Why the It Follows Kill Count Disappeared

Dead Meat
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Sorry, everyone. This is a mess.


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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 16 616
Zinq -
Zinq - 11 days ago
Bruh James is the only RUvidr to make a video of why his latest video hasn’t came out this man is to good for us
clray123 26 days ago
The saddest thing about RUvid is that despite their screwy censorship people are still watching it. If they were dropping users by millions because of the shit they do, maybe they would reconsider. But it gives you a lesson about how the world operates in general.
Claudio Cortez
Claudio Cortez Month ago
Yor videos are awsome
puppy puppet
puppy puppet Month ago
Unipug Gamer
Unipug Gamer Month ago
This vid is old now.But,I love your channel and you are very kind for explaining.
ıllıllı ᏞᎾᏚ ᏩᏌ ıllıllı
Legends says it followed youtube now that they took down the video
smart Month ago
your voice wat
The Swag Hatter
The Swag Hatter Month ago
L0VING 2 months ago
BIFF TWITCHEN 2 months ago
Renee O'Shea
Renee O'Shea 2 months ago
No. You ARE an issue (asshole).
Dead Meat
Dead Meat 2 months ago
Unicorn Maddie
Unicorn Maddie 2 months ago
I watched it before it was gone
Indie Doesn’t Draw
For anyone else’s videos all gone except for two? They’re all gone for me, it’s really weird...
Indie Doesn’t Draw
For anyone else’s videos all gone except for two? They’re all gone for me, it’s really weird...
ᗰᖴᗪOᗪGE03 ᑭᔕ4
Lmao lucky i watched it
An English Prat
An English Prat 2 months ago
All hail Susan Wasabi and her infinite wisdom!
Michael TheWhyvern
Michael TheWhyvern 2 months ago
I swear I just watched it
Deppressed chip
Deppressed chip 2 months ago
You look,sound,and act different in this vid than the others .like if agreed
Kim Fraser
Kim Fraser 2 months ago
bruh his voice sounds different here! like if you hear it..
Midnight Gloom
Midnight Gloom 2 months ago
The saw series is also age restricted.
weird and fat closet
Tell me firging why does RUvid demonites everything like a RUvid kids doesn't existing
The Truth
The Truth 3 months ago
Its fine, You gotta get that bag. We understand.
The Real Skyiplier
The Real Skyiplier 3 months ago
journey Jackson
journey Jackson 3 months ago
the it people stole the real people who made chucky idea thats why buddi look ugly
Spider Waffles
Spider Waffles 3 months ago
When are you gonna do a kill count on the new Chucky movie
Bcavfalcon 3 months ago
KIng Batch
Takody Bowens
Takody Bowens 3 months ago
I watched the it follows kill count 2 kills in the movie
Nick Klos
Nick Klos 3 months ago
It was a good video
AssasainWolf101 3 months ago
Once im out of college ima work on something to improve youtube or something similar
Michael Le
Michael Le 3 months ago
Yeah, RUvid's Policy is kinda FUBAR so im not surprised they didn't do jack shit when you sent it for review.
mccarraa 3 months ago
If I sub to something, shouldn't I get all videos in my feed
Mercie Do
Mercie Do 3 months ago
I think that RUvid is just entirely fucking with your channel. Because I haven't seen anything about your channel for a month despite me always watching your videos. And it kinda pisses me off because I thought you just hadn't been posting but then I look up your channel and I miss like 7 kill counts
Math M
Math M 3 months ago
Lmao imagine thinking RUvid cares about creators
Chad Curry
Chad Curry 3 months ago
I'm sorry they took it down, but hey I got to see it. James look at it this way...The heads of RUvid are haters cause they don't think like you....But once everything is like it used to be I would like to see a Kill Count saga of The "Underworld" movie series. (If you don't mind doing it.)
El1tE 3 months ago
And we start with a TITLECARDDD ofjamesajanisse
Laura Maxam
Laura Maxam 3 months ago
Your voice sounds deep but that’s not bad
Bikee 3 months ago
holy shit, thats a nice voice
Gladlee 3 months ago
Dead meat Can you do kill count on filipino philippines we have horror kill count in Philippines
Hamish Tacuri
Hamish Tacuri 3 months ago
You should do a Kill Count on how many times RUvid's algorithm screws peoples channels over ;)
Clovernbirch 3 months ago
This has 1.2 m views ...
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