Why Russia is Shrinking Fast

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Comments 100
coc0s 5 hours ago
The narrator sounds deeply concerned about Russia. He should move there to help them.
Fortnite Figgy
Fortnite Figgy 5 hours ago
My great grandfather was born 1922 in Russia. Not 1923
TimurKaramov 6 hours ago
I always thought that average age of population matters more than total nimber of people.
xxx yyy
xxx yyy 9 hours ago
It seems communism was rasist against Slavs. In Yougoslavia there where 1 milion death population on population of 15,5 milion. 0,5 milions where killed by communists after WWII until 1948.
Ion Roman
Ion Roman 13 hours ago
The russians are the biggest land thieves on earth and also the most violent and corrupt of all europeans. The murder rate in Russia is 10x higher than in the european countries.
Ente Fetz
Ente Fetz 17 hours ago
That's why I just don't understand the fearmongering of the US. Russia is simply not a threat anymore.
Russians can't support big family there barely any middle class plain and simple
Benji Rvr
Benji Rvr Day ago
Georgia lost 1/3 of Her population.......IN ONE SINGLE DAY....in 1229. 100 000 peoples martyrs of Orthodox Christian religion by muslim Jalal Al Din who want force them To Islam. They prefer death and he kill them ..but Georgians Orthodox Christians have Next have 12 child per women and so survive the loss. All Christian country should take lesson
Kevin González
¿Abortion or what?
Gun KYH Day ago
...or just try to communicate with adequate Russians instead)
woodvsixty Day ago
This is simply not correct, Russia's population has been on average increasing slightly since 2005, but has been relatively stable as many developed countries are without mass immigration.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
What about Canada it is the 2nd largest with only 35 million and only lost 50,000 in WW2? Not every country wants to be overpopulated polluted shit holes with people sitting on the roofs of trains and buses.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
To be fair Russia,s 140 Million is OK it,s more like many other countries are insanely overpopulated environmental jack pots. Russia would be worst of if it had 2 billion people.
Frozo 2910
Frozo 2910 2 days ago
0:30 oh. That's not what I came for lol
Serge Olchowec
Serge Olchowec 2 days ago
I'm sorry dude, but Stalin killed more Russians that Hitler did . Whad did Russia in was the 1917 bolshevik revolution !
M u f f i n • M i l k
It's actually 3 continent because it's an Asia , Europe and its touching America
sebastian popek
sebastian popek 3 days ago
Thanks for mentioning about Poland. I think most of the people on the West have no idea how huge WW2 had an impact on our countries. In my country WW2 it was devastating, and being in USSR radius of influence after war (being under 'communism') only buried our coffin. Literally.
Keith Turk Jr.
Keith Turk Jr. 3 days ago
Есть моменты, когда контроль над рождаемостью не ваш друг. Женщина не будет рожать детей с ненавистью в ее сердце. Вы должны построить рай для создания семей.
IVAN 2 days ago
Да и просто хороших условий хватит.
ричард иванов
I study in another city, while I go to my hometown for holidays or weekends, I travel hundreds of kilometers, always thinking how much more boundless everything is and everything is very deserted, quiet, green, beautiful
Africa Plus
Africa Plus 3 days ago
Area ranking: 1-Russia, 2-Canada, 3-United States, 4-China....
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
I notice that also , I guess he did not know the US bought Alaska off of the Russians a long time ago.
VermontV8 3 days ago
What's worse: current corrupted russian government don't give a $#!/ about country's population in long term
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
A 140 million is OK more like many other countries are overpopulated polluted messes.
Master chief
Master chief 3 days ago
I bet Hitler is laughing in hell right now.
Jukka Helisjoki
Jukka Helisjoki 3 days ago
And Russia is great nation. We know that in Finland. And we have a certain respect each other.
Jukka Helisjoki
Jukka Helisjoki 20 hours ago
I think USA is a great nation with great people plus the guardian of western civilization.
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson Day ago
What do you think of the USA?
Jukka Helisjoki
Jukka Helisjoki 3 days ago
That's very positive trend. The other nations should follow the suit. The Earth can't survive the climate change without it.
