Why Programming Is Important?

Bugra Kilic
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This is a code.org video that explains everything we should know and do.




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carlos roblox
carlos roblox 2 days ago
quien mas vino por la tarea de computer
Bryan Silva
Bryan Silva 3 days ago
Great video, it makes me motivate to program like a pro
Mark Mallorca
Mark Mallorca 2 months ago
can I study programming only through Internet without going to school?
ne_skaju 5 days ago
Yeah, by googling API or asking questions in discord/stackoverflow. In other words, literally same things as people who learn in school do.
ليلة القمر
ليلة القمر 2 months ago
This is how i get started
Produx NA
Produx NA 2 months ago
My child knows how to program!
l l
l l 3 months ago
Is coding really for everyone ? Even for those who don't dominate completely the english language ?
Ikos S
Ikos S 4 months ago
i love computers and everything about it im 12 but im already learning to code when I grow up I want to build a laptop and start my own business im learning computer science computer engineering and electric engineering.
Alex Peach2000
Alex Peach2000 2 months ago
So did you learn anything new in this month?
Shaheen Shahnawaz
Shaheen Shahnawaz 4 months ago
If(I watch video) S.O.pln("Yes it's a good video"); Else S.OPln("YES ITS A GREAT VIDEO");
greywolf 18
greywolf 18 5 months ago
Bill Gates: additions, subtractions, that's about it Me: javascriot Bill Gates: drop out now
RealXFool 5 months ago
Whats the point of learning to code if neuralink ai chip will give you coding knowledge in no time
ne_skaju 5 days ago
will not
VICKIE WAITE 6 months ago
I love the simplicity of this message. Yes... you can code!
kd dan tubes
kd dan tubes 6 months ago
var fb:string = "zuck" print(fb)
Pug 6 months ago
fb = "Zuck" print("fb")
Misjan Nurbudiman
Misjan Nurbudiman 6 months ago
This video copyright ?
Berat Sezer
Berat Sezer 7 months ago
Adamsın kanka güzel video
John Gehlert
John Gehlert 7 months ago
they lied to us. 2nd year computer science is like the most I've ever been pushed mentally in my life.
Jennifer Ruiz
Jennifer Ruiz 4 months ago
yesss I confirm x.x
RealXFool 5 months ago
Coding is bullshit, im gonna live in a jungle
Alex .T
Alex .T 7 months ago
You dont have to be a genius because pretty much all the complex algorithms that you could ever need or the most useful tools you might want to use, are already made by someone else.
Swedish Tea
Swedish Tea 7 months ago
Awesome 🔥
Arno Academy
Arno Academy 7 months ago
I am learning web developing. Hire me soon
Alex Peach2000
Alex Peach2000 2 months ago
So did you make any website yet?
Alfonso Main
Alfonso Main 7 months ago
Alguien mas viene a verlo por una tarea y no entiende nada xD
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 7 months ago
Little Lulu
Little Lulu 7 months ago
i have lived all my life and done just fine without computors........you will make computors take over more because they cannot do it without you......do not believe the lie ......believe the truth.....the lie is computors are better and we need them and the truth is we are alive and we do not need computors....we have bodies meant to use we do not need to be plugged into a machine and sit......no computor super powers no no only people are the mysterious living growing super power mystery
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 8 months ago
Hii Lord Gaben
MAZHARUL SAURAV 8 months ago
Coding is something that give you the opportunity to think.......and make an incredible think that you cant't imagine....so do programming, and love programming....
Mark Mallorca
Mark Mallorca 2 months ago
MAZHARUL SAURAV can I teach my own through Internet not even going to school?
Spauzy 8 months ago
that is it im learning to code
mp4 Month ago
Hows that working out for ya?
