WILDCAT HAS THE WORST MIC EVER- Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 80
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 20 days ago
1:38 Wait... isn’t that a compliment technically? 😂 2:22 All I understood from that was the spitting part 😂🤣 3:08 I remember watching Wildcats video on that and thought the enemy shot the RPG at Nogla and was like “HE REALLY MISSED THAT!” 😂. But in reality it was Marcel 😂😂👌 I wish Wildcat said “MOM MADE CHICKEN!!!” with that mic 😂🙌 (if yk then yk)
Darth Cerebus
Darth Cerebus 24 days ago
The sniping at the beginning of the last match kind of personifies the people who use the AX-50 XD
Oglannn Month ago
Watching wildcat and the pussy party every single night during lockdown
Lenny John
Lenny John Month ago
Scotty worried me when he yelled my name
ThePlague657 Month ago
Screw the E.O.D perk. If you have an opponent who has you in their sights with an RPG you best shut up and take that rocket like a man.
C&H Productions
C&H Productions Month ago
Thumb nail says war zone but it’s s and d
MegaMonkey Month ago
How did you get that operator skin because i have the same one but it has the helmet
Samuel Schurman
Samuel Schurman 2 months ago
The thumbnail is misleading. It says warzone but this isn’t warzone
Exaitec 2 months ago
Whats his mic lol why is it so bad
theplourde 2 months ago
Panda’s attitude...man...
Name: N/A
Name: N/A 3 months ago
Oh I get it they called him coby cause he died
Inch 3 months ago
Who is Marcel's thumbnail artist because THE THUMBNAIL IS AMAZING!
Christian Warfield
Christian Warfield 3 months ago
Nogla where is your swag now
Ricky DeRozan
Ricky DeRozan 3 months ago
It's like the good ol'days
TakeFlight 365
TakeFlight 365 3 months ago
8:16 what gun is that
Potatoman02 2.0
Potatoman02 2.0 3 months ago
bryancurtislyles12 3 months ago
Never understood getting called awful. I killed you, but I'm awful. What's that make you? Trash?
Some Boi
Some Boi 3 months ago
She fed him to the tigers
parkylol 3 months ago
complains about people using EOD, meanwhile spamming RPG's.
eddie juarez
eddie juarez 3 months ago
HOVA If only
305 chevy
305 chevy 3 months ago
I was playing the multiplayer trial toady and got back to back doubles with the rpg and went an a 12 kill streak before dying
swiss_ EXO
swiss_ EXO 3 months ago
Ninja Kid4299
Ninja Kid4299 3 months ago
I haven't watched one of your videos in so long
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 3 months ago
Why does marcels video pic remind me of Tyler the creator? Only me? Earfquake
Peter Sosa
Peter Sosa 3 months ago
Well he now has a funny mic
Josiah Aristizabal
Josiah Aristizabal 3 months ago
We need wildcat with his really bad mic and Scotty with his bees to come together. A cross over we need...no A crossover to surpass avengers
TecErboh 3 months ago
They kid at the end *Bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh blu*😂😂😂😂
OMGitsBLASIAN 3 months ago
Fucking love those scream edits 😂😂 6:08
Super Bowl LII
Super Bowl LII 3 months ago
Did someone noticed that @basicallyidowrk put a wrong thumbnail of warzone on this video.. lol..
Fair 3 months ago
I thought it was gonna be warzone...why is that in the thumbnail
Robert Vasquez
Robert Vasquez 3 months ago
Why does the thumbnail say warzone? Misleading tittle reported
Senpai Ken
Senpai Ken 3 months ago
In tombnail its warzone but its cod modern warfare multiplayer
Hunter Kimball
Hunter Kimball 3 months ago
Bro have this group in every video legit the best
Kai Suzuki
Kai Suzuki 3 months ago
My birthday is 725 should I be alive
Enjjois 3 months ago
Carole Baskin killed her husband.
