Will It Bagel? Taste Test

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Today we're testing the limit of what it truly means to be a bagel. GMM #1602
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Sep 25, 2019




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Comments 100
Ketchup Overdose
Ok that soup bagel might be the greatest GMM creation of all time
William Kirschner
William Kirschner 26 days ago
Right next to the KitKat mac and cheese
Lexi Lexx
Lexi Lexx 26 days ago
He likes fried green tomatoes. From the Elvis episode
Heysauce Mikehere
Declan Cleary my guy, comment sections are made to comment on what happens in the video. Going somewhere that’s obviously going to have things in the video and then blaming it on others isn’t cool.
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson Month ago
i agree
Dolllover98 Watermelon.
LOL 😂🤣
Kaz Haddadi
Kaz Haddadi Day ago
We are both gonna have bad luck this year.... well yea
Myrtle Entertainment
Seriously?? The Plague??? You had every opportunity to call it the Plaguel!!!! Also... you had me cracking up! "And then Moses came down from the mountain and said.... 'aaaahhh'" 🤣🤣🤣
New Heights
New Heights 6 days ago
I blame the Plaguel for 2020....
Marcus Filipe
Marcus Filipe 7 days ago
I think everything started to fail when they divided that giant bagel... Right before the Pandemic
Scott Young
Scott Young 9 days ago
Someone smarter than me please start a petition to get Rhett and link to make a mythical cook book that shows how to make all of josh’s good or cool dishes
Daisy 12 days ago
Love the faces Link makes at the camera.
Ace Goodman
Ace Goodman 14 days ago
*splits the massive bagel* Rhett: “we’re going to have bad luck” *makes and tries a plagule* *a few months later, COVID comes knocking*
DawnViolet 15 days ago
I feel like bacon would definitely bagel if you did it right. Also, why wouldn't they put salmon in the chowder? Other than just to screw with them.
Taiquel Whatley
Taiquel Whatley 17 days ago
“I have a feeling there’s soul insiiiiiiiiiiiii” 😂😂
One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony 18 days ago
Why did josh put salmon in the bagel??? Its will it bagel not will it salmon bagel
Incognito Burrito
Incognito Burrito 20 days ago
6:35-6:44 2020 in a nutshell
Rebecca Lane
Rebecca Lane 21 day ago
You guys foreshadowed the bad luck we have all experienced in 2020 with the big bagel
Anita Chaudry
Anita Chaudry 21 day ago
idk but i feel like this episode is the reason 2020 is the way it is
B. 22 days ago
You connected matrix with god at that part.. making choices and then saying eat one and then the other 👌👌👌
Cis21 23 days ago
Just came back to watch this again, and was so astonished by Rhett’s hair that I thought this was from a couple years ago.
Cade Starke
Cade Starke 24 days ago
Just saying them both getting good luck from the bagel pull apart is what gave us all bad luck in 2020
Pyro Animus
Pyro Animus 25 days ago
"We're both gonna have good luck!" "No, we're both screwed this year" YOU HAVE CURSED US WITH THE BAGEL XD
Lexi Lexx
Lexi Lexx 26 days ago
One does not eat a bagel like a burger. You’re supposed to separate it and eat it like toast basically. At least that’s how I’ve seen everyone in my entire life do it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dallin Kanzler
Dallin Kanzler 27 days ago
Corona happened because they both pulled equal halves on the bagel
Jennie Harberts
Jennie Harberts 28 days ago
Have they tried Limburger cheese on this show yet? My cousins and I like to be adventuresome with food, and Limburger is absolutely gnarly, lol.
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota 28 days ago
Laizerdisc 29 days ago
Love that the first bagel is like the least kosher bagel ever made
Austin Timmons
Austin Timmons Month ago
6:40 They were onto something...
Austin Timmons
Austin Timmons Month ago
Bay of Pigs was during Kennedy tho...
