Why scientists are so worried about this glacier

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It's at the heart of Antarctica and on the verge of collapse.
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Man-made climate change is warming the planet's atmosphere and oceans, and the effects are being felt the most at the poles. In Antarctica, home to the largest chunk of ice on earth, ice shelves and glaciers are beginning to collapse, and one in particular could spell disaster. The Thwaites Glacier, in West Antarctica, has retreated more than 14 kilometers in the last two decades as warm ocean water undermines it. The glacier is situated on a downward slope that falls deep into the center of Antarctica. It's why scientists are racing to find out how close it is to total collapse - and what that would mean for future sea levels.
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Science & Technology

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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 60
Darrell Murdock
A very bleak & cereal outlook for the world to take notice of now. Heeding the warnings of climatologists have always fallen short on deaf ears within the big political engines that dictate our societies!.. Generation’s to come will only have unthinkable challenges before them that past generations left behind . Praying the world takes notice & curbs the already diminishing timeline that lays before us all globally...
VIKTOR HELGI 9 hours ago
Big Summer Blowout
Big Summer Blowout 10 hours ago
Visitor 12 hours ago
_"I don't take responsibility at all"_ ~Trump 2020
Yuli B
Yuli B 15 hours ago
Earth: not dying (chilling) Humans: ded 💀
Lord Kenyon
Lord Kenyon 15 hours ago
The Antarctica ice has been melting for thousands of years and one of the reasons we are no longer stuck in the Ice age.
Aaron PS4
Aaron PS4 16 hours ago
How about we build a massive wall to go all the way around Antarctica and power it like a freezer using renewable energy, in order to stop it from melting any further. Because even if the emissions stopped tomorrow the ice sheets will still melt for quite sometime before it can get colder again?
Aaron PS4
Aaron PS4 7 hours ago
@George Lane I strongly agree with u 😉 but if we stop polluting then it will still melt for several years and some carbon is being released from those melted ice sheets!? I think we need to find away to do both, because the amount of carbon stored in those ice sheets is massive amounts that could set off an irreversable change, one in which life on Earth can not adapt to quick enough and when some of those important plants or animals go extinct, it will set off like dominoes and effect the biodiversity that is part of the circle of life will equally become extinct! 😞 for example the bees are being effected by pestisides and pollution and the amount of pollating they do helps humans with at least 60% of our food source. Humans need to stop damaging the planet, because we only live on 1 planet and if we dont look after it and protect all living things then humans will be equally become exinct 🤔
George Lane
George Lane 11 hours ago
How about we just stop producing carbon like the scientists are telling us to do
Habibi Kayra Alfaqih
Bagaimana dengan indonesia jika itu terjadi??
Bruh moment #2567
Bruh moment #2567 19 hours ago
You better don’t invest too much into seaside real estate long term
Alpár Nagy
Alpár Nagy 20 hours ago
it's the end of the world... as you know it
Sapphire Axel
Sapphire Axel 21 hour ago
Oil companies: _I pretend i never see that_
Robert Michaels
Robert Michaels 22 hours ago
a bigger problem than higher water levels in several centuries is the acidification of the ocean. which could actually create massive deserts.
Koen Willemen
Koen Willemen 22 hours ago
Doesn't matter how bad it gets, Netherlands will never be submerged!
_ Day ago
solution: avengers age of ultron human extinction
seppomuppit Day ago
Ant-Arc-Tica.... Ant-Arc-Tica.... not Ant-Artica
Marc Zhu
Marc Zhu Day ago
Meanwhile some people want to profit from that.
ÙÓ UMZW Day ago
If we don't stop global warming, will sea level continue to rise eternally?
Hags Day ago
It's already underway, we won't be able to stop it or slow it down. We already know how the mask thing has gone, some wear it, some don't. However, by the time it melts, we will probably have a other means of survival. Whether it's here or on a different planet.
