Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

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The iPhone XR has gotten a bad rap, and I wanted to set the record straight by doing a detailed comparison review. Let’s see if I can convince some of you to believe in the iPhone XR!

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6 ноя 2018




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GizmoSlipTech 4 месяца назад
Mega-Giveaway is still going on! ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-m3ChY7MPYmQ.html Note 9 Giveaway is over. Ivan from NJ won! Congrats dude! V-Bucks and Galaxy Skins have been given away to all 3 winners!
yozgatlicaner 8 минут назад
ivan where r you dude "}}}}}}}
Ayyo Hypex
Ayyo Hypex 26 дней назад
GizmoSlipTech bro can you please send me a iPhone XS Max
MiniGunTurtle Месяц назад
Not upgrading from my X. Gonna wait for 2020
jonas mieyi
jonas mieyi 2 месяца назад
🎉 iphone xr best phone apple ever created🎉🎉🎉got xr and a lumiy desk lamp for xmas boss setup now!
Luis Fonseca
Luis Fonseca 2 месяца назад
Do you even know how resolutions work? It is a 720p display. The pixel count is higher because the phone’s display is wider than your average 720p tv so that is where the extra pixels come from. Do a little research before your put out some misleading information.
ce pe
ce pe 5 часов назад
If you want a large screen get a tablet. Phones should be small enough to fit anywhere not bigger dummy
MartyvH 6 часов назад
XR is bigger. That's why I got the XS. If the XR was more compact I would have the XR. They are so close in features.
AyHavoc 20 часов назад
Minus two views from the first vid
Dude this is the worst review I have ever seen..i don’t know what to say to you but stop doing paid videos
djrocuall День назад
I’m watching from my small se 😭 I’m getting mine next week 😩
István Mező
István Mező День назад
very hot beard :)))
Nikolay Klimchuk
Nikolay Klimchuk 2 дня назад
I can easily see the difference in image quality between XR and XS. In fact it was first thing that stroke me.
Linda Eubanks
Linda Eubanks 2 дня назад
is it 4 g lite
Gaurav Verma
Gaurav Verma 2 дня назад
1.cheaper 2.comparable portrait mode 3.better battery life i think its better if u only consider these basic three parameters
Ravi Dhanawardhana
Ravi Dhanawardhana 3 дня назад
Have a XR black for last 03 months or so. Awesome.❤❤❤
TheGoldenAstonaut 3 дня назад
This video helped a lot
Julio Salgado
Julio Salgado 3 дня назад
It will last me all day playing 6 hours of youtube music vids and will kill 20 percent battery live if I use premium RUvid music app. Long Battery life Smooth working phone Easy use Good screen picture iPhone 10x Is the best but for me this is the best phone never have I Struggle on a charger like my previous phone.
Bart BC
Bart BC 4 дня назад
Dude, what about drop test? I saw you drop 10s and heard you say they claim it was best? and 2m water resistant on 10s?
Sewermonkey69 4 дня назад
I’m going from a 6s. So I think the Xr is plenty an upgrade for that astronomical price.
Archie Goodman
Archie Goodman 4 дня назад
You can't watch HD RUvid videos... It's got the same resolution as an iPhone 4
Johan Bortz
Johan Bortz 4 дня назад
Now i feel better about my choice of the XR, and I always trust someone who likes Tokyo Ghoul:)
HanSoloxcs 5 дней назад
What? Literally all the photos you took look way better on the XS? Are you nuts?
LivingwithKass 5 дней назад
“No one uses their phone like that.” Me (who’s super blind) watching this video two inches away from my face 😂😭
Son of None
Son of None 6 дней назад
I have an iPhone SE. Would I see a big difference if I upgrade to iPhone 8 ? Or should I just jump to XR
BIG HORN MGTOW 5 дней назад
no not really
Jose Andres
Jose Andres 6 дней назад
Me and my wife love our iPhone Xr’s!
Hells Army
Hells Army 5 дней назад
but missing our kidneys.
ELTE gamer
ELTE gamer 6 дней назад
Because it’s way cheaper 😂😂
Kamil Levi Pyka
Kamil Levi Pyka 6 дней назад
I ordered last night iphone xr.The main reason was it’s because iphone xs is away to expensive and iphone xr is basically same as iphone xs.I am upgrading from iphone 8plus to iphone xr and hopefully and it is certain is better upgrade.