Ebiru2387 4 days ago
You mean people don't want to live in a freezing shithole? Who would have thought?
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted messes is because they have way to many people.
jurwasyl 4 days ago
Nadal jest ich o 146 mln za dużo.
XXXYYYZZZ 3 days ago
Polaków o jakieś 38 mln za dużo : ) Na szczęście 4 najniższa dzietność zrobi swoje : )
jurwasyl 4 days ago
5:12 - pedofil z Niemiec z 1945
jurwasyl 4 days ago
W pierwszej dziesiątce sami kolorowi poza USA.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 4 days ago
Seriously no mention to Stalin?
smb12321 4 days ago
If war 70 years ago caused their problems then why isn't Korea, Japan, Germany, China or Poland in the same situation? They all lost massively yet recovered. It's not just a bad war but a social system that discourages innovation, choice, risk taking and thinking outside the box. She stressed uniformity and conformity above all along with massive military spending of her last reserves instead of R&D and infrastructure. Because she rejected markets - the best tool for efficiency and low prices - she's never produced anything anyone wants other than vodka and weapons. There's no way to say it nicely: Russia can't do anything. Germans build their roads, their distribution system is run by Chinese, buildings are built by foreigners, its vehicles cannot compete outside the country, etc. 2018 was the first year more food items from Russia were on the shelf than any other country....but this was due to a ban on foreign food export. LOL WWII is an easy, quick answer but when we were there we were told repeatedly, "We don't want children in this kind of country." The scariest aspect is that as her Slavic population declines her Muslim population continues to grow.
DSRReacts 4 days ago
China or India should buy parts of Siberia. So it can be habitated. Siberia is warming up and so much agricultural land will become available more FOOD for everyone
DSRReacts Day ago
+John Smith I know it is, i said it would become an economic superpower aswell as a military superpower. Im not saying transform all of siberia 50% is more than enough the other parts are mountains and rough terrain which is not suitable. Also Brazilian Amazon Rainforest is being replanted and China is somehow changing a dessert into a Forrest and India is just planting trees everywhere. Its Africa that isn't pulling its weight. I can tell you a few underpopulated countries. Such as Canada and Russia. But you are right there are many overpopulated countries however like i said if we feed and educated the third world the population will stop growing exponentially and will slow down.
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
+DSRReacts I thought Russia was already military super power? Any country with over 20 ICBMs is basically a uninvadable super power. No country is under populated but many are overpopulated. You just can't replace all natural nature land and wildlife with farmland without a environmental consequence. When the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest is eventually chopped down people will notice a difference, and not in a good way like more food for more people.
DSRReacts Day ago
+John Smith Why do you think i'm advocating population growth. If anything this will likely stop exponential population growth if food was no longer an issue then the world could focus on education which will result in the use of more condoms in 3rd world countries/continents like africa.
DSRReacts Day ago
+John Smith Your right a countries can't just pick up and move to another country. However given enough time you will be surprised. I'm not suggesting moving a few million people but maybe just 50'000 Chinese and Indians to do menial farm work. Also there's a lot of documentaries and videos demonstrating how its very possible for Siberia to warm up and become massive farm lands. Russia would not only be a military super power but also rival Europe's economy with a super agriculture based economy. Russia would make billions potentially trillions outsourcing labourers from china and India to work on farms inside Russia's Siberia. Also BRICS nations will probably become visa free for its own citizens once each economy is up to each others standards.
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
+DSRReacts A country's population just can,t pick up and move to another country because they have a overpopulation issue and the north,s population is manageable. Like Napoleon and Hitler found out you just do not enter Russia. The worlds population grows 1 billion every ten year now. By the time Global warming melts Siberian in 80 years things will already be hitting the fan. If the US had 1.3 billion like China and India rather than 325 million it would also be a environmental mess that could not feed it's self. Population growth can not go on forever, mother nature has a natural limiter for that and it's called "starvation". Even if Siberia melted I think Tundra soil is not fertile for farming.
