Why Over the Hedge is Surprisingly Good

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Schaff reviews Over The Hedge! For real this time!
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Comments 80
Golfingcub02 3 hours ago
Give us ratatoullie!!!!
SuperMrL 4 hours ago
This movie is the most underrated thing of all time.
lord topaz
lord topaz 8 hours ago
. . . I swear I thought this was a fever dream i had
MCFinalNinja FTW
MCFinalNinja FTW 22 hours ago
Gladys is a total Karen. Prove me wrong.
Unslaadahsil Day ago
In a small defense of Bug's life: the problem with the bird plan wasn't that it was a "liar's plan", it was that it came out it was Flick's (the main ant) plan. And Flick was considered the mad inventor whose inventions never worked, so everyone assumed that this plan, just like all the ones before it, would fail. You can still claim it's a stupid reason for not using the bird, but it's less stupid than not using it because the guy who came up with it was a liar.
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Cool a nut job review
Mati Carrey
Mati Carrey 2 days ago
Nobody: The animals: The Verminator: Literally no one: *Glady's car patent* : GLADY$$$ (13:19)
Mati Carrey
Mati Carrey 2 days ago
Man I love this channel so much.
Wow hey it's me
Wow hey it's me 2 days ago
Man I was not expecting that Nostalgia Critic slam but boy did it hit hard lmaoo
Lucas Ramirez
Lucas Ramirez 2 days ago
Rj vs Vincent
Harry Conroy
Harry Conroy 2 days ago
Schaff: I really don’t care if you hate Megamind Me: HOL UP!!!!!!
Riot The Boss
Riot The Boss 3 days ago
Hah, "Hamming" hah... Cause it's Hammy... Heh... Bye
Fazbear Fright Fan
This is the beat movie.
Spore Summit
Spore Summit 3 days ago
what is the song list?
Big Smoosh
Big Smoosh 3 days ago
Please tell me what that tune is for the conclusion screen I know that I know the song I just don't remember what from
big_morko 3 days ago
r a t a t o u e YEEEAAAAHH its so sad how hype i got when he menioned a ratatooei video :D
Joelow 4 days ago
Hooded Ghost
Hooded Ghost 4 days ago
The only reason never I saw it as a little kid because I was....... not born then, I'm from 2008
Bradley A-S
Bradley A-S 4 days ago
The scene with the Verminator setting up the laser traps just triggered a massive yet forgotten nostalgia bomb that was hidden in the dark recesses of my very psyche... How could I forget about the mini-game that was bundled with the DVD copy of the film?
Name 4 days ago
Helio Nalendra
Helio Nalendra 4 days ago
In my opinion I like Cars 1 more then Over the Hedge.
MrAwesomeness360 4 days ago
2:43 Okay, Imma drop my two cents at this obvious Nostalgia Critic jab here: NC isn't wrong when he says "all comedy is based on some form of misery", that is the true factual reality of its very nature, a truthful reality that you clearly seem to misunderstand. Judging by your shot at the sentiment, you think that it means looking for an excuse to be a mean spirited asshole for no discernible reason when that is not the case, what they mean is that it's funny when the misery happens to someone who deserves it and had it coming. Somewhere in the mix, somebody has to suffer, and it's funny when, say, bullies get hurt because they're instigators who provoked the other party first, so you don't feel as bad when the bad things happen to them. It's funny when the stupid get hurt because their stupidity will also bring them consequences, like the old song goes: "If you're gonna be dumb, then you gotta be tough". It funny when someone annoying gets hurt because they were being annoying to begin with, so the reaction is funnier when they get hurt. If you have a character being punched in the face or drop an anvil on him and shows no kind of painful reaction, then show the reaction of the confused person trying to hurt him. That would be funny, because they're not getting the reaction they wanted and that counts as comedic misery on that person's part. And if you think this is just in movies, shows, and animation, then try looking up here on RUvid any real life examples of people trying to look cool by their peers only to fall flat on their faces, only for us to laugh at them. There's also the Jackass Crew if you want any further real life examples. The only time it's unfunny it's when it happens to people who _don't_ deserve it, the innocent who had nothing to do with nothing. But other than that: yes, that's the reality of comedy, easier to just accept it than deny it.
