Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

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China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network - more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade.
Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. casualty
France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.
But the U.S. has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor. The Acela can reach 150 mph for only 34 miles of its 457-mile span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 65 mph.
California’s high-speed rail system is under construction, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain.
Watch the video to see why the U.S. continues to fail with high-speed trains, and some companies that are trying to fix that.
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Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

Published on


May 7, 2019




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Comments 31 448
Bookof Nahum
Bookof Nahum 9 hours ago
They do have high speed trains. It's just that they are all so fat the trains struggle.
Alex A
Alex A 9 hours ago
sergey 7
sergey 7 12 hours ago
Why in Russia there are no railways. Because Russia is a garbage dump.
Ducati M
Ducati M 12 hours ago
Get it through your thick head it’s corruption and you guys wasted all your money and what do you have to show for it!
Yohan Han
Yohan Han 15 hours ago
Ktx is the best
herbert92x 18 hours ago
This video plays like a whiney socialist propaganda piece. One dude was actually lamenting the fact that the state doesn't own all the land - like in Communist China. Another was lamenting the fact that it would take national focus like during WW-2? An existential threat being compared to rail? LOL!
mihosinzan 18 hours ago
I am not familiar with the US case, but in Japan three High-Speed Rails are under construction. Basically they are planed and built by government agency. After finished construcion and trains start running, Operator(JR) have to pay the usage fee of trucks and this will be used for repayment of construction cost.
fred sims
fred sims 20 hours ago
But we can still shoot each other.
Gustavo Moreno
Yo siento que en los USA hay muy buenos aeropuertos y no necesitan trenes ,Además es muy barato y rápido el avión.
Chad Wyble
Chad Wyble Day ago
Boils down to two political parties that exist only for their on own existence and to grow their political power. Theses two political parties no longer care to be bothered with actual governance or existing to serve the public. I loved taking the Ave' train in Spain and the rail system in the UK has its problems but its takes a lot of cars off the road, and is very convenient going city to city. in my experience.
Instead of paying MEXICO TO BUILD A WALL AND DIVIDE YOUR COUNTRY, US SHOULD SPEND THOSE IN BUILDING RAILWAYS. I MEAN what CASE STUDY ON TRANSPORTATION says 4 or even 6 seater vehicles surpasses trams or buses with regards to efficiency and mass movability? NONE THAT I HAVE READ. USA should stop 'throwing a tantrum' and wake up. Your automobile dream is sh*t. It WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE. It was idiotic for you to halt railway development. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and develop the railway system. It is STUPID that republicans decided to instigate this motion of spending for a Mexico wall WHEREIN YOUR REASONING IS MEXICANS ARE IDIOTS AND CRIMINALS. COMPLETELY RACIST. DOORKNOBS AND AMERICANS ARE PARANOIDS.
Vasting 19 hours ago
democrats have been inpower before, they don't want trains either.
Jack Honsinger
north east corridor has alot of geometry? wtf that means nothing.
Anand Suk
Anand Suk Day ago
You know why when America been building these countries had nothing and America do not need to be like other
ricky csl
ricky csl Day ago
Shanghai to Beijing is 820 miles apart and with HSR of 217 mph top speed it can reach on average time of 4hrs 20mins. And they’re already testing on new speed of 373 mph currently. Just imagine from New York to Washington in less than half an hour travel whereby current train service needs 3hr plus.
Thomas video a
Because Chinese stole it.
Matthew Vasquez
The farmers where force to sell there land.
Drackkor Day ago
Democrats ruined California train. Why should the people pay for this and sports stadiums and corporate welfare. Welcome to Socialism by the democrats who ban soda. I'm all done with voting democrat.
rear view
rear view Day ago
They (the government) should take the money that funds NASA (fake space) and do the right thing: Build an Interstate High Speed Rail System all through out the United States. It would be better for the U.S. population to have the means to travel almost emissions free rather than lie and deceive the people that man can survive or live in space (NASA). Which he, man, can not !
angie Lamb
angie Lamb Day ago
A lot of the people today do not wish to have a car and all the problems that come with them.
AznPride 2 days ago
Wow, so lame. Other countries has had high speed rail for 30 years. The US car industry and other red tape has slowed progress of other forms of transportation. The world is beating us. How can we still say we are #1?
Martin 2 days ago
Due to internal political petty bickering, America is falling behind the rest of the world from road and bridge basic maintenance to high-speed transport systems America is no longer the place to be, lack of vision and direction.
TheNewHope 2 days ago
because the USA is a 3rd World country
Sam Stan
Sam Stan 2 days ago
OK nice u.S small country in europe do sht better-- EUROPEAN HIGH SPEED RAIL LUX TORPEDA en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxtorpeda
Turning Null
Turning Null 2 days ago
Guess the US will say: we don't need it. LOL
Francis Tan
Francis Tan 2 days ago
all the excuses.... Contractors are just over quote to earn alot more than other countries. No transparency.
