Why So Many Youtuber Apologies Fail.. (APOLOGY VIDEO TIER LIST)

Mista GG
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 2 468
Mista GG
Mista GG 23 days ago
It's my birthday today. So RUvid owes me a monetized video lol Happy Saturday guys!
plate Cat
plate Cat Hour ago
Happy birthday 🥳 you do best
giulia luane
giulia luane 5 hours ago
Im three weeks late, but happy birthday!
Major Motz
Major Motz 23 hours ago
@Sweet Home Alabama My B-days Today, fuck yea
Sweet Home Alabama
Mista GG I’m late but we have the same bday! #may25
Major Motz
Major Motz 5 days ago
Happy Birthday
Rey Rey Quijada
“Wanna see some 3D mudslides for my birthday” Me: Bet that
Hi 3 hours ago
That game is a legit Clash Royale rip off
Ian Erickson
Ian Erickson 4 hours ago
Other than Pewdiepie (who I dont watch) I dont know a single one of those people or the controversy around them....fuck I'm old.
DaPhoenix777 7 hours ago
The funniest jokes were the 2 apologies you've made... hilarious... "It's a phat ass" "I'm sorry for eating chick fil a at a gay bar
Batmaniskpopaf _
Batmaniskpopaf _ 12 hours ago
Do a best apologies videos! Jenna marbles is number 1
sam solmonson
sam solmonson 14 hours ago
Jesus christ I nearly spit coffee all over my steering wheel with that chic fil a in a gay bar joke lmfao
Purple Sam
Purple Sam Day ago
Didn't Daddy o Five get his children taken away?
steven brown
steven brown Day ago
Chick-fila at a gay bar! I'm dyin' here!
Pnmypool Does Stuff
Bro that’s just a clash Royale copy
mick cv
mick cv Day ago
The daddy o 5 apology was clearly him feeling like he had to apologize then worked himself up mid apology so it just turned angry
NRG 2 days ago
Pewds didn’t do shit
Aurora Wolfe
Aurora Wolfe 2 days ago
So what ever happened to that Ryan Lacoste pedo? I kinda forgot he existed
Phoque Phace
Phoque Phace 2 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks Pewds apology was better than the B-tier? He had his composure, no fake emotions, short n sweet, on point, no denying he was wrong, etc etc etc.. His apology was the first video i had ever watched of him (i know thats fuckin weird), but after 2min of an APOLOGY video i liked the guy. Why? Because he was GENUINE. that apology video made me go sub to his channel, no shit
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan 3 days ago
Yo, thanks for not letting pewdiepie completely off the hook for being pewdiepie, what he said still sucks and you didn't back down from that because of viewers or some shit, nice work my boy!
RudyGGs 3 days ago
No Filip the Plagiarist :(
John Gee
John Gee 3 days ago
So bart raped a guy with a broomstick
You forgot to start of with the big long sigh
James M.
James M. 3 days ago
You need to check out that apology from (leaf) that quarterback from chargers. It was epic and I know that is 20 years ago but it was funny
Koyomatsu Demon san
How to catch a predator nono How to catch a bad apology
Anne Black
Anne Black 4 days ago
Mista is going to have to make his own apology by putting Logan in the same tier as Pewdiepie, and by Daddy o five in R.I.P your career instead of prison.
CrimsonBlue13 4 days ago
I think Stephen Crowder have the best apology vid to that Vox guy, and every one he had roasted.
Блин 5 days ago
Ok pewdiepie was definitely A tier
TheZipperDragon 5 days ago
I was gonna say something about him judging the crime & not the video, when he said he wouldn't...Then I thought about it, & it kinda made more sense. You can't not judge the crime, because the worse the crime, the more effort you need to put into the apology. The people who would go to prison can't directly apologise or they incriminate themselves, so obviously they'd have the worst, because they're trying to balance apologising with defending themselves. Where as someone who says the N word, or just kinda gets their facts wrong, they're not fighting to stay out of court, so they can be more sincere & admit to what they did, which is the foundation of a good apology. They really don't need to try as hard. In fairness though, I think a few more of those videos deserved to be in prison. Namely that manipulative asshole with the dog, but that's my tier list, not gg's.
TheZipperDragon 5 days ago
Did Jared release an apology?
youtube has become way too censor happy about a lot of things we should laugh about terrible things sometimes but there is a line- the line is dead people and suicide in the way it was percieved there but basically for pewds nearly all of his shit is made up by news outlets looking for a quick story
jacob mynenko
jacob mynenko 5 days ago
Travis Beck
Travis Beck 5 days ago
Mr. Glasses Gonzalez love your vids can’t get enough! Thank you for torturing yourself for us.
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer 5 days ago
Bruh Daddy'oFive sounds awful
Jaz 5 days ago
I FUCKING LOST IT "I apologise for eating Chick-fil-a at a gay bar" BRUH
miles pennington
miles pennington 6 days ago
you have a chin that literally could rival jay leno's chin.
