Why I Haven't Written a New Book

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In which John Green talks about writing books. And not writing books. And writing in new places.
You can find Turtles All the Way Down, The Fault in Our Stars, and my other books at your local library, or if you're inclined to buy them, at your local bookstore. You can find The Anthropocene Reviewed wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening.
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Jun 11, 2019




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vlogbrothers Year ago
Hi. Thank you for the kind and supportive words. Really. The greatest gift of the past 510 days has been hearing from so many people who live with mental illness or love someone who does, and who've found something meaningful or resonant in Turtles All the Way Down. So yeah. Thanks. As for The Anthropocene Reviewed, you can find it here: www.wnycstudios.org/shows/anthropocene-reviewed or listen wherever you get your podcasts. Sorry it is hard to spell. -John
AGBAJE ololade
AGBAJE ololade 9 months ago
The world is waiting. It's time to release a new book chief.
esrA eloH
esrA eloH Year ago
vlogbrothers I find myself feeling utterly befuddled at my mother's entire deliberate ignorance of the internet, the stuff I've gained direct access to, the people I just don't have a hope in hell of ever becoming aware of without. Listening to your mind, week after week, is a worthwhile thing in my mind, I really don't understand her assumption this thing is some psychos playground, & nothing more
I recently felt an inexplicable pull to reread TATWD and was reminded of how important it is to me. Never have I felt that my mental illness is so understood as when I read this book. It made me feel so much less alone. Thank you for Aza. And for all your vulnerability.
Theresa Ivy
Theresa Ivy Year ago
Did you count the days on calendar?😉
Adela Scotland
Turtles All The Way down, along with everything else you have written has helped me cope with my own existence in ways I can't even begin to express.
Filyre 21 day ago
Awww, it's happy and sad that John feels different, he didn't say don't forget to be awesome… Thanks for being vulnerable and we all still love you!
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. 23 days ago
totally understand what you're saying and im so glad you found a platform to write without the stress. Just wanted to say though that i absolutely adore your novels. Really, amazing, incredible , i keep reading and rereading them. Your stories really have given me so much and thank you for that. The characters and the ideas and just the general point of each of the books is incredible. The messeges that ive received from them are important to me and i love the way you write.
Colenn Grace Laguda
Hi John Green! I'm a huge fan of yours! I bought Turtles All the Way Down on the day of my debut, I was so happy reading it, you're my most favorite author! Your books help me to avoid negativities by reading and imagining that I'm with your written characters. I hope you could write again, love, a fan from the Philippines.
Maurice B.
Maurice B. Month ago
When RUvid recommends you a vlogbrothers video and it's title is not a line from the Smashmouth Megahit All Star: wait that's illegal.
Khadijah Month ago
Alicia Maryweather
Dear John, don't worry we will wait. thanks for this book it's excellent. much love.
Nikhil Kona
Nikhil Kona Month ago
make tatwd a movie
Emma V.
Emma V. Month ago
I know what it's like to live with anxiety, and honestly, it sucks a lot. But it brings me so much comfort knowing that one of my favorite authors wrote a book that made me feel not so alone. I am currently writing a book that I plan on publishing and I'm only in middle school. And you inspired me a lot. I really really really love your books and have read all of them. Thank you for a chance to escape my reality and make my problems seem not so problem-y anymore.
Isaac phassang
Isaac phassang Month ago
Hey john.. i love all ur books and i love every one of them especially looking for alaska and i cant wait to read ur new ones hope u’ll write and publish it soon👏🏻 take care and bless u❤️
anonymous 404
anonymous 404 Month ago
still, we want a new book in 2020-21, please
Khadijah Month ago
Congrats you are!!
kp1flush 2 months ago
How did I not know about this book?