Jeff Foster
Jeff Foster Month ago
plague bagel - you guys are brave
d.s. Levy
d.s. Levy Month ago
I'm watching this in August 2020. I suppose we know what the luck bagel foretold now! 🥺
Jess Robin
Jess Robin Month ago
I think the chicken cross would be the best👰🏻💅🏼👅👩🏼‍🎤😀😃😄😁😆😂🤣☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤨🧐🤓😎🤩🥳😏😷
Jess Robin
Jess Robin Month ago
stephan10sd Month ago
this is the sign that 2020 was about to be...well, 2020
nocandy Month ago
Link: We're both gonna have a bad year. 2020: Damn you, cursed bagel!
Bonnie R
Bonnie R Month ago
They will eat ANYthing!?
Nicholas carreau
Watching this in 2020 when they break the bagel and say that the next year they are screwed. Welp. Good to know the rona was summoned by a bagel break
Will Platt
Will Platt Month ago
I blame the plagal for Covid
Will Platt
Will Platt Month ago
Link: “why you gotta put salmon in a bagel” Me: “Oy Vey!! The schmuck really doesn’t know anything about bagels”
Thingsandstuff Withinmebrain
Bay of pigs was 1960ish not Reagan era at all 😋
Simply Orange
Simply Orange Month ago
I don't like Josh. There. I said it.
Cassie Vance
Cassie Vance Month ago
Watching this in 2020.... you guys pulled that bagel and cursed us all ... 😂
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Month ago
Josh, you did an amazing job here!
Rosey Cinnabunz
Rosey Cinnabunz Month ago
Them breaking the bagel gave everyone bad luck, explaining all the bad things that happened 2020
Reaper Of Valhalla
Bagel is a biscuit with a hole in it. Being from NC we got them cat head biscuits. Put some liver mush on it and you got something good
Sydney Fontaine
Sydney Fontaine Month ago
NoT tO gEt TeChNiCal..... but JFK was president for Bay of Pigs, not Reagan lol
That Dude
That Dude Month ago
Soup bagel predicted The 'Rona
2SavedByChrist Month ago
Recipe for Taco Bell bagel please
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos Month ago
Deep gash?
Carlos Serpa
Carlos Serpa Month ago
I can enjoy watching Rhett eat any kind of blood product any time.
Rose Quill
Rose Quill Month ago
I always think people are exaggerating when they gag at the taste of blood and then I remember that the only reason I like it is because I'm chronically anemic and my body is just trying to get iron from anywhere it can
C Y A Month ago
"I've got a salmon in the middle of my bagel that is covered in Jell-O"
•Bretticus Maximus•
Chubbz for Dubbz
Rhett: “We’re both gonna have good luck!!!” Link: “No I think it means we’re gonna have bad luck.” Rhett: “Yeah, we’re both screwed.” Well... little did they know about the year to come...
KaneAmora Month ago
10 months ago the pulled the giant bagel apart and said we’re both screwed. They totally predicted it. 😆
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Month ago
Bay of Pigs isn't Reagan era, it was 1961.
navypapercut Month ago
Rhett & Link: WE'RE BOTH GONNA HAVE GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR! 2020: 😈 We'll see about that...
sam Month ago
“Plaguel” woww they called it
Lauren Reid
Lauren Reid Month ago
Their bagel pull predicted that we were all screwed
Ariel Carson
Ariel Carson Month ago
Becky Stutzman
Becky Stutzman Month ago
We need a recipe book! I would make the taco bagel ALL the time!!! They have had sooo many great recipes that I would love to try.
Jacob Joel Estrada
jello darkness my old friend I’ve come talk with you again
Willow Maximus
Willow Maximus Month ago
Dig those Plague-els
Puppymcpupsters Month ago
the world needs a soup bagel restaurant and it should be somewhere here in Oregon because we are serious soup feinds after all it's cold here year round just please put it somewhere near Portland so I can eat there
CandiRush h
CandiRush h Month ago
But the soup bagel is literally Cobb loaf
MisterGamer Month ago
3:19 Missed opportunity to call it the Bellgel
innerbts Month ago
at 6:10 why does he look like tobi from naruto
Lyndey N.
