Why Russia is Shrinking Fast

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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 80
lucky11 Hour ago
You forgot the fact that the Soviet Union killed 20 million of their own citizens
Roblox Games - Youtube
0:06 Captions _slash real life floor_
Ammmericanpie 23 hours ago
It's also because their national philosophy/dream/hope/story was crushed by reality in the 20th century. With the downfall of the sovietunion their national soul died aswell, there's nothing inspiring and motivating the society to engage and thrive. This can be observed with many countries in present and also past. Examples: -Germany -Ottoman Empire after 17th century -Europe and the west generally, except Canada, USA and Australia -Japan -etc. Countries with a believable future story and hope (the population buys its governments tales and visions) will generally experience exponential population growth: -Iran -Turkey -Iraq -Israel -Nigeria -Pakistan -Bangladesh -South korea -etc.
ആനക്കാട്ടിൽ ഈപ്പച്ചൻ
Russians : decides not to have children because of economic hardships Indians, bangladeshis, rohingyas: hold ma beer
DahDaniel Dude
DahDaniel Dude 2 days ago
Because a 2/3 out of Russia’s population was in the army that would explain it
JuanCho M
JuanCho M 2 days ago
It's like Paraguay after the triple alliance war.
Vir Ferind
Vir Ferind 3 days ago
It's sad and depressing to see the long lasting effects of the wars on a civilization. All that massive loss of lives, is simply irreplaceable. The violence done just for insane land expansion or promoting an ideology is never a justifiable thing! The earlier we understand this, the closer we're to the better world. Peace.
Miguel Mena-Torres
They did not just loose their population during WWll, they were murdered by their ruler Stalin!
Hero Number Two
Hero Number Two 4 days ago
Send people from overpopulated countries in there
MXDZZ 4 days ago
when pepole say russia destroyed germany in ww2
oCrane 4 days ago
Russian digital television: We will take over Russian tv Siberia: *broadcasts analog television*
bogdan guzenko
bogdan guzenko 5 days ago
крим це україна
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 5 days ago
The solution is obvious. Offer incentives to the Russian people that will make them more likely to have children, just as Viktor Orbans government in Hungary has done. I assume they don't want to flood Russia with muslim immigrants the way the fools of Western Europe have done, so this offers a simple alternative answer. I forget exactly what the inducements Viktor offered were but I am sure you can look that up easily enough on the internet yourselves.
Rus Lemus
Rus Lemus 6 days ago
I’m sure it doesn’t help Russia is an awful place to live let alone raise children
no worry comrade.....come to our country india....we will give u the special karmasutra classes...and class of population exploision...
Kajojen Ryuga
Kajojen Ryuga 6 days ago
Respect to da Poeple who died in Ussr(Russia) In 2nd Ww
Rebecca Carantes
Rebecca Carantes 6 days ago
Because of coronavirus
Salman Javaid
Salman Javaid 6 days ago
Russia's one of other biggest problem is bad drivers
Arthur Sapper
Arthur Sapper 6 days ago
You never mentioned the depressive effect of the USSR’s communist economy.
ACIDesignsUY 7 days ago
And the depenalization of domestic violence (30k dead a year) to just a misdemeanor (fines or community hours) is another factor
Not Luftwaffe
Not Luftwaffe 8 days ago
Ban Condoms
ministry86 8 days ago
The whole world's population could stand to shrink.
Tim M
Tim M 8 days ago
Your list of countries by size is totally out of order of size at 40 seconds in.
Anime Blaster
Anime Blaster 9 days ago
Mother Russia needs Father Bangladesh.
Terry McFadden
Terry McFadden 9 days ago
War? Well it has the shape of a assault Rifle
Arthur, the Kyogre
Arthur, the Kyogre 10 days ago
Funny thing is that my country is 5th worldwide in both population and size lol
Darki i
Darki i 10 days ago
That's some good vid right there btw hi from Russia 🇷🇺
Koopa_Troopa 10 days ago
3:16 My god... what did us boys do to deserve this?
Andrew Heffel
Andrew Heffel 10 days ago
I see Putin and I know all I need to about Russia. Putin's aspiration of global military power is destabilizing to Europe and the world. Russia is a gas station run by gangsters, posing as a world power. The worse shape Russia is in, the safer the world is.