A normal nurse who wants to help poeple
Kill em with that anime
PorousDolphin 40
PorousDolphin 40 3 months ago
Play more with ninja
Snips All
Snips All 3 months ago
Hmm remember marcel Monday’s gamer
Pope #7017
Pope #7017 3 months ago
get nogla to recreate the wizardyensid scene (aka larry from veggie tales, aka AHSHDHQAOOOOOE LESS GOOOOOOOOOOOO)
Roxanne Guel
Roxanne Guel 3 months ago
can you play fornite
Nico Martinez
Nico Martinez 3 months ago
when Marcel sees a new anime gun shut up and take my money
Thomas Donnay
Thomas Donnay 3 months ago
The only reason why I got this game is so I can play against these guys in Lose it would just be fun
Jacob Cass
Jacob Cass 3 months ago
in case you forgot 1:34
AK Blueberries
AK Blueberries 3 months ago
Why does the picture say Warzone?
Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS
5:11 bruh
David Tackes
David Tackes 3 months ago
how can you get dogs on modern warfare?
David Tackes
David Tackes 3 months ago
@Nick Barrett oh ok
Nick Barrett
Nick Barrett 3 months ago
comes with the operator
PL c81hoggy
PL c81hoggy 3 months ago
What Camo does he use with his shotgun called?
Tristan Santiago
Tristan Santiago 3 months ago
The thumbnail says war zone but it ain’t war zone
Bright Bear126
Bright Bear126 3 months ago
anyone else see the that is says warzone in the thumbnail
Garry Cool
Garry Cool 3 months ago
6:49 what ar is that??
Im Pickle
Im Pickle 3 months ago
William Paterson
William Paterson 3 months ago
Wildcat actually turned into a Real wild cat!!! XD
okAyDaniiella 3 months ago
That moment Marcel said imma throw a kobi *monkaS lol
ItsJ0hnny PR
ItsJ0hnny PR 3 months ago
Wait, where's the other half of the references of Tiger King? Whoever edited this vid suck man, they were funny
David Cairns
David Cairns 3 months ago
The beginning of this video sounded like an episode of Jerry Springer with all the bleeps
aeham 88
aeham 88 3 months ago
0:27 me when I hear quarantine is ended
curren bell
curren bell 3 months ago
how does marcel have the pink blue and white camo???
Demon 62
Demon 62 3 months ago
What’s your AX-50 set up
TA DA 3 months ago
what kind of pistol does Marcel use?
Hood530 3 months ago
Marcel as Joe Exotic is the best thing on the internet next to Joe exotic
johan tank
johan tank 3 months ago
Enemy: breaths Basically:this situation requires an rpg
Luis CgK420
Luis CgK420 3 months ago
What show are they talking about
DANY TKO18 3 months ago
This one has to be one of the best videos of modern warfare
Ali Vang
Ali Vang 3 months ago
This episode thumbnail is for sureeeee a drawing of joe rogans thumbnail of the tiger king 😂
Cloys -
Cloys - 3 months ago
9:22 😭😭😭
Zombalam 3 months ago
can someone give me $20 so i can buy the actual game of mw, if you do i will love you forever
Dorian Suchanek-Reen
Marcel, u still have Warzone in ur thumbnail?!
Chris Grimes
Chris Grimes 3 months ago
Why is it all nogla wants to do is ninja defuse!??!?!?!
Sean Kaya
Sean Kaya 3 months ago
"shoot you right in between the fuckin eye" 😂😂
random dude
random dude 3 months ago
Why warzone is in the thumbnail?
Izaiah Mejia
Izaiah Mejia 3 months ago
0:47 just like Kobe
Raul Cruz
Raul Cruz 3 months ago
When Wildcat said “I’m going to shot you right in the middle of the fucking eyes” like Joe Exotic.. I felt that
MagicOrchard 1
MagicOrchard 1 3 months ago
No one gonna mention that he killed hova
Robert Bekker
Robert Bekker 3 months ago
PowerL ART
PowerL ART 3 months ago
Finally he left warzone
Elijha Mucino-Echaniz
Dang it Carol baskins
iDellz 3 months ago
The tiger king caption tho
Benny Osuna
Benny Osuna 3 months ago
PlayboyTom 3 months ago
“They say you can’t get anything done with a monkey on your back... so I put him on the front” whats that from?
F##k You
F##k You 3 months ago
Priority Gaming tiger king
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm 3 months ago
I was waiting for either Tyler or Daithi to do a Joe Exotic style thumbnail, but here you come Marcel, *shooting my expectations right in the fuckin eyes buddy* 🤣🤣🤣
GOLDENBAS016 3 months ago
Why is there warzone in the thumbnail
Ryan MacLeod
Ryan MacLeod 3 months ago
I don’t piss
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