Mithilesh Tarkar
Mithilesh Tarkar 8 months ago
OMG Gabe🙌🏼, he is a rockstar !!
status for u
status for u 8 months ago
Can any one reply me I have a question Can we make game like pubg after understanding all the codes languages
status for u
status for u 8 months ago
@Spauzy ok bro
Spauzy 8 months ago
and noo need to understand all of them most only use 1 and even then the lenguages ar pretty mutch the same master one and you will be able to tranzition to another one pretty ezy
Spauzy 8 months ago
there is coding evolved too for sure but if you wonna learn making games u need to understand there are people that do graphic,level design.art character..... with coding you will be able to lets say i press any key on keyboard an he makes this and that move so you will be able to control what happens with each individual part like if he does this that happens TRUE FALSE... and yes you will be able to if your into game creation look up game engines like unity and learn em... so first you will have game engine able to create map character... then with another coding program like C Sharp ... and some others for design you would like to have a team of friends or something to start learning about it right now my plans are different so... BUT SEARCH ONLINE OR ASK SOMEONE YOU KNO HE IS INTO... cuz i kno very little about it never done it myself well i had some fun but i've done no projects so yeaaaa HAVE FUN MUTCH LOVE
ertauren 9 months ago
"Computer's Everywhere" argumant stupidest one, do you need to know coding to use already coded programs.. heck then why did they even coded and compiled them...
Mohamed Gougou
Mohamed Gougou 10 months ago
answer=input("is this a good video") if answer =="yes": print("Of course it is ") else: print("well its a good video")
Blue Day ago
std::cin >> answer; If(answer == "yes" || answer == "Yes"){ std::cout
chris breezy60
chris breezy60 5 days ago
@ne_skaju I'm assuming a =" video " b = "good"
chris breezy60
chris breezy60 5 days ago
@ne_skaju first understand the code and strings and then ask?😊😊
ne_skaju 5 days ago
anyway in your logic best video would be only if it's _less than good_
chris breezy60
chris breezy60 Month ago
If (video>=good) { Std::cout
Cheng Yuan
Cheng Yuan 10 months ago
Jack Tam
Jack Tam 10 months ago
Why is Chris Bosh there lol
Lalit Verma
Lalit Verma 10 months ago
Wow programing a great magic nd science
Sasori Tobi
Sasori Tobi 10 months ago
Learning to program a computer is like writing a entire novel or a book. I don’t think every one needs to do that. But coding is fine. Cuz that is like writing a essay or a paragraph.
Sukhrab Babadjanov
I am not good in the mathemetics.can i to be a good programmer.😉
SuperPosition Year ago
How to code thanos snap: if math.random(1,2) == 1 then script.Parent:Destroy() end
SuperPosition 9 months ago
@ertauren Actually, the what the script would actually do is have a 50% chance of deleting Thanos (or whoever snapped it), but don't tell Thanos. You can copy+paste my code into any model metallic glove tools you might be designing, as long as the code used is Lua (which is only used in Roblox Studio).
SuperPosition 9 months ago
@Citrus It's in Lua language.
ertauren 9 months ago
assuming this script attached to some parent object which is living being, it is not what thanos did. Thanos didn't roll 50% random for every living being. Thanos removed the exactly half of living beings. In your script, there can be everyone alive if it keeps rolling 2, or everyone destroyed if keeps rolling 1. But it is not case with Thanos's finger snap.
Citrus Year ago
In what language?
young and free
Print("hello world");
FruitSaled 11 months ago
hello world
Deja Zoo
Deja Zoo Year ago
But why I should learn programming when I can copy from internet???
Alex Peach2000
Alex Peach2000 2 months ago
And particularly from stackoverflow
TatTvamAsi 7 months ago
so you can learn how to think!
Vladimir A
Vladimir A Year ago
what music from 3.15?
carl. v
carl. v Year ago
"I think it's the closest thing we have to a superpower." after that sentence i was like; *im gonna hack nasa*
PasscodeAdvance 4 months ago
And I'm gonna tell them about their computer weaknesses to help them
Air Crash
Air Crash Year ago
carl. v with html
Harikiran Kamath
Programming makes you rich
ertauren 9 months ago
it would be misleading without saying. "But it is not the only way nor the easiest way."
NewSystem 11 months ago
Esha Sagheer
Esha Sagheer Year ago
Its an amazing video and it really tells the importance of programing
Aditya Pai Thon
checkout awesome python projects on my channel
Timur Kairat One
My first program (Hello World ! ). I genius
Air Crash
Air Crash Year ago
Shem Naga atleast close the title tag
Shem Naga
Shem Naga Year ago
Hello World !
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Year ago
Song at 3:22 ?
the supermonkey
Vaibhav and life
Do we need a software engineer degree to become a good programmer?