Brianna MacArthur
2:44 - 3:03 you know, between this and the shade he threw at Doug’s Disneycember review of Hercules in his Disney Renaissance ranking, I kinda have the feeling Shcafrillas is foreshadowing a ‘Why the Nostalgia Critic is a Terrible Movie Reviewer’ video. ...Or he just likes throwing shade at the Nostalgia Critic from time to time. Either way, he’s right.
pokfen 5 days ago
I grew up and realized that if Hammy was moving that fast that even light from laser detectors was slow, he would have been moving with the speed of light. It hurts my soul of physicist, even though I know it's slapstick comedy.
A Doctor
A Doctor 5 days ago
I always liked over the hedge
NoteFox 5 days ago
always happy to see new videos of Schaffrillas Production ^w^
Smugumin 5 days ago
The verminator is not a gift from god He Is god
Lual Lual
Lual Lual 5 days ago
2:55 wtf is he talking about?
alvaro.chileno 5 days ago
Over the hedge was good
lol 5 days ago
I’d bang the skunk
7567 Lonely Spartan
I remember going to grandmothers house every other Saturday and watching this movie on dvd.It is so nostalgic to me
Clebi Clebi
Clebi Clebi 6 days ago
How dare thee diss Happy Feet
Shiwoo Sung
Shiwoo Sung 6 days ago
Kinda annoyed that everyone hates cars. It was a great film. Two is getting a bit too much hate too. It's defiantly bad, but not terrible. I actually think cars three is the worst.
Nightshade - Warroir
honestly, i like bugs life, and unironically love over the hedge. your critisms of other films are valid, and honestly, they can be infuritating but they dont take away from the film in some cases. Over the hedge, has the oposite issue, not many problems, yet somehow, whatever tiny problem it has, made it a horrible film in a lot of peoples eyes, which kinda sucks. its a gem of a film. amazing video as always
Shine Snake
Shine Snake 6 days ago
Introducing the favorite character: Sponge bob, shrek, toy story 3, Sponge bob again
Flameingfire 101
Flameingfire 101 7 days ago
This was under comedy
Dread Pirate Robin
Verminator deserves his own spin-off.
Terry The Black Mage
Schaffrillas used music from Xenoblade Chronicles, my favorite RPG of all time. My life is complete.
Dylandogroc 7 days ago
Mr Schaffrillas What are your thoughts on robots and most importantly Mr Bigweld?
AsianPotatoes BeAngry
I laughed so hard when he mouthed "I am a dirt bag" and I don't know why.
Mason Herman
Mason Herman 8 days ago
Every dig at Doug Walker makes me smile. Not all comedy has to be derived from misery
JohnSlyRecon 8 days ago
Hammy had ADHD
SilverCypress 8 days ago
The Verminator carries that same energy as Caustic from Apex Legends.
Jacks TGM
Jacks TGM 9 days ago
This is my favorite dreamworks movie and best one in my opinion
Logan DeHaven
Logan DeHaven 9 days ago
Hey, Schaff, what are your thoughts on the movie Surfs Up?
Madison Maddi Thompson
so many memories playing this gamecube game tbh
William Frost
William Frost 10 days ago
Jumping the gun on Ratatouille, I do love the movie, but the ending... Remy's miraculous decision to prepare the title-dish for Ego is wholeheartedly unearned. Ego has close to 0 interaction with the other characters save for some moments, and not once in the movie do they explore the reasoning behind him, there's no exposition of his childhood or anything of the likes, Remy doesn't go on a search in order to find out the perfect dish to present to him, nothing, heck, a picture of Ego and his mom in their house of old would have done it, there's nothing. Am I misremembering this? It really bugs me to this day.
LordManda2 7 days ago
Oh no, Disney uses emotional storytelling in place of logic! What a tragedy! Truly this decision was a horrid anomaly that invalidates the entire film.
Γιαννης Μαρακης
Hammy has the power of za WARDO
Nate Clone
Nate Clone 10 days ago
You say you're going to review Ratatouille next kind of confuses me. Sure, It's a pretty good movie, but I see so many people saying it's One of their favorite Pixar movies, If not, It is their favorite. I don't really know why. Sure, the plot's definitely interesting and made me think for a moment, the characters all very interesting, And there's no real villain in the movie; The critic is just doing his job, and Skinner... Wait, what did he do again? Of course, there's that moment where The critic eats the pepperoni stack thing whatever you call it And he gets a cool flashback, and this is definitely the best part of the movie, and the lesson it teaches is actually very informative. But, this movie actually has a lot of flaws, In my opinion. Like, The movie jumps between the plot with the chefs and the rats way too quickly, except for the climax where they're put together in an actually pretty cool way. And Remy gets over the potential death of his clan rather quickly. Sure, he found the restaurant,but I'm just not going to forget that my family potentially drowned after I find something that I've wanted to see for 15 minutes. Overall, I think this movie is an average Pixar movie, there's nothing that really stands out about it, in my opinion, but it still does have Brad Bird's charm. But, hey, Maybe James will find something that I didn't see and I'll love it even more.
