Will It Slime? Testing Peel off SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER Face Mask! No Glue Slime DIY

Will It Slime?
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Will It Slime? Testing Peel off SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER Face Mask! We dump a gallon of white glue on Savanna's head! Surprise! This video actually has more than no glue slime recipes. We're spinning the wheel of misfortune. We'll test other channels recipes to see what's real and what's fake.There are slime hacks and DIY projects too. I'm adding too many squishies to my slime! I'm using Borax as my slime activator but you could use Renue and baking soda. I hope you enjoy this no glue slime testing with ASMR. Find out what makes the best fluffy slime!
Will It Slime? Testing Peel off ROSE GOLD GLITTER Face Mask! No Glue Slime DIY ruvid.net/video/video-ufibYgV5M9g.html
WILL IT SLIME? Testing No Glue Slime DIY
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About Will It Slime?
🤓 Will It Slime? That is the question. Will It Slime is the best RUvid Slime channel for DIY slime. Fun slime challenges along with slime testing and slime how to videos! Will It Slime is family friendly and totally kid safe! We love making slime and we hope you'll have fun with us!
Will It Slime? Testing Peel off SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER Face Mask! No Glue Slime DIY
Will It Slime?

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May 25, 2019




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Unicorns & Cupcakes
Yes I do think the toilet paper ones are weird
Belle Garcia
Belle Garcia 3 days ago
5 minute crafts has left the chat .
Kookie Games
Kookie Games 18 days ago
12:57 that bowl gave me the chills
Andrea Thiessen
Andrea Thiessen 22 days ago
I love the will it fluff voice its hilarious
Emily Martin
Emily Martin 28 days ago
You . Look at my holographic slime Me . Um isn’t that gray You . i’m just going to add some my glitter oh look at that chunkiness Me that’s not going to work. You puts borax oh no it didn’t work but I’m not going to stop here let me add some of my slime in
Tammy Dumeny
Tammy Dumeny 29 days ago
I’ll save your favorite thing is glitter and I think everything she has is probably made out of glitter glue or glitter and one is made out of glitter and the sun is made out of glitter in her eyes
Tammy Dumeny
Tammy Dumeny 29 days ago
Lol lol
Isabel Thorpe
Isabel Thorpe 29 days ago
Yes I do
Top slay queen 7
How it work for y'all but it never work for me????
Indians didn't use toilet paper
aliza peerzade
aliza peerzade Month ago
I love the clears lime
Falling for Autumn 's
I cant it the subsribe because i did year s ogo
Ashton Thorne
Ashton Thorne Month ago
2:11 or you could just buy a speaker lol
Elsa Carrasco
Elsa Carrasco Month ago
my favorite fruit is mango
ItzCylver Bro
ItzCylver Bro Month ago
I have a recipe pls try Face mask (your choice) Mr Bubble Activator (again ur choise)
Backup 2oof
Backup 2oof Month ago
Title no glue slime *adds glue * *gets triggered * *comments on video*
Leseili Pasikala
Me: Will it slime??????????
Isana Reis
Isana Reis Month ago
Alguém do Brasil ?
Kayla Hreczany
Kayla Hreczany Month ago
Try adding vinegar to make the slime stretchy
Nicole Geiger
Nicole Geiger Month ago
I LOVE watermelon
Gacha Ennah
Gacha Ennah Month ago
Cherry 101
Cherry 101 Month ago
Once I had to have cream of mushroom poured on my head... it was for an eat it or where is challenge😂😂
Monica Hawk
Monica Hawk Month ago
To much
nahla614 Month ago
I love will it slime try tapioca starch with water 30 seconds
nahla614 Month ago
I love your nails Savannah
Queen of Cringe the one and only
Try peel off mask and activator Activate it it like slime
Susan Ridgewell
Susan Ridgewell Month ago
That's is so cool 😎
Necole Fairclough
I love blue
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Month ago
Can you make a water slime that like the top is hard ish and has like foam beads or something I don't know if you know what I'm talking about but I tried me best to explain
Meghan Cole
Meghan Cole Month ago
pouring that glue in her hair gave me major anxiety
Ian Rabonza
Ian Rabonza Month ago
15:26 r.i.p. clear slime
Vic W
Vic W Month ago
Leilani McCall
Leilani McCall Month ago
Genesis Morales
Genesis Morales Month ago
It is wired
Eric B
Eric B Month ago
I dare you tout white out into slime.
Aneyah singh Tharu
I love blue too
Elizabeth Porter
Beverly Rothleder
Kim: the question today is Will It Slime. Me: isn't that reason the channel is called will it slime?!?
Sherri Surenian
Sherri Surenian Month ago
Boop kids
Julia Kwok
Julia Kwok 2 months ago
Did the glue get off your hair though?
Justin Charello
Justin Charello 2 months ago
do not like you
Eden Dripps
Eden Dripps 2 months ago
PLEASSSSE show me your trick you do with the slime!!
Callysta Reynolds
Callysta Reynolds 2 months ago
Because you changed it
Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy 2 months ago
the quishys are also bad for the enviroment
Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy 2 months ago
ugh, i hate this youtuber, all of that glitter is made from plastic, she clearly does not care about the enviroment!
Geminir5 2 months ago
Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Turner 2 months ago
to much glitter
Sophia Jen
Sophia Jen 2 months ago
who else has almost none of the ingredients
keykey wlrld
keykey wlrld 2 months ago
How is she gonna get that out her hair
Bladimir Trejo
Bladimir Trejo 2 months ago
Like you know talking spanish
Bladimir Trejo
Bladimir Trejo 2 months ago
My mom have the same nail
Saravanan Saravanan
Saravanan Saravanan 2 months ago
Iove your video
Saravanan Saravanan
Saravanan Saravanan 2 months ago
I to love blue colors
crazy llama
crazy llama 2 months ago
my friend like's bule
Game wolfy HD
Game wolfy HD 2 months ago
You love blue i love you
Heba Abozeid
Heba Abozeid 2 months ago
Pour much glitter and it will be great or pour some fish balls and foam
Jamesheia Sharlis
Jamesheia Sharlis 2 months ago
My hands do
Tegan Show
Tegan Show 2 months ago
There’s no way she poured actual glue on her. It would not get out of her hair
Melodie Shanks
Melodie Shanks 2 months ago
Is the decor option
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