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Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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16 июл 2018

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Комментарии 4 645
It's Thinzy
It's Thinzy 20 часов назад
will it stop my heart
Monkey Nutz
Monkey Nutz 49 минут назад
🤣 stupidity = GMM
Dsavage player2003
Dsavage player2003 Час назад
Will it stop my Brain from working
Avery Ryan
Avery Ryan Час назад
Check out these new 2018 futbol/soccer highlights ruvid.net/video/видео-Wo3qk-nAq7g.html
Internet Dinosaur
Internet Dinosaur 2 часа назад
Margarine. Video finished
weirdo /-/
weirdo /-/ 2 часа назад
i’m all for it. as well as will it land me in the hospital
John Moreno
John Moreno 44 минуты назад
I have a dream of eating a can of baked beans with Rhett. 2 tall guys eating beans out of a can.
TheNerdist_69 45 минут назад
The Movie Dealers
The Movie Dealers 47 минут назад
After crayons got a pass I was hoping for potentially the first "ALL YES" Will It Episode. (If you had just used liver instead of intestine it might have passed.)
GECKman88 48 минут назад
Candy popcorn? Copcorn.
Kiana Bowlds
Kiana Bowlds 48 минут назад
Has there been a will it pasta? Make things pasta shaped and include some kind of sauce
Matteo's Best Friend
Matteo's Best Friend 49 минут назад
Everythings butter, even butter. You just have to know how to butter your butter, or whatever your butter is.
tiny cow
tiny cow 49 минут назад
Will it diabetes
OMFGiTzSilver 51 минуту назад
Rhett’s shirt is from old navy. Not hating but I work there and I know that shirt lol
NOAH SUPERSAGA 51 минуту назад
Exotic butters
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 52 минуты назад
This is such a great idea
Monkey Nutz
Monkey Nutz 53 минуты назад
I enjoy watching stupid people. 🤣👍👏
Purnota & Mridula
Purnota & Mridula 55 минут назад
Butter.... Butter....
dropbit 55 минут назад
blood butter
Khloe Pop
Khloe Pop 56 минут назад
You guys make me laugh when am sad but watching your channel makes me happy thank you
Gisma Turuk
Gisma Turuk 57 минут назад
wow grey hair you guys been doing this a long while ha
Matthew Palanca
Matthew Palanca 57 минут назад
wait....is link.....a silver fox now?
Memelord01 58 минут назад
"I would say that the crayon butter is drawn up" He he he END ME
Matthew Palanca
Matthew Palanca 58 минут назад
congrats on trending again!
Boss Hot
Boss Hot 58 минут назад
#1 in trending in NA!
AQT 59 минут назад
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Wolf Girl
Wolf Girl Час назад
is it bad that im able to eat during this
Gymnast1214 Час назад
Oh my god their matching cups are so cute I'm dead. Their friendship transcends youtube, and tbh, life itself.
PatPat who?
PatPat who? Час назад
Here's a joke: What did Rhett say to Link? Read more
PatPat who?
PatPat who? Час назад
I want my like
Conspirasableye Час назад
At 2 in the morning, my mind immediately thinks about synchronizing links gags to music like some concerto or something
kobie kayy
kobie kayy Час назад
Im not happy rn
Sara Zhong
Sara Zhong Час назад
bi-dating.org Bi-dating.org is specifically designed for bisexual personals, gay,lesbian and bisexual couple.
Sara Zhong
Sara Zhong Час назад
bi-dating.org Bi-dating.org is specifically designed for bisexual personals, gay,lesbian and bisexual couple.
Trevor Tucker
Trevor Tucker Час назад
Anything butters if you have enough imagination. 😉
NONONADIA 123 Час назад
Lucas Snoe
Lucas Snoe Час назад
Link is the cringiest person I’ve ever seen
Nowsin Tanzim
Nowsin Tanzim Час назад
Trending #1!?wow
David Oberlin
David Oberlin Час назад
butter/fat is brain food. ill eat that shit plain while on this plane while watching a plane full of insane run to the graynd.
24suzukir Час назад
I was going to say you should do "Will it salt" but i think you would actually die
Snake Eggs
Snake Eggs Час назад
Will it pickle? Has that already been done?
Ondrea Hobson
Ondrea Hobson Час назад
8:30 "you can really tell it's an insect when you do that, you know?"
A2C2 Час назад
Holy crap guys. Not only is this entertaining and amazing. But I also learned that lobster is in fact an insect. After Rhett said that, I had to google it and it is true. Thank you Rhett. I learn something new on GMM every damn day. I love you guys! Keep eating weird stuff!
Jen'sWorld Час назад
# 1 on trending wow👏
DTwo Час назад
You need to invite an Asian onto "Will it?" sometime. I was way more grossed out by the crayon butter than by the organ butter. I feel like most Asians would have no problem with anything fishy or organ-related.
Sam Llarena
Sam Llarena Час назад
Have you guys made a best microwave popcorn video? If not, please do!
Banana*or*Cucumber Час назад
Why not ketchup?
receo11 Час назад
Type 2 diabetes
A2C2 Час назад
Holy shit GMM is #1 on trending right now, with this episode. People love butter, I guess?
Voice Muted
Voice Muted Час назад
This needs a cheese episode.
Chi Acolyte
Chi Acolyte Час назад
Why is this trending?
XanderInTheVolga Час назад
Will it car, Please?
Avery Lopez-Baines
Avery Lopez-Baines Час назад
Will it KIMCHI?!
