Why One Man Owns 2,371 Cell Phones

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Jayesh Kale owns over 2,300 old cell phones, most are Nokias, and all of them still work. It’s the largest collection of its kind in India, but Kale doesn’t want to stop there. His dream is to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. When you visit his home in Thane, India, you will see cell phones everywhere-in the living room, bedroom, in kitchen drawers, even in his wife’s wardrobe (frankly, she’s not happy about it). But Kale loves his phones dearly. “These are my babies,” he says. He takes us back to his college years to explain how his obsession began.
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Comments 80
Tony Ellen
Tony Ellen 35 minutes ago
01:30 A Nokia "surprisingly" working after falling 2 stories? There's no surprise in that, dude!
Narobe Seyoum
Narobe Seyoum 3 hours ago
Whyyyy tho??!!!
JAYESH WORLD 5 hours ago
Brother please reply me?.....
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 7 hours ago
This is basically marques brownlee
Sanskaar Sharma
Sanskaar Sharma 8 hours ago
1:25 so what do you expect? It was a Nokia 3310, it will work no matter what you do to it. That phone is legendary
Anonymous Wolf
Anonymous Wolf 8 hours ago
I wil name the OGs Nokia n75 Sony Ericsson W90i Nokia 1100
Tomato person aka salsa tomato
I can’t see anybody scratch my phone they are my babies. and then resting on them as if they were a bed
good night moon
good night moon 16 hours ago
"Nokia three-three-one-zero" *WHAAAAAAAAT*
good night moon
good night moon 18 hours ago
this guy: *laughs in Nokia*
ThePvpGamer 77
ThePvpGamer 77 20 hours ago
When the teacher takes away your phone in class But you wonder how the teachers dealt with him
tranquiL 23 hours ago
Coronavirus time
Rudra Sen
Rudra Sen 23 hours ago
Year 2003- tring tring (missed cal) Year 2019- holly shit a missed calllll..
The Infinity
The Infinity Day ago
*_Well, It makes all sense that how 2.0(Film) got all of its Mobile Phones from._*
Mayette Lee
Mayette Lee Day ago
Imagine someone calling you in multiple phones.
Ana Bregadze
Ana Bregadze 2 days ago
I guess he is an Indian phonescammer
LeoQKepler 2 days ago
He has more phones than marquees Brownlee
Tamal Anwar Chowdhury
This is actually very cool when I realized that he is collecting all the working Nokia phones. Cool that you can have every model from the Nokia brand, it can be a fortune someday.
Life Afterz
Life Afterz 2 days ago
These are my babies. Proceeds to lie on them
Hanif Khan
Hanif Khan 2 days ago
After watching this video, Me: 🤦‍♂️ Drug lords: hire this guy , we will bring all his phones in use. 2371 phones means 2371 deals. Great!!!
Fangbo Zhu
Fangbo Zhu 2 days ago
This guy is better at taking care of 2371 phones than me taking care of one.
starlord447 2 days ago
*Give this man a Note7!*
Billy Bestwick
Billy Bestwick 2 days ago
Why man owns 2,371 cell phones Me: because he’s crazy
TareAnimates 2 days ago
Imagine all the phones have the same phone number and somebody called him at the middle of the night and all the phones ringed at the same time and his house would become a nightmare.
Grant Henderson
Grant Henderson 3 days ago
MAPLE SYRUP • 99 years ago
0:05 "I kaanth" Rajn i kanth Rajni gandha Gandhi *Hi*
Shireii 3 days ago
looks like mark wiens in the thumbnail
Shreya Mukherjee
Shreya Mukherjee 3 days ago
Imagine the time it would take to charge all those phones.
SANGEETH MIX 3 days ago
So he need 2,371 simcards ?? 😂😂😂
Azn8r0wneyzs1 4 days ago
Imagine calling him if he put his number in every one of those phones and they weren’t on silent.
דניאל בן יוסף
This man could be the master catphish and you wouldn't even know it
Techno Gaming
Techno Gaming 4 days ago
This guy will definitely hate Jerry Rig
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 4 days ago
So you have 2371phones
Girish Kiran
Girish Kiran 4 days ago
But he is sleeping over his babies! 🤔
VINCE Grine 4 days ago
Am Sf
Am Sf 4 days ago
If he had an obsession for Apple, he would be broke.
