Will New Glenn be the KING of Heavy Lift Rockets?

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Blue Origin, perhaps the sleeping giant of the aerospace industry, will be going from a tiny suborbital rocket, to one of the biggest rockets ever made…
Today, we’re finally going to do a quick rundown on Blue Origin, talk about their upcoming New Glenn rocket and then compare it to some of the other Heavy Lift Launchers it will be competing against.
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Dec 12, 2018




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Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 10 months ago
Some notes! First: Falcon Heavy to LEO is indeed 30 tonnes, because as stated in the video, we quoted fully reusable, RTLS and droneship landing. The number you see on wikipedia (63,800 kg) is fully expendable. If you need a source on 30 to LEO here's Elon talking about it - t.co/xPA9bGiNB9 (Also backed up by a true physics simulation too) Second: That said, YES, I did have an error! I swapped graphics out last minute and forgot to change the lbs conversion of OmegA. So, the kN's are still accurate but the translation to pounds is incorrect. That number should be 4.9 million lbs. The corrected slide is on my website: everydayastronaut.com/new-glenn-2018/
Iso specs
Iso specs 5 days ago
Have you built this one on kerbal yet??
Mobile -Lukas
Mobile -Lukas 16 days ago
Anthony Sauter m
Jacob Gragges
Jacob Gragges 20 days ago
Everyday Astronaut, don’t they say that Wikipedia is an unreliable source? Or is that just said so it’s harder to find sources for projects?
Don Ogoobo
Don Ogoobo Month ago
@Matthew McGrath I sincerely hope you do have the chance to go out there. My generation had our chance, but a greedy congress and a lunatic POTUS took it away without a thought. And installed their pork barrel "Space" project, The Shuttle. Earth orbit is not "SPACE". Shuttle: any conveyance that travels from point to point carrying cargo. Like a delivery truck. It was like winning a hard fought war, then giving everything back and apologizing. We are all are supporting PRIVATE space projects. Too bad they all have NASA to put a collar on them.
Ben The Aryan
Ben The Aryan 2 months ago
Byron Young: bald eagle freedom guns capitalism constitution
DailyFrankPeter 7 hours ago
Placing your rocket factory next to the rocket pad sounds like a critical business risk to me. Interesting that they decided to do this.
Ken D
Ken D 12 hours ago
Amazon doesnt pay taxes
TheAmberGryphon 2 days ago
Should've put BFR as comparison to as they're going to test it this year and achieve orbit 2020 when new glenn is 2021. It doesn't matter what rocket class it is all that matters is what it is capable of doing.
Marty Naselli
Marty Naselli 2 days ago
I would love an updated lineup of SLS / New Glen / SuperHeavy+Starship. Here are a few metrics that would be interesting to see side-by-side: Carbon Cost of launch (fuel only) Fairing Volume Max Cargo to LEO/Moon/Mars Cost per KG LEO/Moon/Mars Of course, only SpaceX is planning for reusable re-entry, so it's still very speculative. If you wanted a single (highly speculative) comparison number, you could try to estimate how many lunches each rocket would need to build something like the Gateway Foundation's plan for a station.
Nathan Shearer
Nathan Shearer 3 days ago
They are so diligent I suspect they will be ready to compete about 10 years after Bezos has died.
MultiBrad777 dba ACid w Elder
I think you are confused or you are not able to make the comparison to landing an airplane on a globe ... traveling 1000 mph..... i’m going to guess that you once again assume that the pilots must have it figured out....smh.....Never assume in science.... because it will make you look foolish ....use your own mind....Intuitively you knew it would be more difficult to land a rocket on a moving object.... which of course you discounted because how would you know right???... and then you said they just must have it figured out....And you need to figure out why after 20 years you know nothing about this company ....nor has it done anything... except release an imaginary manual!!...Nor is it a space company considering it’s only going to kiss space... technically that would be called an atmosphere based kissing space company....Dream on cowboy just dont call it science
MultiBrad777 dba ACid w Elder
Being inside of a headquarters.. or seeing an engine is not science...... it’s called PR......10 bucks says in two years you are still stuck with a manual and No commercial space program
Everyday Astronaut
🤦‍♂️ you’ll see. You’ll see. What reason do you have to doubt? Have you been inside blue origin’s HQ and talked too their engineers? Seen their engines? Been up close and personal with hardware? No?... didn’t think so. I have. Give it two years and you’ll see.
vivek kene
vivek kene 3 days ago
By the time new glenn gets functional, space will be one step ahead with the starship.
