Why you keep using Facebook, even if you hate it

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The network effect is Facebook’s biggest selling point, and the root of many of its problems.
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What happened with Cambridge Analytica highlights this perfectly.
Before many people join a network, it may not be so useful. But the more people join, the more useful it becomes. That’s the network effect. Facebook is a step beyond that - it’s the network effect on steroids.
This is what makes facebook so great - it knows everything about you! - and what makes facebook so awful - IT KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. And while its network of 2.13 billion monthly users doesn’t pay any money to use the core service, Facebook makes plenty of money - millions daily - *buy providing advertisers access to that user data*. And everyone on the site agreed to this when they signed up.
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Comments 80
Will Wheeler
Will Wheeler Day ago
Funny, I hate facebook and I dont use it Why would anyone?
Jimmy Mauro
Jimmy Mauro 4 days ago
I learn much more on you tube; Deleted Facebook & Instagram; 😎
M 8 days ago
I hate it and I stopped using it ages ago. I don’t miss it at all. Get rid of it and take your life back.
your mother in law
it has the best user interface in my personal opinion, and is the most user-friendly. extremely under-rated. I don't often agree with vox, but here i gotta say, you're right.
Ronin 84
Ronin 84 27 days ago
Facebook now days blasts you with political ads and useless videos. Why do I care what you had to eat? Social media is the cancer of society.
Deacon June
Deacon June Month ago
This is why I don't have Facebook.
Black Rap Drill Sargent
Deleted account at the start of 2019, most liberating thing I’ve done , and anxiety and depression have gone
Rachel Month ago
Closing my account a few years was amazing and I’ve never looked back
Fremont Jablonski
Fremont Jablonski 2 months ago
As soon as you have written a post, clicked on an icon and/or uploaded an image/text anywhere to the internet, it is there FOREVER. The concept of "Deleting your account" is just a premise, not an actual demolition of content. It will still be intact somewhere within the World Wide Web, no matter how hard you try.
Ko Ja
Ko Ja 2 months ago
dont use facebook for 3 years and i feel good about it
unleashed rider
unleashed rider 3 months ago
I have to use it. Bc i have a business or i would of deleted it years ago. I hate Facebook and all most the people on it.
rico vlogs
rico vlogs 3 months ago
I have never been to facebook
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch 3 months ago
rico vlogs You are a wonderful human being , I wish I was you in 2014, never getting Facebook and never wasting almost 4 years of my life in 2014-2018 . I wish I was you in 2014-2018 .
The King of Moab
The King of Moab 3 months ago
Gotta admit, before I took my hiatus from Zuccbook 3 months ago I was paying close attention to who reacted/shared/commented on my posts/comments ect. and quite frankly would change my behavior accordingly. Huge waste of time, not to mention the security and privacy issues.
The Creative Kaes
The Creative Kaes 4 months ago
because i have nothing to do other than scrolling fb
sam 4 months ago
Im yet to hear of anyone who quit facebook and regreted it
Joseph Courtright
Joseph Courtright 4 months ago
I refuse to use facebook. It makes it really hard to join any club because all the people run clubs through facebook. But I will hold the line, even if it kills me. Google got me though.
Soseiki Haragatatsu
Soseiki Haragatatsu 4 months ago
I have a question why does Americans don't use Facebook anymore?
K. Yagi
K. Yagi 5 months ago
This video both reminded me that I have a Facebook, that the only person I really used to talk to on Facebook (Grandma) already talks to me regularly by other means (Thus removing my feeling of FOMO), and that I have the option to save my data to a .zip & delete my Facebook, which I have now done.
angélique .combes
angélique .combes 5 months ago
Il ne fait jamais parler à un inconnu sur Facebook
gaz riley
gaz riley 5 months ago
wonder how many people use facebook? does anyone know? must be over 200 by now
Leon Li
Leon Li 5 months ago
I don't really use Facebook... There is linkedin, INSTAGRAM, RUvid and wechat and so many other platforms.
mario mylocam
mario mylocam 5 months ago
i hate facebook
Conner Fields
Conner Fields 5 months ago
Are you a social gadget?
Cj Vaans
Cj Vaans 7 months ago
I hate facebook. Especially their community guideline. Sometimes they don't folllow them. Even a small suspicion of spam would disable account go as far as upload an id of you just to prove you're not there is kinda alarming when they sell your personal to others and possibly using your personal info to impersonate you. I just don't trust FB in giving my personal info. But I couldn't just quit facebook because that's where I get to receive and share information.
mark garland
mark garland 7 months ago
you don't speak for me or how I use the internet at all. There are people who think FB is the internet? - in trouble and ripe for invasion.
DeanRendar84 8 months ago
I'm not someone else's eyeball database, and I wont provide food for their sociopathic narcissistic supply. I used to run a domain for freindship before it existed, it was legit and spoke of real things, later as web authoring flooded to every poor grammar gripe opinion holder under the sun, they all caused me to hate FB, logging on to see nonsense, taken so seriously and with such present urgency and importance, its a dumpster fire of what they reveal themselves to be on the inside, I avoid it like the plague and the insecure lifestyle lies it stands for.