Killxo Day ago
i honestly can't wait till all humans go extinct
Benjamin Wayland
Antarctica is actually The Ross Ice Shelf.
Catherine Woodell
I want to umscribe i domt remember scribeimg
Just Looking
Just Looking Day ago
OK. I'm just going to say this. If the Thwaites Glacier is primarily below sea level, then the only potion that will raise sea levels is going to be that which is above sea level. Since water is actually denser than ice, the ice melting in the below sea level portions of the glacier will actually have the effect of LOWERING the sea level. I guess the total net gain/loss in sea level will depend on how much of the glacier is above sea level, and how much the water will expand due to temperature increase.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales Day ago
S T R E S S F U L 😩
ManicBot Day ago
... I live in the netherlands, should i be concerned?
RobHTech 2 days ago
The melting is a part of a natural Earth cycle that is bigger than us humans. We still do not understand ecology as well as we would like. Earth heats, cools, heats. That's the cycle, and it is, if I recall properly, ~ 25,000 years long, but there are other smaller and other larger cycles.
Tom 2 days ago
an awful lot of these sort of videos forget to mention that, in general, everything changes. So since change has been a constant for the known universe, all these videos do is confirm that yes... things in the future will not look the way they do today. A lot of this anxiety is down to us having the tools to measure and monitor this change - whereas in the past human anxiety was likely down to a poorer understanding of how the world worked - and we compensated with myths and stories to soothe ourselves...
Migara Marasingha
Cartier231 2 days ago
Don’t we all love being human we are polluting our oceans and the north and south poles are melting and our “World Leaders” ain’t trying to stop or slow down the temperature. Great just great 😒
Gandalf47 2 days ago
Can humans slow it down, directly or indirectly, or is the collapse inevitable?
TheJanka51 2 days ago
oceantrick 2 days ago
i remember i was also told that it would never snow again and that costal cities would be flooded by the mid 2010s. It never happened. Belive this stuff would a lot easier if corporations and the government would stop lying about everything.
Kevin Antoine
Kevin Antoine 2 days ago
if water expands when froze how could the sea level rise due to melting ice?
Ak Iraa
Ak Iraa 2 days ago
Everyone: Starbucks REEEEE Me: *gets intense anxiety about 3rd world countries economies failing (like with coffee) due to climate change leading to war, cartell violence and hunger driving people in mass migrations out of their countries which will lead to a far right pushback in the first world resulting in stronger nationalism and science denial further exacerbating a problem only preventable by international cooperation and trust in science*
The Most Interesting Man On Youtube
'' Man Made Climate Change '' yeah because 65 mil years ago when Alaska was Tropical humans existed ......
Johny Joy
Johny Joy 2 days ago
Sajan Kumar
Sajan Kumar 2 days ago
Saying thwaits glacier is threat i will say we are the threat to ourselves not them.
Mostafa Miroune
Mostafa Miroune 2 days ago
Maybe because of huge ice breakers that ruins glaciers in the two poles
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 2 days ago
We gotta drink more water to counteract this increase in sea level.
Gary Esposito
Gary Esposito 2 days ago
see the 1.5k plus deniers. its people like them that are the anchors sinking humanity. guess what side of the political isle the emanate from...
Sara Law
Sara Law 2 days ago
“The complete collapse of Thwaites will take Centuries.” Ugh...no. This is runaway climate change we're talking about. It will collapse way sooner. Global warming is affected by multiple reinforcing feedback loops - we're talking about exponential growth, nothing linear. Humans will not be able to adapt to such dramatic changes of climate. We're animals and require habitat. Not just sea level rise either - but more intense and frequent storms, drought, famine, water shortages, heat waves, outbreaks, and increased global temperature. We don't have much time left. Enjoy your life and love while you can.
