Why US Bathrooms Don’t Have Bidets

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Bidets have been around for over 300 years. They're used worldwide and are more hygienic than just toilet paper. Why haven't they made it to the US?
While the video states the bidet originated in France and spread from there, South Asia, the Middle East, and nearby regions had been instilling a similar practice with items like lotas and shattafat as cleansing methods for centuries before that. Insider regrets the error.
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Why US Bathrooms Don’t Have Bidets

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Franco Pantoja
Franco Pantoja 20 hours ago
Dont talk for all south america, in Chile only the houses that are like 150 years old have bidets
Karina Day ago
Muslims been doing it since 7th century
HAN RUQ11 16 hours ago
*Pats back*
O d d e s y
O d d e s y 2 days ago
omg ur telling us everythings unsafe. whats next? ditch the galaxy. oh hell naw
Hadjahmakia Dolley
*Laughs in Muslim*😂
nmrihcthulhu 3 days ago
How does a bidet clean a messy shit with that little stream of water?
Shika-U 4 days ago
And now I'm ordering one soon. Can't believe it hasn't caught on sooner. In the US.
Beliza Torres Narvaez
Interesting, in Puerto Rico, a colony...I mean, territory of the US, they are a standard fixture in the master room's bathroom in most private house projects since the 60's at least.
Daniel De saint malo
Salutes from Central America where we in Panama use Bidets.
yattsugoo 5 days ago
just wash it with your hand along with water and soap
Moon_Bun 5 days ago
I'm Korean American and when I visit Korea the toilets are like that in my family's houses. I like it better then... US's toilets
Shawn Messick
Shawn Messick 6 days ago
Well, you had me following along until you went into the environmental BS.
Zephyr360 6 days ago
Successful pitch, I’m going to buy a bidet now.
Mistress Roach
Mistress Roach 7 days ago
I've always wanted a bidet even as a kid. I just like feeling clean.
Lilly yeeetsbanana's
America is a different kind of nasty🤢 the whole world is doing it and america is all like “nah mate, I’m good.” I feel sick just hearing about it.
Mc Rojka
Mc Rojka 3 days ago
in my house i dont have this toilet
zilraty 7 days ago
I have one
Jovy And Kids
Jovy And Kids 8 days ago
I use a...... TABO
MrQuidestveritas 8 days ago
And except for UK
Conner's Dreaming Chocolate
You can have my t.p.
Brodrick Vincent
Brodrick Vincent 9 days ago
So what do you use to dry off? A butt towel?
rainoffire123 9 days ago
"Oh man the things I've witnessed"
kalel serrano
kalel serrano 10 days ago
1:57 that is my cousins bathroom
AbBiE tHe BoX
AbBiE tHe BoX 10 days ago
I live in America and I have it
klosnoski 10 days ago
How much does it raise the water bill?
Edsknife 11 days ago
All the dislikes are people in the toilet paper industry
Xarai 11 days ago
answer - because bidets are unhealthy
trippie zi
trippie zi 11 days ago
Americans always wanna call other countries disgusting but can't wash their ass
Squally Cactus89
Squally Cactus89 12 days ago
I want to die right now. Why do I live in such a technologically deprived country?
Jewel Bency
Jewel Bency 12 days ago
Im not from america and i didnt even know this was even a problem. Its a no brainer.
Jane b
Jane b 12 days ago
Vineet Kansotia
Vineet Kansotia 13 days ago
No way, Americans can has common sense? Much surprise, such wow.
Raihanah Rai
Raihanah Rai 13 days ago
Lets be real America is a 3rd world country in disguise LMAO bye
Johnny 14 days ago
I’m european and I’ve never seen this thing in my life except in those high tech japanese toilets.
bignoobs 15 days ago
if we had poo all over our hands like in this video. apparently people are fisting themselves when they wipe.
ATOG V 15 days ago
If you’re traveling to a foreign country like the US that doesn’t have a bidet then i recommend just empty a plastic bottle and fill it up with sink water as a replacement for bidet.
Deemikey 16 days ago
3:00 EW! Please say that's chocolate.