George Tosounidis
George Tosounidis 11 days ago
The hospitable land of a country has practically nothing to do with the population it has / can have. Russia has lots of hospitable land in the European part of the country anyway. Immigration is an artificial way of increasing a county's population as it takes centuries to assimilate, if they ever do and that's a big if. People that don't actually feel part of a country, create much more problems. But why is Russia's stagnate population a problem? Since the 1900 they have been increasing very slowly, which can actually be considered the way to go as more people means more resources needed etc etc + environmental issues. It's not like Russia has a population of a few 100's of thousands.
javwildman 11 days ago
So you dont count the Russians that died between 1939-41? Ah thats right your war didn't start till then so they dont matter.
Hffvb Gfgggh
Hffvb Gfgggh 11 days ago
When Cain murdered Abel humanity lost one third of the male population.
gaming master aditya
Russia's problem: population shrinking India's problem: population growing WhAt?
Raul Tovar
Raul Tovar 11 days ago
A lot of beautiful girls without a partner ! Russia here I come!
Adam O'Shea
Adam O'Shea 11 days ago
This is interesting as in the future Russia won’t be the second world power China will be and also America. Russia is really screwed with there geography no open water and harsh lands. Hope they don’t decide to take over an area of land near the Mediterranean Sea
zarovv 12 days ago
i can only imagine how fun it was for russian men that survive in the 1950's... basically they could just point to a random woman on the street that time and she would suck his dick because men were rare these days.
Sinnappan Pablo
Sinnappan Pablo 12 days ago
less population better for the earth
Василий Клименко
Russia - a dwarf, I'll put it on my knees." Karl 12th, XVIII. Sweden forever lost superpower status. "I conquered backward Russia." Friedrich, mid XVIII. In 1759, Russian troops entered Berlin. "Russia - a colossus with feet of clay." Napoleon, XIX. In 1814, the Russian army took Paris. "I will win the Soviet Union by the end of the year." Hitler, XX. In 1945 he committed suicide, when the Soviet Army entered Berlin. "Russia - the only regional power." Barack Obama, 2014. -- Crimea, Syria and sic!!! -- Trump is agent Putin's.😁😁 Who is next?
Moskau Melols
Moskau Melols 13 days ago
Why population shrinks? Because of Nazi The betrayer :/
KUWAR DSP 13 days ago
Muslim population is growing day by day in chechnya region...it's a JIHAD .. Russia will be muslim country before 2050...sad but true
Furiosa 13 days ago
This is so sad, it makes me cry. I feel so bad for Russia and the countries around it.
Ridds 13 days ago
I will bang a few Russian women, no problem.
Ger_SrbHit 13 days ago
0:14 top right of russia is a swatiska lmfao
Roos Hovhannes
Roos Hovhannes 14 days ago
Global warming helps everything! Then Siberia will be habitable!
Roos Hovhannes
Roos Hovhannes 14 days ago
100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 IQ
Shelly Banks
Shelly Banks 14 days ago
Battery life so good on this phone Lejit tryd to kill the battery at 5% so i could fully charge it And it wouldnt die Was in utube v.r for 20mins at 1.5x speed Real good
Nagayuki Go
Nagayuki Go 15 days ago
Sakhalin Island and Vladivostok will definitely belong to China. 库页岛与海参崴必将回归中国。
h4lf_gr33k 14 days ago
@Nagayuki Go tf does that mean? chinese factories are gonna grow legs and start walking?
Nagayuki Go
Nagayuki Go 14 days ago
@h4lf_gr33k The Russians will face a sea of ​​industrialization
h4lf_gr33k 14 days ago
Huh? What was that? All I heard were cries of pathetic parasitic nationalism
Romark Gaming
Romark Gaming 15 days ago
did you just call Poland (thats where i live) AN EASTERN EU COUNTRY? ITS NOT EASTERN ITS MIDDLE EU
Thatsymbol8989 15 days ago
Finally asshole russia is shrinking.
h4lf_gr33k 14 days ago
Asshole? Why?