Greg in Arizona
Greg in Arizona 4 days ago
just shut up...lol
nikolai iliev
nikolai iliev 4 days ago
I think Blue Origin will make it real , we must wait only about 15 years
Jan De Schutter
Jan De Schutter 4 days ago
If you need to choose to compare it to only 5 rockets, how many LEO rockets are in use today and from what country's?
Rampid Panjandrum
The scary thing about blue origin is that their funding is basically unlimited
Temple of Ridicule
Up to a point. Your pension and that of millions of other suckers isn't an infinite resource.
Alpha Farabee
Alpha Farabee 4 days ago
It is increasing to appear that Everyday Astronaut is becoming an excellent and nearly thorough source of space program activity... which until recently, has been delayed and shrouded in secrecy from the supporting public. Your revelation and detail of the growing immensity of rockets and their engines is the greatest enlightenment and entertainment. I am a retired teacher. When I talk to my retired comrades, I've discovered that we all; when our computer awakes are first browsing for anything Everyday Astronaut, SpaceXcentric or Labpadre will reveal today. Our greatest appreciation!
olppa1 5 days ago
Fun to see Musk fanboys in the comment section getting slightly nervous. -) New space race is on.
caav56 4 days ago
I"m a Musk's fan and I'm nervous... the good kind of nervous. Let the New Space Race go in all of its glory!
trik 5 days ago
all this patents is slowing down a lot progress. some companies hord milion of patents and do nothing with it for decades
George Washington
I'm lovin it
Rich Ker
Rich Ker 5 days ago
Nice work
Life Extension Research
Why arent you comparing the BFR size? lame
Life Extension Research
@Everyday Astronaut what are the classes based on?
Everyday Astronaut
Wrong class of vehicle. As mentioned, we only compared heach class
singby pass
singby pass 5 days ago
That's not a coaster, that's a fly swatter. Add a stick and you got a great merchandise object. :)
Smitb Smitb
Smitb Smitb 5 days ago
16:23 7M greater than 10m.. lol
APOLOS 6 days ago
Jeff Who is a money craving wolf! He does nothing for the sake of mankind but for the sake of Jeff Who?
s6th 6 days ago
199 second burn and they still want to retroburn for that long when landing the booster? They're just showing off.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 6 days ago
Bozo creeps me out - he is not a great mind.
Terry Cooper
Terry Cooper 7 days ago
Astronaut not Glenn. It was Gordon Cooper.
Everyday Astronaut
Umm might want to double check your history there...
Jits Life
Jits Life 7 days ago
BE-4 v. Raptor. Go.
Everyday Astronaut
I’ve got a video about that! “Is SpaceX’s Raptor the king of rocket engines”
D R 10 days ago
Anything happening?
Nelson Rauch
Nelson Rauch 10 days ago
JITENDRA Awasthi 11 days ago
Nothing is cooler than a handful of BILLLONARES fighting in space for exploration...
Carl Andre
Carl Andre 11 days ago
Next spacex rocket name: Super Big Falcon Heavy
bd5av8r1 11 days ago
Starship is the king of heavy lift. It even exists in the flesh before new Glenn lol
TheBinary0101 11 days ago
Big diff between Bezos & Elon. Elon does NOT slave ppl to accomplish his goals. Bezos is building a great rocket on the backs of poor ppl. Its not about to get there but how you get there. So, on my book Blue origin is doing for the wrong reasons ( profit). Elon is doing to make humanity a multI planetary species. So eat that everyday astronaut for your short sighted perspective.But sheep like your will not be able to understand this basic concept.
James Thompson
James Thompson 12 days ago
This might be my new favorite channel.
Mars Bars
Mars Bars 12 days ago
Hey that's my name
Gabriel Brondel
Gabriel Brondel 12 days ago
blue origin is so much worse than space x. who likes them
Danny B
Danny B 12 days ago
14:48 "lets leave BFR out of the comparison." Well, you have to, don't you. Because you know SpaceX is better.