Tanseem Kashyap
Tanseem Kashyap 2 months ago
In Reading John Green's novels I feel something words or language can't support. A year ago, I read my first novel which was TFIOS, and not just Fault In Our Stars his all novels have a depth which I love. I have read most of his novels and I'm proud of that. His novels did change my world and I want to say THANK YOU
Rose Harmon
Rose Harmon 2 months ago
I just wanted to tell you that your “An Abundance of Katherines” book has helped me in so many ways get on my feet. I relate to Colin like some people relate to their memories and I’m really thankful to have found it. I’m a young writer and I struggle with anxiety and wondering if I’ll ever make a difference, but your characters have given me a new perspective.
Tori Ko
Tori Ko 2 months ago
Imo you should really promote Anthropocene Reviewed more. Every time you talk about it it’s the polar opposite of what I would listen too/watch, but then you listen to the 3rd episode and you really like it
huhhuhhuh 2 months ago
Anthropromorphescene Reviewed is my favourite podcast
Sarah Leidhold
Sarah Leidhold 2 months ago
“Turtles” is my favorite. You’re amazing John. Take your time. Live your life. We love you.
PagmsSilver 2 months ago
Because you don't have thoughts of your own.
Brett Marquez - DOC
Brett Marquez - DOC 2 months ago
I love your work and wish there were a new book on the horizon, but it is 2020, and nobody got time for champagne problems nor for those that have opinions about another person's intrinsic or unconscious preferences of ice cream. (Based on that last sentence, please add commas to my "got no time for..." list. (Ya caught the list reference right?) With our country all falling into some state of mental weakness, what better time for a John Green story? Pretty Please? Pretty Please with a scratch and sniff cherry sticker on top? !
Nick 2 months ago
I was introduced to the podcast and was drawn by John's way of speech. He's a fantastic writer, yet just as good an orator. I find that to be rare and refreshing.
skyjoe66 3 months ago
But there turtles... they have to be hardback
Rose Joy
Rose Joy 3 months ago
Omg hi your book The Fault In Our Stars was the book that got me into reading. You are truly a great writer I have read that book 23 times and it never gets old I have all your books and I am such a huge fan of your work. I have so many questions about the book The Fault In Our Stars and i neeeed answers. I'd give anything to meet u and get these questions answered keep up the good work.
Jaden Stone
Jaden Stone 3 months ago
For the record, this is currently the first video that appears when "John Green" is searched on Google (6/24/2020)
Natasha Ghose
Natasha Ghose 3 months ago
Hey john, I have been listening to your podcasts and don’t get me wrong I love em but ur books, they take me to another world and I am the biggest fan. I want u to know there will be haters but us lovers of ur books, we are crazy for u, I am crazy for u so I request you to write whenever you are ready for it when ever your mind allows you to. I love your books. Hope to read some more soon. Ps I’ve read all of them.
Shruti Ray
Shruti Ray 3 months ago
I m not really anyone to ask you for anything but a reader i thought i was extremely ordinary till i came across your book the fault in our stars in 9th grade apart from being in love with it i started feeling smart i started feeling that my thoughts,my likes my dislikes matters me loving the stars matters and more over it doesn't need a person to be from out of the world to be great tbh u kind of opened alot of doors to me i started watching crash course i started believing that i can be something and i wanted to be a doctor no wonder why to save my life's Augustus waters i kind of started confiding in this new side of shruti turned hazel my grades was improving so was i so i can't be more thankful for making me believe i m normal and the world is normal and normal people can do pretty brilliant things,and in turtles all the way down trust me the reviews wasn't that good but i still read it 4 times cause i found the things i really needed in that,and if u feel like you have to make up to people you have to have an amazing novel everytime and care about what news headlines think then you might waste your talent of changing someone's life and not everybody's a fan of ur podcasts i m not and not everyone can be a fan of your writings like me,and the books that u r appreciated for will always be there so you know nobody can question your mind its yours and frankly, your fans will even read your grocery list @johngreen , stick with writings till i find my Augustus and dave and truely myself too i need your words. Yours truely forever Shruti ray
Shruti Ray
Shruti Ray 3 months ago
Actually i took an year off smart phone and all the time i was wondering when you'll come up with a new book and why haven't you yet,so when i found this recommended video i forgot to check the date;)its a rabbit hole in here
Allen Callahan
Allen Callahan 3 months ago
You have a lovely soul, Hank. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
Russ Izmaylov
Russ Izmaylov 3 months ago
Pause on 0:01. My look asking the same question.