Jalina Nails
Jalina Nails 16 days ago
Me : quarantining in my van like... Hmm this would be good for us vanners ... Wondering if I can build me one ... Leaves this vid .. to look up" how to make a bidet... " #vanlife 😁💪
The Atheist Gangstar G
That was very humorous.😜💩
Jef ier
Jef ier 17 days ago
The reason Americans haven't got it is simply because they can't fit emigrants in the mechanism, and it might look unethical.
D23 W76
D23 W76 18 days ago
I had to uninstall mine. Neighbors kept complaining I was moaning way too loud
lame & lonely
lame & lonely 18 days ago
technology of my country invented hand to wash
aziz YILMAZ 18 days ago
easy system....cheaper then japanese eq ruvid.net/video/video-vIugBNFH0pw.html
jose151348 20 days ago
I use a pressure washer
Pat Veldon
Pat Veldon 20 days ago
If you are regular, you shower after you poop every morning... Now why don’t people in other countries use deodorant?
¡i¡Got Crabz
¡i¡Got Crabz 20 days ago
What if you have a explosive crapper and get it all over,? Would you even want a bidet at that point?
Iris Gross
Iris Gross 20 days ago
Americans do almost EVERYTHING wrong, frankly. But, we can learn
Marcelo Benitez
Marcelo Benitez 21 day ago
Toilet paper and bidet are compatible. Bidet for full cleaning and toilet paper fo wiping, but with using little quantity of it. Americans, being the richest country in the world, should be ashamed of not incorporating this device to everyone's hygine, especially for women.
Dani Dilay
Dani Dilay 22 days ago
Now to get hubby on board.
AZ Buscano
AZ Buscano 22 days ago
Well here we use dipper (tabo)
Sajid Ameen
Sajid Ameen 22 days ago
Guys, they jump into pools without washing their asses.. 🤢🤢🙈
jushua Bird
jushua Bird 22 days ago
Because it’s the american way 😌
Jhan Vincent Cruz
Jhan Vincent Cruz 22 days ago
Now I Know Im One Of The Lucky Asians That Use Bidets
Jack K
Jack K 23 days ago
I've always been embarrassed by how barbaric my country is
Alex Pandian J
Alex Pandian J 23 days ago
In India, we use to wipe our ass with lot of water. May be 1 to 2 gallons of water and then use sanitizer to wash hands clean. Then we wear just towel, it will dry off after 10 minutes. Then the feel you have after that is amazing. You feel your stomach so clean. No rashes on ass. Just you feel so refreshed. The day will go without any problem. Because our human body shell out more solid waste through ass and mouth. Once you got those clean, you will just feel like purified.
Mahin Gazi
Mahin Gazi 23 days ago
''If you stepped in dog poop, would you only use a couple of napkins to wipe it off?'' That's the best comparison I've ever heard 🤣
Claudio Coppola
Claudio Coppola 23 days ago
That's why I'm alway wary of going down on an American dude, no matter how hot he is 😛
Smashing Blade
Smashing Blade 23 days ago
Wait those aren't water fountains?🤦‍♂️
Daisy A.
Daisy A. 23 days ago
Didn’t answer the question, just talked how good bidets are
Abhijeet malik
Abhijeet malik 23 days ago
SO WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK FROM IT!? Thanks for ruining my Japan trip
john bernard
john bernard 23 days ago
What i need in every public bathroom is a crap covered spout spraying contaminated ground water directly into my rectum, oh life's simple pleasures
Goos 24 days ago
I am comfortable with the hand held kind not only cuz I grew up with it but also because you can easily control the flow and direction
Bilal El Eter
Bilal El Eter 24 days ago
Imagine going to a 5 star hotel in America and not have bidet available, that's a nightmare
Kimberly Howard
Kimberly Howard 24 days ago
Toilet paper might be the new currency
Yautja Hish-qu-Ten
Yautja Hish-qu-Ten 24 days ago
Its better to use the Toilet Spray gun for your ass. It's cheaper and gives you a tingling sensation when you use it. 😂
Helmi Abdul Ghani
Helmi Abdul Ghani 24 days ago
Civilization gone too fast in America until they forgot how to wash their butt
Vinay Neil Panda
Vinay Neil Panda 25 days ago
2:18 Intestine cleaner
AmishRiot 25 days ago
Would it be possible to for it to spray Brawndo instead of tap water?
