Why I Haven't Been Posting...

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I know I should've uploaded this at the beginning of the year, but here it is... My honest thoughts about youtube and why I haven't been posting. Also, a little preview of what's coming up next!
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 15 950
Dr Septic
Dr Septic 4 hours ago
Ryan how does it feel that you have once been the most subbed RUvidr
Angel Macias Torres
I can’t believe it been 6 years now I have been watching u I was 6 back then now I’m 12
Paige Y.
Paige Y. 10 hours ago
I'm here because I heard the song "Like a G6" on the radio and I was reminded of "Like a Good Boy." I've been watching your videos since then and before, so it's good to see that you're doing well. Do what you need to do to be happy!
Phase 12 hours ago
Been watching u since 2012 and I stopped for a while but just started watching ur vids again u have a lot more subs than back than Edit: just realized it’s actually since u started
aryaan parmar
aryaan parmar 18 hours ago
Ay miss u fam Its perfectly fine Its human nature to get frustrated Big fan btw Peace .
Lucas Omena
Lucas Omena 22 hours ago
Missed you Ryan! Take care =)
Гульназ Габдулхакова
Hey, handsome. Talk slow, please. I am a beginner. Thank you
Akash Kakati
Akash Kakati Day ago
His ADHD is getting worse
Rui Lower Moon 5
I've been watching you since I was 8 or 9. You look like you haven't changed at all XDD I'm 20 now.
Rosa -
Rosa - Day ago
I feel so guilty for unsubscribing years back when I saw this that I subscribed again.
huy an
huy an Day ago
you have unlocked the locations of the keys, my slipperiness, you cannot resist, gravity assists me in pulling you down with a twist you get on, ready for some fun, what am i?
huy an
huy an Day ago
you have unlocked the locations of the keys, my slipperiness, gravity assists me in pulling you down with a twist, you get on, ready for some fun what am i?
Art Lovaa
Art Lovaa 2 days ago
I've really missed this raw og Ryan-ny Ryan video.
Amey Sharma
Amey Sharma 2 days ago
Don't worry man post whatever you want we will always be with you
Phil Power
Phil Power 3 days ago
Thank you, Ryan. Obviously I’m not the only one, your work is legitimately such a bright and sunny place in some real special and formative years for me.
elena 3 days ago
I've been watching Ryan since I was 7 years old. I'm 20 now
Chloe Tingelhoff
Chloe Tingelhoff 3 days ago
Will you marry me? 🧐😭
WadeTHC 3 days ago
This shit got sad fr. I miss the old YT content back in the days. Ryan you remain a legend in history bro. Like thats crazy to think about. This has never been done before and in this time period u have like impacted lives. Like future humans might not ever find your videos but i was alive to see them and i can confirm ur legend status love you Ryan thanks for existing
Harrold DJANI
Harrold DJANI 4 days ago
Lies! Ryan hasn't been posting cause "[he] stay home cook rice" 😂 😂 Sorry, I had to. I recently discovered Ryan and have been binge watching his video. I love him so much
Si Bee
Si Bee 4 days ago
You do you, man. Make art, not business. We have too much of one and not enough of the other these days. And if it takes time, those of us that are not content-sucking leeches will more than understand; we'll appreciate it. I admire you, keep being you.
iSilverdeli Day ago
Jess Rex
Jess Rex 4 days ago
i started watching your videos when i was literally 6 years old (ex. how to be ninja, the shamwohoo, the twilight parodies) now i’m 18. it’s actually wild that i’ve grown up watching your videos. you’re one of the few creators i’ve stuck with for SO long because the quality of your content only got better and has stayed consistent the past 5 years. at the end of the day though, create what makes you happy, we can tell when you’re not happy or inspired about the content you’re making. we love you ryan ❤️
only1clover 4 days ago
Ryan you can’t do this!! My bbtj special won’t be the same. Besides we have to move like the hay.
Lauren Jewel
Lauren Jewel 5 days ago
love and support you man💞
Pablo Peso
Pablo Peso 5 days ago
Who else remembers laughing to this guys videos in school w their bestfriend lol
Brian Torres
Brian Torres 5 days ago
Just be content with what you have. You’ll never be happy is you’re always chasing commas when it comes to making art.