ChrisTheGamer101 4 months ago
put it on x1.25 and it sounds like I'm listening to a crash course
Hannah 4 months ago
this book means the whole world to me
Yasmine Padilla
Yasmine Padilla 4 months ago
c= ^v^
Paul Liam R. Du Bois
You are a good man.
elia rendel
elia rendel 4 months ago
your books have impacted me so much, and i still find myself relating to characters from your books that i read years ago. your words have forever changed the the way i see the world and always helped me though difficult times. thank you for everything you’ve written, i’ll be waiting for the next one, but please take your time!! ❤️
cok3r 4 months ago
So what are your favorite podcasts if you haven’t shared before. If you have then I will look around. Thanks, !
Kimberly Yohn
Kimberly Yohn 4 months ago
Honestly John, I imagine you won't see this, but watching this a year later, I just want to say that if you ever wanted to put together your essays from Anthropocene Reviewed, I would buy that book to gift -- I love your essays and have some loved ones that aren't big podcast people that I think would enjoy them. They're beautiful and entertaining and I imagine the point is not publishing, but please know that they're beloved and enjoyed and your value as a writer isn't just in novels, because there are so many wonderful ways you share your talents with the world.
Juju Schrader
Juju Schrader 4 months ago
My brother's girlfriend knows I love reading, but I'll be honest, I wasn't particularly interested in your stuff. I thought it was over-hyped (hmm, I wonder why...maybe because I didn't actually read anything you wrote). I guess I just liked the idea of being different. But anyway, for Christmas either 2018 or 2019 (I can't remember), she gave me Looking For Alaska. I loved it, and it is her favorite book from when she was my age!!! So, I went on to buy your other books and found them really intriguing. If you do end up writing a new book soon, I'll go read it, and I'm keeping my eye on the internet. Keep doing what you find interesting Regards, A student taking a break from studying because I'm so over the idea of school and I want to quit. My AP euro exam is tomorrow and I'm gonna die and I appreciate your crash course videos. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
Amber 90
Amber 90 5 months ago
I'm so late! I've been watching crash course for years, but I had no idea you were an author!
Lorena Rengifo
Lorena Rengifo 5 months ago
John Green I love you as a person and as a role model. Thank you for never forgetting to be awesome!
leeiliketoread 5 months ago
My favorite author, is also my favorite RUvidr. Huh, interesting
Benjamin Guyer
Benjamin Guyer 5 months ago
Your book is increasingly meaningful John. We as a community will support whatever you need. The other thing is I'm doing my dissertation on Turtles All the Way Down and would love to ask you some questions about it.
Catalina Sanhueza
Catalina Sanhueza 5 months ago
I just hope John green nows that he is amazing and legit my favorite author of all time! But his health is sooo much more important than any book. But words cannot describe how much of an inspiration this man is to me. Like crash course- has gotten me through many study sessions. His books for a while where the only things than interested me (he will forever be my fav author) and his overal enthusiasm for learning is what keeps me going .. he has truely impacted my life.
jungle beats
jungle beats 6 months ago
Your books are shit.
Tyler Lascola
Tyler Lascola 7 months ago
For the record, TATWD is not only your best book yet but my all-time favourite book - and I’m an English major, I read a lot of books! I connected to it in a way that I’d never connected to a book before, and I’m so grateful to you for producing it in spite of your own setbacks ♥︎ But really, I’ve written essays on your work for classes and I’m… really proud of you, from a writer to a fellow writer, because you’ve developed so much and gotten so good at writing. Love you ♡
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal 8 months ago
Love the pod!
