Why Power Adapters Are So HUGE

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Why are external AC adapters often huge and unwieldy?
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Apr 16, 2019





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Comments 859
2muchjpop 21 day ago
You should get someone with an EE background and do a retake. But the simple normie answer is that power supplies don't use gallium nitrate. Every power supply should be gallium nitrate
David Nazzaro
David Nazzaro 21 day ago
Who wrote/vetted this? A basic GOOGLE SEARCH would have provided CORRECT information as opposed to the bull in this.
DerParadonym 23 days ago
Before Watching:... Because they don't use expensive GaN technology...
Kai 24 days ago
It's a power BRICK
Adam Clayton
Adam Clayton 25 days ago
He said I could learn more about AC/DC no are there are shit band
5yfyGuy 25 days ago
What about the implications of gallium nitride AC adapters with their high efficiency and low heat output??
Lee Yy
Lee Yy 27 days ago
Technically speaking, power bricks are big because of big transformers and inductors inside. Their size are limited by transistors' switching frequency. Higher switching frequency can make use of smaller transformers. But there is a tradeoff between frequency and efficiency, using smaller transformer requires transistors to switch faster, but the transistor has switching loss as it transit from on state to off state. Higher frequency means higher switching loss, which pretty much explains the current limitation of silicon-based MOSFET. The solution is either use more efficient GaN MOSFET (at higher cost), or use different switching topology like ZVS regulator which eliminates switching loss once and for all at the cost of more complex design.
The Q
The Q 29 days ago
Linus: Complains about Xbox AC adapter. AVGN: Laughs in colecovision AC adapter. "Giant monolith of death".
Antonio Zamudio
Antonio Zamudio Month ago
Apple’s aren’t. In fact, they are beautiful.
PERCYBIBOL10 Month ago
drewfliesbikes Month ago
They are a lot smaller and quieter than they used to be
Shawn Strickland
RUvid Monetization: beep beep boop "Murder" detected man the Demontize weapons, this is not a drill!!
veerage fire
veerage fire Month ago
😂😂literally funny even he have huge imaginations but I have small adaptors I think he lives in past.. 😂😂
jburdman7 Month ago
That. Was bad. If this were the first video I watched here it would be my last. Just delete this please and start over. Consider output voltage filtering, noise suppression, shielding, and primary-secondary separation, as actual causes.
CarthagoMike Month ago
2:21 a laptop with VGA output in 2019? seems more like an old stock-photo of a (thus) old power adapter. At least get a photo of a recent one if you talk about how they are _still_ huge.
Fa397bio Month ago
The PS3/4 doesn’t have a power brick.
Elias Sundberg Käll
The sweat drop from his face at 2:10 XD
microcolonel Month ago
That's not what "switching" means in this context. A switching power supply is called that because it uses a "switching regulator". A switching regulator rapidly (think thousands of Hz) switches the rectified power on and off, and filters that (with inductors, which act as low-pass filters) in order to reach a stable target voltage. Real switched power supplies usually also use AC transformers, but let's ignore that for a moment. So if you had 120V AC, the average absolute voltage after rectifying would be (2 ÷ π) × 120 = around 76 volts; assuming no loss, if you wanted to get 12V DC from that, the switched power supply would have an average duty cycle of 12 ÷ ((2 ÷ π) × 120) = about 15%; this means that on average, 15% of the time, the switch is turned on. There's a lot more to doing it well in practice, but the principle is there. Cheers!
Gallons Of Milk Gaming
I watch "as fast as possible" videos in 1.25 speed so it is as fast as possible
Saim TheFirst
Saim TheFirst Month ago
finally learning physics is actually usefull
gameflux Month ago
We ll se !
Chelsea Martinez
Who... Who took that stock photo of a baby with a psu…
Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen Month ago
Yep Linear Supplies are cheaper though, but yeah power hogs. Switch Mode Power Supplies or SMPS use PWM at very high frequency for its power modulation. So it is allot more efficient. Though around sensitive electronics a bust unless it is high enough in frequency or isolated enough, or both. I like SMPS. I grew up with Linear Power Supplies especially in younger audio days. Today, work smarter, not harder and hopefully not hotter.
Yours Grave
Yours Grave Month ago
Total shit.
chase vogt
chase vogt Month ago
Think they’ll ever just be built right into the wall outlets we use?
ArthursHD Month ago
In PC it does not make much sense cause for delivering 12 volts and high current you want short wire runs to avoid expensive cables or exse heat. Laptop/Phone PSU can be bought in an outlet as long as it's USB cause it is universal. The downside is that you don't have switch to cut off the power completely from PSU in outlet quickly for safety and efficiency.
NvrUseYur RealName
Love the outros on these! LOL!!
Rick Brannigan
Rick Brannigan 2 months ago
Great video
Abaqus 2 months ago
Linux distro comparison
Rowan Bird
Rowan Bird 2 months ago
0:50 Why do we have dual outlets when power bricks always block them
QuadraKev 2 months ago
but why do companies integrate the box into the plug instead of having a separate box
jhon doe
jhon doe 2 months ago
PA are NOT BIG ENOUGH!! we need PA for our phones!
w0ttheh3ll 2 months ago
"linear power bricks" are not a thing! WTF
soylentgreenb 2 months ago
It is unfortunate that single phase power is used. If that wasn’t the case you would always have a voltage higher than the low voltage DC you need. I think you’d only need the tiny capacitor after switching if that was the case.
Alex O'Dell
Alex O'Dell 2 months ago
The engineering but hurt...
Kris Wingert
Kris Wingert 2 months ago
4 diodes to make a bridge rectifier and the cap for a filter. Now you have dc. Simple. The next stages now involve dropping the voltage and regulating it for a stable output. The term switching really has no relevance to the 120v/220v input compatibility.
Cat Teenager
Cat Teenager 2 months ago
Did linus say that every power adapter has a built-in *FULL BRIDGE RECTIFYER*
Sina Madani
Sina Madani 2 months ago
"Smaller, lighter, more portable" I wish that were true for smartphones...
Raizazel 2 months ago
Adapters are not built in out electronics for one reason above all, accidental electrocutions, imagine pluging and unpliging a cable at 220V from you phone/laptop every time you want to charge it good luck not getting fried doing that while you are just off of bed.
Recharge Games Studio
2000subscribers with no videos challenge
so when i will be able to fit my desktop psu to my suitcase
ricky v
ricky v 2 months ago
Personally, I've never made a big deal about power adapters. That's because power adapters are so huge that I don't have to. Anyway, good video. Very informative.
Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz 2 months ago
Bennet Fox
Bennet Fox 2 months ago
Did you start taking zoloft? You are not a spastic as you used to be which is nice. I just might start watching again.
BigBoy_fb 2 months ago
AC and DC hehe ACDC
ThatNoobVan 2 months ago
I’m extremely confused why there is a stock image of a baby sitting next to a psu and how they found it. Wtf.
Atharva Khanzode
Atharva Khanzode 2 months ago
Hey! Can laptop vacuum coolers damage the battery or the AC adapter? My laptop's AC adapter got damaged and I had to replace it . This happened after 5 days of using the Cooler. I have an MSI GL63 with dual side vents and dual back vents.
Nolimitscomedy 2 months ago
Linus really choked on this one. Hopefully an EE can transform his way of thinking.
Aj Meipalu
Aj Meipalu 2 months ago
Wait what's an 8 inch plug?
Jay Time
Jay Time 2 months ago
LOL i love it 'you could use a xbox360 PSU for a murder weapon' MORE MORE smart jokes
terminal2004 2 months ago
But they were HUGER.
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