Momo Animations
Momo Animations 4 days ago
4:34 that sign is actually in romanian
Michael Misic
Michael Misic 4 days ago
Goorood 4 days ago
Russia population is perfectly normal and comfortable, people are living in luxury with plenty of wild nature around as people should. Much of the rest of the World is overpopulated, uneducated people are breeding too much and living in misery. It is not normal, humans should live in harmony with nature. Russia, Canada, Australia and maybe some other countries is how people should live. Not like Bangladesh breeding like cockroaches.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
Agreed. More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted messes is because they have way to many people.
IMxYOURxDADDY 5 days ago
send all middle-eastern refugees there....problem solved
Joyce Lau Lee See S
FluidAcid Nojus
FluidAcid Nojus 5 days ago
Also socialism provides porverty and yeah
sasja de vries.
sasja de vries. 5 days ago
Please base your videos on real data next time. The population of Russia is not shrinking right now, it's growing due to migration. And the birthrate isn't low due to the economy, but because people who are 20-30 years old right now have been born in the 90's of which there aren't many. In terms of purchasing power the Russian economy is actually growing. The statistics for "largest economy" is based on GDP in USD. Russia doesn't have USDollars, so to compare all countries the number gets converted using the constantly changing exchange rate... Not to speak about GDP being a very bad number to quantify economy: if you just make everything more expensive then your GDP grows, if you invest money into bullshit then GDP grows, if I sell you a loaf of bread for 2 billion dollars and you sell me a cup of tea for 2 billion dollars then our GDP will grow 4 billion!
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted messes is because they have way to many people. 140 million is OK for Russia.
Logan Bedenis
Logan Bedenis 5 days ago
That’s genuinely fascinating how the ripple effect of WW2 keeps showing up. How many generations would it take for that effect to “run its course” so to speak?
Donnie Trump
Donnie Trump 4 days ago
The effect is less and less with each generation
Tarantulum 5 days ago
ah z
ah z 5 days ago
blyat we need more people comrade
Matt from Florida
latinhuck 6 days ago
Another American seating down on the internet figure he knows everything by few clicks online. They figure they know others countries but cant figure out to resolve thier own problems. Only thing that keeps people and countries by yours side it capitalism. Just like rome doesnt always last forever
Медалий Пилонов
Thought ww2 was a major reason for population to decrease you must also count ww1, civil war, mass hunger in 30s and 1946 and of course motherfucker stalin.
tigarforever 6 days ago
GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE is bad for everyone....except RUSSIA. They basically own the Arctic ocean so once that trade route opens up the country will be doing much better.
Sychrari 5 days ago
Siberia is filled with ice lol.
Michelangelo Buonarroti
I DISAGREE. And there's simple proof why this is wrong. The Answer is China. Ok, yeah, in 1900 China was already the most populated place on earth, BUT the Qing China of 1900 was significantly larger than the modern China is, much like Russia. However, *however*, China has had it's people die in masses from 1912 to 1947. That's the Warlord period and it was marked by constant war. From 1939 to 1945 alone this cost the country 20 million people, and in total the deaths of non natural causes, particularly violence and disease was unnaturally high, especially in 1938 when the second Sino-Japanese war started going very brutal. And then, just 10 or so years later another 60 million were killed through indirect actions by Mao. Sooo, yeah not really making any sense here, why is China still growing, even though it had more deaths over a longer period of constant dying? The Answer is the difference in the Communist systems of the Soviet Union and China. China was less developed and the Socialists there gave the people work, even though there was serious mismanagement at times (it would've happened anyway). But in the Soviet Union the leaders kept their populace poor, and they destroyed the rich agricultural base of the Union by killing most of the "better farmers", leaving behind only peasants. Also they force marched Russia into heavy industry, but this created an unbalanced economy. If there's one thing to blame, then it is the communists. To back up this claim, another example: Germany. Germany suffered a whopping 9 million out of 85 million (and this is counting Austria and Chechia, including the Sudetenland, which weren't fully part of Germany and also had lower percentage rates in terms of people serving in the armed forces). And still Germany today has 80 million compared to 70 million 1939, and that on a bigger area. And you can still see the disparity in population distribution, even though especially Brandenburg and Mecklemburg-Vorpommern are perfectly suited to accommodate a lot of people. It's just the pyramid of population growth (or demographic pyramid I think). The richer the country, the better the chances for population growth, except if things cost to much, then people will refrain to have 2 or more babies, that's why a lot of western and other industrialised nations are experiencing population shrinks they have to combat by immigration. Also you could also make this arguement that this could happen to any other country in any other period of time.
Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano 6 days ago
Clickbait thumbnail but still interesting video
Random RimRock // TripleR
JoeL 6 days ago
Sounds like Russia needs some cultural enrichment.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
Say the world Russia and Africa and the middle east will be up there over night and you to can be a polluted overpopulated mess like China and India.
IMxYOURxDADDY 5 days ago
id go there and inpregnate hundreds of cute Russian girls free of charge and help their population growth
Y2kSd4 7 days ago
Let's send all the MEXICANS there, to help build the Russia Pacific Corredores, and they can Married a those beautiful Siberian'$ girls and that way Russia would built a great bridge to the Americas continent... 🇲🇽 🎭🇷🇺
IMxYOURxDADDY 5 days ago
we dont like short dark indian looking people
I'm In A Vegetative State Gaming
The reason so many Russians died in WW2 was because the Nazis invaded the soviet union and were trying to exterminate the Slavic people. They managed to kill 13.7 million people, including some Jews.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
The Russians were also bad soldiers , brave but not great fighters. How can the winners (Russia) lose 5 million more troops than the losing side (Germany)? The losers usually lose more soldiers.
Роман Комолов
Прочитал коментарии. Дебилы рассуждают о том чего не знают, опираясь на ложные данные! Наполеон и Гитлер похоже также рассуждали.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted overcrowded shit holes is because they have way to many people. 140 million people is much better than 2 billion in the long game.
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins 7 days ago
*Memo to Russians: Putin and the government supporting him have inspired sanctions that's crippled your economy to the extent that Macedonia has a higher GDP per capita than you, and then they censor news criticizing them now, based on what I'm reading. Stop supporting them! Do your own research.*
Andrew Slatsky
Andrew Slatsky 7 days ago
I think on the land area measurements you got Canada and China mixed up. There’s no way China or the US is bigger than Canada. I know it was just a type o, I was just letting you know
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
+Liam Middleton They also put China ahead of the US. With Alaska the US has more land than China.
Liam Middleton
Liam Middleton 7 days ago
Saw that
sigma six
sigma six 7 days ago
Canada is 9,984,670 km2 ... typo...
Niel Tsui
Niel Tsui 8 days ago
Work Religion Policy
LightningFletch 8 days ago
For some reason, this video made me really sad.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted overcrowded shit holes is because they have way to many people. 140 million people is much better than 2 billion in the long game.
Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson 8 days ago
Those people don't need to fight they need to f*(🚨
Nexusfast123 8 days ago
Population in most countries except Africa are experiencing slowed growth or decline.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
The world has 7.7 billion and always growing , it has a overpopulation problem.
Duron Wise
Duron Wise 4 days ago
>Countries >Mentions Africa
Javie Who?
Javie Who? 8 days ago
Boo Russia
Dean Bainbridge
Dean Bainbridge 8 days ago
Russia's problem is corruption - too much wealth is funneled into Putin & his sycophants accounts. A country so rich in gas & oil should be wealthy - like Norway. But who wants to live in a country where corruption is an everyday occurrence?
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted overcrowded shit holes is because they have way to many people. 140 million people is much better than 2 billion in the long game.
CRTF Brebu
CRTF Brebu 8 days ago
4:31 Zona Interzisa i recognize the word is no entry zone and yes my language is romanian
doginho 8 days ago
*Save Russia, Save Communist Memes.*
doginho 4 days ago
+shook tv Was communist, and because he was communism memes started
shook tv
shook tv 4 days ago
Russia's not communist
Mr.NaughtyPants 8 days ago
Another problem Russia has, is a immigration problem. The Russian Jews have been leaving Russia in droves since WWII, and heading to NYC and Miami. Thousands of Christian Russians are leaving and immigrating to Sunny Isles, Florida and it's surrounding areas. A lot stay, some are here to give birth and create a anchor baby. Russian people are also going to Canada and EU countries. If this keeps happening, they are in big trouble. Germany may want another crack at them.
