Will New Glenn be the KING of Heavy Lift Rockets?

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Blue Origin, perhaps the sleeping giant of the aerospace industry, will be going from a tiny suborbital rocket, to one of the biggest rockets ever made…
Today, we’re finally going to do a quick rundown on Blue Origin, talk about their upcoming New Glenn rocket and then compare it to some of the other Heavy Lift Launchers it will be competing against.
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Dec 12, 2018

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Comments 3 875
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 7 months ago
Some notes! First: Falcon Heavy to LEO is indeed 30 tonnes, because as stated in the video, we quoted fully reusable, RTLS and droneship landing. The number you see on wikipedia (63,800 kg) is fully expendable. If you need a source on 30 to LEO here's Elon talking about it - t.co/xPA9bGiNB9 (Also backed up by a true physics simulation too) Second: That said, YES, I did have an error! I swapped graphics out last minute and forgot to change the lbs conversion of OmegA. So, the kN's are still accurate but the translation to pounds is incorrect. That number should be 4.9 million lbs. The corrected slide is on my website: everydayastronaut.com/new-glenn-2018/
D. Scott Bird
D. Scott Bird 16 days ago
Timm um elon soon will in 2024 will go to mars
Byron Young
Byron Young Month ago
Talk American
w@t(h3r 2 months ago
That is the biggest problem for us in the rest of the world. It's a big shame that americans don't use metric system. Imperial measurments are unnecessary complicated. Come on, start using metric system at least in your videos. It would be much more professional. Even other american videos with this theme use metric system. Ps. Your videos are great to watch.
Saadi Save
Saadi Save 2 months ago
@Everyday Astronaut Are you sure New Glenn is 45 T reusable? The numbers on BO website are likely expendable ones.
Stephen Boulet
Stephen Boulet 2 months ago
So my question is, can Blue Origin legally sell rides to space on this rocket at a loss, undercutting the competition?
Noah Nicolia
Noah Nicolia Day ago
I vote New Glenn lands in the Indian Ocean. Haha😄
Brazil Country Ball
BFR will be!!!
Marcus Russell
I am very impressed by your videos, keep up the good work.
Helmut Prost
Helmut Prost 2 days ago
When you are being beaten by... Wait for it... Virgin Galactic, you have to know you suck.
Don Davis
Don Davis 4 days ago
this Comment is the best: From a Cessna to a 747? From a canoe to a cruise ship? From an ant to an elephant? hahahahaha
J 4 days ago
GoodByeKyle 5 days ago
I think your videos are great :)
Mr.rocket !!!!
Mr.rocket !!!! 7 days ago
Blue origin sucks
Roger Barrera
Roger Barrera 8 days ago
None of these craft impress me at all there all wimps compared to NASA s SLS if they ever get there act together its the only one close or comparable to the legendary saturn V rocket when it comes to thrust height payload capacity & the ability to send a manned mission bk to the moon & everything will have to be super sized instead of 3 crewmen 6 to 7 & the lander able to carry 4 & with seats this time not sanding up & to. Be more roomy at least they could get some sleep this time around.& forget about mars for the time being i would take a more realistic time of maybe 2040 or 2045 at the earliest otherwise its just a suicide trip not worth risking lives.& forget terraforming mars not gonna happen mars needs a full magnetic field to deflect the solar wind & cosmic rays otherwise the atmosphere would just be blown away so to speak
Mastercrap 42123
Mastercrap 42123 3 days ago
I'm excited for all of these upcoming rockets not just the big ones (Not that New Glenn is going to be small)
Stephen Courton
Stephen Courton 8 days ago
Both Elon and Jeff want to use fortunes to start colonies off Earth. Jeff however wants to start moon while Elon focused on Mars. Glad both doing in in case one fails. Jeff has far more money and more stable non space companies to absorb and failure however. He is more secret about progress too while SpaceX very open.
Samson Cline
Samson Cline 8 days ago
Jeff is retarded, just stick with selling cheap crap on Amazon
bestamerica 10 days ago
' no wonder why this man use a cap on the head
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 10 days ago
Those names XD
andrew jowett
andrew jowett 11 days ago
Why do you feel the need to use background music to your videos - its superfluous and annoying.