Zaina Canan
Zaina Canan 8 months ago
Lauren Miracle
Lauren Miracle 8 months ago
I love your writing and I can say I’ve ready about everyone of your books at least 2 times each, and by far my favorite has to to be Turtles all the way down ( Looking for Alaska as runner up) I think your writing style is so unique and you are among a few the only writers that I really enjoy reading. I can’t wait until you come out with a new book, but mental health always comes first. Thank you for the wonderful books you have created.
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao 9 months ago
You're a great writer John. What you write makes me feel how you feel, the only equivalent I can think of is Dave Chappelle's Standup Comedy.
Lily Cash
Lily Cash 9 months ago
Your stories are so exquisite and I've found it difficult to read books other than your because your writing is so unique and special to me. ❤️ I can't wait to read further books from you, but all your timing!
Julia 9 months ago
Abdullah Hassan
Abdullah Hassan 9 months ago
Just shut up and publish a new novel
Khadijah Month ago
You did not pass the vibe check. You're grounded
Cecilie Hansen
Cecilie Hansen 10 months ago
You are my favorite writer and I hope you’ll write books again soon. You are too brilliant to feel the things you describe here - not that I don’t understand.
Lilly L
Lilly L 10 months ago
I first found your books when I visited Amsterdam. Of course the fault in our stars was the book I read there. I was 13 and utterly in love with everything you put in this story. Since then I read every book you wrote more than I can count. I‘m 19 now and I still love them. I was soo happy to receive turtles all the way down with an autograph!! What I really wanted to say: I miss your novels and I hope to read a new one in the future! Until then: be safe with your mental health and be happy. We care about you, not only your books.
Jana Hatem
Jana Hatem 10 months ago
it was the best. don't worry.
Gigi x
Gigi x 10 months ago
Don't worry, you're not nearly as douchepanty as Peter Van Houten
Don't Worry be Happy
Don't Worry be Happy 10 months ago
Becca Lunde
Becca Lunde 11 months ago
High school English and history teacher here....just wanted to say that your books make such a difference! I have all of them in my classroom library, and so many students who "hate" reading have checked them out and fell in love with your characters, especially in Turtles All the Way Down for my kids with anxiety. I'm grateful for the realistic characters you create and for the students who connect with them. I'll be the first to pre-order when you write another one (for myself and my students!). In the meantime, I'm watching Crash Course with my APUSH students and listening to your podcast!
John Young
John Young 11 months ago
I like your thought of books as a quiet experience in a loud world, but sometimes the book can be shattering in a 'loud' way too. I've had people tell me my novel keeps them awake because they can't get it out of their heads so they have to get up and read on. And in the writing of it, sometimes it was a quiet and safe place, while at other times shaking me to tears. Either way, I get why you took the time off. Sounds like you're getting recharged over the 500+ days. Best to you, John Young, author of WHEN THE COIN IS IN THE AIR
Jim Laslett
Jim Laslett 11 months ago
I switched off after 2,30minutes 🤷‍♂️
sit in cup
sit in cup 11 months ago
hello from canada! *its fucking cold here*
Cassidy Jade Thomas
Cassidy Jade Thomas 11 months ago
I dont think you need to worry because i read Fault in our stars and I just loved the book and you know what just reading one book of yours made you my favorite author and honestly people can judge because you have so many people who love your books
Deborah Minter
Tori Husen
Tori Husen Year ago
I've enjoyed your content for years, but Turtles All The Way Down was the first book that I've read by you. And it kind of broke me open. I don't have OCD, but some of the spirals Aza finds herself in remind me of my own. So much so that I had to close the book and reset a couple times. I love that book, but not for my usual reasons. It didn't give me an escape. It didn't wisk me away to some far off land with magic and monsters. It just reminded me of who I am, without making me feel like that's a bad thing to be. So thank you, for everything.
