
Elina Moon
Elina Moon 2 months ago
omg she acts like a complete child. grow up. Seriously.
Alana 2 months ago
Why are her and Jordan the real life but modern kinda Walmart version of Elle Woods and Emmett Forest from Legally blonde
Melissa Sippa
Melissa Sippa 2 months ago
she didnt have to scream when she sat down tho
CA 123
CA 123 2 months ago
I’m kind of just waiting for the rom com ending when she grows up and gets with him
Karina Maree 18
Karina Maree 18 2 months ago
She blames her horrible attitude on her childhood, she’s actually just a terrible person
Elisabet Damon
Elisabet Damon 2 months ago
i honestly kinda liked tana before this episode. She always has the same reason for her terrible and humiliating behavior. Her parents. And although i do get that. I know some people very close to me who have had insanely abusive parents and yet they are mature, strong, and selfless. And most of all grateful. I just think she doesn’t even really try.
Ashley Month ago
How do you know your family is abusive?
Elisabet Damon
Elisabet Damon 2 months ago
I like tana but i do think jordan should drop her. she needs a wake up call to grow up.
Stephanie Holton
Stephanie Holton 2 months ago
They need to date!!!
Autumn Victoria Peck
tana get off mtv this is not enjoyable
michelle Garcia
michelle Garcia 2 months ago
Albany, Jordan I live in Albany let’s go on a date next time you’re in town 😉
Vianca robledo
Vianca robledo 2 months ago
Someone: Drinking water TANA: My parents never taught me how to do that I never had a family that’s why I act out 😂🙄
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