Preston Ramirez
Preston Ramirez Час назад
I have a great idea for a future video international egg tasting game
Minecraft #1
Minecraft #1 Час назад
#1 trending on 17/7/2018
Dat Boy
Dat Boy Час назад
Am I the only one who dips potato chips in butter?
max boyens
max boyens Час назад
why was I able to remember what a crayon tasted like as soon as they ate it..
M Bowser
M Bowser Час назад
Jacob Mills
Jacob Mills Час назад
So over GMM. Skits are getting dry and old
CaptainNugget Час назад
Texas Roadhouse has the best butter! Don't @ me...
Xstradon Час назад
When i was 10 me and my brother were waiting in line for a raffle. There was these 2 chicks pretty cute. As a 10 year old i was shy so i messed up and said can i get a ticket for my butter. They laughed i died inside.
RonaldCarter Час назад
They should make a new series call Can You Eat That? Where they go on social media example Twitter and post a tweet asking what they should try to eat and subscribers get to pick what they eat and they will have to see if the chosen item is edible l
Angelica Leon
Angelica Leon Час назад
#1 on trending!! ❤️❤️
jack gonzalez
jack gonzalez Час назад
Yall forgot cannibis butter
Watermelon Pineapples
Watermelon Pineapples Час назад
Why isn't the product"I can't believe it's not butter" not butter but we use it as butter. Like wtf😑
JSB Час назад
I'm curious to see if they survive to the next episode after this.
JSB Час назад
I couldn't help but laugh when Rhett ate the baked beans butter straight.
vincent lamote
vincent lamote Час назад
The satisfaction on links face as he eat the chunk of starburst butter covered in popcorn makes me want to try that
Robin Rundqvist
Robin Rundqvist Час назад
6:01 thats what he said!
New Xnxx
New Xnxx Час назад
nice Food
Benjamin Castillo
Benjamin Castillo Час назад
I thought Rhett' s dreams were accomplished the second he saw the bacon ice cream sandwich.
アストロAstro Час назад
*exotic butters*
Nichole Francis
Nichole Francis Час назад
RIP to the Bush's baked beans dog😭
Nowsin Tanzim
Nowsin Tanzim Час назад
"Will it 🍚 rice?"
Matt Jasa
Matt Jasa Час назад
Ya but which one did you like butter?
DeBlox Час назад
Will it sauce?
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad Час назад
I was very high while watching this and Rhett’s vine shirt was trippin me out
SK 101
SK 101 Час назад
get that heart attack quicker
Puggaroni And cheese
Puggaroni And cheese Час назад
SK 101 hi
Avery Ryan
Avery Ryan Час назад
Check out these new 2018 futbol/soccer highlights ruvid.net/video/видео-Wo3qk-nAq7g.html
Puggaroni And cheese
Puggaroni And cheese Час назад
Avery Ryan are you trying to
Puggaroni And cheese
Puggaroni And cheese Час назад
Katy Wade
Katy Wade Час назад
“Why do we eat so many poop tunnels?” -Rhett 2018
Daylan Hicks
Daylan Hicks Час назад
Marines are gonna love the crayon butter
Ultra Chicken
Ultra Chicken Час назад
I can't be the only one who thought they would use the food grease to make butter
Serendip Час назад
Why is Rhett now saying 'erb instead of herb? Please Rhett, return to talking like a normal person!
Jayu Lawliet
Jayu Lawliet 52 минуты назад
Both 'erb and herb are correct pronunciations
nashnwo0 2 часа назад
I'm surprised you guys didn't go with Nutter Butter and get like bulls testicles butter.
Gham Hai
Gham Hai 2 часа назад
PLEASE whatsapp number send please
Matt BK
Matt BK 2 часа назад
this video really butters my eggroll
ASMR.exe 2 часа назад
Trending..........as usual
Will Best
Will Best 2 часа назад
If a Will It episode doesn’t end with Link gagging did it even count as an episode?
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia 2 часа назад
Hey I don’t thumbs up your videos because I don’t usually like videos but you guys have the most amazing video and I love them😄
Katy Wade
Katy Wade 2 часа назад
Congrats on #1 trending!
10 000 subscribers without a video challenge
hi ! ok bye (:
Nuggettzz AJ
Nuggettzz AJ 2 часа назад
I love how much Rhett loves beans.
Dale Hardwick
Dale Hardwick 2 часа назад
“Right so” 8:04
Karthik Ramia
Karthik Ramia 2 часа назад
Can you do will it Buger as what you do is you add what ever into the pattie and spin the wheel of mythacalaty
Ashe Bonsal
Ashe Bonsal 2 часа назад
Lobsters aren't insects... They're crustaceans. The only similarity is the exoskeleton.
Jayu Lawliet
Jayu Lawliet 51 минуту назад
They are also both invertebrates
Margo Kostyk
Margo Kostyk 2 часа назад
#1 on trending wow
Fantasia Magic
Fantasia Magic 2 часа назад
Nice funny vid once again guys keep up the great work
10 cent gamer
10 cent gamer 2 часа назад
im an OG mythical beast! i remember the days when link would vomit every time they did a will it challenge, now that man is first to swallow every time. Link it has been me and my wife's pleasure to watch you grow
Omar Carrillo
Omar Carrillo 2 часа назад
Rockin 2 часа назад
Who else got heartburn from just watching ?
Christopher Hoang
Christopher Hoang 2 часа назад
Congrats on #1 trending!
magic the coffee dog
magic the coffee dog 2 часа назад
Hello guys mark and Rhett I've been a fan of you ever sense I got my first tablet I habit seen your guys videos in 4 yrs and I say you are doing better then ever!! I'm really proud **sniff** **sniff** :")
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