George Washington
It give me hope to know that even when publishing your 5th novel you were worried if people would like it. I guess that’s something that never really goes away
LokiZ 007
LokiZ 007 Year ago
Turtles was my favorite.
It’s coming tomorrow! 🎶 I couldn’t have been older that 14 when I read Looking for Alaska on my sister’s command and I loved it. I’ve only ever read a handful of books all the way through, the first being a novelization of Pokémon the Movie 2000 I had won in a raffle in the 3rd grade. I couldn’t put it down which somehow granted me my one and only-ever student of the month award. In Darkness Death was the only other book I’d gotten my hands on at my choosing. It was the 8th grade, and the Band was visiting Northridge college. I picked it up at their bookstore once I realized it was not only morbid, but based in historic japan (I had an obsession or two at this time- learned all the hiragana and smidge of the language.) I read that book at least 3 times. I’m so worried now about reading a bad book- and I’m not illiterate in the least! I’m just hoorrrribly distracted! 1st world problems!
Simply Ayanah
Simply Ayanah Year ago
LISTEN… The Fault in Our Stars was EVERYTHING! I know that book is super old but man it was such a good book.
Leslie Nicole Johnson
Plus no ones buying and reading books that much anymore. So the market is dwindling.
Clara Monteiro
i love turtles all the way down soooooo much
alexroseagain Year ago
I recently did a Bookmoji display at my library (like blind date with a book, but instead of a summary, you get a three emoji summary of the books). I summarized TATWD as 🕵️‍♀️🌀🦎
James Reeves
James Reeves Year ago
It's a difficult listen to hear of your champagne problems. I have a few dear self-published author friends who have struggled for years to find an audience, to the point of offering their books for free in the hope of receiving positive reviews. These efforts have resulted in being trolled with negative reviews by people who never read the freely offered books, but found instead toxic gratification in berating the authors' work. They have been taken advantage of by online book sellers, publishers and a plethora of applications with promises of great success, for a fee. The literary landscape has changed to the extent that anyone with great ideas is sidelined by only those with the monetary wherewithal to make their voice heard. Ursula K. Le Quin knew this was coming in 2014 and said as much at the National Book Awards. So here we are. Your works are excellent and have received many accolades , as they should. I believe its useful to remember that while a few rise to the top, many will sink to the bottom. Humility breeds empathy. www.matejaklaric.com/ is one example of what I mean.
K MacDonald
K MacDonald Year ago
It's almost like some American lives have second acts.
Mari10 Year ago
I really want to know what happens in the final of Turtles All The Way Down, but I can’t. I never finish the book, but I’m always trying to. The words and feelings that you expressed anxiety makes me cry, my book had tears marks. You touched my heart, your story change my life. I’m a reader fan and for all books that I read before Looking For Alaska and Turtles All The Way Down have a espace in my story. ( Sorry for my english, I don’t speak well, but I’m trying)🇧🇷
Dave's Cave
Dave's Cave Year ago
I’m no where near done with a novel. :) I need to read your new novel.
Clarissa Roberts
You are my absolute favorite author. I went through a typical teenage depression in high school and during that time I found Looking for Alaska. It was relatable and beautifully written and though I have read it at least three times the plot twist is still harrowing and it is still just as captivating at my current age. It is my favorite book. I hope you are able to get out of your mind, as I know your own head can be a scary place at times. I loved your twist on anxiety in Turtles as well. We all love your work and support you and though we are all anxiously awaiting your next masterpiece hope you are well.
Caroline McGlinchy
TATWD is 100% my favorite john green novel. i think it’s a genuine standout from the rest of his novels. and i hate hate hate young adult novels, especially romantic ones, but this novel really just clicked something within me. thank you for this novel, john🧡 i really would love to see TATWD in novel form. and i never thought i would love a john green novel. but, don’t judge an author by their most popular book.
maddy marie
maddy marie Year ago
Since i haven’t read your work since middle school and i just graduated high school, i’m so much more used to history re-teller john green than novelist john green haha. going into college i would like to redeem novelist john green as i pursue my english degree and work my way up to being an author. thank you for all the inspiration
maddy marie
maddy marie Year ago
We would wait 510 years for a new book! Keep doing you and always put yourself first
Willieuam Year ago
What about turtles all the way down movie adaption?
