Why You Shouldn't Pay Off Your Collection Accounts In 2020

Mr. Will Roundtree
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Why you shouldn't pay off your collection accounts in 2020 by Credit Expert Will Roundtree!
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May 6, 2018




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Comments 80
Larhann Stuckey
What about medical bills
david jackson
david jackson Hour ago
This video was created 2 years ago? For 2020? Is this correct?
Gitanagurl Hour ago
Pay your cards? +2 points. Spend $20 on a card? -17 points. It’s a ridiculous game.
MC Oz 11 hours ago
Da Truth‼️ Sho do 'ppreciate ya, Fam‼️ Even wit previous knowledge, you gave me some new extremely helpful points that is specific to me personal situation. 👊🏽
The Boujee Witch
The Boujee Witch 14 hours ago
I live in Louisiana. It's 10 years.
KAYLAH LATRESE 14 hours ago
what if you have a apartment balance in collections?
KING SWAGAH 23 hours ago
Great info 👍 👌 👏
Ana De La O
Ana De La O Day ago
What if I already have an account with a settlement company for my 25k. Credit card debt?
Well, I did everything I wasn't supposed to. Great info I wished I saw this before.😕
Anita Taco
Anita Taco Day ago
Don't ever do a car title loan! I bought a car from a gal that had a car title loan that was about to default and she was freaking out! I got a great deal because she only wanted what the loan was for. We go down to the title loan place, which had been in business over 10 years, mind you, & they had no clue what to do with her. They didn't know the protocol for returning the title and what not, because, get this, SHE WAS THE FIRST & ONLY PERSON TO EVER PAY THE LOAN OFF!!! What does that tell you? They're predatory & not in your favor! It blew my mind and opened my eyes!
Baltimore VON
Baltimore VON 2 days ago
I'm not paying shytt!!
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 3 days ago
If already disputed an account on credit karma. Can I still dispute with letter?
kristen robinson
kristen robinson 3 days ago
Damn I JUST started a payment plan with capital one two days ago, what can I do?
LaTara Williams
LaTara Williams 3 days ago
What is the book?
racehorse racehorse.
How bout paying your damn bills and stop being a skid!!
Ashley D
Ashley D 3 days ago
Im also subscribing in hopes of learning all of your tricks LOL!!!
Tanya B
Tanya B 3 days ago
I had a payday loan from like 2012 or so.... it fell off earlier this year, however it was placed back in there. How do I handle that with regards to getting it off my credit report?
Anne Caulder
Anne Caulder 2 days ago
Tanya B Pay it.
I M 3 days ago
I had a lender tell me to pay off $75 medical bill as I am trying to buy a house
Chawanne Burns
Chawanne Burns 4 days ago
We were credit twins😳😂😂😂😂
Agent Clamps
Agent Clamps 4 days ago
Bruh..there is no one in that room with you!
A Rich
A Rich 4 days ago
So I have 3 collections all from 2015. So should I wait until 2022 or settle? That's me about to be able to pay off some debt
Miriam Heeter
Miriam Heeter 4 days ago
Gina also helped me... You can just go to her website on CREDITMASTERFIXLLC=COM and see things for yourself
William Benefiel
William Benefiel 4 days ago
Hello Rich, gina@creditmasterfixllc=com helped me payoff all the debt i owe, remove all the 7 collections on my report and increase my credit score to 810 in just 7 working days..AM sure she can as well help you too
Chris S
Chris S 4 days ago
My loan officer advised me to settle 2 accounts. I didn't make payments, just an immediate lump sum at half the original debt. My score jumped 50 points and I was able to buy my home. They had been in collections on my credit report for 3 years. Went from 600 to 720 in a year and now have $60k in available credit. Ymmv.
Neena Purnell
Neena Purnell 4 days ago
So don’t pay collections and instead rebuild credit ?
lara fred
lara fred 4 days ago
Hello Neene, Gina@creditmasterfixllc=com helped me build my credit score to 800 and remove all the collections disturbing my report
Richard Butler
Richard Butler 4 days ago
This is a very disjointed speech I have every heard. He speaks with words that don’t exist-impactful??, irrelevant??, coznant??. He really needs to write out an outline for his presentation and prepare it on PowerPoint or like program so he appears to be prepared. Unbelievable!
Michael Hills
Michael Hills 4 days ago
Credit score is a scare tactic to get you to spend money you don't have. I personally couldn't care less about mine.
Ismael Jaquez
Ismael Jaquez 5 days ago
If your accounts go into collections, pay off what you owe. You borrowed the money so pay it back. Is it really that hard?