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 12 days ago
No because it’s quite literally a different class of vehicle. Same reason we left out SLS or Electron. Literally a different class.
A1ez 12 days ago
Sexy batman
SavxgeTerps 13 days ago
competition is great
Firestorm 427
Firestorm 427 14 days ago
When you forgot that Elon will just vaporize them before he ever loses
wenrec 15 days ago
Please update this video with the starship
Erook 15 days ago
Well, now with SpaceX's StarShip.. Well, looks like we have a new contender
Brain Mind
Brain Mind 16 days ago
New Shepard wins the award for most phallic-looking rocket.
Jeff Fradsham
Jeff Fradsham 17 days ago
why is it taking blue origin so long to get into the game?
Jeff Fradsham
Jeff Fradsham 17 days ago
Tim, you left out the RFBBRF, a three core BFR.
Pee Sweezy
Pee Sweezy 17 days ago
Honestly, I like Blue Origin
Dystopic Rodeo
Dystopic Rodeo 18 days ago
Blue Origin's naming convention is just, retarded. SpaceX is flying for the advancement of humankind. Besos is flying to expand his wallet.
thecatmorgan 18 days ago
Nothing is cooler than billionaires fighting to see who can get us into space cheapest.
imoutclimbing 8 days ago
Pardon me, but I think you underestimate the ability of some to scour up amusement while locked down on this terrestrial prison. As such, I accept that challenge. Personally, I have always wanted to live among the stars, so consider me biased... I imagine a world where we find such need to leave that we take our billionaires, specifically the ones who won't support space exploration/travel/etc... and we put them into a pool. Not one filled with water, but one filled with chance. Every time a test rocket needs a volunteer (weekly testing sounds good), a billionaire from the pool is selected and strapped in (or on). If the rocket succeeds, the billionaire walks away with a free ride and the story of a lifetime. And if not, well let's just say its a win-win-win situation for most everyone. Slightly twisted, but a powerful positive feedback loop... Space exploration gets some seriously needed funding (and ratings). The Networks go nuts. Jobs are created like never before. Those who want to get to JUMP! And those billionaires, well they're not a cheap as they used to be.
kakytoo69 18 days ago
Looks like the Raptor won,
Passa Na Ceia De Natal
Jeff who?
pete simpson
pete simpson 19 days ago
Great video, thank you....
Jacob Gragges
Jacob Gragges 20 days ago
Would spacex be able to make a falcon heavy the same size as the falcon 9? Maybe that would be even more powerful than the Glenn.
alonzo ellis
alonzo ellis 23 days ago
Don't get it wrong tho I love the look of Big Blue, and it can take a lot of mass into space.
alonzo ellis
alonzo ellis 23 days ago
SpaceX is doing all of the hard work by being first. or to say trailblazing anything after can be much prettier. Between both of these systems tho we will be on mars and beyond very soon. my hat will always be off to Elon because he is first and out front with what he is doing and where he is trying to take US as a earthly body.
Chris Townley
Chris Townley 24 days ago
The more momentum that is created by those trying to achieve the goals, the more likely we are to see it achieved, I hope Mars and Multi-stellar is the common goal, not the LCD like in the IT industry, brought about by our wonderful financial people, who lost the industry the likes of Atari and Commodore as well as the British entrants, all for the inferior Intel, and IBM. 8-Bit all the way with scabby flaky add-ons.
Alexandr Kovalenko
Alexandr Kovalenko 24 days ago
"Jeff, stop teasing" (c) Elon
kilometers? Try talking American
Basketvector 28 days ago
Have we heard if there is a recovery ship planned for starship?
Aaron Huang
Aaron Huang 29 days ago
ummm….. I maybe I suggest a video about the SpaceX SuperHeavy Starship. It would be nice to know more about it!
Timon Brandt
Timon Brandt 29 days ago
any advancement in rocketry is amazing, no matter who does it.
Its TTSI Month ago
Isn't there a chance it would crash into the ship and blow it up. If the ship had people on it when the booster lands I might kill all of them. I feel that it is really dangerous.
Sbaeneg Month ago
Just saying you would need a space station to fill 458m3 fairing space
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