AmishRiot 25 days ago
I'm curious if the shit splatters off your ass and onto that lever the comes out to spray the water.
CyberRonin 26 days ago
Americans are too homophobic to use a bidet.
Joemarie Does Stuff
Learn how to wash your bums like us in the Philippines . No toilet paper just water and a bit of soap
Amateurs! I use tabo!
T Mannis
T Mannis 28 days ago
Ugh. Think about it: The water sprays into your butt. THERE WILL BE SPLASHING from your butt onto the surround seat and rim. So while the water helps a bit with cleaning your bunghole, it DOES NOT SANITIZE IT. The water will not kill e-coli and now you have it splashed around the seat and rim. Plus you need to dry your butt with --- toilet paper. I'll stick to my tried and true.
Oscar W.
Oscar W. 27 days ago
ok American boomer
Squidget 28 days ago
I dont need to. I walk to the kitchen, climb on a sink and use that hose to wash my tushy
Lance Carbuncle
Lance Carbuncle 28 days ago
Think about tap water in Minnesota.
yavuz selim
yavuz selim 28 days ago
In Turkey all closets come with built in bidet called 'taharet musluğu' ,it's the simplest way to clean yourself.
Mcgee Stevens
Mcgee Stevens 28 days ago
Bidets are made of cheap plastic and will make cracking noises the first time a fat person sits on it. Bidets are very loud and fat people will not be able to see and work the controls . The radius of the seat is small
Dear Prudence
Dear Prudence 28 days ago
The advantages of having, and using the bidet for both yourself and the environment, are too numerous to itemize on this page. Similarly, the idiocy of American establishment which has shunned, ignored, and eliminated it's use here in the United States, is not simply longer in length, it's so very embarrassingly absurd and shockingly irresponsible... forget it. Americans have issues.
Senexe 28 days ago
Americans are the type of people that get disgusted at something thats cleaner
David Riker
David Riker 2 days ago
@Cadburi _ And the original comment isn't?
Amanda Rachel
Amanda Rachel 7 days ago
@PrettyPrettyPumpkin China use toilet paper too to wipe their ass. Most other Asian countries use water.
@Farhan Izz I don't know where "here" is, but I lived in China for 3 months during a high school program in the summer. The train and bus stations had a literal hole to crap in and my home stay had an out house. So considering the sheer volume of people in Asia OVERALL and in general. My orig comment was accurate. Americans thus do NOT have a problem with things that are cleaner. Have you SEEN a deodorant and ass wipes isle in a Supermarket....?? All my peep are buying and using that shit 24/7. Most US citizens just take showers everyday and NOT just wash their crotch thus having stinky everywhere else especially pits like the French too !! Yes, I've been to France as an adult around city folk and country all smelly. Even guys who came to my college YUCK !!
Farhan Izz
Farhan Izz 10 days ago
@PrettyPrettyPumpkin dude asian bidets have built in perfume sprayers, even heated seats. there's no such thing as a smelly toilet here.
Angela D
Angela D 14 days ago
Senexe Did you watch the video or...
I like Turtles
I like Turtles 28 days ago
Actually a lot of ppl don’t use bidets in Asia like China and other countries your not alone America
I like Turtles
I like Turtles 26 days ago
Vincent Tran nope you are wrong. All Chinese ppl ik use tp plus China created toilet paper
Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran 26 days ago
Factually wrong, confirmed by Chinese immigrants like myself
WPG original
WPG original 29 days ago
Americans: stop climate change, save nature, use ways that can stop climate change Also Americans watching this video: what the hell is a bidet, nah toilet paper is alot better
Based Boii
Based Boii 29 days ago
Even my grandma in Jordan
Macgyver Smit
Macgyver Smit 29 days ago
But after the it sprinkles ur ass doesn’t ur ass stay wet? How does it dry off?
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