Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly on Their Friendship & Living in England

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Will and John talk about their matching suits, making the movie Holmes & Watson in London, adopting English accents, going to a soccer game, how they met, their friendship, and their sophisticated bathroom code.
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Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly on Their Friendship & Living in England




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Comments 80
Yoda jr
Yoda jr 8 hours ago
" Oo god ! please dont let the invisible fire burn my friend"
mcsuibhne005 6 days ago
I believe it's the name of an old old wooden ship
Somebody 11 days ago
Will ferrell be looking like bill nye
Grant 12 days ago
Will Ferrell looks like he could play George Bush or Harrison Ford I swear
dot hog
dot hog 13 days ago
Deadliest catch without the crabs
Poor Soul
Poor Soul 17 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel is going to hell when he dies
Chiraq Money
Chiraq Money 22 days ago
Zelda Fogle
Zelda Fogle 27 days ago
Shake n bake
Crash Cat
Crash Cat 27 days ago
OK? .. here's a thought....imagine these guys doing a live action "Pinky and The Brain"" John C Reilly as the Brain...
IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown
These two guys cause hysterical laughter when together.
eniatsuM evaD
eniatsuM evaD Month ago
Chad Smith and Flea
SteelCurtain222 Month ago
They are as funny here as they are in the movie.
Kirk Sellers
Kirk Sellers Month ago
No one could top Sherlock homes.. Better than Robert Downey Jr... And Jude Law I watched it with ferral an John c an it's sucked.. They are not Watson in homes material.. I don't see what the hipe is really.. I thought it was really boring and stupid and I rented the movie I didn't watch all that I took it out the DVD player.. I thought that was really stupid an took it bck to the video store.. Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law rules..
Miori Onomichan
Miori Onomichan Month ago
I’m waiting to someone yell “Shake and Bake”
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades Month ago
Pibly Month ago
These two have actually always reminded me of each other.
Roman Horak
Roman Horak Month ago
John C. Reilly is that uncle who sat at the kids table
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Month ago
They've come a long way from when Brennan put his nuts on Dales drumset
Marcel Figueroa
Marcel Figueroa Month ago
Did he not include Tim and Eric’s billion dollar movie??
pipifax Month ago
Gareth White
Gareth White Month ago
It's a shame, these guys are funny and to watch them use every British stereotype in to one interview and awful movie, it's actually pretty sad.
Xelsancho3 Fuku
Xelsancho3 Fuku 2 months ago
Will they ever work together again after the failure of Holmes and Watson I liked it just I was expecting more out of these two dudes
BN 2 months ago
Two funny guy’s.😂
Xander Ramthun
Xander Ramthun 2 months ago
Last week I put liquid paper ima bee... And it died
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister 2 months ago
I love both but Dale a little more ✨
GetR4ided 2 months ago
2:26 - 2:41 anyone else feel so much tension when it doesnt change cameras after a while
Official Trolls
Official Trolls 3 months ago
Name a better duo
ASHTON LANEZ 3 months ago
Nighthawk and Dragon
Mark Ortiz
Mark Ortiz 3 months ago
Imagine if they had their own show
Ash Rudey Vin
Ash Rudey Vin 3 months ago
Tech Geek
Tech Geek 3 months ago
Mark Strong having a seizure when he found out they were doing Holmes and Watson, and thought they may have done it better. Mark, you needn't have worried.... its not pretty...
Cali Man
Cali Man 3 months ago
Ok so the Only way these guys can come back in the movie is if he portrays Dewey Cox one more time and he portrays Ron Burgundy in a movie together then you can take my money
Banjo Bear
Banjo Bear 3 months ago
These guys aren't funny.
Josh Riles
Josh Riles 3 months ago
Holmes and Watson sucked balls couldn't even finish ot
The Patriots
The Patriots 3 months ago
Shake and bake !!
Hower323 4 months ago
I would watch a million moves with these 2.. they seem like they just got naturally good chemistry together
Derek Vincent
Derek Vincent 4 months ago
They were hilarious in stepbrothers😂😂😂
Derick spawn
Derick spawn 4 months ago
This guys r so funny!!!Lool
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle 4 months ago
John c Riley was excellent in Holmes and Watson . More English than I me thinks
Young Steve
Young Steve 4 months ago
Crow 4 months ago
Pand? There's a D at the end.
