Why the It Follows Kill Count Disappeared

Dead Meat
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Sorry, everyone. This is a mess.


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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 16 718
Laura Maxam
Laura Maxam 13 hours ago
Your voice sounds deep but that’s not bad
sample text
sample text 21 hour ago
holy shit, thats a nice voice
Gladlee Day ago
Dead meat Can you do kill count on filipino philippines we have horror kill count in Philippines
Hamish Tacuri
Hamish Tacuri 2 days ago
You should do a Kill Count on how many times RUvid's algorithm screws peoples channels over ;)
NUTRIENTS 007 2 days ago
This has 1.2 m views ...
Venom Ido
Venom Ido 2 days ago
Sonia Campos
Sonia Campos 3 days ago
Ur voice sounds different
Ya mummy •••••••
I love how honest James is
theosw 4 days ago
I got an advertisement on this minute and 49 second video. How on earth did you get this monetized?
pepr 69
pepr 69 4 days ago
Good thing I watched it before it got removed
HaZerdis 5 days ago
RUvid: They Make Good Videos And Mony Off Of Us US: Ik we are what you gonna do bout it RUvid: Restrict You Videos 10 YEAR LATER RUvid: So What's Up US: I'm In A Box Next To The White House The Only Thing That's Up Is My D**K You A$$hole
Whyte Tyger
Whyte Tyger 6 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: RUvid: Almost every other kill count? They're fine! But this completely normal kill count just like all the others and has no more of a reason to be demonetized or age restricted than the others? PFFFT *demonetizes and age restricts It Follows kill count*
Whyte Tyger
Whyte Tyger 6 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: James: *films in vertical*
The Beavis Gamer
The Beavis Gamer 6 days ago
Wait so he only cared about the money?
Dragance 6 days ago
BRUH this just shows that RUvid doesnt care about anything but trying to demonetize videos and hurt creators and simply being a choosing beggar ( check out RSlash for that )
Shulk is trash in smash bros ultimate lol
he sounds different lol
Cybervlogy Yt
Cybervlogy Yt 7 days ago
It back
Charlie rae ASMR
Charlie rae ASMR 7 days ago
maybe it follows is after you.....
bored chicken
bored chicken 8 days ago
Bro I understand what you mean that you don’t wanna post without getting paid
lil Vanz
lil Vanz 9 days ago
i was just waiting for this video to get demonitized
Hey what are you doing Child's Play remake
Justine anne Uday
short vidiyo ever
Logan Sambraus
Logan Sambraus 10 days ago
all dead meat videos are perfection
Ryan Pollock
Ryan Pollock 11 days ago
Can you make a Kill Count Video for the movie Critters. Any one of the movies will be fine. I would just love to see a Kill Count Video for that movie. Can you please do that.
The Indoor Outdoorsman
One would think RUvid would side with content creators over advertisers. Yeah, advertisers pay the Bill's, but without content creators there's nothing to advertise on.
Vinyl Accord
Vinyl Accord 12 days ago
Looks like Gavin Belson
DOOM LASAGNA 13 days ago
Yep that's RUvid
William Sotelo
William Sotelo 14 days ago
funny / weird thing is that i still see the it fallows kill count..
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO 14 days ago
"randomly had an error"
tudorjason 14 days ago
My guess is that some new-hires at RUvid didn't know exactly how to do the job of reviewing vids.
Carmelo Flores
Carmelo Flores 15 days ago
Can you do candy man
JohnGaming220 15 days ago
Man, your voice sounds different... very different...
mia neskovic
mia neskovic 18 hours ago
Owen_newO depression
Owen_newO 7 days ago
JohnGaming220 phone mic
Nolan PateN611
Nolan PateN611 16 days ago
Jesus dude is it just me or do you look tired AF
Midnight The Idiot
Midnight The Idiot 16 days ago
Because Im on a phone it feals like james A. Jenice ( sorry if I spelt that incorrectly ) is calling me xD I don't know why
Mr.Tubixter 16 days ago
Why does he sound like the protagonist of wwe2k19 “my player”
Jonathan Zhou
Jonathan Zhou 18 days ago
Do a train to busan kill count
Wizard X
Wizard X 18 days ago
Remember when RUvid demonetized kid-friendly but didn’t demonetized sex vids
SuperGunShooter 117
Your voice is different than the vids
DzMusic2011 18 days ago
1 million views and $1,000 made just to say "idk what happened." for 90 seconds lol. pimp.
