Why Power Adapters Are So HUGE

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Why are external AC adapters often huge and unwieldy?
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Polarbear Frost S
So basically an Xbox 360 is a murder weapon.
halo3odst 9 days ago
I would rather have the heat in a brick or on the wall than in my electronics. Sony, you taking notes?
Mark Moore
Mark Moore 10 days ago
Who beat the dude up at 1:45 ?
Thonk PT
Thonk PT 14 days ago
just me got a pulseway ad with linus in it ?
Haad Ahmed
Haad Ahmed 15 days ago
Mark Arca
Mark Arca 16 days ago
0:32 - That looks like the PSU of my mini-desktop PC (HP Elite 8200).
PhantomCoffee 19 days ago
I don't really mind a power brick on whatever I'm using, What I despise is idiot companies deciding to build them into the plug itself blocking adjacent plugs
Gamer 22 days ago
what about the xbox s
Evan Lagergren
Evan Lagergren 23 days ago
Hey, that's an Xbox 360 power brick.
Evan Lagergren
Evan Lagergren 23 days ago
Lol, I said that before I started the video.
CoreGMR 24 days ago
The pulseway add before the video was epic !
R.J. Paltridge
R.J. Paltridge 26 days ago
Why are you murdering things with Xbox power supplies robo turd?
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes Month ago
3:42 woah wtf that's huge, is that real?
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT Month ago
God they are ugly
Garegin Asatryan
So the solution is having DC from the wall jack. Most modern devices use USB-C anyway.
redtails Month ago
AC was a mistake. in the modern world there'd be a lot less wasted energy if the grid was DC
Zach B
Zach B 23 days ago
Onne Ro HVDC is used, however it still has its disadvantages. AC power can easily have its voltage changed, which makes it slot easier to setup and of course means that your appliance “power bricks” are kept smaller and cheaper. AC to DC converters are actually really small, it’s changing the voltage that’s the hard part, at least with AC it’s easier.
Onne Ro
Onne Ro 23 days ago
@Zach B that's a thing of the past. Nowadays DC is used for long distance transmission of electricity lol
Zach B
Zach B 23 days ago
redtails AC saves so much energy compared to DC, the kids from conversion is nothing compared to the gains that comes from using AC over long distance
Marwin Talens
Marwin Talens Month ago
So that's why my 2011 tablet only handles like 1% of the 5volt adapters
chickennoodles Month ago
Thank you baby
Alex Snitzer
Alex Snitzer Month ago
Yeah, but why does Apple insist on using the wall-wart style of power supply instead of the box-in-the-middle?
Alex Snitzer
Alex Snitzer 23 days ago
@Zach B I was talking about the massive MacBook power supplies.
Zach B
Zach B 23 days ago
Alex Snitzer it’s not just Apple, and my guess is weight. Having the converter on the end means that it’s not tugging on the cable, and for someone who uses their phone plugged in it would be annoying. Apples are the least obtrusive ones that I have, they hardly take up more than one slot
nistax Month ago
Um I think that before switching ps there were just transformer and rectifier not linear since to charge your phone at 2 amps you would waste 210w us od 550W EU that's literally more power a decent room heater. This misinformation is fuckin terrible Linus don't be like this plś
nistax Month ago
More like step down , AC to DC is easy and small , but the step down is more complicated
Noxmiles Month ago
That is a nice shirt
Cleatis Month ago
0:33 I want a compilation of all the time lmg has said they could use something as a murder wepon
sean carlson
sean carlson Month ago
Linus has earned legend status.
- NoPlanGaming -
How the fu-i got a linus add for a linus video, i think that was him lol
Mr. Nope
Mr. Nope Month ago
Linis sponsorships aren't enough They even added a youtube ad with linus
squee222 Month ago
With multi GHz switching frequencies coming out expect to see the size of these shrink substantially over the next ten years or so. With a higher frequency you can reduce inductor and capacitor size and achieve the same voltage ripple. Then who knows - the adapter for a laptop might be built right into the plug.
soulshinobi Month ago
Where the hell did you find a stock image of a baby playing with a power supply?
Gerald Campbell
Gerald Campbell 2 months ago
While it getting better there really needs to be more done to standardize ac adapters!
Dan Sanger
Dan Sanger 2 months ago
Think about what happens when you plug a laptop into a 120V inverter in your car. The power starts out as AC in the car's alternator, then it's converted to 12V DC, then the inverter converts it to 120V AC, then the laptop power supply converts it to 20V DC, then the various power supplies inside your laptop convert it to various voltages for the various subsystems in the laptop (1.05V DC, 1.5V DC, 2.5V DC, 5V DC, 12V DC, etc.).
Hybrid 2 months ago
When he said AC DC. I was like........ I’m on a high way to hell!
William Shearer
William Shearer 2 months ago
Hey TechQuicky! You should do a video about why you can't run Windows on Windows like Windows as a VM.
Zach B
Zach B 23 days ago
Isn’t that what VM’s do, run a virtual system of windows (or any OS)
Ota 2 months ago
Name should be why are power bricks so thick
robber576 2 months ago
New age problems of millennials. If you grew up before 1980 you would find just about any power adapter nowadays ridiculously small. Just looK up a typical 5volt 2 amp linear power supply and compare it to a apple usb adapter and you will understand. In linear form a average laptop supply would be 5-10 larger and weigh some 10 pounds or so, young people have just no idea about technical advances the last 30 years.
Mihail Atanasov
Mihail Atanasov 2 months ago
Imagine if Eddison won the current war- no power bricks.lel
Phino K.M.