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 11 days ago
Newer videos I don’t. Constantly tweaking the program 🤷‍♂️
Richard Rigling
Richard Rigling 11 days ago
Is there anything available on New Armstrong yet?
Paulius Habdank
Paulius Habdank 13 days ago
can you imagine what would be if SpaceX and Blueorigin would work together ?! this is the main problem of humanity - COMPETITION and EGO !!!
John Austin
John Austin 12 days ago
The more the merrier. Improvements are usually incremental and more lines of development can be very productive. Nice to see the profits going to something more useful than handbags.
Independence Day
Independence Day 13 days ago
@Everyday Astronaut, that’s what she said
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 15 days ago
Absolutely, I'm with you Tim. Cheer on space travel and exploration in general. We are all winners, maybe the companies are driven by (have to be) profit and return on investment - but we don't need to be!
XarraXonna 15 days ago
Jeff who?
Jeddie Johnson
Jeddie Johnson 16 days ago
Jeff who?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 17 days ago
Space race 2, electric boogaloo!
Joe Torres
Joe Torres 17 days ago
You are absolutely the best. Congratulations! But one note: you need to dress up a little more professional; this bit about baseball cap and T-shirt is very clumsy and sloppy and make you look amateurish.
Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom 17 days ago
Is new glen man rated?
jpaugh64 18 days ago
It's fascinating that two software developers have such different views on how to build a rocket -- and how to run a rocket company. Elon and Jeff must have very different goals.
FrankO _23
FrankO _23 19 days ago
so that's why Amazon doesn't pay taxes 🤯🤯🤯
Jerry Monroy
Jerry Monroy 18 days ago
And then the taxpayer will pay them to send payloads to the ISS. Oh, and let us not forget they got over $100 million in tax rebates.
Michael Skewes
Michael Skewes 19 days ago
Launch it ,then I'll be impressed. So far,Space X is blazing the trail,with Blue Origin picking up the pieces,possibly literally !
Christopher allen
Christopher allen 20 days ago
well well, did you know that every launch destroys 75.000 cubic yards of ozone/ global climate change is irreversible? that greed/stupidity and nationalistic pride wiil wipe ot life as we know it [ nuclear winter is coming?] humans have always commercialized everything they have ever touched to its extinction ...so life will be their last dodo.....just sayin.
Christopher allen
Christopher allen 20 days ago
@Everyday Astronaut so get in line with the rest of the people pointing the finger at someone else ...as the blame for what is coming and say well they are doing it also...the added weight of global meltwater is reactivating the pacific ring of fire with the added seismic activity many volcanos WILL AWAKEN [ YELLOW STONE ?] THE ADDED ASH/NOXIOUS GASSES/CARBON AND SEAWATER [ IN THE FORM OF STEAM WILL CAUSE A nuclear winter...and you can say [ by the info give to you that you approved of it ...do the research [ the scientific community won't tell you all of the ramifications involved with climate change] maybe the space station has a purpose we don't know about ?does it say trump future H.Q. on the dark side? now if more people thought about the words they memorize to repeat [ other than just parroting them we would probably question everything we have ever heard.. just saying.
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 20 days ago
You do realize one launch burns about exactly as much RP-1 as a commercial airliner? Why go after the 30 launches a year from the commercial industry when there’s THOUSANDS of flights a DAY in the commercial airline industry? Or how about the shipping industry?! Lots bigger fish to fry. Like by several orders of magnitude. Besides, we’d only know about all of this through space based observations.
Redneck Repair guy
Redneck Repair guy 20 days ago
Baseball caps always makes men look far less intelligent .
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 20 days ago
👍 cool. Glad to know you judge people based on appearance. Thanks for sharing I guess 🤷‍♂️
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell 20 days ago
WIth the bigger diameter booster Bezos may be trying to strategically be ready for the opportunity to provide New Glen second stage as coupler components in the Von Braun rotating space station.