Ravi Tank
Ravi Tank 8 days ago
Do more sex russian people :0
Spaceman 8 days ago
Славяне, лайкните типо что-то умное написал.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
More like the reason China ,India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are polluted overcrowded shit holes is because they have way to many people. 140 million people is much better than 2 billion in the long game.
1Rad 07Jkq
1Rad 07Jkq 6 days ago
лучше б действительно что-то умное написал
Smailgames net
Smailgames net 8 days ago
Spaceman В России живут не только Славяне. Но лайк все равно поставил.
Rafal Szczerba
Rafal Szczerba 9 days ago
the other question is how many russians live in russia.
D.I.Y stuffs
D.I.Y stuffs 9 days ago
1/8 land goes to russia 1/3 population goes to china and india but china+ india land - 1/4 russia's land
Sychrari 5 days ago
Don't want to sound like an asshole but, Indians and Chinese should learn about condoms and safe sex.
ROB P 9 days ago
Blame Putin trumps boss
And now Putin, instead of ameliorate the standart of living in between citizens and regions, he uses tactics like offer passport to all ukranians by trying to magnetise newcomers for increasing numbers but population is still shrinking at a high rates. On the other hand China is threatening Siberia and the rising Germany smacks former russia's satellite countries with money.
spasev 10 days ago
Russian gdp is not measured in American dollars so you cant rank a country by gdp in USD. PPP is a more balanced measurement and Russian is 5 or 6 spot in the world by gdp ppp.
Lajos György Mészáros
That sneeky audible ad at the end...
Michael Dove
Michael Dove 10 days ago
Really great and informative video. Only squabble: The constant use of "her" for the possessive for Russia was a bit jarring. This usage seems a bit outdated and doesn't fit the contemporary nature of the video.
r00t 10 days ago
its just mean that russian is smarter people in the world. dont worry about russians they will be ok
The Е Л Ь
The Е Л Ь 10 days ago
USSR LOST 30 000 000
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
Canada 2nd largest country on earth only has 35 million and lost only 50,000 in ww2 ,whats their excuse?
SickenTV 10 days ago
are you just not going to bring up communism as a factor lol
Darth Cookie
Darth Cookie 10 days ago
It’s “Bel-a-ROOSE”, not “Bel-a-rus” you banana
Ry an
Ry an 11 days ago
For largest by area you mixed up USA china and canada
Ein Walroß
Ein Walroß 6 days ago
No he didn't
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 11 days ago
Get rekt
Darth Cookie
Darth Cookie 10 days ago
Adolf Hitler ahahaha I love you Adolf-chan x3
pogi guapo
pogi guapo 11 days ago
usa has more people for a big area for lots of people in russia
pogi guapo
pogi guapo 11 days ago
russia is bigger than us
russian population is decreasing but russian/slavic fanboys is increasing
B&N 11 days ago
I'm from the Nazi and the soviet Union
NZAnimeManga 11 days ago
They need to have more babbass
Scott Franco
Scott Franco 11 days ago
Yes, now include stats on how many Russians were killed by the enemy during WWII vs. the ones Stalin himself caused to die.
DISNEY 11 days ago
we die because illuminati want kill or enslave every slavs (because slavs true descendants of the mythical Aryans, that why Shitler go to east). Mr. Pooo, is agent of CIA, that means he agent of the Illuminati. he kill russians, ukranians, and others slavs, he gives land to migrants (сhinese and others from the Middle East). Stop admiring Mr.Pooo, and stop saying that Trump is a Russian agent (he not agent of mr. poo, vice versa, mr.poo agent of evil secret world government - call it illuminati whatever).
Xenonmaster 666
Xenonmaster 666 11 days ago
😭🙁💔😔 R.I.P Russia’s population. I want to visit Russia and this probably won’t happen while because Russia’s population will probably go completely extinct in 2200 if they have the population collapse of 1945 and 1991.