Jerry Bush
Jerry Bush 2 days ago
It's all corruption at its finest
Avi Gindratt
Avi Gindratt 2 days ago
BEcause conservatives hate good things
/OSUCHABRO 2 days ago
Also only drink bottled water in the US because their water purification infrastructure is old and outdated compared to Europe.
amos quito
amos quito 14 hours ago
/OSUCHABRO lmao you’re talking out of your ass. The EPA has some of the strictest standards for tap water on the planet.
/OSUCHABRO 16 hours ago
@amos quito Yes probably fine for locals because they're used to it. It simply isn't of a standard that developed countries are used to.
amos quito
amos quito 17 hours ago
What are you talking about? We drink tap water all the time over here our water is fine.
Panthera 2 days ago
With earthquakes in some parts of the US, it seems for me to be safer to have train lines on the ground, on tracks.
Clandestino Fronteras Valemadrista
Why? Plutocracy...that’s why.
Eloy Perez
Eloy Perez 3 days ago
So sad,,,
Chuck Kirkpatrick
ruth depew
ruth depew 3 days ago
We have a trillion dollar military instead.
Rolo Rolo
Rolo Rolo 3 days ago
There is no revenue for the states. Automotive and associated taxes generate revenue lawmakers have become accustomed to.
Oofus Doofus
Oofus Doofus 3 days ago
California doesn’t have the funds because they’ve made all these agencies that use up all their money.
Avi Gindratt
Avi Gindratt 2 days ago
Damn your name really suits you
Silvesta 4 days ago
USA is so backward. Which of you clowns think it’s the best country in the world? :)
Katten i slakten
Katten i slakten 4 days ago
Us need to remove money from politics. I am not expecting people to take a train from la to new york, but it would be good for the envoirment if there were high speed trains from dc- boston etc. Philly etc. All east coast and west coast should have several trainlines. I think there should be trains from detroit to chicago ohio etc
Iris Juliete
Iris Juliete 4 days ago
Yes please, we need a real high speed rail for the US, I really truly feel like people could travel more within the US and that way we can also make more jobs and we’d spend more if we can travel more. Better economy.
Glenn Erwin
Glenn Erwin 4 days ago
Our politicians promise it, and none deliver it. We need to end politics as a career, and we need to end the Fed.
刘super 4 days ago
In the United States , per household has 2 or 3 cars and they are more likely to drive vehicles than taking a high-speed rail
Bitrey 4 days ago
There is no high speed rail, so how can Americans take it if it doesn't exist? It would be like asking why nobody is using cars in a country with no roads
Yours 4 days ago
To be honest, cars aren't a very efficient mode of transportation if you think about it. On average, 15 ft. in length, 6 ft. in width that weighs around 3,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. to move mostly one to two person around using their own volition. Especially in a very dense city or even in long drives. I think It's more of a luxury type expense. Don't get me wrong though. Even if I say this, I love my car.
Bitrey 4 days ago
That's exactly why cities all around the world are investing in public transport. Cars are extremely space inefficient and they pollute a lot.
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 4 days ago
One of the challenge I saw from this is 101 planning. Where you want to build it To get from A to B are there any problems land issues, city regulation etc
Matthew Nord
Matthew Nord 5 days ago
It’s really sad. I’m from south central pa around Harrisburg. We had teams running between so many of the small towns but they were among the ones bought out and burned.
Bob Jennings
Bob Jennings 5 days ago
Simple answer: We have some decrepit freight railroads.
Leon Eden
Leon Eden 5 days ago
Only Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train) between Tokyo and Osaka can make enough money. China is a communist country, so Chinese government can ignore public opinions, environment, minority groups, and running costs. High speed railways are only suitable for megalopolises.
Chen Uy
Chen Uy 2 days ago
China's shanghai to beijing is very profitable..
Rus Lemus
Rus Lemus 5 days ago
USA: we don’t have the money! Also USA: gives 2.4 trillion to the rich
Gabriel Abbott
Gabriel Abbott 5 days ago
I thought the acela ia the high speed rail in the US on the Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
Gabriel Abbott
Gabriel Abbott 17 hours ago
I know since the Northeast Regional is the cheapest from Boston's South Station to Union Station in Washington DC, Philadelphia 30th Street or New York's Penn Station
Bitrey 4 days ago
It's literally the only high speed rail in the US, and it's also very expensive
OneGuyOnAScooter 5 days ago
I think we should start by building shorter domestic routes between close major cities (i.e. D.C. to NY, Atlanta to Charlotte, Houston to Dallas, Seattle to Portland, etc...) and as they become more widespread across regions, they will gradually connect and make the railways transcontinental. Then we won't have to be spending so much on domestic flights, fuel, and highway maintenance once the track are built.