Kathy Garvin
Kathy Garvin 5 days ago
E Puente
E Puente 5 days ago
Where can I purchase the book?
Miriam Heeter
Miriam Heeter 4 days ago
You can purchase the book with the help of gina@creditmasterfixllc=com
Donald Sawyer
Donald Sawyer 5 days ago
He's correct. He taught me a lot. If you pull your three major consumer reports, you will see soft inquiries from your car insurance, medical provider, ect.
sharon childrey
sharon childrey 5 days ago
This was very informative 👏
J Monique
J Monique 5 days ago
I cant believe I’m seeing this when I need to see this. What would you suggest for hospital collections? Saw the doctor once and they’re trying to charge a whole ass car payment
Mary McGlaughlin
Mary McGlaughlin 11 hours ago
C.C. Rose most of my debt is medical and dental bills. I pay the co pays and insurance and still get a bill. I have ignored them in the pass but now I want to bill my credit. So do I just pay one off at a time?
C.C. Rose
C.C. Rose 19 hours ago
😂😂😂yes, I'm paying off a doctor bill for my son now close to 1000.
Jefferson Douyon
Jefferson Douyon 5 days ago
I wish I watched this before I made a settlements with this company. Dang it.
iam2xs 5 days ago
So much free game in this video AND the comments 💪🏾
Robeana Cantina
Robeana Cantina 6 days ago
Will you do a video/series on how student loan debt can be managed?
Stone City
Stone City 6 days ago
Will Dude you the Real "MVP"! 💯
James Ayala
James Ayala 6 days ago
Man all I got from that skipping to 13 minutes is Send a Physical letter of dispute and request a deletion of credit WHEN YOU PAY OFF YOUR COLLECTION ....( opposite of the title completely)
Amanda Hickey
Amanda Hickey 6 days ago
I sure wish I would have seen your RUvid video back in January 2020 when I started paying off old debts that had been charged off!! It didn't raise my score at all like I was hoping for. All I did was put money into something that didn't help me or hurt me when I could have put that money towards my only 2 newer debts that I pay on. I will now be a faithful follower of yours as I'm trying to build my credit score!! Congratulations on everything you have accomplished in your life. Your back story just shows if you want to succeed in life you most certainly can IF you're willing to put forth the effort!!
Rishonna Kindred
Rishonna Kindred 6 days ago
How long should something be on my credit before i dispute it?
DG 6 days ago
The new wave is tribal loans. Finessed em for 6 bands. No credit affected.
Tracey Irie
Tracey Irie 6 days ago
First, ask them to verify the debt. Do they have the document you signed to say you agreed to the debt? You can settle with debt collectors, BUT ONLY if you get them to list it as "PAID AS AGREED" or "PAID IN FULL" on your credit report. Make sure you get it in writing BEFORE you pay so you can dispute it with the credit bureaus if needed.
Life Connections
Life Connections 7 days ago
michael griffin
michael griffin 7 days ago
Also they are 4-5 years old
michael griffin
michael griffin 7 days ago
So I live in Texas. I have a couple broken leases they show up on my credit report. Would I still use these techniques or is that something completely different. Somebody lmk please
Randy Motes
Randy Motes 7 days ago
Am having problems paying bills right now my home burnt down lost everything TitleMax is threatening to take my car I can't pay them right now am disabled I draw ssi times are hard can you give me any information on how to stop them from taking my car I have no helpt that's the only way I got to go
Joney Dud
Joney Dud 7 days ago
Why don’t you just use a board tress are being wasted with that paper
Shinobi HOG
Shinobi HOG 7 days ago
You know, China has a social credit system that directly affects the services you have access to in the real world.......
Anthony Carroll
Anthony Carroll 8 days ago
Nah man. Credit is just a way to keep the social security slaves down. If you born into money you dont need credit
J Lynn
J Lynn 8 days ago
Would this applies to rental property management for breaching the contract?
ravel bella
ravel bella 8 days ago
I lost 100 points that dropped my score to 500 for no reason, but car dealers are offering me 0%, I am confused...
yoshibaby72 8 days ago
I Wish I Saw This Video Before I Started Paying Off This Bill In Collections......
Tegan Brandy
Tegan Brandy 8 days ago
*Boney2705* on !;G Helped me
Tegan Brandy
Tegan Brandy 8 days ago
*Boney2705* on !;G is a pro
Jeanette Carrillo
This information is great to know because I was about to pay one of my collection account thinking it was going to go up because CREDIT KARMA showed an example on if I pay in full my scored would go up......smh😣 Crazy
Firetvstix.com 6 days ago
I already did 🤦🏾‍♂️
Norma Diaz
Norma Diaz 7 days ago
Me too!
