Why Taylor Swift & Katy Perry's Truce Is What We Need Right Now | E! News

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The "ME!" & "Never Really Over" singers hug it out in Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" music video, but their road to reconciliation was a bumpy one. Watch!
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Why Taylor Swift & Katy Perry's Truce Is What We Need Right Now | E! News


Published on


Jun 17, 2019

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Comments 148
Balistic Jay
Balistic Jay 21 day ago
this is actually what the world needed👏🏼😪 praise those queens✊🏼😪👏🏼
AestheticPotato 22 days ago
1:16 & 1:53 I just noticed that Taylor and Katy are wearing the same dress... coincidence?? I THINK SO
Fee Mac
Fee Mac 22 days ago
This World needs JESUS more than EVER
Miguel H
Miguel H 22 days ago
The feud: just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s really over... 🎶
The Rifleman
The Rifleman 22 days ago
Hard tellin' who's the most f'd up! ...that's means without both are f'd up and weird as hell! Not really sure that's what we need right now!
Wizard608 22 days ago
Natasha Miranda
Natasha Miranda 23 days ago
taylor is my favorite
Char and Becky Fan
Char and Becky Fan 23 days ago
I'm starting to think this was just a PR stunt. And they was friends all along.
Barriers416 23 days ago
The world system is strong with this one
Layla Sanchez
Layla Sanchez 24 days ago
Why Katy and Taylor hugged Like burger b and French fries f f Taylor and Katy bff
Luis Zavala
Luis Zavala 24 days ago
Promoting Sodom and Gomorrah... not surprised people actually liked this SJW appealing dogshit propaganda.
Miguel H
Miguel H 22 days ago
You seem like a very smart and understanding human being... oh wait! Never mind 👹
Heather Leigh Pileggi
2013 but okay
Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson 25 days ago
This literally makes me so happy
Lyricallynn 25 days ago
These so called feuds are dramatic scripts performed to distract the masses. The masses sleep while the antichrist prepares daily. Wake up! Are you ready for the Rapture?
snipes4ever 25 days ago
who care what a bullshit
Mythoillogical 26 days ago
If this has ANY significance to you, your life is useless and i suggest drinking bleach.
Music Lyrics
Music Lyrics 26 days ago
Was this seriously about dancers that’s why they hated each other
I was like
I was like 26 days ago
Oh wow the katy and Taylor are friends I hope cardi b and nicki minaj will be friends as well
I was like
I was like 23 days ago
@karina Slays i was thinking the same thing
karina Slays
karina Slays 23 days ago
TheKiput 26 days ago
Both of John Mayer's ex girlfriends. John Mayer and Diplo (Katy's ex boyfriend) are friend. Let's see Calvin Haris be friend with John Mayer or Rita Ora be friend with Taylor😆
Jewel Box
Jewel Box 26 days ago
Calvin Harris has left the chat. 💭
Goufack Kentsa Leandrin Lebel
Cardi and Nicki are the next!
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit 26 days ago
Grown as women acting like it, i live it! No more Petty.
jeeperscriminy 26 days ago
I think this is just another loop in the tangled Marvel Comics saga.
Michelle Mybell
Michelle Mybell 26 days ago
i had no clue that was Katy in the vid she looks soooooooo diff 2 me in this burger fit
Queen B
Queen B 26 days ago
Zninja 1162
Zninja 1162 26 days ago
I'm glad the drama is over. I hate drama, and love Taylor and Katy :3
Bøøp the animatør
Am I the only one who didn’t know they were even fighting? 😳
Bøøp the animatør
gacha zlimy uh you expect me to have to know about everything a singer does besides their songs? Jeez
gacha zlimy
gacha zlimy 26 days ago
How long have you known they were singers.that was gone over for 6yrs
milkthea 26 days ago
Bøøp the animatør OMG ME HAHAHA
《 Tostito 》
《 Tostito 》 26 days ago
Yet I wouldn't really appreciate it if people kept pushing them to be together romantically
RandomDUN 26 days ago
Pastelliac 26 days ago
"BFF" Burger French Fries
Dragon Lightgalatic
Friendships Forever.❤️😍🥰🔥💕😇🤩🤗👍
kleoshipper popi
kleoshipper popi 26 days ago