Phino K.M. 2 months ago
Converting AC to DC isn't difficult. All you need is 4 diodes and maybe a smoothing capacitor. The actual problem is stepping down the voltage while being able to provide enough current and running at a reasonable power factor.
hypertion 2 months ago
I can confirm. The 360 adapter is quite painful.
Windows NT 5.0
Windows NT 5.0 2 months ago
Windows NT 5.0
Windows NT 5.0 2 months ago
xbox 360 power brick... phatty xbox 360 oh wait he mentioned it xd
Raccnoon 3 months ago
If you weren't putting so much lights in your computer you wouldn't need one that big, everyone knows rgb uses 1000 Watts per diode
shop10 3 months ago
Thorstein Norman
Thorstein Norman 3 months ago
Unlike DC, my AC still works...
James the cat
James the cat 3 months ago
I have and will again
Ronja 3 months ago
full bridge rectifiah
Dmitri Toubelis
Dmitri Toubelis 3 months ago
The reason for wall-warts existence is way more trivial and it is pure economy. Any device plugged into mains needs to undergo safety certification and it instantly adds $20K to any design. Including a pre-certified power brick to a product saves effort, time and money and since 95% of all power bricks are mass-produced (and then re-branded) by just 3-5 manufactures in the entire world they cost much less than any custom design. I can tell from personal experience that having internal power supply in a device easily add $20-50 to the cost in comparison to having a power brick. This cost hike is very hard to justify if your gadget cost less than few hundred dollars.
Mikael Johnsson
Mikael Johnsson 3 months ago
The thing is why does it have to be at the very end of the cable so often. The adapter box should be x cm from the end so the plug takes no space
Abdurrahim Cakar
Abdurrahim Cakar 3 months ago
I think outlets should start to offer DC as a standard
sigiloso2006 3 months ago
Each time I get the "you can check this video in here" ( 1:03 ) I get left out because I use my phone to see RUvid. Could you put in the description all the quoted videos?
Bagha Shams
Bagha Shams 3 months ago
These videos should have more thorough information... For example, talking about how a laptop's power supply needs to accomodate its peak power wattage, which in turn requires a bigger physical power supply.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 3 months ago
I like the video, but those earrings are totally gay. And, I'm a gaymo.
blvk3 3 months ago
@ 1:03 or pay attention at school
Michael Esposito
Michael Esposito 3 months ago
I used it as a murder weapon, and I now need you to show up in court as a witness
Smith McSmithy
Smith McSmithy 3 months ago
“DC electrical= small pp,” -Nikola Tesla gang
YoSpiff 3 months ago
Standardization helps by letting you carry fewer proprietary power supplies. This has improved a lot in recent years. I pay a few $ extra for camera battery chargers than can run from a USB charging brick.
qdllc 3 months ago
IIRC, older laptops didn't have a power brick...their converter was in the casing. Of course, they were BIG laptops.
Kayla Mitchell
Kayla Mitchell 3 months ago
Lol the Type G plug already sorta allows for power adapters, just look at the British iPhone charger
Ralf Khoo
Ralf Khoo 3 months ago
its how annoying that laptop manufacturer could still release laptop with HD resolution ie 1366x768 its already 2020 and FHD resolution for laptop should have been a norm
Ramy 3 months ago
What about connecting your phone to your wall outlet directly trough usb?
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj 4 months ago
Apple: I’ve never seen this man in my life
DELTACX10 4 months ago
2:42 full bridge rectifier
Tom Dyer
Tom Dyer 4 months ago
“Original Xbox 360 AC adapter” Ha!! You should have seen the adapter for my Amiga 500. It was the size of a shoebox!!
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner 4 months ago
This is why I love 2 in 1 laptops that use USB-c for charging (at least as an option) Can't wait for ryzen 4000 laptops....
Extinct 4 months ago
Laughs in Xbox one s
Fuseteam 4 months ago
Now we just need DC outlets in our homes :p
Chris Racer
Chris Racer 4 months ago
Well in this way it is safer as there isn't high current near the laptop for instance therefore if you spill water or coffee the damage won't be as catastrophic
Tony C
Tony C 4 months ago
DC was Edison and AC was Tesla, right
mike ockburns
mike ockburns 4 months ago
Linus sex tips
Krisztian 08
Krisztian 08 4 months ago
0:21 isn't that a Lenovo adapter?
wiki leaks
wiki leaks 4 months ago
Damian9303 4 months ago
Because your gaming laptop is power hungry
Morien Bendinelli
Morien Bendinelli 4 months ago
1:27 "or rectify" "REKTIFY" "DA REKKTIFIER!!!"
Morien Bendinelli
Morien Bendinelli 4 months ago
Would pay to see a colab with those two great yuutoobers.👍🏼😆
El Cien
El Cien 5 months ago
Sorry Linus, ima have to drop a dislike due to how inaccurate this video is. It deserves a re-upload.
El Cien
El Cien 5 months ago
Nobody mentioned how noisy switching adapters are... primarily because in order to save $$ they are poorly shielded. That's what you get when you buy cheap shit from China.
Uriel Ceniceros
Uriel Ceniceros 5 months ago
Xbox 360
hussguy1990 5 months ago
So the big brick is basically a regulator?
Th3DarkKitsune 5 months ago
I had to resolder an old power brick for my old gaming laptop and my dumb @$$ shocked the f outa myself cause i forgot to unplugg it xD
Mateo978 5 months ago
I still have that xbox 360 and that box is so giant and I am sure you could kill someone easilly
LTGPlays 5 months ago
sorry EU wall outlets have 230 volts not 220
Jacob Curtis
Jacob Curtis 5 months ago
Sony put its power supplies in every Playstation console. Microsoft is just lazy.
Game LP
Game LP 5 months ago
Don't forget the Sega Genesis and the atari 5200 power adapter
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