Emi vlogs
Emi vlogs 5 days ago
Me:*calls 2,370 phones Him:*using only one phone
Popgunkid 5 days ago
guy"i cant let anyone scratch my phone or crack it "lays on phone
Hope YT
Hope YT 5 days ago
His phone bills must be skyrocketing or something, I didn’t see the whole video.
Chicken Kid1234
Chicken Kid1234 5 days ago
This guy: I cant see someone scratch my phones 3 seconds later hes laying on his phones
*me with my makeup addiction*
ahmed qasem
ahmed qasem 6 days ago
Whats your number? Just come up with a number and you should be able to get through to me
ahmed qasem
ahmed qasem 6 days ago
0:09 these are my bebis 🤣
Lyrinium 6 days ago
Trap house
Xxgamer 67
Xxgamer 67 6 days ago
The real reason: When one phone dies, he will buy a new one
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast 6 days ago
Jayesh : I could never see some one scratch it .. Also Jayesh : **proceeds to lie down on the phones like a bed**
My Name Is Steve
My Name Is Steve 6 days ago
This man can like his own post 2371 times
meme boi
meme boi 6 days ago
This guy is quite phoney
black_pixels 8 days ago
When someone calls but you don't know which phone it is.
Lool 8 days ago
That little tone at the ending is annoying I feel like someone is about to call me cant you change it?
Evalon Sqzz
Evalon Sqzz 8 days ago
He can't watch JerryRigEverything
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 8 days ago
My mans got that hotline bling.... that could only mean one thing
emir abdulcalimm
emir abdulcalimm 8 days ago
Girls: *Omg you‘re so handsome, can I have your number?* This guy: *Yeah. **_WHICH ONE?_* Him: “
lucas 9 days ago
Trapper of the century
He's a good drug dealer
Prutha Honrao
Prutha Honrao 9 days ago
Nokia tehtees das 😂😂
Sherin George
Sherin George 9 days ago
Why is every weird person featured in this channel Indian?🤔🤔
qolz moses
qolz moses 9 days ago
Imagine what it would have been like having the same number with all these phone.
Captain Duckys
Captain Duckys 9 days ago
So many phones but no touchscreen phone
Azazel57 9 days ago
"I can't see someone scratch it or drop it, these are my babies" *lays on phones*
Jurassicgamer 9 days ago
Nokia’s are invisible
Josefrancisco Salas Hdz
*Block my number bruh I dare you*
Roset 10 days ago
*"1 cellphones, 2 cellphones, 3 cellphones, 4 cellphones.....................-498 cellphones, 499 cellphones...* *1 hour later* *falls asleep* *wakes up* *"uhh how many have I counted. Welp, guess I have to start over"*
Asim and Aysha
Asim and Aysha 10 days ago
Jayesh: One missisipi, Hold on I will email you on my other phone right now Me: Which one....
Faramarz Kian
Faramarz Kian 10 days ago
He is saying the phones are his babies but then he is sitting on them
Doraemonsam 123
Doraemonsam 123 11 days ago
This guy when talking to people " *Block me I dare you* "
Ivan Cunj
Ivan Cunj 11 days ago
Who counted all of them and why
Kool aid Man
Kool aid Man 11 days ago
He weird
Joenathan Tanjaya
Joenathan Tanjaya 11 days ago
Imagine his one of his phones ringing but you he don't know which phone is ringing
Motivational and Educational videos
I just want to say that let us be .. there shouldn't be any problem with you on how we are and what we are
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell 11 days ago
Someone buy him an iphone 11
Lam Hoang Phuc
Lam Hoang Phuc 11 days ago
no one: the guy in the math problem:
P R 11 days ago
Surprisingly working The only thing that’s surprising is that you would think the Nokia would break
gingerale gaming and animation
This guy is probably the boss of the tech support scammers
Lazer 1
Lazer 1 12 days ago
Each phone is for the girls he is waiting to respond from tinder
xXxSam01xXx 01X
xXxSam01xXx 01X 12 days ago
He should go on TLC😂🤣
graysonplayskeys 12 days ago
“I can’t see anyone dropping my phones” Literally lays on them
stacy aha
stacy aha 12 days ago
does he got games tho?
Marina Levar
Marina Levar 12 days ago
I dont even own one!
rehana tariq
rehana tariq 12 days ago
Imagine if 1 phone rang . How long will it take to find it ?
Hello 12 days ago
All of the phones are for *POKEMON GO*
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