Panayiotis Zavros
Panayiotis Zavros 6 дней назад
WHY DONT YOU BYE ONE PLUS? OR HUAWEI ??? 90% better performance than this fucking phone and at lower price!!holly shit!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!fucking closeminded kids
thiery GT
thiery GT 6 дней назад
Xs max is still the best
Devin Ergul
Devin Ergul 6 дней назад
The iPhone XR is not an upgrade from the X. You can get the iPhone X, the better phone, for CHEAPER than the XR. It honestly hurts me when I see kids who don’t even know what oled is buy an XR thinking they got an amazing deal. By far the sketchiest thing apple has ever done is release this phone and stop selling the X
Captainkicka 7
Captainkicka 7 6 дней назад
Dude it's the same phone
Meme_Suprememe 7 дней назад
You sound like Mr Beast
rauf skhaeelaTRAUFsakwjej
rauf skhaeelaTRAUFsakwjej 7 дней назад
rauf skhaeelaTRAUFsakwjej
rauf skhaeelaTRAUFsakwjej 7 дней назад
ROOKIE SKIPPER 7 дней назад
Ya see.. I got a 6s for the recent Christmas from my parents but I’ve been wanting a XR for awhile now...hmmmmm...what to do.
Radical Lighting
Radical Lighting 7 дней назад
New to iPhone and first phone have XR. Love it. But if someone gets me an XS, maybe give it a try 😏
Ro Land
Ro Land 7 дней назад
Which should i buy? iPhone X or XR? Same price, i have iPhone SE
Samantha Imperial
Samantha Imperial 7 дней назад
xr, cheaper and has a lot of good colors!
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore 7 дней назад
Xr has the same amount of PPI as an iPhone 4 lmao
Nate Kronewitter
Nate Kronewitter 8 дней назад
Was debating on the xr this helped me make my mind up thx
jennifer torres
jennifer torres 8 дней назад
Feeling better about having the IPHONE XR 🥰
Erica Murray
Erica Murray 8 дней назад
Upgraded from a 7 to a XR a couple weeks ago. I LOVE it!
Tamia mia
Tamia mia 8 дней назад
i have a iphone xr it is waterproof and way better than the iphone xs
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 8 дней назад
iPhone XR is a big rip off with 828p resolution
Savann Williams
Savann Williams 8 дней назад
You look like Lance Bass 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 8 дней назад
Yep, this phone is fricking awesome
Braden King
Braden King 8 дней назад
I love the XR the battery is really good and the display is nice and not too big
M. bruno
M. bruno 8 дней назад
From iphone 7 plus to xr . Luv the xr screen size and no more home button. Not a selfie type so i care less about photos etc .. i guess it depends on what you need... plus apple has better warranty than samsung in my country so its a big big plus.
pr 4 life Sepulveda
pr 4 life Sepulveda 8 дней назад
People saying phone does not support LTE
Jamileah Alsheikh
Jamileah Alsheikh 8 дней назад
Umm iPhone XR for me are over $1,000 soooo
Jayda edits'
Jayda edits' 8 дней назад
Tbh I want to choose xr but I just don’t like the back camera....
Jayda edits'
Jayda edits' 7 дней назад
Andrea Guzman back camera
Andrea Guzman
Andrea Guzman 7 дней назад
Jayda edits' what don’t you like about it ?
Murrayer 9 дней назад
The OLED and superior resolution matter a ton on a 65 inch television, but on a smartphone it's functionally irrelevant unless you spend all of your waking moments watching horror movies on Netflix. XR is arguably better for $200+ less? I'll go with the XR any day.
Brandon Kemp
Brandon Kemp 9 дней назад
I went from the 5s to the XR and I love it #teamXR
kerri price
kerri price 9 дней назад
I had a xr for 14 days & decided to return it to store for the Xs which I deeply regret - much preferred the xr was way better , preferred the size of the xr also , going to see if they’ll let me swap it again back to the xr.
Anne Watman
Anne Watman 9 дней назад
I was tempted by the XS camera, but not for the price difference. (It’s nice having a decent camera on my cell phone, but I’ll still use my DSLR when I am serious about getting great photos.) Plus, I was able to get the XR for less and have 128 gb! With the XS you jump from 64 to 256, and that adds to the price. I’m with you on the screen resolution; the difference isn’t great enough for me to care. Plus, I don’t use my phone for watching movies. Apple is constantly upgrading their phones, and you could make yourself crazy keeping up. I went from a 7 Plus, and I love that the XR is still a great size, but slightly narrower, so easier for smaller hands. I love your review!!!