School Of Hard Knocks
if you're allowing social media to dictate your emotions. Im sorry but facebook is not the problem. You need to get your brains checked.
JayFord B
JayFord B 8 months ago
Me.and my wife deleted our accounts 4 plus years ago we dont even miss it one bit
Jerald Pernell
Jerald Pernell 7 months ago
I can't stand Facebook. It makes it like life is a competition. At least you have a relationship. I doubt I'll find happiness in my life lol
JayFord B
JayFord B 8 months ago
We are in our late 20s
jojopuppyfish 9 months ago
Wait a second....how is this very comment section on youtube not social media?
Michaella D
Michaella D 9 months ago
rude? Idgaf haha. The people who matter know how to reach me
Victor Popov
Victor Popov 9 months ago
I have no respect for people who use social media unironically.
Max Damage
Max Damage 9 months ago
My phone died. I met my family. They are nice people.
SnowCode 9 months ago
Who like me reminds a South Park episode? A certain: "You have 0 friends"...
abdEL RzaK
abdEL RzaK 10 months ago
Facebook is a waste of time for trivial people. I prefer LinkedIn
frgthyjygtrf ghybt6yghbt
I still use it Why you ask? To save game data on my phone in case I want to reinstall it
Aaron 10 months ago
I left Facebook. I'm better for it.
Lương Cẩm Tú
Lương Cẩm Tú 10 months ago
All of my teachers send notice for classes up there. If I quit fb then I may as well quit school.
UDRĘKA 13 9 months ago
I quitted fb and ask my friends for school info
Álvaro Carrizales
Álvaro Carrizales 10 months ago
I quit Facebook after a strong depression, believe me it has been a year since I no longer use Facebook and I feel great. Also my relationships are stronger with the people I care for and I don't feel like going back to it.
Nathan 2 months ago
@Jerald Pernell yh had same problem
Catherine W
Catherine W 4 months ago
Funny how it works that way. Same here.
Jerald Pernell
Jerald Pernell 7 months ago
@Álvaro Carrizales I think I should leave Facebook too. I get depressed almost immediately after looking at it. It treats like life is a competition and brings back bad memories more than good ones imo.
Tyrant TITANIUM 10 months ago
I just stay away from Facebook I don't really care about it or feel connected to it in any way.
MidWest Villain
MidWest Villain 10 months ago
I don't use Facebook I thought it was for dirtbag democrats and liberals only
Sandra Mann
Sandra Mann 10 months ago
I quit Facebook and it was like I left a cult. Everyone I saw for a mo th afterwards ask me why, what are you doing!!! Lol
pls sub to me
pls sub to me 10 months ago
when you don’t have Facebook
Aniket K
Aniket K 10 months ago
The entire video is *RELEVANT* to me
bellatrixevans 10 months ago
I'm not an American, but after the Cambridge Analytica nonsense, I realised how strongly my views were getting influenced by others users. And online privacy may just be an illusion at this point, but Facebook as a company made me deeply uncomfortable with how aggressive the personalised ads got. It's been almost a year and a half now, since I used my Facebook account. No regrets, tbh
I don't use facebook anymore, because it's getting harder and harder to use... Of course i'm not completely not using it, i still use it sometimes for binding my game's account, but still... I'm not using it for social media things... And don't much games that used facebook for binding method...
king of flamingos
king of flamingos 10 months ago
Lets be real here who here still have a myspace or even know what that is
Depcom 11 months ago
Never used face book, never will use it. Two things I banned from my computer years ago, face book and yahoo.
MarkusTegelane 11 months ago
Lol, I just don't use it when I don't want/need to
Fake ID
Fake ID 11 months ago
But I don't use Facebook because most of the Indians left it and I don't need to worry about fomo now
HAS Anime
HAS Anime 11 months ago
For candy crush
maria amor
maria amor 11 months ago
Marem Warkhungam
Marem Warkhungam 11 months ago
Lmao if you stop using Facebook stop using Instagram, Twitter,etc
phyo wai kyaw
phyo wai kyaw 11 months ago
Rral online is using youtube.
Alexis Vince
Alexis Vince 11 months ago
People keep saying deleting Facebook made their life better. Lies and lies. It does nothing Having it or deleting it is the same No change.
Black Rap Drill Sargent
Alexis Vince makes a huge difference you ignoramous
deathwrench custom parts for hot rods, rat rods
@Miguel Robb You can't ha e a reasonable discussion with someone that knows everything. That's why we left fb, remember? 😉
Miguel Robb
Miguel Robb 8 months ago
Alexis Vince trust me. It does make a difference in peoples lives when they delete it. No more comparing yourself to others and no more looking at a bunch of grown men and women with the celebrity syndrome acting like they are mr big shot. The only thing is that nobody will care if you delete it lol
Francesco Dell'Orco
Francesco Dell'Orco 11 months ago
Very dystopian way of intending Facebook. Even if some things are likely to be true, it’s not so boring nor annoying or it would have been dismissed many years ago!