Yunan β
Yunan β 11 days ago
China would love to get some of those lands
Stanislav Krapivnik
Try updating your stereotypes. Russia's population gas not been going down continuously. Russian birth rates bypassed the US in 2011 and the population has grown naturally for several years..albait a very small growth but grown. Add in 2.5 mil from Crimea, 3-4 million more from Ukraine and another 2-3 million from other parts and its not shrinking.
Alan Fox
Alan Fox 11 days ago
Wouldn't someone born in 1923 Russia have to endure, in addition to the Nazis, Stalin's farm collectivization which killed many people.
Pappercat 11 days ago
I love that you reffer to Russia as she. ♥
John Lawrence
John Lawrence 11 days ago
Not enough potatoes
DoDoland :D
DoDoland :D 12 days ago
Then don't sell rubber..
pat sow
pat sow 12 days ago
Your chart of sizes of countries is incorrect, I think you have the placement rate but in square kilometres it says United States is bigger than Canada, it isn’t candles or second largest country according to land mass.
Wilbury 12 days ago
Okay Russian's start fukin!
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 12 days ago
It's not only WW2, but more about abortions. For several years, there were more abortions in the USSR than there were births.
Katt1N 12 days ago
Russia will NEVER be a super power.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
Once you have more than 20 ICBMs you are a super power nobody will mess with.
last gen richtofen
last gen richtofen 11 days ago
Its all ready is
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 12 days ago
Haha Russia Shrinking! Dream it! Look at Bulgaria we already lost 1/3 of our population and its continuing to shrink even faster! BULGARIA IS SHRINKING! Bulgaria is the country which made the FIRST EVER computers, The FIRST AUTOMATIC gear box, The yogurt, the Perfumes, The Cyrillic alphabet (which Russians use so technically they write with the Bulgarian letters). Bulgaria also SPREAD CHRISTIANITY ACROSS EUROPE AND RUSSIA! The Bulgarian folklore is the BIGGEST ON THE WORLD! Not USA's not French not Italian not Roman! BULGARIAN FOLKLORE IS THE BIGGEST! Bulgaria was very strong country in almost its WHOLE EXISTENCE it was EMPIRE! It was CENTRAL POWER! Before WW2 Bulgaria was the 4TH STRONGEST COUNTRY IN EUROPE WHILE IN THE PERIODS 632-1000 AC IT WAS THE 3RD STRONGEST COUNTRY IN EUROPE! At some point PLISKA (thens capital of Bulgaria) was bigger then CONSTANTINOPLE! Bulgaria many times defeated Russia, France and Great Britain in WW1! When Bulgaria was freedomed from Turks after the Ottoman Enslavement which lasted 500 years the Bulgarian culture and population WAS NOT AFFECTED AND WAS 100% PRESERVED! EVEN IT INFLUENCED ON OTHER COUNTRIES! The Old Bulgarians created the country China and the Chinese Wall was created from Chinese people to be protected from the Bulgarians. India was also created by Bulgarians known as the Delhis Kingdom! Thats the reason why still there are completely white people in india and China! Also Hungary was created by Bulgaria by our Kanasuvigi (ruler title) Krum! Serbia was created when the 2 sons of our Ruler spread Bulgaria so the younger one known as Vesislav and later assimilated as Višeslav created his own kingdom called Serbia. Bulgaria gave culture to Russia, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia even Ukraine. The first ones who owned Crimea were not Russians neither Ukrainians! The first who owned Crimea were BULGARIANS! Imagine this RICH COUNTRY IS NOW SHRINKING AND ITS THE FASTEST SHRINKING NATION IN THE WORLD! IF THAT CONTINUES THAT WAY AFTER 10-20 YEARS THESE RICH BULGARIANS WILL BE PART OF THE HISTORY! SO DONT TELL ME RUSSIA IS SHRINKING!
Amelia Cze
Amelia Cze 12 days ago
when he said Poland was devastated, mate she was fricken doomed
CTPEJIOK 12 days ago
Все путен сука виноват
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