Reny Haakmeester
Reny Haakmeester 9 дней назад
I’m upgrading to the xr from an iphone se Massive upgrade !
Mithun C
Mithun C 3 дня назад
yep same here
XxLILBLAZE Gamer 9 дней назад
my man gizmo watch Tokyo ghoul
Lorenzo Smith
Lorenzo Smith 9 дней назад
Hair says 40 Face says 30+ Body says 25+ Voice says Mr Beast
Zohal Azimi
Zohal Azimi 9 дней назад
Lorenzo Smith SFGJFSTKI
Can I get 100 subs plz
Can I get 100 subs plz 10 дней назад
Sub to me
Sasori of the Red Sand
Sasori of the Red Sand 10 дней назад
Should i get an Xr or a normal X???
arixna 9 дней назад
Sasori of the Red Sand xr
krispykr33m2 10 дней назад
Good cuz I just bought a yellow one. And im uprading from a 5s
Joseph Camastro
Joseph Camastro 10 дней назад
I’m on my iPod rn but I’m going to get the xr and I am soo exited! Leave a like to show how exited I should be
Ishmael Saldana
Ishmael Saldana 11 дней назад
I LOVE YKUR VIDEOS, they’re really extensive in the details that I always want to know and ask
CSl_VeRtEx 11 дней назад
He sounds like mrbeast
Paul Scaife
Paul Scaife 11 дней назад
This video made me retarded.
Pandicorn_ 420
Pandicorn_ 420 11 дней назад
I got my iPhone 6 stolen from one of my friends and I goto at&t and got the iPhone XR because This lady told me she had it and it looked really nice so I got it👌🏽
Ömer Furkan Yalçın
Ömer Furkan Yalçın 9 дней назад
why ur friend stoles ur phone xd
Lorenzo Raggiante
Lorenzo Raggiante 11 дней назад
I don’t like that the xr doesn’t have the 3D touch
Gaming With Absol
Gaming With Absol 12 дней назад
Oooof anime nerd here got distracted by his shirt more than what the phones about XD but watching because wanting to know if I can argue with people on which iPhone is best since I’ll be getting the Xr next week
Itz Yasin_Islam
Itz Yasin_Islam 12 дней назад
Is should be called XC not XR
Valter Nagy
Valter Nagy 12 дней назад
xs better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neo Plasma
Neo Plasma 12 дней назад
Spoiler: Xs is actually the Xr. Apple just punked you
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda 12 дней назад
He kinda sounds like mrbeast?
Chino's Feelings
Chino's Feelings 13 дней назад
I hate how the xr is $750 but really $820 because of tax
Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda 13 дней назад
XR is so gay. This dude just compared the video quality saying that the colors were the same. Wtf? U can tell the difference between them
Ji-eun Lee
Ji-eun Lee 13 дней назад
For me it was a matter of battery life. I personally think resolution becomes a waste on a mobile screen and it just drains too much battery.
Avery Armas
Avery Armas 13 дней назад
Can someone explain to me what 3D Touch is? I know the Xr doesn’t have it but I don’t understand what it does... I have an iPhone 6, does my current phone have 3D Touch ? I’m just confused by what it does
SAMUEL LOMGKUMER 13 дней назад
Just get the galaxy s9 and xr display is fu$#€@. 100$ less. Plus iPhone has admitted to slowing down performance.
Duterte Cabigting Gaming
Duterte Cabigting Gaming 13 дней назад
But whats better 8 plus or Xr? Just asking trying to upgrade from a 6s plus
arixna 9 дней назад
Duterte Cabigting Gaming xr
theJgamer24465 J
theJgamer24465 J 13 дней назад
I have an iPhone XR and its great👍🏼
binjai cincai
binjai cincai 14 дней назад
i dont know what to choose then i watch this video .. i will for xr ..thank dude love u haha
Dane C.
Dane C. 14 дней назад
For someone whose all about battery count me in. I'll be going to the XR from the Galaxy S9+. Samsungs battery is not good on this phone and I can't stand the curved screen at all!