Isaiah Lee
Isaiah Lee 19 days ago
It Follows disappears but not Terrifyer or Ice Cream Man Me: *suprised pickachu face*
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 19 days ago
Me:RUvid does stuff that is really unnecessary RUvid: I can do whatever I want
Ryan Long
Ryan Long 19 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-CnR89iQalNs.html curious why they were able to show the same scenes without blur
H K 20 days ago
they don't demonitize anaconda and they demonitize a censorded "It Follows" kill count. 1 like on this video equals one slow clap and b*tch slap for youtube.
H K 20 days ago
you don't need to apologize! it's youtube's fault, not yours!
Shelby da Wolf
Shelby da Wolf 20 days ago
Luckily i watched it early good kill count on it follows 👍
Joan Martinez
Joan Martinez 20 days ago
can u do wrong turn plz
Arthur John
Arthur John 20 days ago
thy video maker
thy video maker 21 day ago
Good news its on youtube now
Death Skullxxx23
Death Skullxxx23 21 day ago
It's funny that this video has more views than some of your podcast 😂
Grand Gojira
Grand Gojira 21 day ago
Damn you youtube how am I going to tally up the victims in all my favorite horror movies now
Richard Alvidrez
Richard Alvidrez 21 day ago
Bro for real lol , but I was one of the lucky ones to see it before RUvid got a stick up their ass
zakk da killer
zakk da killer 21 day ago
Oh no dont go to hig- there goes the wall: leprechaun in da hood
Fluid 21 day ago
I understand G
Shing lok Ngai
Shing lok Ngai 21 day ago
Fun fact: This video has more views than the silent night deadly night 5: the toy maker's kill count.
KF Badger
KF Badger 21 day ago
Who else watched it before it was deleted and re-uploaded
Tank Poe
Tank Poe 21 day ago
That video was shit 💩 👎
LOCUST FOR REAL 22 days ago
Glad I got to see it before this all happened. Im sorry James your having to deal with this ridiculousness. Hopefully this gets resolved
omegaLUL 22 days ago
is this a video recorded *V E R T I C A L L Y*
Sonny Roy
Sonny Roy 22 days ago
RUvid used to be cool....
Daken Bacon Gaming
Daken Bacon Gaming 22 days ago
james: finally i finished my long video now i can take a break youtube: mmmmmmmmmmmmm butt we want you to never get a break
SmilingFlame 22 days ago
Dillan Bruess
Dillan Bruess 23 days ago
1 2 RUvid’s coming for you Had to do it
Rook Thicc Boi
Rook Thicc Boi 23 days ago
Anyone on RUvid that makes good content: *breathes* RUvid: I’m about to end this mans whole career
홀랜드Holland 23 days ago
real question where is the cut comparison
Harry Brooker
Harry Brooker 23 days ago
watch lol
Harry Brooker
Harry Brooker 23 days ago
youtube: im f****** high james: just let people my bloody videos
WHO Oreo
WHO Oreo 23 days ago
youtube step up youtube:
thegirlinblack 23 days ago
It is still there tho
poison 23 days ago
I watched it and it was my favorite episode
Ya Boi Guy
Ya Boi Guy 23 days ago
Good luck dude I have hope and I love your content
Peppermint 24 days ago
And the dull machete goes to... *recording vertically*
damijares 24 days ago
Keemstar should cover this
codiene 24 days ago
Sex Remove anything related to sex and say something more appropriate
Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake 24 days ago
It’s still there
Oakley  Matthewson
Oakley Matthewson 24 days ago
James the amount of pride you have in your work is inspiring RUvid it’s fucked bottom line they do this to so many RUvidrs and it’s devastating to see them do it to such a pure one like James and the entire dead meat team
ShaneTV 24 days ago
Under my breath: *...I'm James A Janise...*
niko daman yo
niko daman yo 25 days ago
haha I saw it before it was removed I'm lucky bastered
VastY 25 days ago
I got the notification
iiAri xx
iiAri xx 25 days ago
Don’t worry I shared this with everyone I know 🥺
LivUndead 25 days ago
RUvid again attacking its own content creators
Luke Roberts
Luke Roberts 25 days ago
I wouldn’t care about the age restriction. I’m 13 but according to youtube I was born in the 1800’s.
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