Jijin Jayakumar
No , but it help alot in your career
Mamun Rashid
Mamun Rashid Year ago
you dont need to be a programmer be a problem solver
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Year ago
when did anybody say that? it for sure helps though
Jaja Maru
Jaja Maru Year ago
“Progress skull is the closest power to super power” Damn inspiring
বাকের ভাই
2:35 O.M.G! - Will i am
Allan Dsouza
Allan Dsouza Year ago
Hey let's motivate people to work for you
jV Year ago
dude @ 0:31 looks a bit like elon musk
Abhay Rajput
Abhay Rajput Year ago
Hail Gaben
K Year ago
I'd like to be able to make AI but idk where to start...
Walruses Year ago
I was having a crappy then I see Gaben 0:40 and it made my day!
naresh kumar a
printf("Nice Video");
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Year ago
C.S. Rettig
C.S. Rettig Year ago
A dude went to my school, and showed this video.
Eric Falch
Eric Falch Year ago
The reality is you'll be under a lot of pressure from your manager to piss code 8hrs/day and you wouldn't like being the team member with the lowest productivity slowing the project. Not all dev jobs are in cool hippie high tech firms in California. Most likely you'll end up in an average office with a manager squeezing every ounce of productivity in you because the higher-ups want the project finished with minimal required budget and understaffed. Don't do it if you can't focus for 5hrs straight and aren't immune to corporate pressure.
Panel Year ago
Not at all for me. A simple android games make is a nice chill calm and well paying job
MORNING 2018 Year ago
Hey guys! move( )
CamiXes 10 months ago
OH MY GoSh YoU ForGoT ThE SemI-ColOn
HasanGeez Year ago
Move( );
Abhinandan Das
1:54 best
megapixeler Year ago
trying too hard to make programming look cool (I'm a programmer and i think it is cool, but it is not for everyone... requires very specific way of thinking logically which most people are not intrested in learning it)
Frogadron Year ago
Yes but the problem is that many people haven't tried it and amongst them could be the next Facebook creator. You never know
B-i-C 2 years ago
Aayyy, it's GabeN, the Lord and Saviour himself.
hardnes rosales
hardnes rosales 2 years ago
gaben you hacked all my accounts HAHAHA
LearnCoding 2 years ago
yes its important
Miblan 2
Miblan 2 2 years ago
Was going to write GABEN! But the comments are filled by his name XD
someonewhoexist 2 years ago
Hahah zucker burg was trying to write a human reaction program by taking in human data
Seth Taylor
Seth Taylor Year ago
So he could learn to act more human?
Gano Praso Vevo
Gano Praso Vevo 2 years ago
Shaik Mohammed Zayed
bobo 2 years ago
"You don't have to be a genius to code, do you have to be a genius to read?" ...That, that is incredible. That question and answer is... wow.
Mamun Rashid
Mamun Rashid Month ago
@Дакота Тринити his not very smart. But he is a book nerd
Mamun Rashid
Mamun Rashid 5 months ago
This people are being stupid. My 10 year old brother reads book everyday because he feels boring in his ipad.
Seth Taylor
Seth Taylor Year ago
No, you don't, but it helps when you go to write something intelligible.
World Dj
World Dj 2 years ago
half life 3 confirmed
Olzhas Kibasov
Olzhas Kibasov 2 months ago
@Bruh Man yeah, but no
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 4 months ago
Hello I'm from the future. Half life 3 is finally confirmed
Ignas 2 years ago
Oh look volvo dictatator gaben is here
I'm a simple guy. I see Gaben, I'm hooked and interested.
Jimi Rai
Jimi Rai 2 years ago
AnyOne here uses mit app inventor ?
Ulises Vazquez
Ulises Vazquez 2 years ago
1:03 what are they doing? why are they in groups? im intrigued. what do i need to get there?
coolkid Year ago
u need to fucking do something instead of asking useless questions, no bachelor degree nor experience is required in any programming company, just skills, really
Joaquin Maroto
It's called group research and mind-storming. You need a Bachelor degree in computer progrsmming.
Mai Nhkum
Mai Nhkum 2 years ago
Shit I'm rocking cpp this semester.. yayyy!!!
Alex Peach2000
Alex Peach2000 2 months ago
So what's up with you and cpp?