Rose Rodriguez
Rose Rodriguez 12 дней назад
Agreed! I came from an s9+ and now have an XR and it is so much better in terms of battery life. My other phone was also lagging quite a bit and I would need to restart it at least once a day. It was terrible. I've switched over and really do enjoy how quick the phone is. It did take some time to enjoy the screen because I could tell the difference at first but now I've forgotten it so it's all good!
John Elkins
John Elkins 12 дней назад
I also have the s9+ and ordered an iphone xr today!
Aleksandar be together not the same
most powerfull a12 cant watch 1080 p video then is not powerfull its big lie stupid apple customers belive in apple lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣 iphone stupid phone from 2013 for 1000$ apple customers ar high stupid blind and brainwasher by apple so much from powerfull a12
Aleksandar be together not the same
dumb channel running by dumb sheep jesus american are high stupid blind and brainwased american peope has iq like ground worm ha ha ha
Maram Abdulrahman
Maram Abdulrahman 14 дней назад
I changed from the iPhone 7 to the Xr and honestly it’s amazing
Literally So Pigmented
Literally So Pigmented 15 дней назад
what game was he playing?
Official avdon Reviews
Official avdon Reviews 15 дней назад
The iPhone X xs Xmax and xr are all good phones so long as u got 1 of those out the line up your straight 🇺🇸
Shahid hussain Shahid hussain
Shahid hussain Shahid hussain 15 дней назад
Iphone is best mobile in the world..🤗🤗🤗😎😎
Jobo so
Jobo so 15 дней назад
Used my Xr for satnav today with Waze app. drove 4 hours without charge - 20% left. My last phone 6+ would not last 3 hours.
Star Milligan
Star Milligan 15 дней назад
Who’s watching from there 7 plus trying to decide between Xr or Xs lol
ian west
ian west 15 дней назад
The iPhone XR should of been 5.8 the XX should of been 6.1
FaHaD Waheed
FaHaD Waheed 15 дней назад
7:43 that hurts....
DO0MJustice 15 дней назад
I can’t afford any of these phones 😢
DO0MJustice 15 дней назад
I went to an apple store and I went to see and iPhone XR and an iPhone XS now the display you can really tell the difference and the XR is so much bigger than the XS.
Famous Fun
Famous Fun 16 дней назад
Great video. Just help me out a whole lot cuz I just bought a iPhone xr and my sister got the iPhone xs max 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sarisha Jain
Sarisha Jain 16 дней назад
I feel like for me it wouldn’t matter about how the overall camera of iPhone XS is better than the iPhone XR as I have an iPhone 6 which is getting really slow, and camera quality is probably way worse than XR or XS. What I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t notice a big difference between the phones. And when you have a pretty old phone then its better to get a new but cheaper phone which basically has the same features as the more expensive and “better” phone.
XoJessaBooXo 29
XoJessaBooXo 29 16 дней назад
I love my XR. I upgraded to it from the 6s plus. I have no issues with it at all. The battery life is definitely a beast!
Walter Hunter
Walter Hunter 16 дней назад
I love 3D Touch
JJ king
JJ king 16 дней назад
The bezels don’t bother me much, I actually kind of like them on the product red version because the black outline around the phone compliments the red color so good! It’s not like it’s a 8 or older type bezel people sheesh lol.
Jackandmel 16 дней назад
All you need to mention is screen size to make the xr better that xs that’s it that’s what should convince people to buy it It did to me
Ponkatalv 16 дней назад
The XR is for Apple fanboys on a budget, save that $200 to buy more dongles for your Macbook pro
Ashley Zamora
Ashley Zamora 17 дней назад
i went to a 5s to an iphone Xr and im only 12 so i dont care about the camera and stuff so i think the XR is better then the Xs and Xs max and the battery life actually does beat the Xs max
Kray Toes
Kray Toes 17 дней назад
I still have an iPhone 6s and it’s starting to be painful so I’m looking for a new iPhone.. I’m thinkin the xr might be the choice I’m going with
cute critters and friends
cute critters and friends 18 дней назад
0:47 Γυcκιηg Γοrτηιτε
Punisher 943
Punisher 943 18 дней назад
To anyone who does math, the only blatant lie here is saying that the Xr’s resolution is closer to 1080p than it is to 720p, considering that it is 27048 pixels closer to 720p than 1080p.
•JapaneseRamen• 18 дней назад
i love you so much for wearing a tokyo ghoul shirt
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