Saw JewBear
Saw JewBear 5 days ago
Bruh ur the goat
Elegant _Melody
Elegant _Melody 5 days ago
Since I started bingeing your videos, you became my favorite youtuber. Thank you for making videos that made me laugh, cry, question, and appreciate. I’m so happy that you are doing what you love with your channel, and you being my favorite youtuber will never change💕
Patty Trousers
Patty Trousers 5 days ago
I've still been subscribed this whole time. I hardly bother going through all my subscriptions to unsubscribe.
secret asian man
secret asian man 6 days ago
lol pool
JennaMay410 6 days ago
ryan has always been and continues to be one of my favorite youtubers
TrangSix 6 days ago
It’s just so satisfying to finally hear your true voice after awhile. Truth takes effort to listen, but man, it just radiates. I am not even sure what I’m saying, but it must be hell frustrating for you to go against the trend. I guess I just want to say, it’s okay Ryan. It’s okay to just be you
Jenny Sapam
Jenny Sapam 6 days ago
I stayed.. Knowing that you will be back when you are all okay. Baby we've been together for so many years.
Daniel Kai Him MIU
omg "I'm a gangster" I remember watching that back when I was in primary school...now I'm in first year, this is so strange!
Eshwar s
Eshwar s 7 days ago
Try and bring Sean back at least for one video PLEASE!!! 😭😭
ANBU X 7 days ago
The true king of youtube...not pewdiepie
Jennifer Amaya
Jennifer Amaya 7 days ago
Ryan said "fuck them kids"😂
Rain Baka
Rain Baka 7 days ago
Robert Mendez
Robert Mendez 7 days ago
I love this raw content. I have been here since the beginning; dont ever change.
jen7 7 days ago
So happy you're back and making the videos I really enjoy!
J Crawford
J Crawford 7 days ago
Who's been with Ryan since How to be a ninja and How to be a gangster?
VBV TV 8 days ago
You have to go with the flow.
Finchspielberg 8 days ago
Unsubscribing because of lack of videos is probably the dumbest thing you can do on RUvid. The whole point of subscribing is to know when new videos are posted. Duh
0777 FilmCraft Entertainment
I dont like off the pills I like skits old niga
Mahō no Neko
Mahō no Neko 8 days ago
Dear ryan, Start doing funny things again
lolytamartin 8 days ago
Love you, care for you and thank YOU Ryan 😊 don’t change!
JAMACASH 8 days ago
I’ve understood this for a while and can understand how you feel as if the original route of your happiness is taken into a different form ):
Simon 9 days ago
It’s called the imposter syndrome. Where you feel like you don’t deserve the credit for the work you did. Like it wasn’t good enough.
Thisis MissKPOP9and7
I started watching Ryan when I was 8 years old, I’m 16 now. Literally this channel has been part of half my life🥺
Vedant Mistry
Vedant Mistry 9 days ago
dude I swear he doesn’t age.
SlumpedNicckk 9 days ago
I use to watch this nigga every single day of my life
Darki Animations
Darki Animations 9 days ago
Dear ryan, Is BgA gonna be back anytime soon? from a k-pooper
Mr. TarmaK
Mr. TarmaK 9 days ago
Do more how to videos they funny
Faz Naz
Faz Naz 9 days ago
ADHD - I'm the same bro, when you gotta take a break you just got to take a break
Me 10 days ago
Still my number 1 youtuber
Tyler Jet
Tyler Jet 10 days ago
Dear Ryan try skiing
David Thaiku
David Thaiku 10 days ago
But its nice
David Thaiku
David Thaiku 10 days ago
That's nice so can u make an old town road parody plz
NonTwinBrothers 10 days ago
Impostor syndrome...?
Ame Tamashi
Ame Tamashi 10 days ago
Just keep talking Ryan. Your audience grew up, so did their taste, just like yours.
MJ Ninju Member of the 21 Ninja's
How old is Rayan?
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