Margot Finch
Margot Finch Year ago
I will always support you and stay as your faithful fan, John! Live your life you're entitled to it.
Ichy Naji
Ichy Naji Year ago
Take care of yourself John
Ichy Naji
Ichy Naji Year ago
I loved all your books
RedShareen Year ago
such a simple and universal concern that is nevertheless so artfully articulated _i see you've been writing, john_
deanmullen10 Year ago
You're a great inspiration. You've inspired a lot of other people to write whether as a catalyst inspiration or in my case, an added but substantial inspiration in my dream of having a book published one day.
The pink Show
The pink Show Year ago
My god I don’t even know how to express how much your books have meant to me. I first read fault in our stars in middle school and it changed my life. In a space where I felt so alone I could pick up that book and be happy all of a sudden. I have reread that book enough to quote it in my darkest times. So whether you write another book or not. Your the best writer I’ve ever known. If you ever do write a novel again just know I’d be happy to read it or even your opinion on Taco Bell.❤️
Jennie White
Jennie White Year ago
I love the anthropecene reviewed!
Dear Mr John Write anything publish anything I'll read it. Honestly I'll read your grocery list
Vanshika Dhyani
I love JG so much
BookishLish Year ago
Quick question John - would you ever consider publishing your Anthropocene reviewed pieces as a collection of essays? Maybe of your favorites, or more volumes as time goes on? I would LOVE that kind of thing to pick up and read to relax since I sometimes have trouble focusing on podcasts (I have the same problem with audiobooks). Plus the premise makes a great coffee table book :)
Kaitlyn Kerwick
adaptationSSSS! whats besides looking for alaska?
Zach Shields
Zach Shields Year ago
Kaitlyn Kerwick there’s a tatwd movie being planned
Omio Rahman
Omio Rahman Year ago
Your videos helped me pass my exam and gave new information , thnx
Omio Rahman
Omio Rahman Year ago
Hey aren't you the crash Course history guy?
elisabeth moss
We’ll support you in whatever medium you choose to continue in. Thank you for giving us thoughtful content, whether in podcast form or a novel. I’m glad you’re doing what you like. ❤️
ID10T Year ago
John I want ur brain in one piece don’t rush a book or prioritize it over your mental health u feel me just do you even if you’re branching out
Josiah Six
Josiah Six Year ago
Is that Ben's sword from Papers Towns in the back?
Evie H
Evie H Year ago
John! TATWD is an amazing book!!! You describe anxiety and thought spirals so well!
LetsTalk Tea
LetsTalk Tea Year ago
Hey John, I love your books and I'm sorry if people are putting pressure on you. I'll always be your fan regardless.
Bruna Santiago
I totally agree with you and understand you! Take care, you're awesome
Kelly S
Kelly S Year ago
"I do intend to publish more novels. Many more hopefully." That's all I needed to hear. I'm tearing up from overwhelming joy. That's enough for me.
Life of Jaya
Life of Jaya Year ago
Hey John, I know that this video wasn't really about Turtles All The Way Down. But I just want to thank you personally for writing Turtles All The Way Down because as I also struggle with anxiety I was itching for a book that depicted anxiety properly without enforcing harmful stereotypes. And you, yes you did that John. So thank you so much.
Gabi Year ago
I've read turtles all the way down (i'm in love with this book and i can't stop thinking about it) and want to read your other books. You're amazing writer.
Joe Carrick-Varty
Awesome vid, John. I recently published my debut collection of poetry and have been feeling really depressed... which is odd because publishing my work is all I've ever wanted! The world is odd
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