Liberal Hazara
Liberal Hazara 2 days ago
Why dont we do some nucluer tests on antarctica as we did on arctic pole .. lets see what outcome it gives
likklej8 3 days ago
Is the cavity an impact crater? Does this mean we’re going to see Antarctica land mass?
likklej8 2 days ago
BEAST BENDY666 that’s how nature works love bless her. New York really being New Amsterdam, hope they get coffee shops and space cake.
BEAST BENDY666 2 days ago
Yeah but we'll also see our land being submerged into the water ;)
Laurie Bolles
Laurie Bolles 3 days ago
I live in Connecticut on the Long Island Sound. My neighbor from Taiwan, just the other day, had a friend who lives by a river in China, that is normally of a yellow color this means it's full of nutrients causing the crops to grow bountiful. Of late the River's water has become clear and the crops are not growing so well. I told her maybe the river is now getting enormous melt off from a glacier upstream. She also mentioned the sea water was not as salty.
UniBomber Bear
UniBomber Bear 3 days ago
- If I take a kiddie pool and put four inches of liquid H2o in it and four fifty lb bags of ice which raises the liquid water to six inches , then let it all melt , and measure the water level it will always be the same . Six inches. Explain that please. If there is not a sensible answer that i can duplicate I will take that as a you don't have a clue.. Secondly. I am 53 yrs old and I have not seen the ocean rise even an inch respective to Atlantic City Beach which I visit every summerin that time. Please explain this too..Thank You..
Josep Duran
Josep Duran 3 days ago
Let's just keep on keepin' on. There's still money to be made.
alan gardner
alan gardner 3 days ago
Anarctica? where's that? If you are going to comment about it at least learn how to pronounce it.
Ferro Mapping
Ferro Mapping 3 days ago
So? you know what he means by that...
Moubani Sarkar
Moubani Sarkar 3 days ago
And people still say that pollution doesn't exists:((
John Wallace
John Wallace 3 days ago
This is all nonsense.
Ferro Mapping
Ferro Mapping 2 days ago
​@Willem de Zwijger Exactly
Willem de Zwijger
Cherry Picker Yet there is incredibly amounts of physical evidence to support these claims. Where is your evidence that this is nonsense?
Ferro Mapping
Ferro Mapping 3 days ago
your nonsense
MidoGustaf 3 days ago
so, this vids is saying ice age is better?
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo 3 days ago
Nobody can change the course of a civilization trajectory. We always fall for an addiction.
Jason Lukiv
Jason Lukiv 3 days ago
Any one who'd put their faith in this info is in 2020 is DEAD ASHLEEP
Woosh Karen
Woosh Karen 4 days ago
The fact that countries always want to point out how much other greeen house gasses they emit but never wants to look at there own country and try their beat to lower it is beyond me honestly I wish I could go green but this pandemic has money tight and has made that harder and harder
Gonzales Frederic
Because of the criminals who destroy our world and the what little we can do to stop them, it is almost cruel to want to have children
Candy M
Candy M 4 days ago
I guess nobody has been paying attention to the sun and the fact it’s going into a cooling period. 😏 You might want to check that out. Global warming is going to be the least of anyone’s worries. 😎
ART•itek 4 days ago
Who's still watching here in 2020?
Julian Bristow
Julian Bristow 4 days ago
I’d be more worried about Antarctica, it’s losing its ice cap! 🧊
Sharon Treegirl
Sharon Treegirl 4 days ago
In my opinion, it's the companies that dump chemicals, raw sewage and garbage into the water ways for example, that should be making the changes and forced to make the changes. But so many humans are expecting someone else to fix a problem that they themselves are creating....Stop purchasing disposable items, stop purchasing stain and fire resistant items, reuse, refurbish, etc....This is a money game and the big polluters do not care; even about their own family. And don't get my started on the geoengineering chemicals that are being sprayed into our air...To me, these are all the causes of our environmental collapse.
JAIJAI0 4 days ago
Why 'Anartica' instead of Antarctica?
M'sheArt2 5 days ago
Push that UN IPCC agenda.
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