Firetvstix.com 8 days ago
SonyaWithaY 8 days ago
Would it be better to just file for bankruptcy than pay collections?
Shineh Chun
Shineh Chun 9 days ago
In 2014 I voluntarily turned in a vehicle because of a need to prioritize medical bills. The hilarious part being that the car dealership wished me luck with my health complications as I dropped off the key fob & then sent me a letter stating I still owe them $7,500! I pray this does not eternally haunt me : /
Elvis Ogieriakhi
Elvis Ogieriakhi 9 days ago
HACKCYBER001 on !G GOT ME HUGE FUNDS AND I PAID MY DEBT ALSO MY RENT GRATITUDE 🙏 I got $11,000 from this service in just 3hrs
Megan Pearson
Megan Pearson 9 days ago
How do you dispute something on paper? Where do you send it too?
Anne Vila
Anne Vila 9 days ago
He is correct about this. I thought by paying off my collection debt thinking it was going to be helpful towards my score and my score dropped approximately 100 points after spending a year and half of building it up. Now I’m back to square one. I stopped paying off my collection debt. I wish I saw this sooner.
Amanda Hickey
Amanda Hickey 6 days ago
I did the same thing but luckily my score didn't drop. But I sure could have put that money towards another new loan I have to help pay it down.
Doreen Guenin
Doreen Guenin 10 days ago
Noemi Mendez
Noemi Mendez 10 days ago
Do you have a audiobook??
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway 10 days ago
Cant collector send u an agreement to accept a settlement and REMOVE FROM CREDIT LINE. ???
Dorthy Ray
Dorthy Ray 10 days ago
I have collection accounts but I can’t see it on my credit. Am I looking in the wrong places or is that possible?
Michael Tinajero
Michael Tinajero 10 days ago
I got into a car accident, I now have to pay 15k to other persons insurance... what can I do??
Delronance Grissom
Delronance Grissom 10 days ago
What if they are trying to garnish wages?
Andre West
Andre West 11 days ago
What to Do Instead starts at 22:17
Nicole Lomax
Nicole Lomax 11 days ago
Is there any hope eto be able to dispute a 20,000 balance?
J S 11 days ago
I disputed and got an account removed from my credit report...and then 2 days later a new collections agency opened a new account for that debt and started reporting. So now I have to wait 7 years for it to be removed and am afraid to dispute again because it seems to reset the clock in cases like this. Is this normal?
M. Eugenia Nejam
M. Eugenia Nejam 11 days ago
So... if you dont pay it gets reported to your credit and it goes down, and if you pay it get reported to you credit and it goes down anyways....?????
Kara Beasley
Kara Beasley 11 days ago
Not everything is true my credit is not great and my kids are at TOP private schoola
Sheeanna Tate
Sheeanna Tate 11 days ago
To dispute a bill is there a number provided
Anna Norkazi
Anna Norkazi 11 days ago
what is the name of the book?
Giggidygiggidy12 11 days ago
This is what happens when black people take the red pill. "Release the shackles of pride" so much truth in that statement
butterfly Butterfly diamond
Can you please tell me after getting stuff deleted off my file.. My score went up and then down now no score at all? I now dont have a score
butterfly Butterfly diamond
@Amanda Hickey no I never had any credit just a few late payments
Amanda Hickey
Amanda Hickey 6 days ago
??? 🤔... I've only heard of no score for people who have never had credit. That's odd.
Mr.beast6000 12 days ago
what if you have a car repo in collection that has been placed as a judgement? how do i pay it off because i cant pay the amount asked?
Yolis Rmn
Yolis Rmn 12 days ago
😔I did exactly that “felt bad, and made a payment arrangement” 🤦🏽‍♀️
Robin Gibbs
Robin Gibbs 11 days ago
Your not alone.... I made an arrangement last year due to a job I sort. 2 more pymts & I'm done forever with that debt!
Vicky Moloi
Vicky Moloi 12 days ago
Does this apply to other countries like South Africa?
Joy Leath
Joy Leath 12 days ago
I needed this here!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 12 days ago
You keep talking, saying much of nothing and never really said anything of importance throughout this whole video...what a waste of time? 🐒
Fuego Bravo
Fuego Bravo 12 days ago
Can I hire you to dispute my collection ?
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