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 4 months ago
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 4 months ago
'Im not gonna call him dad' even if there's a fire.
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Month ago
I know you put your nuts on Dales drum set. We all know that cops doesn't start until for
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 4 months ago
Look, we can bicker about this all night but what's done is done. Are you guys gonna invest or not?! AHAHAA
.•**•. 4 months ago
The film Holmes and Watson just makes me want to cry, it’s so bad but I hope Will and John did enjoy their time in London and hope they come again.
susanne suanne
susanne suanne 4 months ago
oh god zombies meeting and they belive they are special they are brain and soulless that is all they are....sick evil and disgusting.....!!
Darrin42069 4 months ago
What happen too darren shan sequals
Liliana McDermott
Liliana McDermott 4 months ago
So when is step brothers 2 coming out ?!??
Spliffword Medicalz
Spliffword Medicalz 4 months ago
1:54 Honestly I barley saw Step Brothers for the first time last week and it was hilarious. One of my favorites, seriously. John was funny I also enjoyed him in Walk Hard. People thought I was retarded or something because I hadn't seen Step Brothers yet. Next is Talladega Nights.
DanDaMan2019 4 months ago
The greatest comedy combo since Pryor and Wilder.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 5 months ago
Two mad Irish Americans
Michael B
Michael B 5 months ago
Man, this crowd is absolutely dead.
i love sunflowers and clouds
Wait,who is who? I am confusion
MurderWsDaCase 5 months ago
That movie was crap
goracks69 5 months ago
This is probably commented somewhere here already, but I figured I’d mention it anyways. At the end of Step-Brothers in the post credit scene, John C. Reily says, “You got my passport,” to Wll Ferrell when they start sleepwalking. Guess he had to pooh then too. Lol.
Stacy Edwards
Stacy Edwards 5 months ago
How can there be so many thumbs down ?
Banesreach Stormbreaker
love john and will cant stand jimmy since he sold out
Raouf Bouchellig
Raouf Bouchellig 5 months ago
Boats and hoes
b24harman 6 months ago
All the talk show hosts out there right now would not have made it in the 90's other than Conan, who was from the 90's. They are way too soft now. Giggling and crying should not be part of a talk show host's normal act.
bass lime
bass lime 6 months ago
you just referred to an english football game as 'formal'. You clearly were sat in the most expensive seats in the stadium
Fayez Sweidan
Fayez Sweidan 6 months ago
I love these 2 they are amazing
Raul Villanueva
Raul Villanueva 6 months ago
They need to make their own show man
Brooke Barnett
Brooke Barnett 6 months ago
Do you want to go play karate in the garage ? YUP!!!!!
Johnny Longarm
Johnny Longarm 6 months ago
You got my passport?
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 6 months ago
Doctor steve brule in the motha fuckinnn house
Xavier Artis
Xavier Artis 7 months ago
Holmes and Watson sucked
Micke Knight
Micke Knight 7 months ago
It's called football in all the world..
Oxo Ken
Oxo Ken 7 months ago
Man with yellow hat :)
Sarah Venable
Sarah Venable 7 months ago
How about a President Business/Wreck-it-Ralph crossover?
Ama Undertaker
Ama Undertaker 7 months ago
The movie sucks sorry !
Truthspoon 7 months ago
Will Ferrell makes funny look effortless.
Joel Almemdarez
Joel Almemdarez 7 months ago
Holmes & Watson Step Brothers The Other Guys Talladega Nights
brian mahoney
brian mahoney 8 months ago
too bad its on kimmel, I will not ever get to see it. his political stand is disgusting
Multibon Media
Multibon Media 8 months ago
I'll bet absolutely nobody's here for Jimmy Kimmel. He's like a poor Jay Leno.
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil 8 months ago
They should host the 2020 Oscars
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma 8 months ago
Boats n Hoes
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma 8 months ago
PRESTIGE WORLD WIDE .. wide ...wide ... wide.. wide
Joel Almemdarez
Joel Almemdarez 8 months ago
That's the Movie as Step Brothers
dabadadeeda 9 months ago
Walk Hard is one of the funniest movies of all time.
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