OneGuyOnAScooter 5 days ago
US: We have no money for it! Also US: spends hundreds of billions getting involved with foreign wars we don't need to
Sam Stan
Sam Stan 2 days ago
manjelos 3 days ago
US is not China, in US is not possible to build cheap like in China, you have to pay much higher salary, you have to buy properties much more as in China where state just kick you out of the property. And at the end, Chinese bullet trains travel with about 10-20% covered, because tickets are just too expensive for average chinese worker who travel once in year back home and use slow trains where tickets are affordable...
LaMb sAuCE
LaMb sAuCE 5 days ago
So Dwight Eisenhower was paid by Oil and Car lobbyists to build 41,000 miles of roads at the cost of billions of dollars? Sounds about right.
Byron Allen
Byron Allen 5 days ago
The California rail to/from nowhere is nothing but a boondoggle. This is not progress, it is a myth that costs a fortune.
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 6 days ago
Every body knows the might of US technology, no doubt about it. It’s just US is so fascinated in building war machines that kills people rather than infrastructures that serves people.
DOHC 106
DOHC 106 6 days ago
You lead, follow or get out of the way..Lee iacocca. where is America? Other modern countries recognized years ago their ways of doing business didn't work. Singapore economically broke, less than 25 years one of the most respected places on earth. Americas farmers are still spraying water on plants, but the Netherlands have taught much of the world to grow plants with drops of water. It is true China's government will take your land, but they do recognize innovation: high speed trains, most powerful dam, cleanest power plant, and so forth. All these countries have been looking 20 to 50 years ahead.
Mike G
Mike G 6 days ago
I love how democrats solution to everything is a big number project and there way of funding it is always someone else's money . California is bankrupt you have people homeless living in the streets . You have a city called tent city because you have so many homeless people . Why don't you go look after your own citizens before you worry about a train . Federal money comes from taxes and why should my tax money go to build a train in CA if I don't live there . Anyone here calling this a infrastructure project is joke . because its not . The federal government is only responsible for the highways so it can insure that commerce and people can get from state to state . This way not only can you get to work in the morning but that you can buy essentials you need for every day life . Any project that a state wants to take on like high speed rail has to be majorly funded by the state . The thing I don't get is in CA you pay the highest tax on gas,that suppose to go for infrastructure projects . Why cant you pay for the rail using that money ? Where is it all going ? Like I said there solution is give us money and I bet you it fails before they lay down the first track and all the money gets washed away ...
Byungsoo Choi
Byungsoo Choi 6 days ago
i couldn't watch this video to finish. so, what's the answer? what's the point?!
Minsung has Jimin’s jams , Hyngwon meme queen
The Shinkansen train they talked abt and said is didn’t have to deal with mountains is totally wrong! Umm.... have you seen Japan? Almost 90% is mountainous! Clearly they had to solve going through mountains. And yes i know it as a fact, I’ve seen documentaries abt it
Mark P.
Mark P. 7 days ago
This subject has to be the number two subject that people seem to get themselves all worked up about behind only abortion. The Euro lovers think Europe has all the answers while many want to compare China to the US when that is totally an unreasonable comparison. China can do as they please without any input from their citizens. If they want to build a railroad where your house is they simply tear down your house. Again they can do what they want and spend as much as they want on their projects. Europe on the other hand is so small and trains have played such an important role in the past there that they just make tons of sense to the public. In the US once you leave the major cities trains are seldom considered as a reasonable choice for travel. There are people who never ride a train in their entire life in the US other than maybe at Disney World. To convince the citizens of Indiana it's a good idea to spend billions of Federal Tax dollars to build a high speed rail line from NYC to Miami is almost impossible. Not to mention to the people of NC which the train will pass through but not stop in. I like trains and use Amtrak and have ridden trains in several European countries but understand that train transportation a subject like sports, religion and abortion people just tend to want to argue about.
Movin' On Bob
Movin' On Bob 7 days ago
These people are idiots.
Allison 7 days ago
But Canada also has them
Brandon Zurvalec
Brandon Zurvalec 7 days ago
The day we get big money out of our politics (an issue mainstream media outlets like CNBC are paid not to cover), we will join the 21st century and have the kind of infrastructure, renewable energy technology, etc. that the wealthiest country IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD should have. But until then, our political "decisions" will be made not according to what is best for the country as a whole but rather, what is best for the bottom lines of Shell Oil, Merck, Goldman Sachs, etc. As of now, you're voting for this kind of corruption anytime you vote for a Republican candidate and also at least 90 percent of the time you vote for a Democrat. And regarding the latter, it wasn't like that in the mid-20th century but the Democrats started selling out to big money interests in or about the 1970s and at this point, most of them are virtually indistinguishable from Republicans on economic issues. So if you care about the issues above (and most people in this comments section seem to), I would challenge you to refuse to vote for any political candidate who accepts campaign contributions from big money interests. And yes, I'll just say it, I'm generally talking about "Progressive" Democratic candidates, here (e.g. Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, AOC, etc.).
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