Rohan Naik
Rohan Naik 2 years ago
ruvid.net/video/video-yjwH4z96ROs.html learn python programming
Purus The FoX
Purus The FoX 2 years ago
oh shit Will.I.Am is on this now im convinced.
Purus The FoX
Purus The FoX 2 years ago
But more to the point, they invested everything they could to make this video portray the life of a coder as one of glamour and cushion. It's also good to know that you can live a shitty life too with a very unspectacular work environment. How about just know if you want to do it and make sure you give it an honest try, because one thing theyre right about is that it applies to all other fields career wise. There will soon be a computer backing for all of the infrastructure in place. Here is another perspective for you , so you dont think im full of nothing but negativity. If the programmers are the wizards or rock stars of today (heavily puppeted by the powers that be), then the old school makers (carpenters, masons, all the smiths etc..) are the outlaw gunslingers to balance the equation and have some oppostition to complete and total order of the land (dicatatorship). If your want to be powerful in the city you learn computers. If you want to be powerful with or without the city you learn to create and work with your hands. Think of computer programming as you manning your computer hands, and using them to do virtual work. Like turning on a video game and your just using the controller, except in this virtual world your also the author and not just a player. But take a step back and you'll realize your powerless to create without the aid of you computer controller. Im not saying everyone should be a fucking coal miner either. Just realize that programming is SUPER HELPFUL, OF COURSE, but also only works when the power is on and the very delicate things are all properly put together. Making a house can prove to be much more rewarding, and in almost all cases that product will outlast you. How fast does software become outdated again? Pros and cons people. dont buy into it because you see them eating bagels and riding scooters and shit, find out what works for you. And then expand your skills from there. Feeding yourself right is really the only concern other than what path you should take.
electronicbits 2 years ago
this Zuckerberg is obnoxious as fuck
codec69 2 years ago
Isn't programming a very stressful job to have ? This video seems a bit misleading. I'm all for technology and I love gaming and computers, but I'm also a person who has problems with stress. Acting like coding is good for everyone in the world seems incorrect. It might be the worst thing for some.
ertauren 9 months ago
I am graduate of computer science and actively working as programmer. Can confirm that this video is very misleading.
Evilynn Hellfire
in the beginning hwen you are learning it WILL be stressful to learn but its like any language in the world once you get the hang of the different syntax or pronunciation it just becomes natural.
Ivan Boras
Ivan Boras 2 years ago
BCS-6A-038 Ovais Tariq hy friend. Where can I get c#?..i tried to download but doesn't work. I agree programong is excellent. Regards ivan
Cat Dendrite
Cat Dendrite 2 years ago
Luke Thompson Depends on what you mean by programming for a living; in most cases, you will be working with a team of developers, and the software goes through several stages before it is released, and at almost each stage, it is thoroughly tested. So, it is rarely on you if a vulnerability was exploited. Even if it was on you, no.one's going to kill you; all software has vulnerabilities. If you're boss expects total perfection, then they are an unreasonable person. You.should quit that job and find one with more reasonable people.
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson 2 years ago
Of course programming in itself isn't stressful, but programming for a living is! If any of your code is exploited and results in damages, that's all on you, and such vulnerabilities are extremely hard to detect until it's too late. THAT is why programming is stressful.
RubenDOS 2 years ago
Which song starts playing at 4:02 ? Please help me out, would appreciate it.
Zenildo Moraes
Play for google assistant, it will tell you which one it is.
Danial Khan
Danial Khan 2 years ago
Chris (coded in college). LMAO.
Quentino Ministeri
Bruh, he was a top 10 basketball player in the world at one point.. He didn't need coding but took classes out of interest.
Raul Cruz
Raul Cruz 5 months ago
chris dubosser
My name is Chris im just learning now
ItZGiovi 2 years ago
their definition of code Is bit vague
Danial Khan
Danial Khan 2 years ago
Julio Villalta yup.
Julio Villalta
Julio Villalta 2 years ago
Danial khan drones
Danial Khan
Danial Khan 2 years ago
ItZGiovi They seems very emotional to drag everyone in the field of Computer programming. If everyone starts programming, who gonna deliver the pizza. 😂
Arthur Sirqueira
Arthur Sirqueira 3 years ago
Can someone tell me which song is playing in 3:22 ?
JHLFFC 2 years ago
Arthur Sirqueira Sounds like LCD Soundsystem - Dance yrself clean
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