Nathan Chan
Nathan Chan 20 days ago
You asked what's missing. For one, lenses in your glasses. Other than that, love the videos!!
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 20 days ago
Everyone complained about the glare in older videos, so I bought a second pair and wore contacts, since then I’ve changed lighting around a lot and it’s much better... oh the things I do for the camera 😂🙈
Barry Eldridge
Barry Eldridge 21 day ago
Awesome info love the fact we're back in the race again may we boldly go where no man has gone before
j408100 22 days ago
Keep doing what you do! That goes for everyone at OLF. Much love and respect to all the boys!!!
Ballal Patil
Ballal Patil 22 days ago
Jeff who is finally learning 😂😂😂😂
Frank RenewablesCheap
My only complaint about Bezos, is that I think it's rubbish that Amazon not only didn't pay federal taxes, but got money back. I've also heard complaints about wages. I wish the rocket well, but question where the money to develop it came from.
CAMZBFR 22 days ago
Ever made?
Howie Lane
Howie Lane 22 days ago
I don't have a favorite. I do wish them all well and a lot of diversity in the variety of Space Communities. However do to the fact that NASA has had the go ahead for how many years? Them guys should have an engine, which gets humans moving close to light speed by now. Shame on you NASA; for letting the new private sectors out do you.
Thomas E. Hebert
Thomas E. Hebert 22 days ago
In the late 80's a product called Spinrite was the first to offer on-the-fly interleave changes without requiring data to be removed and a reformat performed. In an interview, Steve Gibson, Spinrite's creator, was asked a year or so later if he felt competitors (who by that time were also offering on-the-fly re-interleave capability) had disassembled Spinrite's critical code modules and 'stolen' it's secrets. Gibson said no, he reflected that once competent people *see* something is possible, then the actual mechanics of doing/implementing the same thing are dramatically easier. By that measure, Blue Origin, if they can deliver on their plans, will owe Space-X a significant debt.
liam caracofe
liam caracofe 22 days ago
Where did you get those falcon 9 and falcon heavy models??
Kenji Okura
Kenji Okura 17 days ago
I think the Falcon 9 and Heavy are from the company called "Buzz Space Models". I remember Tim mentioning it.
BooBoo Boo
BooBoo Boo 22 days ago
I built a rocket spaceship in my backyard. It can achieve a launch that can carry 14.3 tons of cargo and a distance to Mars with a boost around our moon. I have kept this a secret but now I want the world to know about it.
John Schwab
John Schwab 22 days ago
Ah yes, an open-bleed expander cycle. Pfffft--anybody could have guessed that. Seriously, any tutorials?
Raphael Thorp
Raphael Thorp 22 days ago
Why is the thrust in kN on the Omega labeled as 21.7k but in Lbs is only 3.4 million? Shouldn’t it be 4.9?
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut 22 days ago
That was a mistake in animations. It’s noted in the pinned comment
Hugo 23 days ago
So the thing is. You cant take a patent out on someting you cant make. Or i could just patent a space elevator now.
Branon Lamphere
Branon Lamphere 23 days ago
Looks like a flying dildo to me🤣.
Sami Anttila
Sami Anttila 24 days ago
If Blue Origin made a submarine, it would be called New Grissom. ...submarine or a barbecue (too soon?)
Carl Kirchhoff
Carl Kirchhoff 24 days ago
ThePumpkinBoat MC
ThePumpkinBoat MC 24 days ago
7:31 That smoke animation is actually really good.
Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown 23 days ago
The way the shifted the camera to an overhead kinda tricks you into forgetting its cgi for a sec
goodygoodyguy 25 days ago
Blue Glen.
Hames the man
Hames the man 25 days ago
Blue origin is ula but worse
Tim Nichols
Tim Nichols 24 days ago
Actually Blue Origin is just another part of Bezos Amazon strategy. Before long all other retailers will disappear and the only place to shop will be Amazon. Likewise, Blue Origin hopes to out ULA, ULA.
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 25 days ago
Well it’d better live up to it’s namesake and actually reach orbit
Crazy_clay 78
Crazy_clay 78 25 days ago
I can't wait until they start doing sea lunches
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