Blue Grapes
Blue Grapes 11 months ago
*nobody reads the terms of service*
Yusuf Jorgenz
Yusuf Jorgenz 11 months ago
quit fb usage 3 years ago and my life has improved.
blattimus 11 months ago
I don’t keep using Facebook because they spy on users, conduct illegal behaviour experiments on users, spy on user activity with their snoopy apps, sell user data to the highest bidder, inject their political bias in elections and political discussions, and stuff mainstream corporate mouthpiece news down users’ throats in the name of protecting people from ‘fake’ news. For similar reasons, I don’t use Google, don’t watch CNN, and take all stories published by Vox with a large boulder of salt, since they publish their share of extremist political brainwashing, daily stories about the latest idiotic topic by which members of the hive-mind should be offended, and biased propaganda in support of the military-industrial complex.
Hammer Borg
Hammer Borg Year ago
w00borg Year ago
actually nah i would delete fb (not deactivate it) in an instant but i 1) dont want to lose messenger 2) i have a lot off accounts for other sits/platforms that use my facebook to login
Татьяна Ром
Fakeberg boycott
Stohe Claims
Stohe Claims Year ago
Stohe Claims
Stohe Claims Year ago
no thanks
Kendra Owens
Kendra Owens Year ago
I hate Facebook but I'm addicted
Hank Channel
Hank Channel Year ago
People who use Facebook but hate it are just addicted. I deleted Facebook five years ago and I have never log back in. I do not regret it and I do not miss it.
Re:Read Year ago
Tina.M. Year ago
So glad I deleted my fb & Insta 3 years ago. The only 2 social media accounts I had. It got old quick. I can't imagine if I had more accounts. My time is way to precious to waste on attention seeking fake people.
DAP C Year ago
~it is a big stalking machine that becomes identity theft~I deleted the account 3 months ago after 9 years~it wakes you up one day like I did and say~"what am I doing here and what is it proving?"~I got my data back but some came encrypted (weird) and did not get it all back (why?)~and had to login twice within a few years by answering tag and private messages to login~maybe someone was in an attempt to hack my account~it separates people and to me it is useless and an energy drainer with someone else's negativity~ to the one's that stay I say ignorance is bliss~enjoy it all until you wake up as well and find out you have a life after it~
Paxo Plays
Paxo Plays Year ago
Everybody delete it!
Johnny Rocketz
Who even uses facebook
Elena Kim
Elena Kim Year ago
Haven't watched the video, but regarding the title of this video~ When you embark on managing a business project of such scale knowing that your customers are real people, you simply can't forget that your primary objective is serving people. Offering unacceptable "terms and conditions", knowing that 99% have no choice but to "Agree" - Unethical, the least I can say. An attitude "So, what you gonna do, huh, huh?" - what are you, some sort of punk? You are damaging your business credo.
Weetlemama Year ago
I have Facebook. I just don’t log in. The issue I found it the many other apps that use Facebook in order to login or whatever. I never check mine.
FBI we got em
FBI we got em Year ago
I got news for ya, us, the new generation don’t use facebook anymore only messenger
CHAO WEI Year ago
trump still lost the election based on literally amount of votes. but won the electoral soooooooo I mean how effective was trumps use of fb
Satevo Year ago
Cambridge Analytica needs to be a much bigger story. They were hacking minds. I can't think of a better example of evil than taking away peoples free will. Social media is turning us into mindless zombies easily puppeteered by powerful people. Freedom? Yeah right.
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan Year ago
One year ago I m really glad Thank You so much everyone because my decision is good and quit facebook Thank You
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan Year ago
Life is peaceful without facebook
Tefen Ca
Tefen Ca Year ago
I like Facebook because it is good for my businesses. I also don't mind living in transparency and as a grown adult I don't find it "cool" to hide behind user nicknames like CyberDude797 and crap like that. To me it just seems sketchy and weird now. However, due to those same name reasons Facebook is losing the younger generation and that for me is NOT good for business so it's a 'catch 22'.
Kaung Myat Thu
Two years without facebook. Ha my life's better. You'll able to find out who do really appreciate your existence, they'll call and talk you, invite to events in person. My insecurities is gone too.
Siddik Patel
Siddik Patel 9 months ago
Kaung Myat Thu i mean which insecurities?? I am curious
Satsui Nohado
Satsui Nohado Year ago
Using Facebook for 8 years,I learned to value in-person interactions. They're much more rewarding. Facebook is just and enless scroll fest of bullcrap. Nothing but pictures of people you can't care less about and people who think their opinions are gold. Goodbye Crapbook
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