LordManda2 7 days ago
“Pepperoni stack thing” I see you really paid attention during the movie >_>
Tau 10 days ago
7:15 Who is this character??? It's sooo cute!!!
Nonononono I hate this movie so much, that raccoons gives all raccoons a bad name, he's bad and I hate him. (I respect ur opinion tho, that ones just mine)
Dogez 11 days ago
you should’ve done the ratatouille fake out with Ratatoung, everyone’s favorite childhood movie
Zach Boynton
Zach Boynton 11 days ago
It was so much better than monster house and happy feet, cars i understand people thinking is better but it still shouldve been nominated at least xD
Chinarroia 11 days ago
schaf boy likes verminator so much just because, he is the bastard son`s
Solus the Protogen
Solus the Protogen 11 days ago
This was the first movie I ever watch as a kid and I loved it. I seriously could not get enough of the characters after watching it.
Theme Park Avenue
Theme Park Avenue 11 days ago
3:02 OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Also, that was actually a good video of his.
chowbox87 11 days ago
Verminator= Caustic
Rainbowsparkle122 11 days ago
How monster house is horrifyingly depressing.
Cheesy chio
Cheesy chio 11 days ago
Please do Meet the Robinsons one of these days. I feel like it was really underrated and forgotten when the story and villain are just lovely.
bo guest
bo guest 12 days ago
Thanks for the birth day present.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 12 days ago
Who let dr Phil into my child movie 9:28
R. C.
R. C. 12 days ago
Megamind and Over The Hedge are amazing and good respectively. I adore Megamind, it took the whole villain turning good idea and run with it so much better than Despicable Me. Fight me, that movie is annoying, well the first is okay but the sequel's are a bit much.
Sam Murphy
Sam Murphy 12 days ago
I love this movie, and it definitely has nothing to do with me being a furry. I just love it....... okay actually no, it’s definitely ‘cause I’m a furry. Seriously tho, This has got to be my all time favorite Disney (is it Disney?) movie. Literally watched it tonight for free on RUvid. And it wasn’t even the whole movie in one video, It was a Bunch of 3min clips put into a playlist, I sat through them all just because I wanted to.
Donald Larrimore
Donald Larrimore 12 days ago
3:50 _What if we have a potential pandemic on our hands?!_ *Uh-Oh!!*
alexis pozo
alexis pozo 12 days ago
okay but when are we reviewing ratatouille
Elias Sjöbom
Elias Sjöbom 12 days ago
This movie is really from 2006. Wow, I feel like a boomer
Steve M.
Steve M. 12 days ago
Lmao nice Pooh's Adventures reference
Colin Turner
Colin Turner 13 days ago
Hate James Corden
EliSuperGamer 13 days ago
I appreciate playing Radio Ga Ga in the background
HD Pictures
HD Pictures 13 days ago
Honestly...how is Vern not a meme?
Now Loading
Now Loading 13 days ago
Jesus hearing dog fashion disco in this video scared the hell out of me and made me happy at the same time
Citral 13 days ago
I remember watching Over the Hedge on a rented DVD from Netflix
John Coffey
John Coffey 13 days ago
I really liked it too.
Atari Master
Atari Master 13 days ago
I don't think over the hedge would be as good for a sequel as megamind. Megamind has room for more character arch. Over the hedges arcs are over and any sequel would be objectively bad because any plot would be a retread or forced
Lex McKinnell
Lex McKinnell 14 days ago
Im sorry but the james corden working in a toll booth made me shit myself, thank u for that 😂
Tiger Lily Kitty
Tiger Lily Kitty 14 days ago
I adore Stella. She and Tiger were fantastic. The characters all had visible personalities and they stuck to them throughout the film.
Lauren 14 days ago
the rabies and the THX scene are 2000s era cinematic masterpieces. do open season next
Lauren 14 days ago
I had a crush on the raccoon from over the hedge as a kid... I'm sorry to say this
Bio21 14 days ago
Definitely gotta rewatch this, watched it to death when I was a kid
fruit lups _
fruit lups _ 14 days ago
Text at 7:22 reads editor's note: i don't think rock dog heavily falls into this category, but i put this scene in here anyways because they kinda do the liar revealed thing here a little bit :p
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