Aaron 6 days ago
New Favourite RUvidr.
Elijah Senju
Elijah Senju 6 days ago
PewDiePie is the oopsie master.
BlueMoonSamurai 6 days ago
More Huskies
Respect 8
Respect 8 6 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-egw97djKXWc.html I'm surprised this wasn't on the list.
Sheytopia 6 days ago
You should have watched the second James Charles video on the matter where he exposed Tati for all her bs. She has since deleted her videos with all the accusations... Even though his apology video did suck ass and put him in a bad lighting, he did nothing wrong tbh
M A A D 6 days ago
great video. GG
RB3K 7 days ago
Who are you to criticize anyone?
FlursFrost 6 days ago
Justin Komesar
Justin Komesar 7 days ago
Imagine giving a shit about any of these glue eating cum suckers
FlursFrost 6 days ago
Not all of them are bad
Fuckboi_Factory 7 days ago
Oof. Magikarpusedfly already did this
sat 7 days ago
jenna marbles s tier
Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams
xD master class joke
Gaunter O'Dimm
Gaunter O'Dimm 7 days ago
Am I tripping or is this mans stealing Pewds's original and then not even giving his apology video 100 out of 10 ?!
Alexander Arias
Alexander Arias 7 days ago
I forgave pewds. To me, you and him are my favourites in the sense that yall both have your own unique RUvid styles and not copy and paste RUvid "bots" But I respect where you put him
MJM 7 days ago
For me Fine Bros are on Shut the feck up category. Their apology wasn't even an apology - but them explaining, why they were being dicks, with no remorse. Also RiceScum deserves the rip your career - for scamming, for being a dick, for laughting at rape victim - to her face. Like for real - he is the scum of this platform, only worse than him are actual criminals including sex offenders. And with h3h3 - on this situation I guess I agree. But about his behaviour on other occasions - nah, that's either shut the feck up or #heisoverparty. It's like with Shane Dawson - when it just stopped being funny long time ago.
MJM 7 days ago
Excuse me where is 45 minutes apology made by Jenna Marbles for unintentionally killing her fishes, after pet shop sold her ones that needed much bigger tank?
Dawson Garret
Dawson Garret 7 days ago
Oh boy, 24 unseen videos from Mista GG? Where do I sign up?
bruhbro 8 days ago
Pewds should be higher
StrudelDaddi 8 days ago
*I've made a severe, and continuous lapse in my judgment..*
WaxestLowa732 R
WaxestLowa732 R 8 days ago
No comment 👈🏻
Grant Lockwood
Grant Lockwood 8 days ago
5:56 Yeah, the whole JKFilms/News crew is a little over the top at times, not always 100%. Bart’s a nice guy, just sometimes a little over the top.
Dr. eggshell
Dr. eggshell 8 days ago
Did someone say... Genuine? Jump on it, lets do it, ride it, jump on it.
Kazzie Bolaños
Kazzie Bolaños 8 days ago
James made a shitton of racist comments..
Nick Waddle
Nick Waddle 9 days ago
Wait PewDiePie said Nazi comments? Lol I gotta go give him some views lololololol
Nick Waddle
Nick Waddle 9 days ago
Well did you say nigga or nigger? They're just words dude. Fuck the people who trip about dumb shit.
MR. mushroom
MR. mushroom 9 days ago
The one of the only apologie videos that's good
Tavastian 9 days ago
Fucking invideo adds. I pay for premium just so I dont have to see ads, now this new tube trend is to integrate ads into the video as part of the fucking content
Christina Buchanan
Ok I love your channel but daddyofive is not a bad man plus the videos were scripted and I support daddyofive you need to two
FlursFrost 6 days ago
They weren't scripted
Rabid Waffles
Rabid Waffles 9 days ago
I think the 18 year old who dated a 13 year old should be switched with the child abuser. I think abusing kids is way worse than something that isnt a crime unless they fucked and even if they had fucked it wouldnt have mattered a year earlier. Still bad but I consider it a meh over a you should go to jail
Blue Macaw
Blue Macaw 9 days ago
Did you read the article about Jake Paul's so-called "gambling" website? It was charging a flat fee for a monthly subscription of mystery boxes. These boxes are all over the place, especially for comic book-type characters. Where does the gambling come in? The people against this are the same people that think the state lottery and scratch-off tickets are evil. Yet they somehow think the stock market and bingo parlors are a-ok.
partylikeits1066 8 days ago
I think all of those things are bad including the stock market and bingo parlours
FinalFinale 9 days ago
Recently, only MatPat's apology was good enough for me. *Update*: Oops, forgot about Vic Mignogna's apology (though I suppose it doesn't count since its just for unproven allegations) ;__;
Ali Zivani
Ali Zivani 10 days ago
Imagine that you're such a sensitive cunt that you need to give more time to someone who said a racist term years ago. Like how the fuck do you put Logan Paul who filmed a dead body in the same tier as that.