Lyndey N. 2 months ago
I'm from Hartnett County too, and you need to go to Sherry's Bakery in Dunn if you want a non-rubbery donut 😊
Megan Jeffrey
Megan Jeffrey 2 months ago
You dont eat bagels like a burger.. omg
artttard 2 months ago
Josh is just a mad food scientist.
cheesy c
cheesy c 2 months ago
Lol we are all screwed this year...
Sniper S
Sniper S 2 months ago
Shyam Santhanam
Shyam Santhanam 2 months ago
Will it blood 😃
Shyam Santhanam
Shyam Santhanam 2 months ago
Will it toothpaste
Steve Butters
Steve Butters 2 months ago
That bacon bagel would be amazing if they either used plain cream cheese and bacon bagel or vice versa. Really good idea but way too much salinity.
narutoqweavatar 2 months ago
Their talk at the end about the plague and god hits differently after listening to their lost years podcast
semore butts
semore butts 2 months ago
Why did that bagel crunch?
Ashley Lovato
Ashley Lovato 2 months ago
Never did I think I would be hearing the words “Shmear Hole” together 😂😂😂
Starry Art
Starry Art 2 months ago
These are the most immature adults i have ever seen and I love it
Shade Legacy
Shade Legacy 2 months ago
2020 was caused by that damned bagel pull...
Olivia 2 months ago
But they did talk about it. The jello bagel is pretty. Dang Link, great delivery on that god question.
Matt H.
Matt H. 2 months ago
6:37 if only they knew what was coming
Malaika Tah
Malaika Tah 2 months ago
The bay of big happened during Kennedy era lol just saying
Ein Dayo
Ein Dayo 2 months ago
Link gets low key salty whenever there’s tomatoes
C-master rox
C-master rox 2 months ago
i have rhett's shirt
John D
John D 2 months ago
Bay of Pigs was early 60s JFK, nor Reagan.
Yeetali3142 Gaming
Yeetali3142 Gaming 2 months ago
Yeetali3142 Gaming
Yeetali3142 Gaming 2 months ago
ArinInQuotes 2 months ago
"We're both screwed this year" *2020 has entered the chat*
Cassie Vance
Cassie Vance Month ago
Soon as I heard that I was like .... now I know what happened. They cursed us
GTthreefifty R
GTthreefifty R 2 months ago
Idk how someone can go until college without knowing what a bagel is. Unless you were kept in a closet your whole life how did you not encounter one at any of the million stores they're carried in or someone's house?
Sarai A
Sarai A 2 months ago
Josh y u do this ? Lol its pretty hilarious to watch though..
arshan 2 months ago
it was rhett and link pulling the bagel that predicted 2020 being bad
BLURD BOY 3 months ago
Anyone else binging will it’s in quarantine
Khol Hugs
Khol Hugs 3 months ago
Will it lasagna? Will it oatmeal? Will it jelly bean?
Brett_Kendrick 3 months ago
I think Josh has a Taco Bell fetish.
Khol Hugs
Khol Hugs 3 months ago
So do i
Bridget Silverman
Bridget Silverman 3 months ago
I think it should have been taco bellgle
Richard Patton
Richard Patton 3 months ago
An all will it tomato episode
Thecronicchef 3 months ago
We’re both screwed (for next year). Thanks gmm 😂😭
Kate Loves
Kate Loves 3 months ago
Why don’t they do a microwave vs oven taste test. I feel like this would be a fun and difficult great episode
I eat my bagel differently then that. I eat them separately
Eliza Carrie
Eliza Carrie 3 months ago
The plagal was too funny 😂😂😂
James Peterson
James Peterson 3 months ago
all smear reminds me of is pap smear lol so pls stop saying it lol
Leila Siino
Leila Siino 3 months ago
If they're good and real authentic New York style bagels they shouldn't have holds that big in them 😊
Jacob Minster
Jacob Minster 3 months ago
Honestly shocked that no one said “Bagel Bowl”
Samantha Lesstrange
Samantha Lesstrange 3 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA PLAGUE!!! Who else is over here during our plague?
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