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There are MANY mysteries in the world of Pokemon, and one I've always wondered about is - "Why are Pokemon Starters so rare?" When you start your Pokemon journey and get to choose your travel buddy, we learn that starters are difficult to find in the wild. Today Austin is going to uncover the secrets of Pokemon starters and why they may be going EXTINCT!
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 8 105
Mr. FBI Man
Mr. FBI Man 10 hours ago
In leaf green i breeded my charizard with ditto a lot
Etienne Venter
Etienne Venter 16 hours ago
At 2:45 is that a shiny Squirtle
Bong Revilla
Bong Revilla Day ago
I love balbasaur
BP Day ago
Maybe the reason that the professors give their dying pokemon to ten year olds is because they know that they will train and evolve them in a quest to become a champion, thereby making them stronger and more attractive to females.
Got KARP Day ago
The music you used is also Illmangos intro. That’s cool. He’s cool and your cool too.
Sadly this Isn’t me
I think all the starters are equally amazing
The Vault The Official Channel
Theory: Starters are so rare, due to their 7 males to 1 female ratio, as an counterbalance. Starters are stronger than most other Pokémon. For example, fully-evolved Pokémon have a mean BST of about 480, and fully-evolved Starters have a mean BST of 530, or 50 more than the average. This is what keeps these species from taking over environments.
Insane Gamer
Insane Gamer 2 days ago
Buuuut hey! That's just a theory! AAAAAAT GAME THEORY! xD
Bjartskular Brightscales
Did any body else notice how his rival's name is matpat?
Simone Tapp
Simone Tapp 3 days ago
Brawl Starsss
Brawl Starsss 4 days ago
0:10 I thought the Nidorino began singing
random stuff
random stuff 4 days ago
Notice when the bulbasaur stands it is humping the air
Golden Foxy 999
Golden Foxy 999 4 days ago
I have 6 scorbunnies...
Mr Me
Mr Me 4 days ago
The music do 😂
윤재웅 5 days ago
who else actually searched for the mite species....I did
Pokemon world tournament 2019
0:40 why is tepic shiny
Johnny Icee
Johnny Icee 5 days ago
Nope waiting for mat pat
DJW 5 days ago
What if you just breed to Venusaurs together?
The Claimed
The Claimed 6 days ago
I love how he's like "the other professor trees" lol
Willow Faded
Willow Faded 6 days ago
Bulbasaur is my favorite gen 1 Pokémon
bluff gawd
bluff gawd 7 days ago
around 15 minutes in u sound like sam tripoli omg lmao its amazing
bluff gawd
bluff gawd 7 days ago
also i thought that the started gender depending on ur character sprite once u got to pick whether u were boy or girl? cray.
Joon S
Joon S 7 days ago
Who tf is this guy and where is Matt
Salah Hilala
Salah Hilala 7 days ago
What starters are disappearing... the rain?
Sheona Beach
Sheona Beach 7 days ago
Let’s Go Pikachu exists so Kanto has had a higher population of starters by the way
Jay Bajaj
Jay Bajaj 7 days ago
man after watching this i suddenly want to revist Pokemon anime season 1 onwards ...
Jordan the Crazy
Jordan the Crazy 8 days ago
lidrew braddy
lidrew braddy 8 days ago
You really said high school
Kevin Roman
Kevin Roman 8 days ago
Was it me or the Squirtle was a shiny at the beginning
Dr Waddles
Dr Waddles 8 days ago
Why is tepig golden
Erendira B
Erendira B 8 days ago
Awwww But I Luv Bulbasaur
Seth Renegade
Seth Renegade 8 days ago
did it even occur to you that maybe the starters were imported pokemons from another region and that's why your pokedex has the unknown region status on the starters as it can only have detailed info on pokemons in its designated region.
broskibruhh 8 days ago
Bulbasaur a frog with a plant on it *surprised pikachu face*
michael cham
michael cham 9 days ago
Those ho don’t know bulbasour are the first and only starters pokemon got 2 attributes and nobody knows
Jeremy Erazo
Jeremy Erazo 9 days ago
Why is the squirtle in min 2.45 shiny?
Baja Blast
Baja Blast 9 days ago
Mattpatt is better than you. He makes it interesting. I just fall asleep when i listen to you.
BMWMGA 9 days ago
In fire red, after fuschia city you find swimmers with squirtle. And this is is the case with other games where you sometimes see a starter.
Alan  Choi Chang
Alan Choi Chang 9 days ago
and yet, some people still say "it is foolish to think that we can affect nature." granted, most people who say that believe in god...
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 8 days ago
what does religion have to do with that statement?
Ahmad Danish Amir
Ahmad Danish Amir 10 days ago
Austin sux
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