Syizzy Sketch
Syizzy Sketch 10 days ago
6:57 “You know, fuck it, prison.” best line
Austin Starke
Austin Starke 10 days ago
420 dislikes lol (:
Gary Beaton
Gary Beaton 10 days ago
Happy birthday GG, but RUvidrs shouldn't be trusted... Including you.
redshift912 10 days ago
Finally got a sub from me ... you have by far the best tier video
Lord Teensie
Lord Teensie 10 days ago
Your dog is beautiful... I want one 😞
Darkness Incarnate
Darkness Incarnate 10 days ago
I remember when you were at 1200 subs
KRT 11 days ago
he had to sit through a lot of apology videos in which I can't even finish watching one
TheArtisanWoodshop 11 days ago
You and Leon Lush released a video with a tier system in it on the same day. The set-up was the same as well. Weird. lol
Killjoy McQuire
Killjoy McQuire 11 days ago
I suppose RUvid apology is the new sex tape.
Hell Nah
Hell Nah 11 days ago
FineBros is at least fucking Prison tier.
Ultimate Hope
Ultimate Hope 11 days ago
Make an apology video for making this video
ThatGuy 11 days ago
so its clash royale?
truvy _
truvy _ 11 days ago
I thought pew apologize about him saying the n (er) word plus the Nazi comment bruh I was so disappointed I haven't watched his videos since
Ali Zivani
Ali Zivani 10 days ago
Fucking grow up. Maybe if you weren't such a sensitive child and watched some of his videos subsequently after those controversies maybe you would still like him.
Cleverfoxman 11 days ago
The best one ever... ruvid.net/video/video-uu1EmF-nsBA.html
Dustin Lenz
Dustin Lenz 11 days ago
One, happy birthday @mistaGG Two, at 26:00 is the woman in the background even reading that book!?!?!
Griffin Todd
Griffin Todd 12 days ago
when the eating chic fil a at a gay bar is so funny he can't even stop smiling. 10 takes I bet and he just said fuck it.
Neostic 12 days ago
i feel like a scripted apology shows effort
Cody Crunkleton
Cody Crunkleton 12 days ago
Lost my shit when you said "Sorry I ate Chic-Fila at a gay bar." That was great!
Corrie Hammons
Corrie Hammons 12 days ago
Ayyyy my names on the patreon list!!!
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty 12 days ago
Laura leech
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty 12 days ago
I noticed that keyboard in the background
Re1gn Storm
Re1gn Storm 13 days ago
Pewds should be you messed up but respect imo
IFota GoosOnce
IFota GoosOnce 13 days ago
I always thought that PewDiePie was a top tier apologist, he seems to know what to say and, most importantly, WHEN to say it. Especially considering the amount of extra, unwarranted heat he gets on a daily basis, he has a lot of experience lol
Thotiana 13 days ago
3 Pedos and a child abusing family... great...
cosmic return2
cosmic return2 13 days ago
Sergeantmk3sedan 13 days ago
You are a genuine and entertaining youtube personality. One of my favorites :)
KL Sounds
KL Sounds 14 days ago
Fuuck your funny bro lmaooooo
I try I fail
I try I fail 14 days ago
PewdiePie never did anything wrong ..
Chatot Maestro
Chatot Maestro 14 days ago
Incredibly disappointed DoF didn’t end up at Prison lol (tier list AND irl)
XoX_Kitty Bon_XoX
XoX_Kitty Bon_XoX 14 days ago
Why not Jenna marbles apology? Hers was great!
Ayla Sabatini
Ayla Sabatini 14 days ago
Dude, you should've put Logan on the prison tier because he broke two laws in a foreign country. 1. You're not allowed to video or photograph someone without their consent. They can and will sue you for that shit. 2. It is illegal to video or photograph the dead for they cannot consent and is disrespectful to the deceased. When you go to a foreign country, you're supposed to respect their culture, that includes their laws. Same for Daddy O Five, because...you know child abuse.
Gem JaxX
Gem JaxX 14 days ago
"But then again it isnt fair to him because, all eyes are on him, and he'ss dropping the N bomb".. Soooo u meannn it IS FAIR because he should KNOW BETTER right? That's what you really meant I hope.
casualsuede 15 days ago
Why do alot of these youtubers remind me of televangelists? All frauds, leveraging their fame to take advantage of their audience, seeing thir fans as wallets not people.....
buriedxinblack 15 days ago
Apologies are for the weak.
Dylan Jeffries
Dylan Jeffries 15 days ago
Smashing four = Clash Royale COMFIRMED???
jade l
jade l 15 days ago
Mista gg suffers for his art and our enjoyment, 20 apology videos! That’s 20 self important, unrepentant complete assholes!
DestinyKiller 15 days ago
The Laura Lee one is just horrible. It's like she's rubbing her eyes going "tears dammit, tears!"
Semilocon Germanball
Even though I didn't know most of those RUvidrs or what they did, this video was still interesting and entertaining. Good job!
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