Nancy Hobson
Nancy Hobson 15 days ago
Better not talk about this too much otherwise you know who might hop over the fence
Nancy Hobson
Nancy Hobson 15 days ago
My father had a Russian friend and neighbour and I used to listen to them talk and Mr Korotkov used to mention this. He began his life in Estonia.
x1lord 15 days ago
Poland is a Central European country not eastern.
Tetsuya D.
Tetsuya D. 15 days ago
короче пизда рашке в ближайшие 30 лет, лол
Sandhu Jatt
Sandhu Jatt 16 days ago
Dear russia import some people from china india pakistan bangladesh indonesia thanks me later😂😂
Nazim Hassan
Nazim Hassan 14 days ago
@TOFKAS01 can you please explain me in brief.
TOFKAS01 16 days ago
They do it already. When you go through Moskau you can think that you are in a chinese province-town.
William James
William James 16 days ago
This is an excellent piece. Thank you for posting.
Mr Random
Mr Random 16 days ago
Bubble Bath 🛁
Bala Sujith Potineni
Wanna help increse population in Siberia, Immigrate NORTH-INDIANS to SIBERIA. You would immediately see a rapid increase.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aditya reddy
aditya reddy 17 days ago
Jus open imigration free for india in jus 20y uwill see double d population
cody bùi lâm
cody bùi lâm 17 days ago
And then Putin telling people to hate gays to repopulate Russia?
Sly Duck
Sly Duck 17 days ago
How dare you say the mother land is shrinking. We're only getting stronger
Akkshansh Bagga
Akkshansh Bagga 18 days ago
forever0042000 18 days ago
They need Pakistani and Bangladeshi ppl to repopulate haha
forever0042000 18 days ago
Wow imagine how many ppl can be well off living in Russia
Max Liftoff
Max Liftoff 18 days ago
The reason for population declines are not 2nd and 3rd echos of a war but Russia's extremely gynocentric social system and politics which elevates women socially above men and thus discourages them from having children at replenishment rate.
Mick Obrien
Mick Obrien 19 days ago
They didn't mention one major reason why people have always been leaving Russia... COMMUNISM. Nobody with a brain likes it. All the smart people leave for Capitalism, i.e. freedom. Duh! While losers like socialism/communism. And remember, communism and socialism are identical except one has a dictator and doesn't hide what it is.
azhar shaikh
azhar shaikh 19 days ago
Global warming will help them. Give more arable land
SiNgH iS kInG
SiNgH iS kInG 19 days ago
Mathar Rassssiaaa shouldn’t be shrrrinking at any cost
sTarp c
sTarp c 19 days ago
You can bring smart scientific graphs and explanations, but for man in Russia to have kids does not make sense.
Nestoons 19 days ago
Stalin’s purges probably didn’t help either
ShalomYal 19 days ago
we do not need to have more people on this planet!!!!! WTF
polymathecian 20 days ago
I'll open a repopulation center in Moscow.
Muhran ansyari
Muhran ansyari 20 days ago
Maybe population russia same with japan..shrinking. java island many people migrated to another island in indonesia .
Luka Maas
Luka Maas 20 days ago
crimea is s part of ukraine claimed by russia but not recognized by the most country
icarus514 21 day ago
for all the idiots in the comments russia's ww2 casualties were because of hitler's genocidal tactics not because they threw people at the enemy
Must Watch!
Must Watch! 21 day ago
Who doesnt want to live kn Russia? If i were to get a chance to settle there i would fly without even thinking!
Dmitriy Legenkiy
Dmitriy Legenkiy 22 days ago
This counntry always make war with neineighbor countries: Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine etc
Nagayuki Go
Nagayuki Go 15 days ago
Sakhalin Island and Vladivostok will definitely belong to China.
pm 22 days ago
Let's respect the Germans... They really mowed them down
icarus514 21 day ago
then lost
KR Micro PP geh
KR Micro PP geh 22 days ago
Honestly if I was a woman I wouldn't want a flesh bag to pop out from between my legs, it's diagusting. If population decline, let it decline there are so many people out there causing climate change and pollution. Who cares about the "Future"?
Mac Mccartney
Mac Mccartney 23 days ago
I was gona say that they threw ther men into the German meat grinder at staggering rates to halt ther advance amd push them back
Jorgenson 15 days ago
This is accurate.
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