It's really unbelievable.... I am just screaming 😍
Tobae 27 days ago
It’s definitely refreshing to see these two get along again !they are such a force when they get along together .pop icons!
Glaser Guiller Jerao Lopez Jalmasco Jeresano
Is there a fishy thing between Taylor and Rihanna? Just asking.
Glaser Guiller Jerao Lopez Jalmasco Jeresano
@Mr. Non-existent ow thnk u. So glad that they are not shading each other.
Mr. Non-existent
Mr. Non-existent 24 days ago
Personally I don't think there is but may I ask, what made you think that?
vanderama vanderama
I think Taylor and Katy are trying to end all the feuds between the popstars appearing in Taylor Swift's new song you need to calm down
gacha zlimy
gacha zlimy 26 days ago
@iss ty their rap singers not pop
iss ty
iss ty 26 days ago
I thought the same bruh hence cardi n nicki being there.
Lydia Jacklin
Lydia Jacklin 27 days ago
Burger + french fries = BFF?
Flourish Ojo
Flourish Ojo 24 days ago
Samus Dark
Samus Dark 26 days ago
ashish chanchlani vines
taylor: u need to calm down virat kohli: bhaag bc yaha se
KoChO_oKCho 27 days ago
Hmmmm.....I don't know, I have trust issue. My positive mind : Yeah, that's great!! Finally bestie My negative mind: why do I smell something fishy from Katy perry like she probably have other purpose. You know like 'when you can't beat your enemies, try to be friend with them to bring them down" which the cruelest thing to do. BTW, IT JUST MY DELUSIONAL SO BACK OFF FROM MY COMMENT IF YOU HATE IT. NO NEED TO REPLY.
reandruzzi 27 days ago
I kind of feel similarly, I don't know why.
P T 27 days ago
Hm I think they just pretended to be in a bad mood for a hot topic tho. Btw I don’t know why they’re insta worthy even if being in such strange costumes. Cute
cнεяяү вlσssσм
Reminds me of those stupid girls that would fight in HS and then would become best friends soooo stupid.
Magic Treck
Magic Treck 27 days ago
I love this Queen's 👑 together 😍😍😍
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 27 days ago
HJ009 27 days ago
Burger + French Fries = BFFs4evah 👩‍❤️‍👩
prezrickard deen
prezrickard deen 27 days ago
Oh please, this is nuthin’. I dare her to hug Kim and Kanye in Kanye’s next video.
prezrickard deen
prezrickard deen 26 days ago
Oh, and liking cat videos.
prezrickard deen
prezrickard deen 26 days ago
Quentyn Cole : None of them is relevant. Trump vs. Hillary was relevant because it affected the good of a nation. This one commands millions of twitter followers but to what end? To buy songs about ex-boyfriends and internet bash her enemies?
Quentyn Cole
Quentyn Cole 26 days ago
Katy and Taylor's feud was way more relevant. Who cares about them.
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 26 days ago
Oh gawd 😂
Binav Shresthaa
Binav Shresthaa 27 days ago
GOOSEBUMPS.......JUST GOOSEBUMPS !!😍😍🤩🤩☮️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😭
Crazy Average Asian
That isn't an apology letter , lmao how possible Enews can read that blur image And... you don't apology for nothing wrongdoing just because others blame you. Period Y'all need to just stop stepping on their gown
Avisala GT
Avisala GT 27 days ago
I am waiting for a Miley and Nicki video
Kumi 27 days ago
This really is what the world needs. Hate attracts more hate. Love attracts more love. All we need in the world is more love.
The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher 24 days ago
This is corporate approved edginess
uncle fester
uncle fester 25 days ago
its not love, its sick perversion.
Mythoillogical 26 days ago
you can't win a war with love
- chinnu
- chinnu 26 days ago
Love ya
Crzy Wisfy 04
Crzy Wisfy 04 27 days ago
Waiting for CARDI AND NICKI reunion
I have jams BANGTAN
Nah fam. Never think about that.
Playbackjunkie 16 days ago
Crzy Wisfy 04 Nicki is too narcissistic and two faced for that.
Lugh4Life 20 days ago
They are both VERY stubborn women so I don’t think so....
300game 21 day ago
WTFC? about either one of them
Myself X2
Myself X2 27 days ago
Honestly just nice to see women hash things out...they tend to hold grudges longer than men.
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